Person:Daniel Poore (1)

Daniel Poore
b.abt 1624
  • HDaniel Pooreabt 1624 - 1689
  • WMary Farnum1628 - 1713/14
m. 2 Oct 1650
  1. Mary Poore1651 - Aft 1716
  2. Sarah Poore1652 -
  3. Matthew Poore1654 - Bef 1689
  4. Daniel Poore1656 - 1735
  5. John Poore1658 - 1690
  6. Hannah Poore1660 - 1745/46
  7. Elizabeth Poore1662 -
  8. Deborah Poore1664 - 1724
  9. Ruth Poore1664/5 -
  10. Priscilla Poore1667 -
  11. Lucy Poore1670 - 1759
Facts and Events
Name[3] Daniel Poore
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1624
Marriage 2 Oct 1650 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Farnum
Death? late 1689 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Will[1] 1 or 7 Jun 1689

Came in Bevis in 1638 age 14; settled Andover.


The will of "Daniel Poor senr. of Andover 
in the County of Essex ", dated June 1, 1689, indicates he is "very sick of body, & 
considering y* dangerousness of my disease & not knowing how 
soone my great change may be", and names "my dear wife Mary" (who received the house, household goods, and half of his land on the Shawshin River), "my daughter Ruth & my daughter 
Lucy", yet unmarried (70 pounds, and "confiding in my sd wife that she will deal 
by them as well as she hath by her other daughters"), "my eldest son Daniell" (wife's estate after her decease, and the other half of the land on the Shawshin river), "my son John" (all my upland); "my daughters Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Deborah, they have 
already received their full portions"; "my daughter Martha twenty acres of land"; "my daughter Elizabeth all the meadow I have in 
Wade's meadow"; "my daughter Priscilla my meadow on the west side 
of Shawshin River commonly called the Pond meadow"; "my brother in law Jno ffarnum a Parcell of meadow — 
two acres .... on furthest side of Woodchuck meadow." Executors to be sons Daniell & John Poor

Founders of Andover, Massachusetts
The first permanent settlement in Andover was established in 1641 by John Woodbridge and a group of settlers from Newbury and Ipswich. Ten men signed the 1644 covenant establishing the church (the 24th organized in Massachusetts), and eighteen men had settled there by 1646 when grants of land were confirmed by the General Court. See The Essex Genealogist Vol. 21:195 (2001).
Signers of the 1644 Covenant: John Woodbridge - Richard Barker - Robert Barker - Richard Blake - Edmond Faulkner - John Frye - Nicholas Holt - John Osgood - Joseph Parker - Nathan Parker
Additional Settlers by 1646: George Abbott - Andrew Allen - John Askett - William Ballard - Thomas Chandler - Andrew Foster - Henry Jacques - John Lovejoy - Daniel Poor(e) - John Russ - Benjamin Woodbridge
Current Location: Essex County, Massachusetts   Parent Towns: Newbury, Ipswich   Daughter Towns:
  1. Pope, Charles Henry. Pioneers of Massachusetts (1620-1650): A Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches. (Boston: The Author, 1900).

    Will dated 7 Jun 1689; pvd 24 Jun 1690; wife Mary; sons Daniel & John; daughters: Ruth, Lucy, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Deborah, Elizabeth & Priscilla; brother-in-law John Farnum.

  2.   Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 3:456.

    DANIEL, Andover, is that youth, I suppose, aged 14, whose name on the list of passeng. in the Bevis from Southampton, 1638, is Dayell, coming with Alce or Alice P. aged 20, prob. his sis. and Samuel P. 18, perhaps their br. and others, under the designat. of serv. of Richard Dummer, m. 20 Oct. 1650, Mary Farnum, perhaps d. of Ralph; and d. 1713, it is said, aged 85, wh. is one of the very few instances of under estimate. Only s. Daniel. and John, are nam.; and of John the d. is so early as 24 Dec. 1690, that perhaps he was never m. But seven fem. Poors are as early found to m. and all may have been his ds. viz. Martha, with Jon Granger, 9 Feb. 1680; Hannah, with Francis Dane, jr. 16 Nov. 1681; Eliz, with Jacob Marston, 7 Apr. 1686; Priscilla, with Abraham Moore, 14 Dec. 1687; Deborah, with Timothy Osgood, 29 May 1689; Ruth, with John Stevens, 20 Dec. 1689; and Lucy, with Samuel Austin, 11 Oct. 1691.

  3. Abbott, Lemuel Abijah. Descendants of George Abbott, of Rowley, Mass., of his joint descendants with George Abbot, Sr., of Andover, Mass: of the descendants of Daniel Abbott, of Providence, R.I.; of some of the descendants of Capt. Thomas Abbott, of Andover, Mass.; of George Abbott, of Norwalk, Ct.; of Robert Abbott, of Branford, Ct.; with brief notes of many others of the name, original settlers in the United States. (Boston: T. R. Marvin & Sons, 1906), 1:18.

    "iv. Mary Faulkner, b. May 2, 1693; d. ----; m. Feb. 14, 1715/16, John, b. Oct. 30, 1691, son of Daniel (b. Sept. 5, 1656) and Mehitable, of Andover, and gr.-son of Daniel and Mary (Farnum) Poor, of Andover, m. in Boston by Mr. Wiggins, Oct. 20, 1650."