Person:Charles Holt (6)

m. 10 Aug 1801
  1. Mary Dobbs Holt1801 - 1830
  2. Elizabeth Dobbs Holt1803 -
  3. Charles Holt, Jr.1805 - 1877
  4. Ann Holt1808 - 1844
  5. Sarah Starr Holt1808 -
  6. Charlotte Dobbs Holt1810 - 1828
  7. William Dobbs Holt1812 - 1861
  8. Henry Dobbs Holt1814 -
  • HCharles Holt, Jr.1805 - 1877
  • WJane Pearce1808 - 1887
m. 8 Oct 1826
  1. Frances Pearce Holt1827 - 1911
  2. Charles J. Holt1830 -
  3. William Henry Holt1832 - 1879
  4. Ellen Pearce Holt1835 - 1837
  5. Edward Hempstead Holt1837 - 1864
  6. Guysbert Vandenbroeck Holt1841 - 1862
Facts and Events
Name Charles Holt, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 9 Nov 1805 Hudson, Columbia, New York, United States
Marriage 8 Oct 1826 Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia, United Statesby Rev. Benjamin Holt Rice
to Jane Pearce
Death[2] 10 Feb 1877 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
Burial[9] 12 Feb 1877 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United StatesGreenwood, lot 11669, section 182

Active in the Central Congregational Church of Brooklyn, New York.

Map of Holt and Taylor family homes and offices in Brooklyn and New York:

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  1. ancestral file, AFN:R3CS-1L.

    see pedigree chart (needs primary sources)

  2. Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 4, 10 Feb 1877.

    OBITUARY Charles Holt Announcement is made of the death of Mr. Charles Holt at his late residence in Cambridge place. Mr. Holt was in his seventy-second year and up to a little over a twelvemonth ago enjoyed excellent health. He was prominently identified in years past with musical interests in Brooklyn, having held the position of President of the Choral union during several seasons of the career of the organization. He was active in promoting musical enterprises, especially choral efforts, and sang tenor in chorus very acceptably when he had turned seventy. He was a man of fine presence, tall and commanding physique, his snow white head towering above those of his fellow singers was one of the looked for featues at society concerts at the Academy of Music and elsewhere. Mr. Holt was a man of blameless life and purity of character, one who made no enemies and was well bespoken of all men. In the early Fall of the year just past he celebrated with the wife, who survives him, the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. Their golden wedding was made the occasion of testifying to their appreciation of Mr. Holt's labors in behalf of Brooklyn art culture by a large number of friends and admirers, and seemed to be a fitting crown to a long life of honest and earnest endeavor. Mr. Holt was at the time in very poor health, having been prostrated several months previous by a distressing malady. Since that event he has taken no active part in any public enterprise, but has been gradually failing in strength until the vital forces wasted away and he peacefully fell asleep.

  3.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 3, 12 Feb 1877.

    The funeral servces of the late Mr. Chas. J. Holt were held at 93 Cambridge place, yesterday afternoon, and so large was the attendance that the house could not hold the assemblage gathered to take the last look of "dear Father Holt." The Rev. Dr. Scudder read the services, and in a brief address alluded to the peculiar characteristics of the deceased in feeling terms, especially remarking upon his love for children and flowers. Mr. Holt's old friend in Sabbath School and prayer meeting work, Father Gleason, also addressed those present, dwelling with much expression on his old friend's genial kindliness of character. In fact, "none knew him but to love him, none named him but to praise." No resident of the Hill, or member of the church was more thoroughly esteemed as a good thorough Christian man, a loving friend and a devoted husband and parent. His remains are to be taken to Greenwood to-day.

  4.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 3, 10 Oct 1868.

    under Sports and Pastimes -- Base Ball: "Great Americans vs. Reporters.--The reporters of the Eagle and Union yesterday sallied forth armed with bat and ball to do battle with the Great American Nine. They met the Great Americans on the Capitoline Ground... Father Holt was the first striker and oh! didn't he salt that ball and then glided gracefully down to first base. Hempstead followed suit and shuffled down to secon. Then Tom Dean took the bat and we said to ourselves "he's a victim," but Lord bless you, the old cock was game and what did he do but bring those other two fellows home..." Father Holt played first base and scored several runs in this game.

  5.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 2, 1 July 1872.

    under "The Jubilee -- a review by a Brooklynite who has been there", subhead "Brooklyn at the Coliseum": "Brooklyn has done nobly. Its chorus have sung strongly--were they not led by Young Sampson, and by Dr. Thayer, who pulls people as easily as he pulls other things. Father Holt is called the best looking man in the whole chorus, and he has drunk in as much music as any man could do in these perspiring days."

  6.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 2, 12 May 1879.

    Celebrating Twenty-five Years of the Central Congregational Church
    ... The following gentlemen have held the office of Superintendent in our school: William T. Cutter, C.M. Kinney, T.G. merrill, George H. Lathrop, Seth E. Cole, E.P. Taylor, Charles Holt, Charles E. Brown, John F. Cook, M.W. Starr, Jr., C.H. Skidmore, E.W. Hawley, Thomas J. Tilney, W.C. Peckham.
    ... Concerning Mr. Charles Holt, who for years went among us by the title of "Father Holt," it should be said that he worked night and day for the success of the church, and particularly of the Sunday School, and that he served as teacher and Superintendent in the four cities of Richmond, Petersburgh, New York and Brooklyn for fifty-four years.
    ... Beside this it [the Sabbath School] has fostered a missionary spirit, and undertaken and accomplished work outside of itself. On October 19, 1865, a society was formed in it, which was called "The Central Congregational Sunday School Missionary Society." The Rev. J.C. French was President, John F. Cook, Vice President; John M. Pratt, Treasurer, and E.P. Taylor, Secretary.
    ... The SECOND PASTOR OF THE CHURCH, Rev. J. Clement French, D.D., then spoke of the condition of the school when he assumed the pastorate of the church in the Spring of 1857. At that time Mr. John L. Merrill was the Superintendent and he had been succeeded by a large number of gentlemen some of whom, Mr. Edward P. Taylor and Father Holt, had long since gone to receive their reward in heaven.

  7.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), misc.
    • 1,2 Mar 1843: ad for concert by the Brooklyn Mozart Association, at the Brooklyn Lyceum, Charles Holt, Jr., conductor.

    • 3 Dec 1875, p. 4, MILITARY, Charles J. Holt elected president of the Brooklyn City Guard, G Company, Twenty-third Regiment.

    • 26 Jul 1870, results of Special Election May 17th 1870, 7th ward, 3rd district, Charles Holt and Charles M. Brumley elected as inspectors of elections.

    • 12 Dec 1860, p. 7, Young Mens Christian Association. New members admitted included Charles J. Holt as associate member.

    • 2 Sept 1870, p. 4, primary elections. In 7th ward, Charles Holt is among five delegates chosen to assembly convention. (Republican?)

    • 8 Dec 1868, p. 3, AMUSEMENTS. Charles Holt is elected president of the Choral Union for the ensuing year. The Union is rehearsing Handel's Messiah. On 23 Nov 1868, a meeting announcement of the Brooklyn Choral Union is signed Charles Holt, President.

    • 22 Jan 1868, p. 2, Mr. Charles Holt of the Seventh [ward], elected third vice-president [of the Republican Party]

    • 10 Oct 1865, p. 2, The Capitoline Association, notice of a concert performance, officers include Charles Holt, vice president, and Charles J. Holt, corresponding secretary.

    • 1 Jun 1860, p. 3, TEMPERANCE, Mr. Charles Holt chaired and addressed a meeting of 2000+ people at the Brooklyn City Temperance Society, followed by Rev. J.C. French and others.

    • 13 Sept 1848, p. 2, Card. W.S. Dillingham and family thank those who helped them save their house from burning down, those thanked included Charles Holt, Jr.

    • 28 Jun 1843, p. 2, Charles Holt directing a concert in the Cranbeery Street Church by the Mozart Association, together with the Tabernacle and Allen street choirs of New York.

    • 4 Feb 1869, p. 1, The Brooklyn Choral Union. Singers desiring membership invited to apply to Charles Holt, President, No 298 Ryerson st.

    • 7 Mar 1867, p. 4, "U.S. Passports procured by the undersigned, at 50 Exchange Place, N.Y., or 298 Ryerson street, Brooklyn. Charles Holt, Notary Public". Similar ad appeared several times in Feb/Mar 1867.

    • 14 Nov 1866, p. 3, Charles Holt among many others elected to active membership of Young Men's Christian Association.

    • 23 Jun 1866, p. 3, Special meeting of the members of the Excelsior Baseball Club to be held... Charles J. Holt, Sec'ry.

    • 13 Feb 1864, p. 1, Capitoline Association, concert announcement, tickets may be obtained from (among others) Charles J. Holt, 25 William st, NY.

    • 2 July 1844, p. 2, Charles Holt, Jr., secretary for Sons of Temperance, planning a parade for 4th July celebrations.

    • 29 Dec 1877, p. 3, Rankin Post No. 10 G.A.R., Charles J. Holt listed as trustee.

    • 4 Apr 1877, p. 4, The Amaranth Dramatic Society, Charles J. Holt listed on board of trustees.

  8.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 4, 17 May 1848.

    NEW MUSIC AND FANCY STORE IN NEW YORK -- The undersigned, Sole Agent in New York and Brooklyn for the sale of L. Gilbert's Patent Action Piano Fortes, Boston, most respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has opened a Ware Room in New York for the sale of the above celebrated instruments; also, Bacon & Ravens' and T. Gilbert's with Coleman's AEolian Attachment, and Seraphines. Besides which, he has a full assortment of Music, for the Piano, Guitar, &c. Also, the best Cologne Water, [...] and Extracts, Fancy Soaps, Brushes, &c. Old Pianos exchanged. Pianos tuned. Three beautiful Rosewood Pianos and one Seraphine, just received.   CHARLES HOLT, JR., 156 Fulton street, second door east of Broadway. N.B. Pianos kept, as heretofore, at his residence in Brooklyn, 210 Pearl street. Similar ads run regularly Dec 1845 thru 1848. The Fulton Street warehouse seems to be added in Sept 1846.

  9. Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Greenwood Cemetery records.
  10.   Brooklyn City Directory, 1859.

    image available on Brooklyn Genealogy Info Pages, lists Holt, Charles, broker, 19 Wall, N.Y. h. Ryerson pl. n. Fulton av. Note that Ryerson place was later renamed to Trotter St and then to Cambridge place; Charles Holt was known to live at 93 Cambridge place.

  11.   Brooklyn City Directory, 1850.

    image available on Brooklyn Genealogy Info Pages, lists Holt, Charles jr, custom house Cheever pl n Harrison. This directory only gives one address, which could be the business address?

  12.   Brooklyn Spooner City Directory, 1848.

    images available on Brooklyn Genealogy Info Pages, lists Holt Charles jr, music publisher 84 Fulton N Y h 146 Bridge.