Person:Ealdorman Aethelwulf (1)

Æthelwulf _____, Ealdorman
m. WFT Est 816-867
  1. Ealhswith _____ - 902
  2. Æthelwulf _____, Ealdorman840 - 901
  • HÆthelwulf _____, Ealdorman840 - 901
  1. Aethelgyth FitzEthelwulf860 -
Facts and Events
Name Æthelwulf _____, Ealdorman
Alt Name Aethelwulf _____
Gender Male
Birth[5] 840 Risborough,,Buckinghamshire,EnglandCitation needed
Death[4] 901
Alt Death[1] 902
Alt Death[2][3] 903

Disputed Relationships

That this is the Æthelwulf who had a daughter Æthelgyth is shown on many online sites, but appears to be highly speculative, according to Todd A. Farmerie.

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