Person:Eadburh Fadburn (5)

Eadburh _____
d.Bef 893
Facts and Events
Name Eadburh _____
Alt Name Eadburga _____, of Mercia
Gender Female
Marriage WFT Est 816-867 to Æthelred 'Mucel' _____, Ealdorman of the Gaini
Birth[5] 830 Mercia,,,EnglandCitation needed
Death[3] Bef 893
Other? Speculative parents?: Wigmund Mercia and Elfleda De Mercia (2) 
Reference Number? Q20056457?

Disputed Relationships

That Eadburh was a daughter of Wigmund appears to be purely conjectural. Weir speculates that she was a daughter of Coenwulf. (There is some evidence that Eadburh's son Æthelwulf was related to Coenwulf.)

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    Asser notes that he had known Eadburh personally, and that she was dead at the time of his writing (893). ("...Eadburh nominabatur, de regali genere Merciorum regis; quam nos ipsi propriis oculorum nostrorum obtutibus non paucis ante obitum suum annis frequenter vidimus, venerabilis scilicet femina, <quae> per multos annos post obitum viri sui castissima vidua leto tenus permansit.")

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  5. There is no known source giving a birth place or date for Eadburg.