Person:Abigail King (5)

m. BEF 1682
  1. Abigail King1682 - 1753
  • HJohn Binns1663 - 1731
  • WAbigail King1682 - 1753
m. 10 Jun 1703
  1. John Binns1704 - 1785
  2. Benjamin Binns1705 - 1785
  3. William C Binns1707 - 1792
  4. Jonas Binns1708 - 1784
  5. Martha Binns1710 - 1778
  6. Joseph Binns1711 - 1776
  7. Henry Binns1712 - 1781
  8. Abraham Binns1714 -
  9. Abraham Binns1716 - 1784
  10. Jonathan Binns1718 - 1794
  11. Mary Binns1720 - 1720
  12. David Binns1721 - 1801
  13. Mary Binns1724 - 1724
Facts and Events
Name Abigail King
Gender Female
Residence? 1682 Marton (near skipton), West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandMire House
Birth[1][2][3][4] 29 May 1682 Marton (near skipton), West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandMire House
Residence? 1703 Kildwick, West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandCragtop
Marriage 10 Jun 1703 Cowling (in Craven), West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandLong Croft
to John Binns
Residence? 1753 Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandCarleton Biggin Carleton,
Death[1][2][3][5][4] 31 Mar 1753 Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandCarleton Biggin, Carleton
Burial[4] 3 Apr 1753 Skipton, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

RELIGION: Christian - Religious Society of Friends.

MARRIAGE: Friends' registers (are defective and) do not record the marriage of John and Abigail, but the Settle Monthly Meeting minutes [Carlton Hill Archives H2, pp.30-31] show that it was cleared to take place at their MM sitting 2 iv 1703. The wedding doubtless took place on 10 iv 1703 as stated in the Genealogy.

DEATH: 1396.278 1397.274 Abigail Binns, widow of John, late of Carleton Biggin, died 31 iii 1753, 70 yrs.

BURIAL: 3 iv 1753, Skipton.

OTHER_RECORDS: In May 1745 'Abigale Binns' wrote to one Henry Simpson (possibly her landlord's farm steward), requesting that he petition her landlord, the Earl of Burlington, for a yearly stipend for her. "I being an Old Widow and have had thirteen Childer; and above 70 Years of Age; and hath been tenant to his Lordship above 30 Years at Carleton Biggen have Endeavoured to pay his Lordships Rent Honestly, In hopes my Sons will do the Same; And having had the Misfortune to Loose Some moneys that my Husband left me, by people breaking and Running away; Which has Reduced me so that I have nothing left, but what my Childer pleased to give me; which is very hard when Old age and poverty meets together: Sr If one might be so bold without offence to crave on his Lordship to bestow some Small matter yearly on a poor Widow for my time here cannot be longe; Would be very acceptable and would Ever pray for his Lordship and all that Honoble Famely: If your Worship thinks propper to move it to his Lordship, shall ever be highly obliged to you for that great favour." Simpson obliged, adding that Abigale lived "In good Repute", had "Endeavoured to bringe up her sd Children with School Learning and Traids", but was now "very Infirm". Both letter and petition survive, though there is no record of the outcome. (Chatsworth House archives quoted by Ben Beck).

OBITUARY: She was a tender, well inclined woman, a dutiful Wife while married, a very affectionate Mother and had great sympathy with the afflicted of all sorts. Was very cheerful and free with her friends and even with all innocent discourse, very industrious in Business and much noted in her way of housekeeping. She made the Poor as welcome at her table as theRich, even Beggars filling their Bellies and even their Pokes too at times.


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