Person:Benjamin Tibbetts (2)

m. bef 1655
  1. Jeremiah Tibbetts1656 - bef 1743
  2. Mary Tibbetts1658 -
  3. Captain Thomas Tibbetts1659 - bet 1748
  4. Hannah Tibbetts1661 - bef 1727
  5. Joseph Tibbetts1663 - bef 1745/46
  6. Deacon Samuel Tibbetts1666 - 1738
  7. Benjamin Tibbettsest 1668 - 1713
  8. Ephraim Tibbettsest 1669 - aft 1729
  9. Martha Tibbettsest 1670 - aft 1677
  10. Elizabeth Tibbettsest 1672 - aft 1732
  11. Nathaniel Tibbettsest 1673/74 - aft 1705
  12. Henry Tibbettsest 1675/76 - bet 1727
m. abt 1695
  1. Elizabeth Tibbettsabt 1697 - aft 1777
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Tibbetts
Gender Male
Birth[1] est 1668 Dover Neck, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
Marriage abt 1695 to Elizabeth Unknown (1823)
Death[3] 10 Aug 1713 Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, United States

Canterbury Land Records [1:95] give a deed dated 15 Mar 1710 from Benjamin Tibbetts of Canterbury selling land he purchased of Rowland Jones in 1705. It calls him “Benjamin Tibbetts, then of Narragansett, now of Canterbury.” Other records say he was from Kingston or South Kingston.

The inventory of Benjamin’s estate is dated 8 Mar 1714/5. The children are listed as Elizabeth 17, Mary 14, Esther “11 last Christmas”, Mercy 9, Hannah about 7 last Christmas, Martha 6 since last fall. His widow Elizabeth was living in Canterbury until at least Feb 1734.

In 1730, Benjamin’s daughters and their husbands - William and Esther Chamberlain of Billerica, Benjamin and Hannah Nichols of Warwick, and Thomas and Martha Pellett of Hartford, sold the land of their honoured father Benjamin Tibbetts to Tryall Baker.

The above is from an article in TAG (30:14) by Kendall P. Hayward. The author puts Benjamin as a son of Jeremiah Tibbetts. That family has a Benjamin b. about 1670 who has no further information, and a son Samuel who had daughters Ester and Martha who married William Chamberlain. Benjamin of Canterbury had a daughter Esther who married William Chamberlain. Since there is no likely place for Benjamin among the Rhode Island Tibbetts, it seems he is likely a son of Jeremiah. [That's not exactly what Hayward says. "Although the Canterbury Benjamin came from Rhode Island, there seems to be no likely place for him to fit into the Rhode Island family of Tibbetts and the items mentioned above might (emphasis added) point to the Dover, N.H., family of the Register article." Dover Benjamin was apparently available (in New Hampshire) to execute the 1703 deed; the eldest child of Canterbury Benjamin was born ±1698. One would think there would be traces of at least the two eldest children in or near Dover if this was the same Benjamin.]

The Ancestral File lists Benjamin as married to Rebecca Wiley, who in Tibbetts genealogies is listed as married to his brother Samuel. Marriage to sisters-in-law being rare, this is probably the incorrect source of the data floating around, possibly an interpretation of the above error attributing daughter Esther m. Wm Chamberlain to Samuel. To add to that idea, the Benjamin m. Rebecca is often listed as dying in 1738, when Samuel died. Though it may seem odd for one from New Hampshire to have dealings in Rhode Island and Connecticut, as well as attributed a son who settled in Massachusetts, note that Benjamin's daughters were also settled in CT, RI and Mass. [According the sketch of Capt. Samuel Tibbetts in Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, p. 685, Samuel's daughter Mary married one William Chamberlain and his daughter Esther married her cousin, Ephraim Tibbetts, son of Capt. Thomas.]

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    Benjamin3 Tibbetts (Jeremiah2, Henry1), was born at Dover Neck about 1668. He undoubtedly removed from Dover Neck sometime after 1706. In a deed dated 14 Dec. 1706, Benjamin Tibbets and Ephraim Tibbets, "sons and successors of Jeremy Tibbets late of the town of Dover", conveyed to James Mussey of Salisbury, "a Sertaine Messuadge or tenement that was fformerly our fathers Jeremy Tibbets Situate on Dover Necke" etc. The deed was signed by Benjamin Tibbets, Ephraim Tibbets and Rose Tibbets, and was witnessed by John Tuttle Senr and Peter Varney (Rockingham County, New Hampshire Deeds, Grantors. Book 5, page 177). Children: i. Probably John4. ii. Probably Samuel.

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    Benjamin, joined 4 bros. and sis. (Perkins) in deed to br. Ephraim for mo.'s support 1703 and was liv. 14 Dec. 1706.

  3. Canterbury Vital Records, in Connecticut, United States. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records.