Person:Abigail Borden (3)

m. Bef. 1711
  1. Hannah Borden1711 - 1760
  2. Abigail Bordenabt 1713 -
  3. John Borden1713 - 1798
  4. Rebecca BordenAbt 1714 -
  5. Benjamin Borden, Jr.Bef 1722 - 1753
  6. Elizabeth BordenBef 1725 -
  7. Mercy BordenBef 1725 -
  8. Lydia Bordenest 1725 -
  9. Deborah Bordenabt 1728 -
m. abt. 1740
  1. Esther Worthingtonabt 1742 -
  2. Rachel Worthington1744 - 1831
m. est. 1749
  1. James Pritchardabt 1750 - aft 1792
Facts and Events
Name Abigail Borden
Gender Female
Birth? abt. 1713 Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Marriage abt. 1740 Frederick County, Virginiato Jacob Worthington
Marriage est. 1749 to James Pritchard
Death? Orange County, North Carolina

Land Records in Orange County, VA

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 240-242. Indenture 26 Sept. 1745 between Jacob Worthington of County of Frederick, Colony of Virginia, and Abigail Worthington, his wife, and Benjamin Bordon of that part of Orange County called Augusta.. for sum of £30.. sell all my part of land which I have by virtue of intermarriage with Abigail, daughter of Benjamin Bordon, late of this county.. (signed) Jacob Worthington (Seal), Abigail Worthington (Seal). Recorded 26 September 1745. [Source: Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 52].

Records of Abigail Borden

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1758 (A). - Wm. Russell vs. Borden.--Benj. Borden's will dated 1742. He left his lands in New Jersey and lands in Bullshire, Smith's Creek, North Shenandore and James River, except 5,000 acres, which he devised to his daughters, Abigail Worthington, Rebecca Bronson, Debora, Lydia and Eliza Borden; other legacies and devises to sons, Benjamin, John and Joseph, and his wife, Zeruiah, and daughter, May Fearnley, wife of William Fearnley. Benjamin and Zeruiah qualified as executors. Fearnley refused. Afterwards (1746) Zeruiah, on account of bodily infirmities, resigned, and Benjamin took the whole estate. In April, 1753, Benjamin, Jr., died. John and Joseph, in 1753, conveyed their interests to William Russell. Benjamin Borden, Jr., had a daughter, Martha, an infant in 1754.
  • Page 326.--1st June, 1761 (1760 ?). James Pritchard and Abigail ( ), of Orange County, North Carolina (Abigail was one of the daughters and devisees of Benj. Border, to Joseph Borden, of Frederick County (Abigail was Abigail Worthington). £90. 1000 acres given to Abigail (then Worthington). Teste: John McDaniel. Jacob Layton, Levi Branson, John ( ) Alexander. Commission for privy examination of Abigail executed, 1st June, 1761. Delivered: Joseph, 10th March, 1763.
  • Vol. 2 - Worthington's Reps. vs. Bowyer--O. S. 50; N. S. 17. Plaintiffs are, viz: Representatives of Abigail Worthington, deceased; of Rebecca Bronson, deceased; of Deborah Henry, deceased; of Lydia Peck, deceased; of Elizabeth Nichols, deceased; of John Borden, deceased; of Joseph Borden, deceased, which are daughters, sons and devisees of Benjamin Borden, Sr.