Person:David Hays (1)

David Hays
b.MAY 1776
m. BEF 1763
  1. Prudence HaysABT 1763 - bef 1837
  2. Mary Hays1769-1780 -
  3. Joseph HaysABT 1774 -
  4. David Hays1776 - 1806
  1. Mary HaysBET 1802 AND 1809 -
  2. David Orestes King Hays1805 -
Facts and Events
Name David Hays
Gender Male
Birth? MAY 1776
Death? 1806 Nashville, Tennessee


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Transcript:Heirs of David Hays vs. Heirs of John Hays, 1817


Records for David Hays in Chalkley's Chronicles


More from the USGenWeb archives: Hays vs. Hays--O. S. 187; N. S. 66--Bill August, 1810.

Complainants are, viz: David Orestes King Hays and Mary Hays, infant children of David Hays, deceased, by Robert Montgomery, their grandfather. Defendants are, viz: Andrew Hays, executor of John Hays, deceased; Michael, John, Campbell and James Hays. Complainants are children of David Hays, who was son of Andrew Hays, who died March, 1786, in Rockbridge, testate. About 1795 orator's father went to live with his brother, Joseph Hays, at Abingdon in Washington County, where he lived until 1804, when he removed to Nashville, Tenn., where he died, 1806, intestate and without property. He did not come of age until May, 1797. John Hays died the close of year 1808 testate, leaving Andrew, Michael, John and Campbell Hays, his children and devisees, and Anne Hays, his widow, has died intestate. Deed 5th May, 1800, by Joseph and David Hays of Washington County by James Hays of Rockbridge, their attorneys, to John Hays of Rockbridge. Conveys the Stone House plantation in Rockbridge. Will of John Hays of Rockbridge. Son, Michael (land in Ohio); wife, Anne; sons, Andrew, John, Campbell. Dated 9th May, 1808. Recorded in Rockbridge, 2d January, 1809. Will of Andrew Hayes of Rockbridge, dated 9th February, 1786. Eldest son, John Hays; sons, James and Charles; daughters, Prudence Brownlee, Mary Hayes; sons, Joseph and David (infants). Recorded in Rockbridge, 3d May, 1786.

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