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My name is Barak Floersheim. I was born in Nahariya, Israel in 1981 to parents of Jewish Ashkenazi, Norwegian roots and Swedish roots.

I have been continuing my mother's and late grandfather's family tree research in the last years mainly to digitally preserve their valuble work. During the last years I have been searching for new ways to store the information on the web in such a way I could share the informtion with all my close and distant relatives worldwide. Hopefully this site would be the perfect soultion for me.

My family tree, unlike most family trees is quite unique - I have 27 validated generations back (over 857 years back). During 2006 I found out that I might be able to trace back over 80 generations, 2000 years back, and that there might be a chance that I am a descendent of ancient celebrities such as Mark Antony, Boudica and Prophet Muhammad..!!!

how is that possible you ask ...?

Well, Back in the 1980's, my now late Norwegian grandfather, which was into researching his own Norwegian roots, got an expert in the field from his home town to study his family tree and see how far he would get. He managed to get back as far as Sverre Sigurdsson (1150-1202), one of the first kings of Norway. Even though most Norwegians today are in one way or another descendents of that king, my grandfather was excited about managing to proving the links through the official historical church books kept. My grandfather had a slight problem back then though - producing a big enough family tree chart to visualize his discovery would take him ages. So all of the information he gathered laid back in his office in a pile of boxes and gathered dust. After he died in 1998 my mother inherited the boxes but she never got to open them up and finishing my grandfathers work.

During the last years I have been trying to digitize my mother's and late grandfather's intensive family tree research on both sides of my family in hope of preserving their valuable work so that my descendants would be able to enjoy it in the future as well and I am hoping to share the information with all my close and distant relatives worldwide. I started the digitization process by using the software "Family Tree Maker", which is able to produce huge family tree charts (up to 99 generations). I entered all the info we had in the boxes quickly and easily into the program and there is was - The complete family tree the way my grandfather wanted it to be.

After a few weeks of looking at the tree my mother started to re-think if maybe we might get even further back by googling our oldest ancestors - and indeed, we found out that since the 1980's genealogists have furthered researched the Norwegian Novelty and some unofficial sources share their research online which links our oldest known ancestor to many different directions in the novelty of Europe during the first century and goes as far back as the roman empire. In theory it makes sense, since back in those days novelty only married novelty and all those ancient VIPs were well documented.