Person:Deborah Bachiler (1)

m. ABT 1587
  1. Nathaniel BachilerAbt 1590 - bef 1645
  2. Deborah Bachiler1592 - bef 1653
  3. Stephen Bachiler1594 - 1680
  4. Reverend Samuel Bachiler1596 - aft 1625
  5. Anne BatchelderAbt 1600 - Aft 1640
  6. Theodate Batchelderabt 1610 - 1649
  • HRev John Wingbef 1584 - abt 1629
  • WDeborah Bachiler1592 - bef 1653
m. 1610
  1. Deborah WingABT 1611 - bef 1680
  2. John Wing1613 - bef 1699
  3. Daniel Wing1617 - 1697/98
  4. Joseph Wingbef 1618 -
  5. Stephen Wing1620/21 - 1710
  6. Matthew Wing1627 - bef 1653
Facts and Events
Name Deborah Bachiler
Alt Name Deborah Batchelor
Gender Female
Alt Birth? abt 1589 Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Birth? 1592 Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Alt Marriage abt 1608 to Rev John Wing
Marriage 1610 Banbury, Oxfordshire, Englandto Rev John Wing
Death? bef 1653 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Alt Death? 31 Jan 1692 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number 2BSM-T5

Immigrant - coming from England to Sandwich with her 4 boys, her father, brothers Nathan and Stephen, and three nephews.

Deborah arrived in Boston 1632 . She moved to Saugus for 4 years and then to Sandwich, MA in spring of 1637.

The boys are John b 1613, Daniel b 1617, Stephen b 1621, Matthew b 1627. Matthew returned to England prior to 1653

Rev. Wynge died in London before the voyage took place, Deborah Bachiler Wynge, the widow of the gentle preacher, apparently endowed with her father's courage, gathered her four sons and set sail on the ship, The William & Francis with her father and about sixty other passengers. On March, 1632, the William & Francis left England, their homeland, for New England. After "eighty-eight weary days," she landed at Boston, Massachusetts on June 5, 1632.

From the internet; note from Jeff Miller, facts appear to be correct: . Deborah BACHILER was born in 1592 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England. She died in Barnstable Co., MA. She resided in Saugus, MA. She resided in Cape Cod, MA. She resided in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Following her husband John's death Deborah left England with four of her five children. They were part of the 'Plough Company' along with her father and many of her relatives. They sailed on the William & Francis arriving in Boston, Massachusetts on a Thursday, 5 June 1632 after an 88 day passage. The widow and her little family lived in Saugus and when the 'ten good men of Saugus' were given permission to start a new settlement on Cape Cod she and the children went with them. After her children were married and settled she passed her last days in the home of her son John in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

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The William and Francis (1632)
The William and Francis was one of two ships sent as part of the "Plough Company" to settle a patent in Saco, Maine. They were never able to occupy the patent and soon failed.
Sailed: March 9, 1632 from London, England under Master Thomas
Arrived: June 5, 1632 in New England

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* Found on Gov. Winthrop's list, but some doubt as to actual presence on the William and Francis.

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Stephen Bachiler was the most prominent, and accounts of his life generally touch on the Plough Company and the William and Francis. See, e.g. Stephen Bachiler at Wikipedia - Material at Hampton, NH Library