Data. Marylands Eastern Shore Walkers

This article collects links related to the study of the Colonial Walker Families of Maryland's Eastern Shore. While developed primarily in connection with Maryland Walkers, data from Virginia's Eastern shore, as well as some parts of Delaware are also included



Colonial Walkers of Marylands Eastern Shore
Data. Marylands Eastern Shore Walkers
Notebooks. Marylands Eastern Shore Walkers


Inhabitants of Kent Island, Talbot County, MD, 1638 and 1642
Transcription:Will of Daniel Walker, Talbot County, MD, 1702
Transcription:Will of Daniel Walker of Queen Anne's County, MD, 1737
Transcription:Vital Records for Talbot County, MD
Transcript:Will of William Campbell, St. Pauls Parish, Queen Anne County, MD, 1762
Transcription:Will of Henry Parker, Talbot county, MD, 1686-87
Transcription:Will of Francis Sutton, Talbot County, MD, 1706
Transcription:Will of James Bishop, Talbot County, MD, 1708
Transcription:Will of Hannah Dickenson, Talbot County MD, 1747

Transcript:Colonial Walker Birth and Baptism Records Maryland Eastern Shore


Transcript: Early Walker Land Purchases in Kent County, DE, c.1680


Transcript:Will of Peter Walker, Accomac County, 1696
Transcript:Will of Peter Walker, Accomack County, VA, 1703