Person:Andrew Walker (9)

Andrew Walker
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Walker
Alt Name _____ _____, The Tallow Chandler of London
Gender Male
Birth? 1576


Colonial Walkers of Marylands Eastern Shore
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Letter concerning Andew Walker, Tallow Chandler of London
Andrew Walker Tallow Chandler identified as as father of Peter Walker of Accomack VA]


Source:UK National Archives

Ship Purchase O/347 1639

Bargain and sale 1. Archibald Oswald, Preston, Scotland, gent. 2. Andrew Walker, cit. and tallow-chandler, London O/347/001 1639
These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives

Contents: Part. of ship William of Preston, 90 tons, Master John Thompson, now in R. Thames, with part. of 'boate, masts, sailes, saileyards, anchors, cables, ropes, stocke, tackle, apparell, municion and furniture'; warranty for year and a day (Tag and seal missing)

Source:Letter of Samuel Freeman, c 1640

Samuel Freeman l of Watertowne in N. E. g. makes a letter of Attorney to Andrew Walker Citizen tt tallow chandler of London vers Willm Clcrke ttc.

Knowc all men by these presents that whereas Willm Clcrke Cittizen and Skinner of London standetji bound unto me Samuel Freeman now of Watertowne in New England ct late of Mawlyn in the County of Kent gent in one bond or obligation of eight hundred pounds Dated the second day of November in the twelveth yeare of the Raigne of our Sove- raigue Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England ttc Annoij r Dili IGoO. Conditioned for a surrender of a certaine coppihold Cottage or Tenement orchard and garden and two acres <t halfe of land w th the appurtenances in Chcswicke in the County of Midd to be made by the heire or heires of Elizabeth Clcrke late wife of the said Willm Clerke unto Robert Cogan of Chcswicke aforesaid Esqr in such manner and form tt for saving harmlesse me the said Samuel and my heires as in and by the Condition indorsed on the said bond is expressed as more at large in tt by the said bond tt Condi- con thereof it doth tt may appeare. Now Knowc yee that I for divers good Causes and Considerations me thereunto

Source:An Andrew Walker died in London about 1646.

Probate of Will of Andrew Walker HB/C/140 22 Chas. I. 1646
These documents are held at London Metropolitan Archives Messuages in Shoemakers 'rowe' 'Blackfryers,' called the 'Last,' in 'Thamestreete' called the 'White Lyon' and in Love Lane in the parish of St. Mary at hill, in Westbourne and in Paddington. Executors--Andrew Walker his son. Witnesses--John Carpenter, Henry Shelbery, Wm. Lewindon. moveing have granted and assigned and by these presents doe grant, tt assigne the said bond and all profitts advan tages tt money thereby to be recovered nnto Andrew Walker Cittizen tt Tallow chandler of London To have and to hold

1 Samuel Freeman, of Watertown, had home to Engbiul shortly after this, airl probably come with Winthrop, but went there died, as it ib reported.

receive it perceive the said bond profit ts advantage;; it money thereby to bo recovered unto liiin [156J tlio said Andrew Walker his hcires it Assignes. And further for Hint end & purpose 1 doe hereby make ordeync constitute and in my stead it place by these presents put and appoint the said Andrew Walker my true and lawfull Attorney irrevocable for me and in my name but to the proper use of the said Andrew Walker his hcires and assignes to sue for recover and receive of it from the said Willm Clerke his hcires execu tors and administrator the said eight hundred pounds giving and granting unto my said Attorney my full power and Authority in execution of the premises for me and in my name to arrest sue impleade imprison condemnc and out of prison to deliver and plead proeessc it prosecutions for me tt in my name to susteyno it maintcyne in any Cort or Oorts and before what Judges or Magistrates soever and to compound and agree and upon the Reeoverys and receipts in that bchalfc acquittances or other sufficient Discharges for me and in my name to make seale it deliver and if need be satisfaction upon record to acknowledge and also the said bond or obliga tion to Cancell & deliver up And Attorney or Attorneys one or more under him to doc the premises to substitute and revoke And further to doe say afiirmc procure it cause to he done all it every other matter and thing whatsoever w ch in or about the premises shall be requisite or needful in as large it ample manner it forme as 1 might or could doc mysclfc if 1 were personally present Ratifying confirming it allowing all it whatsoever mv said Attorney shall lawfully doc or cause to be done in or about the execution of the premises or any of them. In witncssc whereof I have hereunto put, my hand <t seale the Twenty second day of July in the sixteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland France it Ireland Defender of the Faith itc Annoq r Dili 1040. [o-4]

Francis Willoughby 1 of Charlestowne in N. E. merchant & Nicholas Parker of Boston in N. E. g. to be bound to Captaino Timothy Thonihill in liifty pounds to be payd at Mf Winthrop s house in B 1 Feb r next. A mortgage of the Tobacco & a Counterbond.