Person:David Kane (1)

David Kane
b.5 Oct 1810 , , NJ
d.15 Dec 1892 , , TX
  1. David Kane1810 - 1892
  2. Ann Kane1815 - 1893
m. 6 Aug 1836
  1. Eva Kane
  2. Ann E. KaneAbt 1838 -
  3. Catharine KaneAbt 1843 -
  4. Wilson F. Kane1843 -
  5. Mary KaneAbt 1845 -
  6. Joshua KaneAbt 1846 -
  7. George V. Kane1850 - 1918
  8. John V. Kane1852 -
  9. Emiline Kane1854 -
Facts and Events
Name David Kane
Gender Male
Birth? 5 Oct 1810 , , NJ
Marriage 6 Aug 1836 , Warren, NJto Sarah B. Voorhies
Death? 15 Dec 1892 , , TX
Burial? Honey Grove, Fannin, TX

NOTE: 1700 1736 VORHEIS Hiram, 40, m, farmer, 2500, b NJ. This family has been in Michigan since 1836 and were definitely in NJ in 1835.

1699 1735 KANE David, 36, m, farmer, 1500, b. NJ. Sarah, 32, f, b. NJ Ann, 12, f, b MI. This family has been in Michigan since 1838 and no children were born in NJ.

1697 1733 LOMERSON John, 48, m, farmer, 2500, b NJ. Hannah, 50, f, b NJ. Frederic, 22, m, b NJ. Margaret, 20, f, b NJ. Rebecca, 18, f, b NJ. Prudence, 16, f, b NJ. Euphemia, 14, f, b NJ. Solomon, 12, m, b MI. According to the census data above, this family has been in Michigan since 1838 and were definitely in NJ in 1836. Howard Johnston note.

ANCESTRY WORLD TREE: Davis Brewer's Family Tree Contact: Pedigree chart for Sarah Voorhis.

    /John VOORHIS

Sarah VOORHIS b: 1815


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  2. Name: Sarah VOORHIS 1
  3. Sex: F
  4. Birth: 1815 in NJ 2 1
  5. Reference Number: 4611

Father: John VOORHIS Mother: Sarah LAMBERTSON Marriage 1 David KANE b: ABT 1810 in NJ Children

  1. W F KANE b: ABT 1840 in MI
  2. Mary KANE b: 18 NOV 1846 in Pontiac, MI
  3. J V KANE b: ABT 1852 in MI
  4. George V KANE b: 8 OCT 1850 in Pontiac, MI
  5. Eva KANE b: 1854 in Pontiac, MI


  1. Title: Nunn, Ann, by Post-em to World Connect 7 Apr 07
     Note: She is Sarah Voorhis born 1815 NJ, dtr of John Voorhis and Sarah Lambertson
  2. Title: 1880 Census, Fannin county, TX
     Media: Census
     Page: P12, H102 

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Howard, I have not searched for Kanes at all. My connection is that Mary and Eva, daughters of David Kane, married John Appleton Brewer. Had no knowledge of Ann Kane prior to your email. Sorry that I am no help. Good luck Davis Brewer

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   Subject: KANE FAMILY
   I am a descendant of  Ann Kane, born 29 May 1815 in New Jersey.  She married John Weydemeyer in abt 1832.
   Ann's brother was David Kane, born 5 Oct 1810 in NJ; died 15 Dec 1892, in Texas and was married to Sarah B. Voorhies, 6 Aug 1836.
   I have been unable to find the mother and father of David and Ann.  Have either of you had any luck with this? 
   Howard Johnston, Kimberly, Idaho Church-Gunkle-Clawson-Paulson Contact: 1 David Kane b: abt 1810

 + S. B. Kane b: abt 1815
   2 W. F. Kane b: abt 1840
   2 M. Kane b: abt 1850
   2 George V. Kane b: Oct 1852
     + Gabrella Kane b: Dec 1862 d: 19 May 1947
       3 Sara Kane b: Apr 1890
         + Royden Burwell Bowen b: 18 May 1883
           4 William George Bowen b: 04 Aug 1921 d: 04 Nov 1999
             + Living Smith
               5 Living Bowen
                 + Living Kersey Jr.
           4 Maude Russell Bowen b: abt 1928
           4 Sara Lenoir Bowen b: 26 Nov 1912 d: 29 Jun 1990
             + John Hamman Jr. b: est 1900
               5 Living Hamman
           4 Royden Burwell Bowen Jr. b: 18 Apr 1916 d: 01 Jul 1999
             + Emma Owen Smith b: 17 Sep 1920 d: 08 Jan 2001
               5 Living Bowen III
               5 Living Bowen
                 + Living Elledge
                   6 Living Bowen
                   6 Living Bowen
                   6 Living Bowen Jr.
               5 Living Bowen
               5 Living Bowen
   2 J. V. Kane b: abt 1852
   2 Emaline Kane b: abt 1859


  1. Title: 1880 United States Federal Census
     Publication: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2005. 1880 U.S. Census Index provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints © Copyright 1999 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. All use is subject to the limited use licen
     Page: Year: 1880; Census Place: Precinct 5, Fannin, Texas; Roll: T9_1303; Family History Film: 1255303; Page: 559.4000; Enumeration District: 129; Image: .
     Text: Name: David Kane
     Birth Date: abt 1810
     Birth Place: New Jersey
     Residence Date: 1880
     Residence Place: Precinct 5, Fannin, Texas, United States

Copied data 22 May 2008, Howard Johnston From: Dierdre Duewel <>

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Sorry to report that the Kanes are an ancillary family to my main family line and the only thing I know of them is probably what you have already found on my tree. Good sleuthing to you.

   Subject: KANE FAMILY
   Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 20:16:07 -0700
   I am a descendant of  Ann Kane, born 29 May 1815 in New Jersey.  She married John Weydemeyer in abt 1832.
   Ann's brother was David Kane, born 5 Oct 1810 in NJ; died 15 Dec 1892, in Texas and was married to Sarah B. Voorhies, 6 Aug 1836.
   I have been unable to find the mother and father of David and Ann.  Have either of you had any luck with this? 
   Howard Johnston, Kimberly, Idaho

BIRTH: DEATH: Date of birth & date of death obtained from tombstone inscription, Oakwood cemetery, Honey Grove, TX. Picture of tombstone in my possession. TOMBSTONE: "D. KANE 5 OCT. 1810 - 15 DEC 1892."

CENSUS: David Cain of Orion; 4 males, 1 under 10 yrs age, 2 aged 10 yrs to 21 yrs, 1 over 21 and under 45. 5 females; 3 under 10 yrs of age, 1 aged 10 yrs to 21 yrs, and 1 over age 21 and under age 45. 9 total white in family. SOURCE: MI State Census of 1845, Oakland Co. 1850 United States Federal Census about Sarah Kane Name: Sarah Kane Age: 32 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1818 Birth Place: New Jersey Gender: Female Home in 1850(City,County,State): Orion, Oakland, Michigan Household Members: Name Age Ann Kane 12 Catharine Kane 7 David Kane 36 Joshua Kane 4 Mary Kane 5 Sarah Kane 32 Wilson Kane 8 1699 1735 KANE David, 36, m, farmer, 1500, b. NJ. Sarah, 32, f, b. NJ Ann, 12, f, b MI. Wilson, 8, m, b. MI. Catharine, 7, f, b MI. Mary, 5, f, b MI. Joshua, 4, m b MI. Entered as the next family on this census page is the family of Hiram Vorheis. I believe this is probably a brother of Sarah B Vorheis. This family is listed below: Howard Johnston note. 1700 1736 VORHEIS Hiram, 40, m, farmer, 2500, b NJ. Eliza, 36, f, b NJ. Wm, 17, m, b NJ. Luke, 15, m, b NJ. Sarah, 14, f, b MI. John, 12, m, b MI. Mary, 10 f, b MI. Chas, 8, m, b MI. Margaret, 6, f, b MI. Lydia, 2, f, b MI. Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Orion, Oakland, Michigan; Roll: M432_359; Page: 131; Image: 257.

1880 FEDERAL US CENSUS: Household:

Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 
David KANE   Self   M   Male   W   70   NJ   Farmer   NJ   NJ  
S. B. KANE   Wife   M   Female   W   65   NJ   Keep House   NJ   NJ  
W. F. KANE   Son   S   Male   W   40   MI   Farm Hand   NJ   NJ  
M. KANE   Dau   S   Female   W   30   MI   At Home   NJ   NJ  
J. V. KANE   Son   S   Male   W   28   MI   Farm Hand   NJ   NJ  
George KANE   Son   S   Male   W   25   MI   Farm Hand   NJ   NJ  
Emaline KANE   Dau   S   Female   W   21   MI   At Home   NJ   NJ  

Source Information:

 Census Place Precinct 5, Fannin, Texas 
 Family History Library Film   1255303 
 NA Film Number   T9-1303 
 Page Number   559D 1880 United States Federal Census about David Kane Name: David Kane Home in 1880: Precinct 5, Fannin, Texas Age: 70 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1810 Birthplace: New Jersey Relation to head-of-household: Self (Head) Spouse's name: S. B. Father's birthplace: New Jersey Mother's birthplace: New Jersey Occupation: Farmer Marital Status: Married Race: White Gender: Male David Kane 70 S. B. Kane 65 W. F. Kane 40 M. Kane 30 J. V. Kane 28 George Kane 25 Emaline Kane 21 102 104 KANE David, w, m, 70, _, _, married, farmer, NJ, NJ, NJ. S. G., w, f, 65, _, wife, married, keeps house, NJ, NJ, NJ. W. F., w, m, 40, _, son, single, farm hand, MI, NJ, NJ. M., w, f, 30, _, dau, single, at home, MI, NJ, NJ. J. V., w, m, 28, _, son, single, farm hand, MI, NJ, NJ. George, w, m, 25, _, son, single, farm hand, MI, NJ, NJ. Emaline, w, f, 21, _, dau, single, at home, MI, NJ, NJ. Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Precinct 5, Fannin, Texas; Roll: T9_1303; Family History Film: 1255303; Page: 559.4000; Enumeration District: 129; .

PROBATE: DAVID CAIN appears as administrator of the estate of John Weydemeyer on behalf of the widow (Ann Kane Weydemeyer). This was in Nov & Dec 1849; Oakland CO., MI Probate Records, copies in my possession.


   Obligation To Settle 

The State of Texas, County of Fannin. I, David Kane, having purchased from the State of Texas 160 acres of land being the SW 1/4 of Section No. 8 as surveyed by the M E & P RR Co., situated in Fannin County, do promise and agree to settle upon and improve said land within 12 months from this date as required by the provisions of Section 5 of the act of April 24th 1874. And it is expressly understood that I am to comply strictly with all the conditions and requirements and am subjected to all the Penalties contained and prescribed in said act of April 24th 1874. /s/ David Kane dated 29 July 1878. <


To the county surveyor Fannin County. In accordance with the provisions of an act to provide for the sale of the alternate sections of lands as surveyed by Railroad companies and set apart for the benefit of the common school fund approved April 24th 1874, the undersigned intending to settle within the time prescribed in the above recited act. hereby applies for a survey as follows. In Fannin County known as the South West Quarter of section no. 8, as surveyed by the M E & P RR Co. /s/ David Kane dated 1 July 1878. < Vol. 1, #204. O. M. Roberts, governor of Texas, grants to David Kane 160 acres of land: In Fannin Co., being subdivision No. 3, the Sw 1/4 of Sect. 8 surveyed by MEP & P RR CO. Cert. No. 69 on the waters of _______ Creek about 18 miles N E from Bonham, Said Land having been purchased and fully paid for in accordance with an act to provide for the sale of alternate sections of Lands Surveyed by RR Co's & set apart for the benefit of the common school fund approved April 24, 1874. Dated 30 June 1879. < 6 Apr 1885. Deed: David Kane, grantor, H. H. Clark, grantee; trust deed. Trust Book #2 page 340, Lamar Co., TX. < 1885: Deed: David Kane, grantee, J. W. Irby & wife, grantor. Book 2W page 55. Lamar Co., Tx. < 3 Oct 1885. DAVID KANE, ANN E. LAMERSON, F. B. LAMERSON, JOHN V. KANE, EVA KANE, & G. V. KANE of said Fannin Co. & W. F. KANE & MARY KANE of Tuscola Co., consideration of promissory notes from L. J. Massengale of Fannin Co. payable to DAVID KANE: 1st note, $334., due Dec 25, 1886; 2nd note $333., due Dec 25, 1887; 3rd note, $333. due Dec 25, 1888 all bearing interest 10% p/a fromthis date. 100 acres 18 miles from Bonham. DAVID KANE, G. V. KANE, ANN E. LAMERSON, EVA KANE, JOHN V. KANE, all appeared before me 3 Oct 1885, Fannin Co., Tx, W. E. Lemons, JP & Notary Public. F. B. LAMERSON appeared before me Nov 26 1885, Lamar Co., Tx, E. W. Fagan, notary public. MARY KANE & W. F. KANE appeared before me 9 Oct 1885 Tuscola Co., MI, S. E. Armstrong, Notary Public, Tuscola Co., MI. SOURCE: FANNIN CO, TX, DEEDS, BOOK 29, Pages 494, 495, 496. < 4 Apr 1887: DEED: DAVID KANE, J. V. KANE, G. V. KANE, EVA KANE, of Denton Co., Tx, and Fred Lamerson & wife, W. E. Lamerson of Denton Co., Tx, & W. F. Kane & Mary Kane of Tuscola Co., MI...for $1450., paid by J. R. Gauldin, 204 acres about 6 mi. north of Honey Grove, Tx...Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of L. A. DeWitt & Homer Weydemeyer. Before me personally appeared: David Kane, J. V. Kane, G. V. Kane, Eva Kane, and A. E. Lamerson, wife of Fred Lamerson, 4 Apr 1887, J. A. Withers, JP, Denton Co., TX. Before me personally appeared: W. F. Kane & Mary Kane, 12 Apr 1877, L. A. DeWitt, notary public, Tuscola Co., MI. Before me appeared Fred Lamerson, Apr 22, 1887, Blossom Prairie, TX, J. W. Mosely, notary public. SOURCE: FANNIN CO., TX, DEEDS, BOOK 26, pages 508, 9, 10. < 3 Oct 1885: DEED: D. KANE, A. E. LOMERSON, FRED LOMERSON, J. V. KANE, EVA KANE, G. V. KANE,of Denton Co., TX & MAY & WILSON KANE OF Tuscola Co., MI to J. W. Erby, for the sum of $800. paid & a promissory note of $1200 due 1 Jan 1866, payable to David Kane; 60 acres, 6 mi. north of Honey Grove. Mary Kane & W. F. Kane signed in prescence of John C. Laing & James Tennant, 3 Oct 1888. David Kane, Eva Kane, G. V. Kane & J. V. Kane appeared 16 Dec 1887, S. D. Ponder, notary public, Denton Co., Tx. Mary Kane & W> F> Kane appeared before John C. Laing, 4 Jan 1888, Tuscola Co., MI. Annie E. * F> B> Lamberson appeared before me, 26 Jan 1888, Lamar Co., Tx. < 6 Sep 1888. HEIRS OF DAVID KANE, AFFIDAVIT OF J. J. SAYLOR. J. J. Saylor of Fannin Co., TX appeared & says he has been personally acquainted with DAVID KANE & his family who formerly resided in Fannin Co and that the only children and heirs of DAVID KANE are:

    Mrs. ANN LAMBERSON, wife of F. B. Lamberson, reside at Blossom Prairie, 
    Lamar Co., TX. 
    JOHN KANE, GEORGE KANE, & EVA KANE, all of whom reside at Denton, Denton 
    Co., TX. 
    DAVID KANE, the father,also lives at the last mentioned place. 
    WILLIAM (should be Wilson) F. KANE  & MARY KANE who resided at Cass City, 
    MI until a short time ago.  Don't know where they now reside. 

G. W. Wells, Notary Public, Fannin Co., TX. SOURCE: FANNIN CO., TX DEED BOOKS, , BOOK 31, PAGE 404, 405. < 24 Dec 1888. AFFIDAVIT, KINSHIP OF SARAH KANE, DEED. Appeared J. J. Saylor, citizen of Fannin Co., Tx for many years acquainted with DAVID KANE & family, formerly of Fannin Co. Mr. Saylor knew SARAH KANE & she died in Fannin Co. about the year 1882 and she left surviving as her only heirs her husband, DAVID KANE, and the following children:

    ANN E. LOMERSON & her husband, F. B. Lomerson. 
    GEORGE KANE, JOHN KANE, EVA KANE, MARY KANE, WILSON F. KANE and no other heirs living at the time of her death.  W. U. Gross, Notary Public.  SOURCE: FANNIN CO., TX DEEDS; BOOK 33, page 260, 261. 

MARRIAGE: Data from Warren Co., NJ Marriages by Verna A. Jacob; film SLC 0368920. Warren Co., NJ Marriage Records, NJ, 1825-1895; vol 1 page 110; film SLC 0960890.

David Kane found in: Marriage Index: New Jersey, 1680-1900 Married: Aug. 06, 1836 in: Warren, NJ Gender: M Source: County Clerk Records Film number: 0960890 Spouse name: Voorhees, Sarah Spouse gender: F New Jersey Marriages, 1684-1895 about Sarah Voorhees Name: David Kane Spouse: Sarah Voorhees Marriage Date: 6 Aug 1836 County: Warren State: NJ Source Information: Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp. New Jersey Marriages, 1684-1895 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2001. Original data: See Description for original data sources listed by county.


HISTORY OF MICHIGAN PRAIRIE By Ms. Flora Brode McKee, Honey Grove, TX

    In 1877, there were only two or three families living on a broad prairie of several square miles along the eastern edge of Fannin County, about eight miles northeast of Honey Grove. 
    That year two brothers Warren and Philetus Weydemeyer came from Michigan looking for new country. They learned of this prairie as Public School lands available for $2.50 per acre and immediately bought, prepared to build and sent for their families. 
    Glowing reports reached Michigan and soon other families sold and headed for the Lone Star State. They came bv train, the Texas & Pacific Railway having been built through Honey Grove about 1873.   Among the first to come in the Spring of 1878 were the David Kane and Charles Zinnecker families. They were followed by Jerry and John Miller, Robert Brode, the Saylors, Birdsalls, Hixons, Meyers, Morrises, Foxes, Sherwoods, and others — 25 to 30 families. All bought land, some a section, some a half or quarter section. They erected substantial and some handsome homes. 
    They engaged in farming, some, especially the Weydemeyers and Zinneckers, in cattle and horses. At first the wild land was unfenced, but soon the pastures had to be fenced and grazing was not so profitable. 
    The community was called "Michigan Prairie" and had a Church and School District for many years. The church burned in the 1920's, but the school operated until consolidation with Honey Grove in about 1935 or 1940. 
    Gradually the farming land changed to grazing. People moved and houses were deserted, so that the area lost its identity as a neighborhood. It is identifiable now by names of land surveys on the Fannin County Map, such as: Thos. Sherwood, John Miller, John Kane, Massengale and Weidedenger (this last one being in error for the original Weydemeyer which can be found on an older map cica 1890). 


    For half a century there has been a community seven miles northeast of Honey Grove known as the "Michigan Settlement".  While very few if any of those who came to us from Michigan reside there now the name still clings to the community and will do so perhaps until the end of time. 
    It was in 1877, 50 years ago, that this section of country received its name. Prior to that time, that portion of the country that had been sparsely settled, only two or three families living on the broad prairie of several square miles. In 1877 Warren Wydemeyer and his brother Philetus, tiring of their residence in Michigan and being of a somewhat restless nature, accepted the advice of Horace Greeley and turned their faces westward. One fine day they shows up in Honey Grove and began looking over the country, contiguous thereto.   They wandered out northeast to the prairie which now bears the name of Michigan, and were charmed with the country. Upon

investigation they learned that this particular section of the moral vineyard was state school land and could be purchased for the modest sum of $2.50 per acre. They immediately purchased land and made ready to build, in the meantime sending for their families.

    They sent such glowing reports of Texas back to Michigan that a furor was created in the community in which they had lived and the Texas fever spread from family to family. They sold their possessions there and headed for the Lone Star State. Among the first to follow the Weydemeyers were David Kane and wife and their seven children. Mr. Kane soon after his arrival made a large purchase of land. The next spring Charles Zinnecker came. He bought land and began the erection of a home. Six months later, upon the completion of his residence he was joined by his family. By this time an organized line of immigration was formed from Michigan to Texas. Among those who came were Jerry and John Miller, R. Brode, the Emorys, Saylors, Birdsalls, Hixons, Meyers, Morris, Sherwoods, Foxes and others. The names of all who came cannot be given, but there were 25 to 30 families and

from 100 to 150 people in the settlement. All who came bought land, some a section, some a half-section and some a quarter-section. All built homes, most of the houses being handsome and substantial structures. All of the settlers engaged in farming, but some gave special attention to cattle and horses. This was especially true of the Weydemeyers and Zinneckers.

    None of the wild land was fenced at that time, and cattle had a wide range. Soon, however, the pastures were fenced and cattle raising was not so profitable. The Weydemeyers and Mr. Zinnecker took their cattle to the Wichita country. In order to get the benefit of pasture, they had to take up government land. This they soon relinquished, the land not being worth the taxes. These lands are now in the center of a big oil field, worth thousands of dollars per acre. 
    Of the heads of families who came from Michigan fifty years ago and established the Michigan settlement, it is believed that W.C. Zinnecker is the only one now living.