Person:Elizabeth Beer (3)

Elizabeth Ann Beer
d.Mar 1894
m. 21 Jan 1840
  1. Richard BEER
  2. William BEERAbt 1840 -
  3. Elizabeth Ann Beer1841 - 1894
  4. John BEER1844 - 1914
  5. Mary O BEER1849 -
  6. Elizabeth BEER1852 - 1872
  7. Samuel Beer1855 - 1895
  8. Mary Jane 1857* BEER1857 -
  9. Malinda BEER1859 -
  10. Ellen BEER1862 -
  11. Thomas H BEER1866 -
  1. William Martin1862 -
  1. James Harris Beer1866 -
  2. Mary BeerAbt 1868 -
  3. Thirza M Beer1870 - 1936
  4. Emma Jane Beer1872 -
  5. Richard Henry Beer1877 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Elizabeth Ann Beer
Alt Name Betsy Ann _____
Gender Female
Birth? 16 Aug 1841 Lifton, Devon, England
Alt Birth[1] 1842 Cornwall, England
Census[1] 1861 Cornwall, England
Census[1] 1861 Devon, England
Marriage not married
to James Langsford
Census[1] Calstock, Cornwall, England(partly in Devon) Civil
Census[1] Molland, Devon, EnglandCivil
Death[2] Mar 1894 Devon, Dorset or Somerset, England

I believe, the Betsy A. Beer, was living with her Grandmother Mary Ann (Husband) Beer, born 1789, in Meterill when the 1861 census was taken. Mary A is listed as 72 years of age, and Betsy A. is 19 years of age. The assumption is so noted by JW also.

Betsy Ann Beer was the second born of John & Mary Beer; it is believed Betsy Ann was unmarried. Her first son was raised by his father Richard Martin and his paternal grandparents William and Besty Martin, as shown in the 1871 & 1881 Census. Betsy Ann had 5 additional children. It is believed the father her 2nd, 3rd & 4th children was James Langsford, Jr. He is listed on the marriage certificate of Mary (Polly) as the father. James Langsford, Jr. died at the age of 33 on 29 Nov 1875 in Cleave, Calstock. The last child born of Betsy Ann was not fathered by James Langsford, Jr., as he was born in 1877. It is very possible the father of Richard Henry Beer was in fact James Langsford Sr. There are three Beer children listed in the 1881 Census: Residents of the Union Workhouse, Bannerock St., Tavistock as Mary A. Beer, age 6, Pauper, Scholar born in Calstock, Cornwall; also in the census was Thyrza, age 8, Pauper & Scholar; Richard H. Beer, age 3, Pauper & Scholar

In the 1871 Census, Betsy is listed as a General Servant and Housekeeper, living with James Langsford, Sr., age 60, and James Langsford, his son, age 28. Living with Betsy were her children James Beer, age 5, Polly Beer, age 3, Thesa Beer, age 1. They lived at No. 1 Cleave Mill.

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