Person:Amelia Butler (4)

Amelia Emily BUTLER
b.17 May 1808 Bourbon Co, KY
d.10 Mar 1886 nr Madisonville, MO
m. Abt 1785
  1. Francis M Butler1786 - 1838
  2. Henry BUTLER1787 - 1822
  3. Anna Butler1787 - 1826
  4. Mary Polly Butler1790 - 1837
  5. Susanna BUTLER1792 - Abt 1837
  6. Ichabod BUTLER1793 - 1853
  7. _____ Butler, maleAbt 1795 - Bef 1822
  8. Elizabeth BUTLER1796 - 1871
  9. Moses Butler1798 - Bef 1829
  10. _____ Butler, maleAbt 1800 - Bef 1822
  11. _____ Butler, maleAbt 1802 - Bef 1822
  12. Dudley Butler1805 - 1886
  13. Bledsoe BUTLER1808 - Bef 1860
  14. Amelia Emily BUTLER1808 - 1886
m. 15 Nov 1827
  1. Cordelia BRAMMELL1828 -
  2. John W. BRAMMELL1830 - 1905
  3. Henry BRAMMELL1832 -
  4. Richard BRAMMELL1834 - 1837
  5. William BRAMMELL1837 -
  6. Thomas BRAMMELL1840 - 1876
  7. Catherine Emily Brammell1843 - 1911
  8. Charles Newton BRAMMELL1847 - 1906
Facts and Events
Name Amelia Emily BUTLER
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 17 May 1808 Bourbon Co, KY
Marriage 15 Nov 1827 Pike, Missouri, United Statesto Thomas J. BRAMBLE
Census[6] 1850 New Canton, Pike Co, IL
Census? 1880 Pleasant Vale Twp., Pike Co, Illinois
Death[3][4] 10 Mar 1886 nr Madisonville, MO
Burial[5] Morey Cemetery, Pleasant Vale Twp., Pike Co, IL

1. Birth date est by subtracting "77 yr, 9 mo, 23 days" from date of death. Her father's will gives "born in 1807". 2. Telegram to Solomon Schuey, Kinderhook, IL, dtd 10 March 1886, sent from New London, Missouri, signed Dudley Butler: "Mrs. Bramble [mother of Catherine] is very sick come at once answer quick" (On reverse of source) Amelia died while visiting her brother, Dudley. She died on his farm in Ralls Co., MO.

3. Anita Allee <> sent the following to Alan (Butler?), 9 April 1999

This is from Goldena Howard's book: History of Ralls Co. now out of print
and hard to come by. A lady copied for me:
"Ichabod & Dudley Butler The Butler family lived in Bourbon Co., KY. There was Ichabod, the eldest, Dudley, about 20 and their sister Amelia, 16; four half-brothers, the father and step-mother. Ichabod married and moved into another house. Dudley hauled goods from one city to another, from an early age. John Liter was a neighbor. Liter and the 2 Butlers decided to move W. in 1824. Ichabod decided they could not leave their sister, but instead of discussing it with her father, he stole her away. He climbed in her upstairs window, filled a pillowcase with clothes, took her away behind him on his horse, to his own home. When they sorted the clothes, some of them belonged to the stepmother, so they left them behind. The party consisted of Ichabod, his wife, their 6 yr. old daughter, Susan; Dudley, Amelia, and the John Liter family, which included a daughter Matilda, 18 or 19 yrs. old. They traveled by wagons, little Susan riding a> horse all the way. The Butlers had intended to stop in IL where they had 2 sisters but they kept on and the whole party stopped at Spencersburg (MO). They stayed...2 yrs.. Dudley was tall and fair with blue eyes; Matilda was heavy set with dark hair and eyes; her parents were of German birth. Dudley courted her; after the marr. her father bought them 80 A. of land one and a half miles S. of Madisonville, where they built a home and stayed the rest of their lives. They had 9 children. There was a log sch. at Madisonville, taught in turn by (various ones). Children had to learn everything in the old blue-back speller before they could get a reader. Amelia mar. a man named Bramblette and lived in IL; she came to visit Dudley in 1886 and died while there. A maiden lady, Miss Fannie Almond, lived with the Dudley Butler family. In those days single women found a family to live with, and helped with the work and became a part of the family.

4. Amelia and Thomas came to Pike Co, IL in 1834 and lived in the New Canton area (Pleasant Valley Twp)

5. In 1880 Census, page 691A, Emelia appears to be head of her household, with her son Charles Brammell, farmer, living there also. Jennie Doe, a granddaughter, 18, lives there also. Emelia gives her age as 79, placing her birth abt 1801.

6. She married Thomas Bramblett while she was visiting her uncle Dudley's farm. they moved to Lincoln Co. 7. No death record in Pike Co, IL.

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