Person:Archibald Woods (12)

Archibald Woods
m. 1741
  1. Maj. Adam Woods1742 - 1826
  2. Mary Woods1744 -
  3. William Wallace Woods1744 - 1836
  4. Michael Woods1746 - 1809
  5. Andrew WoodsABT 1747 - 1815
  6. Archibald Woods1748/49 - 1836
  7. Hannah WoodsABT 1755 -
  8. Sarah Woods1755 - 1814
  9. Elizabeth WoodsABT 1758 -
  10. Peter Woods1762 - 1825
  11. Col. William Woods1778 - 1849
m. 13 Aug 1773
  1. Martha Ann Woods1774 -
  2. Lucy Woods1774 - 1854
  3. William Woods1776 - 1840
  4. Susannah Woods1778 - 1851
  5. Mary Woods1780 - 1822
  6. Sarah Woods1783 - 1785
  7. Archibald Woods1785 - 1859
  8. Anna Woods1787 - 1857
  9. Thomas Woods1789 - 1791
  10. Ann Woods1791 - 1791
  11. Mourning Woods1792 - 1817
  12. William Wood1800 -
m. 30 JAN 1818
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Woods
Gender Male
Birth[2][3] 27 Jan 1748/49 Albemarle County, Virginia
Marriage 13 Aug 1773 Albemarle, Virginia, United Statesto Mourning Shelton
Residence[1] 1774 Monroe, West Virginia, Virginia, United States
Alt Marriage 13 AUG 1775 Albemarle, Virginia, United Statesto Mourning Shelton
Military[1][2] Abt 1776 Montgomery, Virginia, United StatesRev war - Captain
Residence[1] 1782 Madison, Kentucky, United States
Marriage 30 JAN 1818 to Dorcas Henderson
Death[2][3] 15 Dec 1836 Madison County, Kentucky



This Archibald Woods, son of William Woods and Susanna Wallace has been confused by some researchers with his first cousin, Archibald Woods, who was a son of Archibald Woods and Isabella Gass (Goss).


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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Pension application of Archibald Woods S14892 f53VA, in Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    [Transcribed by Will Graves 10/12/11]

    [fn p. 12]
    State of Kentucky Madison County to wit
    On this 4th day of January 1833 before William Goodloe one of the judges of the Madison County Court in the State of Kentucky came personally Captain Archibald Woods an old and infirm man unable to attend before any of the Courts of record in the State aforesaid a resident of the County of Madison aforesaid in said State aged eighty-four years the 27th day of this present month, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832.
    That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. That in the year 1776 in the time of oat harvest as he verily believes he entered the service of the United States as Captain of Virginia militia, then being a resident of Montgomery County in the State of Virginia and marched from what is now called Monroe County Virginia to the relief of Watauga Fort under Colonel Russell about two hundred miles from the place they started and was engaged on that expedition about six weeks as well as he can now recollect. On his return home from Watauga the first night of their return march an express met them bringing the intelligence that the Shawnee Indians had commenced hostilities on the frontier, which hastened their return. That on his return home he found the people in his neighborhood forted, and then remained in command of the fort discharging fort duties, such as mounting guard and keeping a look out for the Indians through the medium of spies – in the spring of 1777 when the Indians again commenced hostilities in the County of Greenbrier and vicinity Montgomery County having been in the preceding winter divided so as to form out of it Montgomery and Greenbrier in the State of Virginia, and continued there almost without intermission until after the capture of Cornwallace [Cornwallis], except in the inclement seasons of winter.
    That in the spring of the year 1777 he received from the Governor of Virginia a commission as Captain of militia and the duty of protecting the forts in his County and section of country devolved on him from the time he received his commission aforesaid and for that purpose soldiers were sent on to him from the interior and as the time of service of one set expired others were sent as aforesaid and placed under his command to fill the places vacated by those whose terms had expired until after the capture of Cornwallis. That as Captain of the troops aforesaid he was almost constantly engaged in scouting parties after the Indians and discharging garrisoned duty. In the year 1781 he was as he verily believes he was as Captain of the Virginia militia engaged in the active service of the United States nine months or near that time – and that he verily believes he served as a Captain of the Virginia militia as before detailed more than three years actively discharging the duties of his office as before sit forth. That after his return from the relief of Watauga fort in 1776 as before detailed he was placed first under the command of Colonel Samuel Lewis, then under Colonel Andrew Donally [Andrew Donnelly] and lastly under Colonel James Henderson.
    That he never received to the best of his recollection any discharge.
    That shortly [?] after the news of the surrender of Cornwallis reached his section of Country and in the same year he delivered his commission as Captain of Virginia militia to the Greenbrier County court. This step was required as well as he can now remember for the purpose of enabling that court to inspect the pay rolls of those who served under his command.

    That he was born in Albemarle County or what is now Albemarle County Virginia on the 27th day of January 1749 as per register lately kept, but now lost. That in the year 1774 he moved from Albemarle County Virginia to what is now Monroe County Virginia and in the year 1782 he moved from thence to Madison County Kentucky where he now resides. He states that his aforesaid commission has never been in his possession since delivered to the Greenbrier County [court] as aforesaid and he has no knowledge at this time where said commission is.
    He claims full pay as a Captain.

    From the lapse of time he knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to all his services but refers to Captain Thomas Townsend,1 Ruth Kavanagh and Yelverton Peyton2 & Thomas Ballew. He states that he has no documentary evidence of his services.

    He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.
    State of Kentucky Madison County Sct.

    On this day to wit the 4th day of January 1833 personally appeared before William Goodloe one of the judges of the County Court of Madison in the State aforesaid Captain Thomas Townsend a resident of Estill County Kentucky aged 68 years and who is unable to appear before any of the Courts of record of this State, and after being duly sworn according to law upon his oath made the following statement. That prior to the year 1776 in the state of Virginia in the County of Greenbrier and said state he became acquainted with Captain Archibald Woods who has sworn to and subscribed the foregoing declaration and has been well acquainted with him ever since.

    That said Captain Archibald Woods was a Captain of the Virginia militia during the revolutionary war, that he saw said Woods frequently whilst in the service of the United States as Captain in the command of the forts in Greenbrier, he then understood from all those who were acquainted with said Woods that he served nearly all of the revolutionary war as a Captain of the Virginia militia. But from the failure of his memory he is not able to state more particularly the services of said Captain Archibald Woods. That he was born in the State of Virginia in the year 1765 but he does not recollect in what County. That he has no record of his age. That he resided in Virginia until 1782 and for several years preceding the latter date in Greenbrier County in that State. He then moved to Madison County Kentucky with Captain Archibald Woods and has resided in Madison and Estelle Counties ever since. He now resides in the latter County. That he is well acquainted with said Captain Archibald Woods and has been since 1776 and that he believes said Woods to be 84 years of age. That he is reputed in his neighborhood and which is he lived in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a Captain in the revolutionary war, and in that opinion the affiant fully concurs.
    S/ Thomas Townsend, X his mark

    [fn p. 5: On January 4, 1833 in Madison County Kentucky Ruth Kavanagh gave testimony that she is well acquainted with Captain Archibald Woods; that she became acquainted with him in the year 1777 when he was acting as Captain of a Virginia militia company opposing the Indians; that she was born in 1768 in Virginia in Augusta County; that she moved to Greenbrier County Virginia and from thence to Madison County Kentucky in 1791.]

    [Yelverton Payton and Thomas Ballew gave supporting affidavits]

    [Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $480 per annum commencing March 4th, 1831, for two-year service as a Captain in the Virginia militia.]
    1 This may be the same person as Thomas Townsend S31428
    2 FPA S31291 (named spelled Yelverton Payton in his file)

  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Wardell, Patrick G. Virginia/West Virginia genealogical data from Revolutionary War pension and bounty land warrant records. (Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, c1988-1998), Vol 6.

    Woods, Archibald - born 11/27/1749 in Albemarle County, Virginia;
    entered service when residing 1776 in Montgomery County, Virginia, as Captain of Virginia regiment;
    moved in 1782 to Madison County, Kentucky, where granted Pension in 1833;
    died 12/15/1836;
    children included Susannah Goodloe who survived him;
    William & Henry Goodloe (no kinship given) were County Justices of the Peace 1833 in Madison County, Kentucky;
    Peyton Yelverton made affidavit there that he was born 11/25/1755 in Amherst County, Virginia, moved from there in 1779 to Madison County, Kentucky;
    Captain Thomas Townsend of Estill County, Kentucky made affidavit 1833 in Madison County, Kentucky, he was born 1765 & knew soldier in Greenbrier County, Virginia, 1776;
    query letter in file states soldier married Mourning Shelton, also Howard Williams resided 1817 in Madison County, Kentucky, married Sarah Goodloe, & they moved in 1846 to Missouri;
    query letter in file 1926 from Mrs. Theodore S. Wood, State Center, Iowa, states soldier's daughter Hannah married William Kavenaugh, also soldier's daughter married William Goodloe;
    query letter in file in 1908 from descendant Christian G. Edgar of Detroit, Michigan. F-S14892, R2637.

  3. 3.0 3.1 GOODLOE BIBLE RECORDS, in Document. Family Bible Record of Robert Snoddy, of Glasgow, KY, 148.

    Arch Woods, born Jan. 29, 1749. Died Dec. 17, 1836.