Person:Adam Yager (2)

Adam Yager
b.29 Sep 1707 Germany
  1. Mary YagerAbt 1705 -
  2. Adam Yager1707 - Abt 1794
m. OCT 1727
  1. Michael Yager1728 - Bet 1793 - 1794
  2. Barbara Yager1730 -
  3. John "Blind John" Yager1732 - 1826
  4. Nicholas Yager1735 - 1781
  5. Adam Yager1738 -
  6. Godfrey Yager1747 - 1819
Facts and Events
Name Adam Yager
Alt Name Adam Jäger
Gender Male
Birth? 29 Sep 1707 Germany
Marriage OCT 1727 Spotsylvania, Madison County, Virginiato Susanna Kobler
Death? Abt. 1794 Culpeper County, Virginia

Adam Yager was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 93-96. 13-14 July 1737. Nicholas Yeager of Orange County to Adam Yeager of same. Lease and release; for ₤50 current money. 200 acres... at the foot of a mountain... Nicholas Yeager's line. (signed) Nicholas (X) Yeager. Wit: Gideon Marr, Paul Laderer (Poll Ledrer), Georg Utz. 25 Aug. 1737. Acknowledged by Nicholas Yeager. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 40].

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 402-05. 24-25 Nov. 1736. Adam Yeager of Orange County to Frederick Cobler of same. Lease and release; for £16 current money. 290 acres in the great fork of Rappahannock... on the south side of Mount Pony... (signed) Adam (X) Yeager. Wit: Jorg Utz, Marks Fink. 25 Nov. 1736. Acknowledged by Adam Yeager. Susanna his wife relinquished her right of dower. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 28]. (Note: according to Germanna records, Frederick Cobler (Kobler) was the brother of Adam's wife, Susannah Kobler).

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Volume 2:

  • N-266: Adam Yager of Frederick County, 400 acres on Narrow Passage Run Branch of North River of Shannandoah in said County. Surv. Robert Rutherford. Adj. Lewis Stephens, George Zeigler. 7 Oct. 1766. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, pg. 182].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 292.--18th May, 1750. John Davice and Ann, to John Jones, Yayers Branch of Smith's Creek, 159 acres. Delivered: Christophall Amentrout, August, 1769.
  • Page 296.--18th May, 1750. John Davis and Ann, to John Jones, 166 acres, Yayers Branch of Smith's Creek; corner Adam Yayers.
  • Page 126.--1st October, 1761. John Roberts and Margaret (Margate) to Robert Williams, £41.1, 166 acres on a branch of Smith's Creek called Yayer's Branch; cor. Adam Yayer; also 159 acres on same. Delivered: Robert Williams, October, 1766.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL, 1763. - Jacob Miller and Adam Yeager vs. Godfrey Bumgardner.--Defendant is gone to settle on New River, 1762.
  • Page 211.--18th March, 1773. Robert Williams and Margret ( ) to Elijah McCollister, patent to John Davis, 5th September, 1749, and by him conveyed to Jane Jones, and by John Roberts to Robert Williams, 2nd October, 1761, on Yeager's Branch of Smith Creek, corner Adam Yeager. Delivered to Robert Williams, 4th November, 1776, but returned and then delivered to James McCalister, 19th January, 1791.