Central Congregational Church of Brooklyn, New York

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Brooklyn, Kings, New York
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1853 - 1942

The Central Congregational Church was a well-known institution in Brooklyn in the latter half of the 19th century and into the 20th. It was established in 1854 at the corner of Ormond Place (now known as Claver Place) and Jefferson Street, and in 1872 moved to a new location on 25 Hancock Street near Franklin Ave. In 1942, the church merged with Clinton Avenue Congregational to become the Cadman Memorial Church, in the latter's location at 350 Clinton Ave at Lafayette Ave.

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The original church building was erected by Mr. R. L. Crook in 1853, who intended to lease or sell it. The Central Congregational Society of Brooklyn was organized in 1854, who leased and later bought the church. Founders of the society included Thomas W. Abbott, D. Austin Taylor, William T. Cutter, W.R. Robinson, Andrew Van Tuyl, Charles N. Kinney, Cranston Howe, and John L. Merrill. Abbott, Cutter, and Kinney were the three principals who guaranteed the funds for the early years of the church. The 1872 church building, built under Dr. Scudder, was notable for its corrugated iron construction. By 1879, the church had attracted over a thousand members.

Pastors of the church included:

  • Rev. Henry W. Parker (pastor 1854-55)
  • Rev. J. Clement French (pastor 1857-1870)
  • Rev. Dr. Henry Martyn Scudder (pastor 1871-1882)