Person:Ann Kane (2)

Ann E. Kane
b.Abt 1838 , , MI
m. 6 Aug 1836
  1. Eva Kane
  2. Ann E. KaneAbt 1838 -
  3. Catharine KaneAbt 1843 -
  4. Wilson F. Kane1843 -
  5. Mary KaneAbt 1845 -
  6. Joshua KaneAbt 1846 -
  7. George V. Kane1850 - 1918
  8. John V. Kane1852 -
  9. Emiline Kane1854 -
Facts and Events
Name Ann E. Kane
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1838 , , MI
Marriage to Frederic Lomerson
Death? , , TX

CENSUS: David Cain of Orion; 4 males, 1 under 10 yrs age, 2 aged 10 yrs to 21 yrs, 1 over 21 and under 45. 5 females; 3 under 10 yrs of age, 1 aged 10 yrs to 21 yrs, and 1 over age 21 and under age 45. 9 total white in family. SOURCE: MI State Census of 1845, Oakland Co. 1850 United States Federal Census about Sarah Kane Name: Sarah Kane Age: 32 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1818 Birth Place: New Jersey Gender: Female Home in 1850(City,County,State): Orion, Oakland, Michigan Household Members: Name Age Ann Kane 12 Catharine Kane 7 David Kane 36 Joshua Kane 4 Mary Kane 5 Sarah Kane 32 Wilson Kane 8 1699 1735 KANE David, 36, m, farmer, 1500, b. NJ. Sarah, 32, f, b. NJ Ann, 12, f, b MI. Wilson, 8, m, b. MI. Catharine, 7, f, b MI. Mary, 5, f, b MI. Joshua, 4, m b MI. Entered as the next family on this census page is the family of Hiram Vorheis. I believe this is probably a brother of Sarah B Vorheis. This family is listed below: Howard Johnston note. 1700 1736 VORHEIS Hiram, 40, m, farmer, 2500, b NJ. Eliza, 36, f, b NJ. Wm, 17, m, b NJ. Luke, 15, m, b NJ. Sarah, 14, f, b MI. John, 12, m, b MI. Mary, 10 f, b MI. Chas, 8, m, b MI. Margaret, 6, f, b MI. Lydia, 2, f, b MI.

Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Orion, Oakland, Michigan; Roll: M432_359; Page: 131; Image: 257.

LAND: 3 Oct 1885. DAVID KANE, ANN E. LAMERSON, F. B. LAMERSON, JOHN V. KANE, EVA KANE, & G. V. KANE of said Fannin Co. & W. F. KANE & MARY KANE of Tuscola Co., consideration of promissory notes from L. J. Massengale of Fannin Co. payable to DAVID KANE: 1st note, $334., due Dec 25, 1886; 2nd note $333., due Dec 25, 1887; 3rd note, $333. due Dec 25, 1888 all bearing interest 10% p/a fromthis date. 100 acres 18 miles from Bonham. DAVID KANE, G. V. KANE, ANN E. LAMERSON, EVA KANE, JOHN V. KANE, all appeared before me 3 Oct 1885, Fannin Co., Tx, W. E. Lemons, JP & Notary Public. F. B. LAMERSON appeared before me Nov 26 1885, Lamar Co., Tx, E. W. Fagan, notary public. MARY KANE & W. F. KANE appeared before me 9 Oct 1885 Tuscola Co., MI, S. E. Armstrong, Notary Public, Tuscola Co., MI. SOURCE: FANNIN CO, TX, DEEDS, BOOK 29, Pages 494, 495, 496. < 3 Oct 1885: DEED: D. KANE, A. E. LOMERSON, FRED LOMERSON, J. V. KANE, EVA KANE, G. V. KANE,of Denton Co., TX & MAY & WILSON KANE OF Tuscola Co., MI to J. W. Erby, for the sum of $800. paid & a promissory note of $1200 due 1 Jan 1866, payable to David Kane; 60 acres, 6 mi. north of Honey Grove. Mary Kane & W. F. Kane signed in prescence of John C. Laing & James Tennant, 3 Oct 1888. David Kane, Eva Kane, G. V. Kane & J. V. Kane appeared 16 Dec 1887, S. D. Ponder, notary public, Denton Co., Tx. Mary Kane & W. F. Kane appeared before John C. Laing, 4 Jan 1888, Tuscola Co., MI. Annie E. & F. B. Lamberson appeared before me, 26 Jan 1888, Lamar Co., Tx. FANNIN CO, TX DEEDS, BOOK 29, pages 494-497. < 4 Apr 1887: DEED: DAVID KANE, J. V. KANE, G. V. KANE, EVA KANE, of Denton Co., Tx, and Fred Lamerson & wife, W. E. Lamerson of Denton Co., Tx, & W. F. Kane & Mary Kane of Tuscola Co., MI...for $1450., paid by J. R. Gauldin, 204 acres about 6 mi. north of Honey Grove, Tx...Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of L. A. DeWitt & Homer Weydemeyer. Before me personally appeared: David Kane, J. V. Kane, G. V. Kane, Eva Kane, and A. E. Lamerson, wife of Fred Lamerson, 4 Apr 1887, J. A. Withers, JP, Denton Co., TX. Before me personally appeared: W. F. Kane & Mary Kane, 12 Apr 1877, L. A. DeWitt, notary public, Tuscola Co., MI. Before me appeared Fred Lamerson, Apr 22, 1887, Blossom Prairie, TX, J. W. Mosely, notary public. SOURCE: FANNIN CO., TX, DEEDS, BOOK 26, pages 508, 9, 10. < 6 Sep 1888. HEIRS OF DAVID KANE, AFFIDAVIT OF J. J. SAYLOR. J. J. Saylor of Fannin Co., TX appeared & says he has been personally acquainted with DAVID KANE & his family who formerly resided in Fannin Co and that the only children and heirs of DAVID KANE are:

    Mrs. ANN LAMBERSON, wife of F. B. Lamberson, reside at Blossom Prairie, 
    Lamar Co., TX. 
    JOHN KANE, GEORGE KANE, & EVA KANE, all of whom reside at Denton, Denton 
    Co., TX. 
    DAVID KANE, the father,also lives at the last mentioned place. 
    WILLIAM (should be Wilson) F. KANE  & MARY KANE who resided at Cass City, 
    MI until a short time ago.  Don't know where they now reside. 

G. W. Wells, Notary Public, Fannin Co., TX. SOURCE: FANNIN CO., TX DEED BOOKS, , BOOK 31, PAGE 404, 405. < 24 Dec 1888. AFFIDAVIT, KINSHIP OF SARAH KANE, DEED. Appeared J. J. Saylor, citizen of Fannin Co., Tx for many years acquainted with DAVID KANE & family, formerly of Fannin Co. Mr. Saylor knew SARAH KANE & she died in Fannin Co. about the year 1882 and she left surviving as her only heirs her husband, DAVID KANE, and the following children:

    ANN E. LOMERSON & her husband, F. B. Lomerson. 
    GEORGE KANE, JOHN KANE, EVA KANE, MARY KANE, WILSON F. KANE and no other heirs living at the time of her death.  W. U. Gross, Notary Public.  SOURCE: FANNIN CO., TX DEEDS; BOOK 33, page 260, 261.