Person:Béla I of Hungary (1)

Béla I _____, King of Hungary
d.11 Sep 1063 Szekszárd, Hungary
  1. Prince Of Hungary DamosloAbt 1008 - 1041
  2. Levente _____, Prince Of HungaryAbt 1012 - 1047
  3. King Andrew I Arpad, of HungaryAbt 1014 - Bef 1060
  4. Béla I _____, King of Hungary1015 - 1063
m. bet abt 1039 and 1042
  1. Ladislaus I _____, King of HungaryAbt 1041 - 1095
  2. Géza I _____, King of Hungary1044 - 1077
  3. Lanka _____Abt 1044 - 1095
  4. Jelena Lijepa _____, of Hungary1050 - Abt 1091
  5. Lambert _____Aft 1050 - Abt 1095
  6. Sophia _____, of HungaryAft 1050 - 1095
  7. Ludmilla _____, of HungaryAbt 1051 - 1111
  8. Maria _____, of HungaryAbt 1054 -
  • HBéla I _____, King of Hungary1015 - 1063
  1. Sophia of HungaryAbt 1053 - Aft 1116
Facts and Events
Name[1] Béla I _____, King of Hungary
Gender Male
Birth? 1015 Esztergom, HungaryHouse of Arpad
Marriage bet abt 1039 and 1042 Kraków, Kraków, Polandto Ryksa _____, of Poland
Marriage Cohabitation?
to Unknown
Death? 11 Sep 1063 Szekszárd, Hungary
Burial? Aft 11 Sep 1063 Szekszárd, Hungary
Reference Number[1] Q311351?
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    Béla I the Champion or the Wisent (;  – 11 September 1063) was King of Hungary from 1060 until his death. He descended from a younger branch of the Árpád dynasty. Béla's baptismal name was Adalbert. He left Hungary in 1031, together with his brothers, Levente and Andrew, after the execution of their father, Vazul. Béla settled in Poland and married Richeza (or Adelaide), daughter of King Mieszko II of Poland.

    He returned to his homeland upon the invitation of his brother Andrew, who had in the meantime been crowned King of Hungary. Andrew assigned the administration of the so-called ducatus or "duchy", which encompassed around one-third of the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary, to Béla. The two brothers' relationship became tense when Andrew had his own son, Solomon, crowned king, and forced Béla to publicly confirm Solomon's right to the throne in 1057 or 1058. Béla, assisted by his Polish relatives, rebelled against his brother and dethroned him in 1060. He introduced monetary reform and subdued the last uprising aimed at the restoration of paganism in Hungary. Béla was fatally injured when his throne collapsed while he was sitting on it.

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