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Child Dates of Birth

Documentation for the dates of birth of the children of Benjamin Borden and Zeruiah Winter is very limited. (Non-existent might be closer to the truth.) Well, 1899 provides almost no data on births. Terry Mason's web site is normally very well documented, but in this case, documentation on the children is sparse. Wiki Tree provides DOB's, but again, lacks documentation. Ancestry Public Member Tree's shows numerous variations for the children DOB's.

We might get some sense of the birth order of these children from Benjamin's will. He lists his sons in two places in the will, and gives the same birth order: Benjamin JR, John, and Joseph. There may be some semblance of their birth order to be had from their sequences in the will, but the sequence he gives is not consistent. It seems likely that the order he in which he refers to them is not strictly birth order.

The following summarizes some of the readily available DOB data for these children, by source, as of 6 Feb 2019.

Image:Comparison of DOB's for Children of Benjamin Borden and Zeruiah Winter.png

Absent reliable source data it's difficult to choose ANY given value for the DOB of these children. Overall, I suspect that the FamilySearch Data is most likely to be correct. Note, however, that this requires a DOM for Benjamin and Zeruiah. A 1705 DOM is often cited for them, but I think that's based on the idea that there eldest child was born c1703. The family tree data, if correct, suggests a 1700 DOM. I don't think there's anything to contradict that, but absent sourced data, "yer pays yer money and takes yer choice".

Note also that a 1700 DOM implies a significantly earlier DOB for Zeruiah than the current 1689/90. A DOB of c1680 would seem reasonable. Family Search has it as 1682.

Q 21:16, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

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