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than his b. and bapt.; Mary was sec. w. of Daniel Henchman, and
Bethesda Poole (whose f. show. his relig. we may regret, more than his
judgm. in taking for the d.'s name that of the intermit. fountain, of
wh. the power is so beautiful. told in the narrat. of the evangelist) m.
1686 John Filer, as his sec. w. He had s. William, wh. was bapt. 20
June 1658 at Roxbury. Baylies derives the fam. from Taunton in Co.
Somerset. WILLIAM, Brookhaven, L. I. 1680, perhaps was s. of the
preced. Thompson.

    POOR or POORE, BENJAMIN, Newbury, s. of Samuel the first, m. 13
Apr. 1696, Mary, wid. of George Hardy, who d. 8 Aug. 1707, had
Sarah, b. 6 Sept. 1697; and Ann, 31 Oct. 1700. DANIEL, Andover, is
that youth, I suppose, aged 14, whose name on the list of passeng. in the
Bevis from Southampton, 1638, is Dayell, coming with Alce or Alice
P. aged 20, prob. his sis. and Samuel P. 18, perhaps their br. and others,
under the designat. of serv. of Richard Dummer, m. 20 Oct. 1650,
Mary Farnum, perhaps d. of Ralph; and d. 1713, it is said, aged 85,
wh. is one of the very few instances of under estimate. Only s. Daniel.
and John, are nam.; and of John the d. is so early as 24 Dec. 1690,
that perhaps he was never m. But seven fem. Poors are as early found
to m. and all may have been his ds. viz. Martha, with Jon Granger, 9
Feb. 1680; Hannah, with Francis Dane, jr. 16 Nov. 1681; Eliz, with
Jacob Marston, 7 Apr. 1686; Priscilla, with Abraham Moore, 14 Dec.
1687; Deborah, with Timothy Osgood, 29 May 1689; Ruth, with John
Stevens, 20 Dec. 1689; and Lucy, with Samuel Austin, 11 Oct. 1691.
DANIEL Andover, s. of the preced. by w. Michitable had Daniel,
Mehitable, John, Samuel, Joseph, and Thomas; yet the dates of b. are
not kn. of either, and a from the rec. is kn. that Mehitable d. 14 Jan.
1691, prob. quite young; while of Thomas, we doubt whether it be this
s. of Daniel, or ano. whose d. is ment. 7 Feb. 1695. He d. 1735, aged
79. EDWARD, Newbury, s. of John the first, or perhaps of Samuel, by
w. Elizabeth had Stephen, b. 20 Apr. 1688; Elizabeth 21 Mar. 1690; and Joseph,
15 Apr. 1704. HENRY, Newbury, s. of John, m. 12 Sept. 1679, Abigail,
d. of sec. Thomas Hale, had Abigail, b. 9 Sept. 1680; Henry, 31
Jan. 1682; Jeremiah, 10 Jan. 1684; Mary, 10 Apr. 1686, d. soon;
Mary, again, 20 Sept. 1687; Hannah, 19 July 1692; Sarah, 18 Jan.
1694; Benjamin, 1696; and Daniel, 1700; was taxed in Rowley 1691.
JOHN, Newbury, an early sett. said to have emigr. from Co. Wilts, was,
I think, elder br. of Daniel and Samuel; had Jonathan; John, b. 21
June 1642; Hannah, 14 Oct. 1645, d. young; Elizabeth 8 Nov. 1647; Hannah,
again, 25 Mar. 1649; Henry, 13 Dec. 1650; Mary, 6 Mar. 1652,
d. at 6 mos.; Joseph, 4 Oct. 1653; Mary, again, 12 Dec. 1654, wh. m.
6 Dec. 1670, Samuel Pearson; Lydia, 5 Dec. 1656; Edward, 4 Apr.