Person:Barsheba Jackson (1)

m. 11 Feb 1819
  1. William R. Jackson1821 - 1886
  2. James V. JacksonABT 1824 - 1862
  3. Eura Jacksonabt 1827 - bef 1893
  4. Jacob Isaac 'Ike' Jackson1828 - 1905
  5. Lindsay L. Jackson1829 - aft 1900
  6. Abraham Jacksonabt 1841 - 1864
  7. Elizabeth JacksonABT 1842 - 1874
  8. Barsheba Jacksonabt 1843 - abt 1915
  9. George Jacksonabt 1845 -
  10. Sarah Jacksonabt 1849 - abt 1929
  • HMr. SmithsonABT 1833 - ABT 1915
  • WBarsheba Jacksonabt 1843 - abt 1915
m. ABT 1866
  1. Elizabeth 'Bettie' Smithson1868 - 1926
  2. Catherine A. 'Kate' Smithson1869 - 1893
  3. Thomas Daniel Smithson-Jacksonabt 1871 - abt 1946
  4. Eliza Smithson-Jacksonabt 1875 - aft 1930
  5. Tennessee (twin) Smithson-Jackson1877 - 1965
  6. Texas (twin) Smithson-Jackson1877 - 1946
  7. Martha Smithson-Jackson1887 - 1924
Facts and Events
Name Barsheba Jackson
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1843 Campbell Co., Tennessee, United States
Marriage ABT 1866 to Mr. Smithson
Residence? 1910 Jacksboro, Campbell Co., Tennessee, United States
Death? abt 1915 Campbell Co., Tennessee, United States

The Daughters of David Jackson and his two wives by Darrell H. Jackson

This mystery is common to all researchers of female ancestors. Through the early part of this century it seems that once they left daddy's home, women disappeared into the void of records maintained in their husbands name.

I could write a book about what I don't know about these women. All four were born and lived in Campbell County, Tennessee. I have not been able to find their descendents or other researchers. Because of this I feel that I have a psychic connection to them. Feeling them, almost hearing them. Demanding that we dig them up, get them out into the light and exposure of todays interest in genealogy. They want their story told.

My hope is that someone out there will recognize one of these women as their Great Grandmother, Aunt or something and will share their story with the rest of this family.

What I (Darrell) have learned about these four daughters of David Jackson is detailed on my website: Do see the website for much more detail.

From Darrell: "Her given name was Barsheba. I have found her in census records from 1850 to 1910 with the names Barsheba, Bashley, Basha and Bashie. At first as Jackson, then her married name of Smithson and then Jackson again. Notice in the 1880 Census below her husband is not to be found.

1880 Census District 122, Walker, Campbell Co., Tennessee Smithson, Basby W F 37 Mother TN TN TN Smithson, Elizabeth W M 20* TN TN TN Smithson, Catharine W F 9 TN TN TN Smithson, Thomas W M 7 TN TN TN Smithson, Eliza W F 5 TN TN TN Smithson, Tennessee W M 3 TN TN TN Smithson, Texas W M 3 TN TN TN

  • Darrell's comment: "Notice the 11 year gap between the first 2 children. I believe that Elizabeth's correct age should have been 10. This would be closer to what is now known about her."

From Darrell: "She took her maiden name of Jackson back after her husband died*. Apparently so did at least one of her children, i.e. Thomas Daniel Jackson. He served as constable in the 4th district of Tennessee (Campbell Co). He states in his letter to W. R. Jackson (his cousin) in Missouri that his Grandfather (David Jackson born 1780?) had 10 or 16 children (the handwritten number could be read either way). Current evidence would indicate that 10 children would be the correct number of children. Thomas D. Jackson would have been about 60 years old when he wrote this letter."

  • Basha Jackson sold property in Campbell County as of 27 Jan 1896 under her name as Basha Jackson; so she had taken her maiden name back by then.
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