Old Chester Tax Rolls for 1730



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The following is based on transcriptons of individual tax lists for various years, in various Old Chester townships, as available on the Chester County WebSite. [Need Link] This list represents the taxpayers living in Chester County in 1730. This year was selected because it has a reasonably complete set of surviving tax records for each township. Only the township of Pikeland is missing form these extractions. Another reason for selecting 1730 as the target year is that one of the interests being met here is identifying the families in the area prior to their immigration into Old Augusta in Virignia, and points further south. Thus, if there are ancestors of interest in these later areas, who are thought to have come from Old Chester, There's a chance that you'll find them on this list.


Nathen ...owards Freemen Mtown Nathen ...owards
Job ...don Aston Job ...don
James ? UNK1 James ?
John ? UNK2 John ?
Morgan Radnor Morgan ?
John ??ford UNK1 John ...ford
Francis ?ullin BIRMING Francis ...ullin
Enoch Abraham Radnor Enoch Abraham
James Abraham TREDYFIN James Abraham
Noah Abrams Darby Noah Abrams
Casper Acker Vincent Casper Acker
Edwd A Dear Freemen Wnot Edwd Adair? Written as "A Dear"
Martin Adams SADSB Martin Adams
Patrick Adams FALLOW Patrick Adams
Thos Adams Freemen TREDYFIN Thos Adams
Wm Adams FALLOW Wm Adams
Solomon Ahed Wnot Solomon Ahed
Stephen Ails LonDGROVE Stephen Ails
Abraham Airs Ngard Abraham Airs
James Alcorn EMARLB James Alcorn
John Alexander LONBRIT John Alexander
George Alford KENNET George Alford
John Allaway HAVERF John Allaway
George Allen Uwchalan George Allen
James Allen Wnot James Allen
John Allen LonDGROVE John Allen
Allexander Alleson Wnot Allexander Alleson
Thos. Allison LONBRIT Thos. Allison
James Almond Wnot James Almond
James Anderson CharlTown James Anderson
James Anderson ECALN James Anderson
Richd. Anderson Whiteland Richd. Anderson
Wm Anderson Wnot Wm Anderson
Wm Andrew KENNET Wm Andrew
John Arabam Wmarlb John Arabam
Wm Arble Wnot Wm Arble
Mathew Arbuckle UCHI Mathew Arbuckle
James Arbucle FALLOW James Arbucle
Archbold Armstrong Chester Archbold Armstrong
Josiah Arnold Freemen EDgMONT Josiah Arnold
Ruth Arnold Thornbury Ruth Arnold
Thos. Arnold BradF Thos. Arnold
George Asbridg GOSH George Asbridg
George Asbridge Chester George Asbridge
John Asbridge GOSH John Asbridge
Walter Ashmore ENOT Walter Ashmore
Wm Askew UCHI Wm Askew
George Aston ECALN George Aston
Henry Atherton Freemen GOSH Henry Atherton

Peter Babb WCALN Peter Babb
Thomas Babb Bethel Thomas Babb
Thomas Babb UNK2 Thomas Babb
Jacob Bails ENOT Jacob Bails
Alexander Baily Willistown Alexander Baily
Danll. Baily EMARLB Danll. Baily
George Baily BradF George Baily
Isaac Baily EMARLB Isaac Baily
Joel Baily Wmarlb Joel Baily
Joel Baily jun Wmarlb Joel Baily jun
John Baily Wmarlb John Baily
Thos. Baily Wmarlb Thos. Baily
Wm Baily KENNET Wm Baily
Wm Baimout GOSH Wm Baimout
Alexander Bain GOSH Alexander Bain
Aaron Baker Wmarlb Aaron Baker
Adam Baker Whiteland Adam Baker
Jess Baker Freemen EDgMONT Jess Baker
John Baker GOSH John Baker
Joseph Baker EDgMONT Joseph Baker
Richd Baker EDgMONT Richd Baker
Authr. Baldwin BIRMING Authr. Baldwin
Edwd. Baldwin freemen ECALN Edwd. Baldwin
John Baldwin Chester John Baldwin
John Baldwin KENNET John Baldwin
Rodger Ball Darby Rodger Ball
James Barber' Chester James Barber'
Richd Barnard EMARLB Richd Barnard
? Barnet Aston ? Barnet
? Barnet UNK1 ? Barnet
Mary Barnit BIRMING Mary Barnit
Joseph Barns Wnot Joseph Barns
Wm Barns KENNET Wm Barns
Arthur Barret ENOT Arthur Barret
Richd. Barry Chester Richd. Barry
Abrm. Barton Chester Abrm. Barton
James Bartram Marple James Bartram
John Basket LONBRIT John Basket
Humphry Bates CONCORD Humphry Bates
Wm Batey SADSB Wm Batey
Patience Batterton NANT Patience Batterton
Richd. Bazon LCHIC Richd. Bazon
Stephen Beaks GOSH Stephen Beaks
Mordecai Bean GOSH Mordecai Bean
James Beard Freemen FALLOW James Beard
John Beard Aston John Beard
John Beard Nlond John Beard
John Beard UNK1 John Beard
John Beats freemen LCHIC John Beats
Wm Beckerland EMARLB Wm Beckerland
John Beekingham BIRMING John Beekingham
Richd Beeson Wnot Richd Beeson
James Beirs Ngard James Beirs
John Belckwalder CharlTown John Belckwalder
Wm Bell LonDGROVE Wm Bell
Gershon Benbo Radnor Gershon Benbo
Jacob Bennet KENNET Jacob Bennet
Joseph Bennet KENNET Joseph Bennet
Richd Bennet LonDGROVE Richd Bennet
Robt. Bennet Freemen CONCORD Robt. Bennet
Wm Bennet BradF Wm Bennet
John Bennit BIRMING John Bennit
Jeffery Bently Wmarlb Jeffery Bently
John Bently BIRMING John Bently
Samll. Berry Wnot Samll. Berry
Wm Bethell Freemen Darby Wm Bethell
Samll. Bettle freemen BIRMING Samll. Bettle
Robt Beuson (Benson?) Uwchalan Robt Beuson (Benson?)
Aubery Bevan Chester Aubery Bevan
Evan Bevan Willistown Evan Bevan
Samll. Beverlin EMARLB Samll. Beverlin
Edwd Bezar Bethel Edwd Bezar
Edwd. Bezar UNK2 Edwd. Bezar
John Bezar LCHIC John Bezar
Andrew Biers Freemen Ngard Andrew Biers
Joseph Bishop EDgMONT Joseph Bishop
Samll. Bishop WCALN Samll. Bishop
Peter Bissallion ECALN Peter Bissallion
John Black Ngard John Black
Thom. Black Nlond Thom. Black
Richd. Blackshred Freemen EMARLB Richd. Blackshred
Thos. Blar Willistown Thos. Blar
Mathew Blear freemen BradF Mathew Blear
Wm Blear Mtown Wm Blear
Wm Blear Wnot Wm Blear
Michll. Blunstone Darby Michll. Blunstone
Wm Bogan CONCORD Wm Bogan
Andrew Bohamon SADSB Andrew Bohamon
James Bohannon Wnot James Bohannon
Wm. Bohannon Wnot Wm. Bohannon
Joseph Bond LCHIC Joseph Bond
Enock Bonsall Darby Enock Bonsall
Jacob Bonsall Darby Jacob Bonsall
Joseph Bonsall Darby Joseph Bonsall
Obediah Bonsall Darby Obediah Bonsall
Andrew Boon Darby Andrew Boon
Andrew Boon jun Darby Andrew Boon jun
Jonathan Booth Freemen CONCORD Jonathan Booth
Joseph Booth Bethel Joseph Booth
Joseph Booth UNK2 Joseph Booth
John Borris GOSH John Borris
John Boss LCHIC John Boss
John Bounds Vincent John Bounds
Hugh Bowen Mtown Hugh Bowen
John Bowen Uwchalan John Bowen
Adam Boyd SADSB Adam Boyd
James Boyd SADSB James Boyd
John Boyd EDgMONT John Boyd
Robt Boyd and son SADSB Robt Boyd and son
James Boydon LCHIC James Boydon
Charles Boyle Freemen LonDGROVE Charles Boyle
John Boyle FALLOW John Boyle
Robt Boyle FALLOW Robt Boyle
John Brabson Wnot John Brabson
Gian Breadire Chester Gian Breadire
John Brierly Mtown John Brierly
Edwd. Brinton BIRMING Edwd. Brinton
Joseph Brinton Thornbury Joseph Brinton
Wm Brinton BIRMING Wm Brinton
Wm Brinton Thornbury Wm Brinton
Jonathan Brittain Freemen Mtown Jonathan Brittain
David Brooks Wmarlb David Brooks
Danll. Broom Uprov Danll. Broom
Frederick Broom CONCORD Frederick Broom
John Broom Darby John Broom
Thos. Broom CONCORD Thos. Broom
John Broomall NPROV John Broomall
John Broomfield Whiteland John Broomfield
Andrew Brown Wnot Andrew Brown
Esther Brown Wnot Esther Brown
Hugh Brown Freemen Ngard Hugh Brown
James Brown Mtown James Brown
Jeremiah Brown Wnot Jeremiah Brown
Jose. Brown Wnot Jose. Brown
Missar Brown ENOT Missar Brown
Richd Brown Wnot Richd Brown
Samll.. Brown UCHI Samll.. Brown
Thomas Brown Freemen CONCORD Thomas Brown
Thos Brown Wnot Thos Brown
Wm Brown Wnot Wm Brown
Wm Brown jun Wnot Wm Brown jun
James Bruce ECALN James Bruce
Garret Brumback Vincent Garret Brumback
Dennis Bryan Freemen Wnot Dennis Bryan
Thos. Bryan Ngard Thos. Bryan
James Buckley SADSB James Buckley
John Buffington BradF John Buffington
Richd. Buffington jun BradF Richd. Buffington jun
Thos. Buffington BradF Thos. Buffington
Thos Bullock KENNET Thos Bullock
Andrew Bunting ECALN Andrew Bunting
Robt Bunting FALLOW Robt Bunting
Samll. Bunting Darby Samll. Bunting
Wm Bunting Spring Wm Bunting
James Burk BradF James Burk
Edmond Butcher BIRMING Edmond Butcher
Zachai Butcher BIRMING Zachai Butcher
Noble Butler KENNET Noble Butler
Richd. Butler KENNET Richd. Butler
Thos. Butler Freemen Spring Thos. Butler
John Butterfield ENOT John Butterfield


Daniel Cain freemen UCHI Daniel Cain
John Cain LonDGROVE John Cain
Robt. Cain LonDGROVE Robt. Cain
Samll Calbreath ENOT Samll Calbreath
Betty Caldwell EMARLB Betty Caldwell
James Caldwell ENOT James Caldwell
John Caldwell KENNET John Caldwell
Thos Callen freemen CharlTown Thos Callen
Henry Callwell Mtown Henry Callwell
James Callwell Mtown James Callwell
John Calus SADSB John Calus
Danll. Calvert Uprov Danll. Calvert
Henry Camm Uprov Henry Camm
John Camm Uprov John Camm
Andrew Campbell HAVERF Andrew Campbell
John Campbell Wnot John Campbell
John Campbell Fuller Wnot John Campbell Fuller
John Carden Mtown John Carden
Thos Carleton KENNET Thos Carleton
Wm Carpenter freemen BIRMING Wm Carpenter
Nata. Carr ENOT Nata. Carr
John Carrol LonDGROVE John Carrol
Walter Carson Nlond Walter Carson
Edwd. Carter Chester Edwd. Carter
Jeremiah Carter Chester Jeremiah Carter
John Carter Aston John Carter
John Carter UNK1 John Carter
Joseph Carter RIDLEY Joseph Carter
Robt Carter EMARLB Robt Carter
Patrick Casson KENNET Patrick Casson
John Cay KENNET John Cay
George Cewsan Freemen EMARLB George Cewsan
John Chadds BIRMING John Chadds
Robt Chalfon BIRMING Robt Chalfon
John Chalfond Wmarlb John Chalfond
John Chamberlin Aston John Chamberlin
John Chamberlin UNK1 John Chamberlin
Joseph Chamberlin CONCORD Joseph Chamberlin
Robt. Chamberlin CONCORD Robt. Chamberlin
George Chandler UCHI George Chandler
John Chandler BIRMING John Chandler
Sweethin Chandler BIRMING Sweethin Chandler
Thos. Chandler BIRMING Thos. Chandler
Wm Chandler LonDGROVE Wm Chandler
Benja. Chandly ENOT Benja. Chandly
Giles Chapman Uwchalan Giles Chapman
John Chapman Mtown John Chapman
James Chayton EDgMONT James Chayton
John Cheyny Thornbury John Cheyny
George Churchman ENOT George Churchman
Widdow Churchman ENOT Widdow Churchman
Danll. Clark Freemen LonDGROVE Danll. Clark
James Clark ECALN James Clark
Thomas Clark WCALN Thomas Clark
Walter Clark KENNET Walter Clark
Wm Clark BIRMING Wm Clark
Abel Clayton LCHIC Abel Clayton
Ambrose Clayton LCHIC Ambrose Clayton
David Clayton EDgMONT David Clayton
Edward Clayton BradF Edward Clayton
Eliza. Clayton LCHIC Eliza. Clayton
Richd. Clayton CONCORD Richd. Clayton
Thomas Clayton LCHIC Thomas Clayton
Wm Clayton UCHI Wm Clayton
Benj. Clef Darby Benj. Clef
Jeremiah Clements freemen Chester Jeremiah Clements
Jeremiah Clements Chester Jeremiah Clements
Jason Cloud NANT Jason Cloud
Jeremiah Cloud EMARLB Jeremiah Cloud
Joseph Cloud jun CONCORD Joseph Cloud jun
Joseph Cloud CONCORD Joseph Cloud
Mordecai Cloud EMARLB Mordecai Cloud
Joseph Cloyd Wtown Joseph Cloyd
John Coap BradF John Coap
John Coats Ngard John Coats
Moses Coats CharlTown Moses Coats
Henry Cochinor Vincent Henry Cochinor
James Cochran FALLOW James Cochran
Robt. Cochran FALLOW Robt. Cochran
Thornbury Benj: Cocks
Joseph & Benj: Cocks Thornbury Joseph Cocks
Joseph Coebourn Mtown Joseph Coebourn
Tho. Coebourn jun Chester Tho. Coebourn jun
John Coheen NANT John Coheen
Stephen Cole Chester Stephen Cole
Wm Cole Wnot Wm Cole
Johannes Colf COVENT Johannes Colf
Jeremiah Collet UCHI Jeremiah Collet
Isaac Collier Darby Isaac Collier
John Collins Freemen GOSH John Collins
John Collins BradF John Collins
Joseph Collins GOSH Joseph Collins
Joseph Collins KENNET Joseph Collins
Peter Collins BradF Peter Collins
Thos Colson Wnot Thos Colson
James Colton Nlond James Colton
John Colton Nlond John Colton
Robt Comer Freemen LonDGROVE Robt Comer
Samll. Con UCHI Samll. Con
James Concade SADSB James Concade
John Concade SADSB John Concade
Charles Connor RIDLEY Charles Connor
Gregory Cook freemen Chester Gregory Cook
John Cook ENOT John Cook
John Cook LonDGROVE John Cook
John Cook Nlond John Cook
Peter Cook LonDGROVE Peter Cook
Thos Cook Nlond Thos Cook
Widdow Cook Nlond Widdow Cook
James Cooper Wtown James Cooper
James Cooper Jun Wtown James Cooper Jun
John Cooper EMARLB John Cooper
Thos. Cooper Wtown Thos. Cooper
Wm Cooper KENNET Wm Cooper
Barth. Coppock Marple Barth. Coppock
Stephen Cornelius ENOT Stephen Cornelius
David Cornock HAVERF David Cornock
James Cossee Freemen Whiteland James Cossee
Wm Cotton Darby Wm Cotton
Thos Coughran ENOT Thos Coughran
Widdow Coughran ENOT Widdow Coughran
Wm Coulter Freemen KENNET Wm Coulter
Joseph Cowborn LCHIC Joseph Cowborn
Mathew Cowdon NPROV Mathew Cowdon
Hugh Cowen (Cowan) SADSB Hugh Cowen
Caleb Cowpland Chester Caleb Cowpland
David Cowpland Chester David Cowpland
Wm Cowpland Chester Wm Cowpland
Andrew Cox ECALN Andrew Cox
John Cox KENNET John Cox
John Cox LonDGROVE John Cox
Lawrance Cox Willistown Lawrance Cox
Richd Cox LonDGROVE Richd Cox
Thos. Cox EMARLB Thos. Cox
Thos. Cox LonDGROVE Thos. Cox
John Craghton Nlond John Craghton
James Creag jun ENOT James Creag jun
James Creag ENOT James Creag
Nicholas Criabell COVENT Nicholas Criabell
John Cristy ENOT John Cristy
Randle Crockson Uprov Randle Crockson
Thos Crockson Freemen Mtown Thos Crockson
John Croford Mtown John Croford
John Crosby RIDLEY John Crosby
Charles Crosly Mtown Charles Crosly
Robt. Crozer NPROV Robt. Crozer
Samll. Culberson LonDGROVE Samll. Culberson
George Culin RIDLEY George Culin
Benja. Culliver Freemen CONCORD Benja. Culliver
Thos. Cummings Chester Thos. Cummings
Joseph Cuningham ECALN Joseph Cuningham
Widdow Curry Nlond Widdow Curry
John Cutbert GOSH John Cutbert
James Darby Wtown James Darby
Abraham Darlington BIRMING Abraham Darlington
Joseph Darlington ECALN Joseph Darlington
Wm Darlington ECALN Wm Darlington
Abraham David freemen BIRMING Abraham David
Evan David CharlTown Evan David
Evan David Radnor Evan David
Evan David Uwchalan Evan David
Henry David Radnor Henry David
Hugh David Marple Hugh David
Hugh David (XXX after name) TREDYFIN Hugh David (XXX after Name)
Hugh David Whiteland Hugh David
James David CharlTown James David
James David TREDYFIN James David
James David sen. TREDYFIN James David sen.
James David Whiteland James David
John David BradF John David
John David CharlTown John David
John David Radnor John David
John David Radnor John David
John David TREDYFIN John David
John David Uwchalan John David
Lewis David NANT Lewis David
Llewellin David CharlTown Llewellin David
Morgan David Whiteland Morgan David
Phillip David Uwchalan Phillip David
Reece David CharlTown Reece David
Reece David NANT Reece David
Samuel David CharlTown Samuel David
Stephen David CharlTown Stephen David
Thos David CharlTown Thos David
Thos David TREDYFIN Thos David
Thos David Vincent Thos David
Thos. David Radnor Thos. David
Thos. David TREDYFIN Thos. David
Van David Uwchalan Van David
William David NANT William David
Wm David Vincent Wm David
Abram Davis BradF Abram Davis
Benj. Davis Darby Benj. Davis
David Davis GOSH David Davis
David Davis Uwchalan David Davis
David Davis Whiteland David Davis
Edward Davis ETOWN Edward Davis
Evan Davis Jr(?) Uwchalan Evan Davis Jr(?)
Gabriel Davis Radnor Gabriel Davis
Isaac Davis Marple Isaac Davis
Isaac Davis Thornbury Isaac Davis
Joan Davis HAVERF Joan Davis
John Davis ETOWN John Davis
John Davis Darby John Davis
John Davis Uwchalan John Davis
Joseph Davis Marple Joseph Davis
Lewis & Wm Davis Darby Lewis Davis
Patrick Davis UCHI Patrick Davis
Saniel Davis BradF Saniel Davis
Wm Davis
George Davison ENOT George Davison
John Davison ENOT John Davison
John Davison WCALN John Davison
John Davison Wmarlb John Davison
Patrick Davison WCALN Patrick Davison
John Dawson Wnot John Dawson
Richard Dawson WCALN Richard Dawson
Samll Dawson Wnot Samll Dawson
James Day EDgMONT James Day
John Day BIRMING John Day
John Day LonDGROVE John Day
Peter Deal Freemen Darby Peter Deal
Jeremiah Dean BradF Jeremiah Dean
John Dean Freemen Thornbury John Dean
Wm Dean BIRMING Wm Dean
Peter Deffen (Deffew?) Vincent Peter Deffen (Deffew?)
Matheis Dell Freemen SADSB Matheis Dell
Thos Dell RIDLEY Thos Dell
Walter Denny KENNET Walter Denny
Joseph Denom Freemen Uwchalan Joseph Denom
Peter Derickson LCHIC Peter Derickson
George Dickey SADSB George Dickey
Wm Dickey SADSB Wm Dickey
Nathan Dicks ENOT Nathan Dicks
Peter Dicks RIDLEY Peter Dicks
John Dicky Radnor John Dicky
Abraham Dilback Vincent Abraham Dilback
Isaac Dilback COVENT Isaac Dilback
Charles Dingee UCHI Charles Dingee
James Dobbings RIDLEY James Dobbings
Richd Doherdy Wnot Richd Doherdy
James Donells Wnot James Donells
Thos. Dotson Vincent Thos. Dotson
Wm Downard Ngard Wm Downard
George Draper Willistown George Draper
Anthony Driver Freemen Wnot Anthony Driver
Phillip Duglass LONBRIT Phillip Duglass
Andrew Duin WCALN Andrew Duin
Hugh Duin WCALN Hugh Duin
John Dunald LONBRIT John Dunald
Alexander Dunkin freemen BradF Alexander Dunkin
Richd. Dunkly COVENT Richd. Dunkly
Wm Dunn WCALN Wm Dunn
Thomas Durnall CONCORD Thomas Durnall
Edwd Dutton Bethel Edwd Dutton
Edwd Dutton UNK2 Edwd Dutton
John Dutton UCHI John Dutton
Thomas Dutton Aston Thomas Dutton
Thomas Dutton UNK1 Thomas Dutton


John Earl LonDGROVE John Earl
John Eaths GOSH John Eaths
David Ecoff BIRMING David Ecoff
John Edge Uprov John Edge
Thos Edmonds BradF Thos Edmonds
Samll. Edmondson freemen BradF Samll. Edmondson
Wm Edmondson Wnot Wm Edmondson
James Edwards Uprov James Edwards
John Edwards Mtown John Edwards
John Edwards jun Mtown John Edwards jun
John Edwards Uwchalan John Edwards
Jonathan Edwards Wnot Jonathan Edwards
Joseph Edwards CONCORD Joseph Edwards
Mary Edwards Uwchalan Mary Edwards
Owen Edwards LONBRIT Owen Edwards
Richard Edwards freemen LCHIC Richard Edwards
James Elderidg ECALN James Elderidg
Thomas Elderidg ECALN Thomas Elderidg
Jonathan Eleridg ECALN Jonathan Eleridg
Joseph Elgar Wnot Joseph Elgar
John Elliman Uwchalan John Elliman
Enoch Elliot Darby Enoch Elliot
John Elliot SADSB John Elliot
Peter Elliot ETOWN Peter Elliot
Evan Ellis ETOWN Evan Ellis
Everad Ellis Darby Everad Ellis
Humphry Ellis ETOWN Humphry Ellis
Humphry Ellis HAVERF Humphry Ellis
Jeremiah Ellis HAVERF Jeremiah Ellis
James Ellwood Willistown James Ellwood
John Elswick Wnot John Elswick
Abraham Emmit Nlond Abraham Emmit
Joseph England Wnot Joseph England
Frederick Engle Mtown Frederick Engle
Henry Ent COVENT Henry Ent
Wm Ermitt CONCORD Wm Ermitt
Edward Erwin ECALN Edward Erwin
Robt.Erwin ECALN Robt. Erwin
Wm Eryr UNK2 Wm Eryr
John Evan CharlTown John Evan
John Evan Vincent John Evan
Lewis Evan TREDYFIN Lewis Evan
Morgan Evan Uwchalan Morgan Evan
Thos. Evan GOSH Thos. Evan
Wm Evan TREDYFIN Wm Evan
John Evan(s), tanner Uwchalan John Evan(s), tanner
Caleb Evans Radnor Caleb Evans
David Evans COVENT David Evans
David Evans LONBRIT David Evans
David Evans Radnor David Evans
David Evans TREDYFIN David Evans
Evan Evans Radnor Evan Evans
Evan Evans Uwchalan Evan Evans
Griffith Evans NANT Griffith Evans
John Evans LONBRIT John Evans
John Evans Jun LONBRIT John Evans Jun
John Evans Willistown John Evans
Nichs. Evans TREDYFIN Nichs. Evans
Richard Evans Uwchalan Richard Evans
Richd. Evans ETOWN Richd. Evans
Samll. Evans LONBRIT Samll. Evans
Stephen Evans TREDYFIN Stephen Evans
Thos. Evans Freemen Radnor Thos. Evans
Thos.Evans Vincent Thos. Evans
Thos. Evans Whiteland Thos. Evans
Wm Evans Willistown Wm Evans
John Evans, Farmer Uwchalan John Evans, Farmer
Joseph Everson Thornbury Joseph Everson
Ralph Everson CONCORD Ralph Everson
Richd. Everson Thornbury Richd. Everson
James Eweing NPROV James Eweing
Wm Eweing NPROV Wm Eweing
John Ewing Freemen LONBRIT John Ewing
Wm Eyre Bethel Wm Eyre
Phillip Fabian (Habian?) Vincent Phillip Fabian (Habian?)
Catherine Fairlamb Mtown Catherine Fairlamb
Thos Falke Mtown Thos Falke
Richd Farr EDgMONT Richd Farr
Wm Farr CONCORD Wm Farr
Thomas Farrel WCALN Thomas Farrel
Wm Farrel WCALN Wm Farrel
Cenedy Farris WCALN Cenedy Farris
Stephen Faulk KENNET Stephen Faulk
John Fawks Wtown John Fawks
Edward Fell Freemen Spring Edward Fell
Thos. Fell Spring Thos. Fell
Francis Feris ECALN Francis Feris
Josiah Fern Darby Josiah Fern
Danll. Few KENNET Danll. Few
Isaac Few Freemen EMARLB Isaac Few
James Few KENNET James Few
Richd. Few Bethel Richd. Few
Richd. Few UNK2 Richd. Few
Wm Field ENOT Wm Field
John Filsell Wmarlb John Filsell
Jonathan Fincher LonDGROVE Jonathan Fincher
David Finlow Darby David Finlow
Charles Finly LONBRIT Charles Finly
Samll Finly Wnot Samll Finly
Lazarus Finney Nlond Lazarus Finney
Robt Finney Nlond Robt Finney
Wm Finney Nlond Wm Finney
John Fisher LonDGROVE John Fisher
Thos. Fisher KENNET Thos. Fisher
Henry Fizachary Chester Henry Fizachary
James Fleming ECALN James Fleming
Mary Fleming ECALN Mary Fleming
Robt Fleming FALLOW Robt Fleming
Wm Fleming SADSB Wm Fleming
Richd. Fletcher KENNET Richd. Fletcher
Edwd. Flower Freemen KENNET Edwd. Flower
John Flower LCHIC John Flower
Richd Flower LonDGROVE Richd Flower
George Forbes UCHI George Forbes
Francis Foster LonDGROVE Francis Foster
Wm Francis ENOT Wm Francis
Alexander Frazer KENNET Alexander Frazer
Nicholas Fred BIRMING Nicholas Fred
Benj. Fredd Ngard Benj. Fredd
Gabriel Friend RIDLEY Gabriel Friend
Joseph Fue freemen BradF Joseph Fue
Hugh Fulton Wnot Hugh Fulton
James Fulton Wnot James Fulton


Hance Garrer COVENT Hance Garrer
George Garret Whiteland George Garret
John Garret KENNET John Garret
Joseph Garret GOSH Joseph Garret
Mary Garret Darby Mary Garret
Samll. Garret Darby Samll. Garret
Wm Garret Wnot Wm Garret
Wm Garret Willistown Wm Garret
John Garton Bethel John Garton
John Garton UNK2 John Garton
Charles Gatlive Uwchalan Charles Gatlive
John Gelaspy Nlond John Gelaspy
Samll. Gelston Nlond Samll. Gelston
George George Radnor George George
Richard George ETOWN Richard George
Thos. George KENNET Thos. George
Henry Gest CONCORD Henry Gest
Elisha Getchell ENOT Elisha Getchell
Mark Gethon Vincent Mark Gethon
David Gibbe CharlTown David Gibbe
James Gibbons Newt James Gibbons
James Gibbons Wtown James Gibbons
John Gibbons Bethel John Gibbons
Alexander Gibson SADSB Alexander Gibson
John Gibson KENNET John Gibson
John Gibsons UNK2 John Gibsons
Thomas Giffing Chester Thomas Giffing
Robert Gihon Freemen Bethel Robert Gihon
Robert Gihon freemen UNK2 Robert Gihon
Thomas Gihon Freemen Bethel Thomas Gihon
Thomas Gihon freemen UNK2 Thomas Gihon
Walter Gilkey SADSB Walter Gilkey
Samll. Gilmor SADSB Samll. Gilmor
Joseph Gilpin BIRMING Joseph Gilpin
Joseph Gilpin jun BIRMING Joseph Gilpin jun
Samll. Gilpin CONCORD Samll. Gilpin
John Gleaves Spring John Gleaves
John Gleman Uwchalan John Gleman
John Glen ENOT John Glen
Thomas Glifson freemen BradF Thomas Glifson
Thos Godfry TREDYFIN Thos Godfry
Edward Goff Uwchalan Edward Goff
John Goodwin Wtown John Goodwin
Thos. Goodwin jun EDgMONT Thos. Goodwin jun
John Gore CONCORD John Gore
Charles Goss ENOT Charles Goss
Wm Gossig Chester Wm Gossig
Christopher Graham Bethel Christopher Graham
Christopher Graham UNK2 Christopher Graham
James Graham Freemen LonDGROVE James Graham
John Graham Bethel John Graham
John Graham UNK2 John Graham
John Grant RIDLEY John Grant
John Gray LONBRIT John Gray
Widdow Gray LONBRIT Widdow Gray
John Gready Wmarlb John Gready
Arthur Greaham NANT Arthur Greaham
Edwd. Green Freemen EDgMONT Edwd. Green
Robt. Green BIRMING Robt. Green
Thomas Green ECALN Thomas Green
Thos. Green ETOWN Thos. Green
David Gregg ENOT David Gregg
Thos Gregg KENNET Thos Gregg
Edmond Gregory WCALN Edmond Gregory
John Grey Darby John Grey
Joseph Grey Freemen GOSH Joseph Grey
Samll. Grey Chester Samll. Grey
John Griffe freemen BIRMING John Griffe
Benony Griffith Willistown Benony Griffith
Evan Griffith TREDYFIN Evan Griffith
John Griffith Wtown John Griffith
Morris Griffith Willistown Morris Griffith
William Griffith UNK1 William Griffith
Wm Griffith EDgMONT Wm Griffith
Harry Griffith(s) Vincent Harry Griffith(s)
Griffith Griffiths Willistown Griffith Griffiths
Joseph Griffiths LCHIC Joseph Griffiths
William Griffiths Aston William Griffiths
David Griffitn CharlTown David Griffitn
George Grift UCHI George Grift
Jacob Grift UCHI Jacob Grift
Francis Grimes freemen UCHI Francis Grimes
James Grimes Freemen SADSB James Grimes
Robt Grimes Freemen EDgMONT Robt Grimes
Richd. Grimson SADSB Richd. Grimson
Wm Grimson SADSB Wm Grimson
Edwd. Grissell EDgMONT Edwd. Grissell
John Grist Bethel John Grist
John Grist UNK2 John Grist
Cristian Grove COVENT Cristian Grove
Henry Grub Mtown Henry Grub
Nata. Grubb Willistown Nata. Grubb
Samll. Grubb BradF Samll. Grubb
Owen Gwin Vincent Owen Gwin
John H..ford Aston John H..ford
Joseph Haild Freemen KENNET Joseph Haild
Isaac Hains GOSH Isaac Hains
Jacob Hains Wnot Jacob Hains
John Hains GOSH John Hains
Joseph Hains Wnot Joseph Hains
John Hall Spring John Hall
Samll. Hall KENNET Samll. Hall
Samll. Hall Spring Samll. Hall
Thos Hall RIDLEY Thos Hall
Thos. Hall CONCORD Thos. Hall
Thos. Hall Darby Thos. Hall
Wm Hall Willistown Wm Hall
John Hallowell Darby John Hallowell
Archbold Hamleton ENOT Archbold Hamleton
Joseph Hamleton Freemen CONCORD Joseph Hamleton
Patrick Hamleton LONBRIT Patrick Hamleton
Wm Hamleton Wmarlb Wm Hamleton
Wm Hammons Uprov Wm Hammons
Benjamin Hampton Freemen EDgMONT Benjamin Hampton
Simeon Hampton EDgMONT Simeon Hampton
John Hanam CONCORD John Hanam
Wm Handly Wnot Wm Handly
Cutford Hank CONCORD Cutford Hank
Robt. Hannam BIRMING Robt. Hannam
James Hansword CONCORD James Hansword
Joseph Hargrove Freemen Darby Joseph Hargrove
Ezekiel Harlan KENNET Ezekiel Harlan
Ezekiel Harlan Wmarlb Ezekiel Harlan
Michll. Harlan LonDGROVE Michll. Harlan
Solomon Harlan LonDGROVE Solomon Harlan
Stephen Harlan BradF Stephen Harlan
Wm Harlan Wmarlb Wm Harlan
Aaron Harland KENNET Aaron Harland
James Harland NANT James Harland
Joshua Harland KENNET Joshua Harland
Moses Harland LonDGROVE Moses Harland
Thos Harland KENNET Thos Harland
Francis Harper EMARLB Francis Harper
Wm Harper Wmarlb Wm Harper
Henry Harris Radnor Henry Harris
John Harris Radnor John Harris
John Harris Wnot John Harris
Samll. Harris Radnor Samll. Harris
Samll. Harris Wnot Samll. Harris
Wm Harris Wnot Wm Harris
Caleb Harrison Mtown Caleb Harrison
Wm Harrison ECALN Wm Harrison
David Harry LONBRIT David Harry
Eliza: Harry KENNET Eliza: Harry
Hugh Harry KENNET Hugh Harry
John Harry Freemen HAVERF John Harry
John Harry Freemen KENNET John Harry
Thos. Harry LONBRIT Thos. Harry
Wm Harry KENNET Wm Harry
Josiah Harvey Mtown Josiah Harvey
>Joseph Harvy RIDLEY >Joseph Harvy
Job Harvy Darby Job Harvy
John Harvy KENNET John Harvy
Joseph Harvy Darby Joseph Harvy
Wm Harvy KENNET Wm Harvy
Wm Haslet ECALN Wm Haslet
David Hastings FALLOW David Hastings
David Hastings jun FALLOW David Hastings jun
Henry Hastings BradF Henry Hastings
Peter Hastings ENOT Peter Hastings
Peter Hatton CONCORD Peter Hatton
John Havord HAVERF John Havord
Joseph Hawly Freemen Wtown Joseph Hawly
Jonathan Haycock Marple Jonathan Haycock
Andrew Haydon freemen BIRMING Andrew Haydon
Henry Hays EMARLB Henry Hays
Jarum Hays Mtown Jarum Hays
Joseph Hays EMARLB Joseph Hays
Joseph Hays HAVERF Joseph Hays
Richd Hays EMARLB Richd Hays
Richd. Hays HAVERF Richd. Hays
Thos Hays EMARLB Thos Hays
Wm Hays EMARLB Wm Hays
Thomas Hayward Chester Thomas Hayward
Robert Haywood UCHI Robert Haywood
John Heald KENNET John Heald
Thomas Heald ECALN Thomas Heald
Thomas Heald Uwchalan Thomas Heald
Thos Heald KENNET Thos Heald
Charles Hedge ENOT Charles Hedge
Joseph Helsby Uwchalan Joseph Helsby
Ralph Helsby Uwchalan Ralph Helsby
Danll. Henderson SADSB Danll. Henderson
David Henderson ENOT David Henderson
John Henderson SADSB John Henderson
Robt. Henderson Freemen EDgMONT Robt. Henderson
Tobias Hendricks freemen LCHIC Tobias Hendricks
John Hendrickson RIDLEY John Hendrickson
Katherine Hendrickson RIDLEY Katherine Hendrickson
James henry SADSB James henry
John Henry WCALN John Henry
Robt HEnry SADSB Robt HEnry
Joseph Hibbard Darby Joseph Hibbard
John Hibbert COVENT John Hibbert
Josiah Hibbert Darby Josiah Hibbert
John Hibert Willistown John Hibert
Benjamin Hickman Newt Benjamin Hickman
Benjamin Hickman Wtown Benjamin Hickman
Francis Hickman Freemen Thornbury Francis Hickman
John Hickman Freemen Newt John Hickman
John Hickman Wtown John Hickman
Christopher Hicks Freemen GOSH Christopher Hicks
Wm Hide KENNET Wm Hide
Wm Hill Mtown Wm Hill
Nicholas Hindshaw Wnot Nicholas Hindshaw
James Hines Chester James Hines
Francis Hobson Ngard Francis Hobson
Henry Hockly NANT Henry Hockly
George Hodgson LonDGROVE George Hodgson
Peter Hoflin COVENT Peter Hoflin
John Hogg ENOT John Hogg
Wm Hogg jun ENOT Wm Hogg jun
Micha. Holdeman COVENT Micha. Holdeman
Charles Holdman KENNET Charles Holdman
Wm Holliday Ngard Wm Holliday
Enoch Hollingsworth KENNET Enoch Hollingsworth
Joseph Hollingsworth KENNET Joseph Hollingsworth
Saml. Hollingsworth BIRMING Saml. Hollingsworth
Valentine Hollingsworth KENNET Valentine Hollingsworth
John Hollond GOSH John Hollond
Samll. Hollowell COVENT Samll. Hollowell
John Holsten EDgMONT John Holsten
John Holton EMARLB John Holton
Samll. Hood Darby Samll. Hood
Danll. Hoop Newt Danll. Hoop
Danll. Hoop Wtown Danll. Hoop
Nicholas Hooper Wmarlb Nicholas Hooper
John Hope KENNET John Hope
Robt. Hore KENNET Robt. Hore
Wm Horn KENNET Wm Horn
Ruth Hoskins Chester Ruth Hoskins
Stephen Hoskins Chester Stephen Hoskins
Thos Hosly Freemen SADSB Thos Hosly
John house BIRMING John house
James Houson BIRMING James Houson
Henry Howard EDgMONT Henry Howard
John Howard Freemen Mtown John Howard
Charles Howel Marple Charles Howel
Howel Howel Wtown Howel Howel
Jacob Howel Chester Jacob Howel
Reece Howel Wtown Reece Howel
David Howell Whiteland David Howell
Evan Howell EDgMONT Evan Howell
John Howell NANT John Howell
Mandlin Howell Whiteland Mandlin Howell
Morris Howell LONBRIT Morris Howell
Thomas Howell LCHIC Thomas Howell
Thos Howell Uwchalan Thos Howell
Thos. Hubbart TREDYFIN Thos. Hubbart
Robt. Huey ECALN Robt. Huey
Wm Huey Newt Wm Huey
Wm Huey Wtown Wm Huey
Richd. Huff WCALN Richd. Huff
Cadwallader Hugh CharlTown Cadwallader Hugh
Caleb Hugh HAVERF Caleb Hugh
Morgan Hugh Willistown Morgan Hugh
Samll. Hugh Freemen HAVERF Samll. Hugh
Benjamin Hughs ETOWN Benjamin Hughs
Evan Hughs ETOWN Evan Hughs
Owen Hughs ETOWN Owen Hughs
Thos. Hughs ENOT Thos. Hughs
Wm Hughs LCHIC Wm Hughs
Alexen. Huin ENOT Alexen. Huin
John Huin ENOT John Huin
Wm Huin ENOT Wm Huin
Benj. Humphry HAVERF Benj. Humphry
Danll. Humphry HAVERF Danll. Humphry
David Humphry CharlTown David Humphry
Morgan Humphry CharlTown Morgan Humphry
Samll. Humphry HAVERF Samll. Humphry
Katherine Humphrys Vincent Katherine Humphrys
Joseph Hunt Freemen Wtown Joseph Hunt
Joseph Hunt Newt Joseph Hunt
Wm Hunt Wnot Wm Hunt
Alexander Hunter Mtown Alexander Hunter
Esther Hunter Mtown Esther Hunter
George Hunter Whiteland George Hunter
John Hunter Wtown John Hunter
John Hunter Whiteland John Hunter
Jonathan Hunter EDgMONT Jonathan Hunter
John Huse Mtown John Huse
Jonathan Huse Freemen LonDGROVE Jonathan Huse
John Hutton Ngard John Hutton
Joseph Hutton Ngard Joseph Hutton


John Iddings NANT John Iddings
Richd. Iddings Wtown Richd. Iddings
Wm Iddings NANT Wm Iddings
Richd. Ireson Chester Richd. Ireson
Elinor Jack SADSB Elinor Jack
Samll. jack SADSB Samll. jack
Ephraim Jackson jun Freemen EDgMONT Ephraim Jackson jun
Ephraim Jackson EDgMONT Ephraim Jackson
Isaac Jackson EMARLB Isaac Jackson
Isaac Jackson LonDGROVE Isaac Jackson
John Jackson Aston John Jackson
John Jackson EMARLB John Jackson
John Jackson UNK1 John Jackson
Joseph Jackson LonDGROVE Joseph Jackson
Robt.(Robard?) Jackson Uwchalan Robt.(Robard?) Jackson
Samll. Jackson EMARLB Samll. Jackson
Samll. Jackson ENOT Samll. Jackson
Thos Jackson EMARLB Thos Jackson
Aaron James Newt Aaron James
Aaron James Wtown Aaron James
Danll. James Willistown Danll. James
David James Radnor David James
Geo James Freemen TREDYFIN Geo James
Isaac James Freemen HAVERF Isaac James
James James esq. LONBRIT James James esq.
John James LONBRIT John James
John James Vincent John James
Joseph James Spring Joseph James
Joseph James Willistown Joseph James
Mordecai James GOSH Mordecai James
Morgan James Wtown Morgan James
Tho. James Willistown Tho. James
Thos James TREDYFIN Thos James
Thos. James HAVERF Thos. James
Thos. James Whiteland Thos. James
Wm James Vincent Wm James
John Jarmon Radnor John Jarmon
John Jarmon (Jerman ?) Uwchalan John Jarmon (Jerman ?)
Lewis Jarmon LONBRIT Lewis Jarmon
Thos Jarmon TREDYFIN Thos Jarmon
Samll. Jeckson LONBRIT Samll. Jeckson
James Jefferys Freemen EDgMONT James Jefferys
James Jefferys BradF James Jefferys
Robt Jefferys BradF Robt Jefferys
Robt.Jefferys jn BradF Robt. Jefferys jn
Wm Jefferys Chester Wm Jefferys
David Jenkin Uwchalan David Jenkin
David Jenkin Whiteland David Jenkin
Griffith Jenkin TREDYFIN Griffith Jenkin
John Evan Jenkin CharlTown John Evan Jenkin
Evan Jenkin(s) Uwchalan Evan Jenkin(s)
Jenkin Jenkins TREDYFIN Jenkin Jenkins
John Jenkins ECALN John Jenkins
Thos Jenkins LONBRIT Thos Jenkins
Walter Jess Marple Walter Jess
Eliza. Job ENOT Eliza. Job widow of Andrew Job
Enoch Job ENOT Enoch Job
Jacob Job ENOT Jacob Job
Thomas Job ENOT Thos. Job
David John CharlTown David John
David John CharlTown David John
David John LONBRIT David John
Griffith John TREDYFIN Griffith John
Griffith John Uwchalan Griffith John
James John CharlTown James John
James John Uwchalan James John
Owen John Uwchalan Owen John
Phillip John CharlTown Phillip John
Reece John CharlTown Reece John
Samll. John Uwchalan Samll. John
Thos. John CharlTown Thos. John
Thos. John Uwchalan Thos. John
Wm. John Uwchalan Wm. John
Lewis Johns Uwchalan Lewis Johns
Abraham Johnson CONCORD Abraham Johnson
Humphry Johnson Chester Humphry Johnson
James Johnson NPROV James Johnson
John Johnson Uprov John Johnson
Joshua Johnson LonDGROVE Joshua Johnson
Obediah Johnson CONCORD Obediah Johnson
Robt Johnson EMARLB Robt Johnson
Robt Johnson Ngard Robt Johnson
Tertulin Johnson Freemen SADSB Tertulin Johnson
Wm Johnson Wnot Wm Johnson
David Jones ECALN David Jones
David Jones Radnor David Jones
David Jones TREDYFIN David Jones
David Jones Willistown David Jones
Edwd. Jones Radnor Edwd. Jones
Emanuel Jones CharlTown Emanuel Jones
Evan Jones Freemen Radnor Evan Jones
Jacob Jones Wtown Jacob Jones
John Jones Freemen SADSB John Jones
John Jones CharlTown John Jones
John Jones LONBRIT John Jones
John Jones Uwchalan John Jones
Wtown John Jones
Joseph Jones Radnor Joseph Jones
Nicholas Jones FALLOW Nicholas Jones
Peter Jones Uprov Peter Jones
Reece Jones Freemen GOSH Reece Jones
Reece (Rees?) Jones Uwchalan Reece (Rees?) Jones
Richd Jones GOSH Richd Jones
Thos. Jones NANT Thos. Jones
Wm Jones  CharlTown Wm Jones 
Wm Kainsborough KENNET Wm Kainsborough
Thos. Kendall Spring Thos. Kendall
Mathias Kerlin CONCORD Mathias Kerlin
Moses Key Aston Moses Key
Moses Key UNK1 Moses Key
David Kidwallader Vincent David Kidwallader
Jonas Kiler CONCORD Jonas Kiler
Edwd. Kinnison Whiteland Edwd. Kinnison
Jacob Kirk ENOT Jacob Kirk
Joseph Kirk Darby Joseph Kirk
Rodger Kirk Jun Wnot Rodger Kirk Jun
Rodger Kirk Wnot Rodger Kirk
Wm Kirk Darby Wm Kirk
Wm Kirk Wnot Wm Kirk
Hugh Kirkpatrick Wnot Hugh Kirkpatrick
John Kirkpatrick Wnot John Kirkpatrick
Thos. Kirkpatrick EMARLB Thos. Kirkpatrick
James Kite Freemen CONCORD James Kite
Richd. Kits Freemen Wmarlb Richd. Kits
John L......... Bethel John L.........
Samll. Laish (Laifh?) Vincent Samll. Laish (Laifh?)
John Laisher Vincent John Laisher
Joseph Laisher Vincent Joseph Laisher
Robt Lambourn LonDGROVE Robt Lambourn
Jacob Lamply LCHIC Jacob Lamply
Nathll. Lamply LCHIC Nathll. Lamply
Wm Lang Freemen EDgMONT Wm Lang
Thos Lark COVENT Thos Lark
John Larkin LCHIC John Larkin
John Law Uprov John Law
Henry Lawrance HAVERF Henry Lawrance
Mary Lawrance Mtown Mary Lawrance
Tho. Lawrance HAVERF Tho. Lawrance
Wm Lawson ECALN Wm Lawson
Isaac Lea Darby Isaac Lea
John Lea freemen Chester John Lea
Josa. Lea Freemen Darby Josa. Lea
Edwd. Leet EMARLB Edwd. Leet
Andrew Letham Wmarlb Andrew Letham
Samll. Levis Spring Samll. Levis
Samll. Levis jun Spring Samll. Levis jun
Wm Levis KENNET Wm Levis
David Lewelin HAVERF David Lewelin
Thos. Lewellin Whiteland Thos. Lewellin
Abraham Lewis Darby Abraham Lewis
Ellis Lewis KENNET Ellis Lewis
Evan Lewis WCALN Evan Lewis
Evan Lewis Wtown Evan Lewis
George Lewis CharlTown George Lewis
George Lewis Spring George Lewis
Griffith Lewis Whiteland Griffith Lewis
Henry Lewis HAVERF Henry Lewis
Henry Lewis Wtown Henry Lewis
Jenkin Lewis Radnor Jenkin Lewis
Jenkin Lewis TREDYFIN Jenkin Lewis
Jenkin Lewis Willistown Jenkin Lewis
John Lewis HAVERF John Lewis
John Lewis Radnor John Lewis
Joseph Lewis HAVERF Joseph Lewis
Lewis Lewis Wtown Lewis Lewis
Mandlin Lewis Whiteland Mandlin Lewis
Phineas Lewis ECALN Phineas Lewis
Rice Lewis freemen CharlTown Rice Lewis
Samll. Lewis EDgMONT Samll. Lewis
Samll. Lewis HAVERF Samll. Lewis
Stephen Lewis CharlTown Stephen Lewis
Thomas Lewis Radnor Thomas Lewis
Thos Lewis Darby Thos Lewis
Thos. Lewis Willistown Thos. Lewis
Wm Lewis HAVERF Wm Lewis
Wm Lewis Wtown Wm Lewis
John Lewis  CharlTown John Lewis 
Margt. Lightfoot Darby Margt. Lightfoot
Michll. Lightfoot Ngard Michll. Lightfoot
Samll. Lightfoot Chester Samll. Lightfoot
Abraham Lincoln Spring Abraham Lincon
Wm Lindley UNK2 Wm Lindley
Elinor Lindly LonDGROVE Elinor Lindly
Wm. Lindsey Bethel Wm. Lindsey
Thos. Linville UCHI Thos. Linvill
John Little ENOT John Little
Wm Littler WCALN Wm Littler
David Lloyd Chester David Lloyd
Benjamin Lobb Darby Benjamin Lobb
Jacob Locart ECALN Jacob Locart
James Logan Nlond James Logan
Thos London Darby Thos London
Frederick Long COVENT Frederick Long
Robt Long ENOT Robt Long
Wm Long (XXX after name) Freemen TREDYFIN Wm Long (XXX after Name)
Wolerick Longacker COVENT Wolerick Longacker
Wm Lord Freemen KENNET Wm Lord
John Loughrig Freemen ENOT John Loughrig
John Love Chester John Love
Humphry Loyd Uwchalan Humphry Loyd
Thos. Loyd Vincent Thos. Loyd
John Lumbert freemen BradF John Lumbert
Andrew Lynn Aston Andrew Lynn
Andrew Lynn UNK1 Andrew Lynn
Charles Lynn Uprov Charles Lynn
Hugh Lynn UNK1 Hugh Lynn


James Macks NANT James Macks
Robt Maconey Freemen RIDLEY Robt Maconey
Mordecai Maddock Spring Mordecai Maddock
James Maginly KENNET James Maginly
Finly Magrew Freemen LonDGROVE Finly Magrew
John Magrew Freemen LonDGROVE John Magrew
Hugh Mahafy ENOT Hugh Mahafy
John Mandlen RIDLEY John Mandlen
George Maris Spring George Maris
George Maris jun Spring George Maris jun
John Maris Spring John Maris
Jonathan Maris Spring Jonathan Maris
Richd Maris Spring Richd Maris
Staffer(Styfler?) Marling Vincent Staffer(Styfler?) Marling
Wm Marsh SADSB Wm Marsh
Abraham Marshall BradF Abraham Marshall
John Marshall BradF John Marshall
John Marshall Darby John Marshall
Samll. Marshall freemen BradF Samll. Marshall
Thos. Marshall CONCORD Thos. Marshall
Alexander Martin ENOT Alexander Martin
George Martin BradF George Martin
Jacob Martin FALLOW Jacob Martin
Jeffery Martin BradF Jeffery Martin
John Martin Vincent John Martin
Lewis Martin CharlTown Lewis Martin
Mathias Martin CharlTown Mathias Martin
Moses Martin Aston Moses Martin
Moses Martin UNK1 Moses Martin
Richd. Martin WCALN Richd. Martin
Tho. Martin TREDYFIN Tho. Martin
Thos Martin Mtown Thos Martin
Cristian Mary CharlTown Cristian Mary
Robert Mason Bethel Robert Mason
Mason Freemen Uprov Mason
Thos. Massey Willistown Thos. Massey
James Massy Willistown James Massy
Mordecai Massy Marple Mordecai Massy
James Mather Chester James Mather
John Mather Chester John Mather
David Mathias CharlTown David Mathias
Evan Mathias freemen CharlTown Evan Mathias
Joseph Matlock GOSH Joseph Matlock
James McCain Nlond James McCain
Mathew McCalle BIRMING Mathew McCalle
Arthur McCanis Freemen EDgMONT Arthur McCanis
Elijah Mc Clanahan Nlond Elijah McClanahan
John McClanahan Nlond John McClanahan
Danll. McClelan ENOT Danll. McClelan
Robt McCleland Mtown Robt McCleland
Wm McComes Uprov Wm McComes
James McConlis Nlond James McConlis
Robt. McCoy BIRMING Robt. McCoy
John McCrackan Nlond John McCrackan
Thos Mc Cublam Freemen SADSB Thos McCublam
John McDermot ECALN John McDermot
Archbold McDooel SADSB Archbold McDooel
Edwd. Mcfarlon Wmarlb Edwd. Mcfarlon
James Mcfarlon Wmarlb James Mcfarlon
Danll. McFarson KENNET Danll. McFarson
James McFarson Darby James McFarson
James McGoskin Uprov James McGoskin
Robt Mcgrew ENOT Robt Mcgrew
Michll. Mcguire freemen BradF Michll. Mcguire
Danll McKeel LONBRIT Danll McKeel
Samll. McKenly ECALN Samll. McKenly
Robt McLacy ENOT Robt McLacy
Jams. & Wm. McMath BradF Jams. McMath
Wm McMath
Robt McMullin Wtown Robt McMullin
Alexander McNaught WCALN Alexander McNaught
Hugh McNaught WCALN Hugh McNaught
John McNaught WCALN John McNaught
Wm McNaught WCALN Wm McNaught
Wm McNaught WCALN Wm McNaught
Danll. McNots CONCORD Danll. McNots
Patrick McPeak Wnot Patrick McPeak
Robt Meanard Freemen Aston Robt Meanard
Robt. Meanard freemen UNK1 Robt. Meanard
Francis Mecheen EDgMONT Francis Mecheen
Isaac Melin Whiteland Isaac Melin
Isaac Melin Whiteland Isaac Melin
Susannah Melin Uprov Susannah Melin
Thomas Melin Willistown Thomas Melin
Aaron Mendenhall ECALN Aaron Mendenhall
Benja. Mendenhall jun CONCORD Benja. Mendenhall jun
Benjamin Mendenhall CONCORD Benjamin Mendenhall
Geo: Mendenhall freemen BradF Geo: Mendenhall
John Mendenhall ECALN John Mendenhall
Joseph Mendenhall KENNET Joseph Mendenhall
Moses Mendenhall KENNET Moses Mendenhall
David Meredith Radnor David Meredith
David Meredith Whiteland David Meredith
John Meredith Vincent John Meredith
Simeon Merediths NANT Simeon Merediths
Joseph Messar EMARLB Joseph Messar
Tho. Messar Newt Tho. Messar
Tho. Messar Wtown Tho. Messar
Widdow Messar Nlond Widdow Messar
Joseph Micklin CONCORD Joseph Micklin
George Middleton freemen BIRMING George Middleton
James Miles Uwchalan James Miles
Richd. Miles Radnor Richd. Miles
John Milison GOSH John Milison
Thomas Millard COVENT Thomas Millard
Thos. Millard jun COVENT Thos. Millard jun
Andrew Miller UNK1 Andrew Miller
Conrad Miller COVENT Conrad Miller
Gaion Miller KENNET Gaion Miller
George Miller Freemen FALLOW George Miller
Henry Miller Uprov Henry Miller
Hugh Miller ETOWN Hugh Miller
Hugh Miller Nlond Hugh Miller
James Miller KENNET James Miller
James Miller Ngard James Miller
James Miller Jun Ngard James Miller Jun
Robt. Miller ECALN Robt. Miller
Samll. Miller SADSB Samll. Miller
Wm Miller ETOWN Wm Miller
Wm Miller Mtown Wm Miller
Wm Miller Ngard Wm Miller
Wm Miller mill Ngard Wm Miller mill
Thos. Millhouse Ngard Thos. Millhouse
Robt Mills KENNET Robt Mills
Edwd. Millson CONCORD Edwd. Millson
James Milner CONCORD James Milner
Thos Minor Ngard Thos Minor
Isaac Minshall NPROV Isaac Minshall
Jacob Minshall Mtown Jacob Minshall
John Minshall SADSB John Minshall
Robt Mirick ECALN Robt Mirick
Danll. Mitchell Freemen Thornbury Danll. Mitchell
Wm Mitchell SADSB Wm Mitchell
Patrick Mongomery FALLOW Patrick Mongomery
Widdow Mongomery Nlond Widdow Mongomery
Nail Moony SADSB Nail Moony
Andrew Moor SADSB Andrew Moor
Benjamin Moor WCALN Benjamin Moor
Guyan Moor ECALN Guyan Moor
John Moor CONCORD John Moor
John Moor Radnor John Moor
John Moor Thornbury John Moor
John Moor Wnot John Moor
Richard Moor BradF Richard Moor
Robt. Moor FALLOW Robt. Moor
Samll. Moor NANT Samll. Moor
Thomas Moor ECALN Thomas Moor
Thomas Moor LCHIC Thomas Moor
Thos. Moor Marple Thos. Moor
Widdow Moor Nlond Widdow Moor
William Moor CharlTown William Moor
Wm Moor Freemen Wnot Wm Moor
Autho: Morgan Darby Autho: Morgan
Evan Morgan Chester Evan Morgan
John Morgan freemen ECALN John Morgan
John Morgan Freemen ENOT John Morgan
John Morgan jun Radnor John Morgan jun
John Morgan Uprov John Morgan
John Morgan Uwchalan John Morgan
Lewis Morgan LONBRIT Lewis Morgan
Thomas Morgan Chester Thomas Morgan
Thos. Morgan LONBRIT Thos. Morgan
Widdow Morgan ENOT Widdow Morgan
Jonathan Morris Marple Jonathan Morris
Mordecai Morris Marple Mordecai Morris
Samll. Morris Vincent Samll. Morris
Thos Morris LONBRIT Thos Morris
Thos Morris Whiteland Thos Morris
Wm Morris Willistown Wm Morris
Gayen Morrison Freemen ENOT Gayen Morrison
John Morrison Nlond John Morrison
Thomas Morrison Freemen Newt Thomas Morrison
Thomas Morrison Wtown Thomas Morrison
David Mortison Darby David Mortison
Andrew Morton jun RIDLEY Andrew Morton jun
Andrew Morton RIDLEY Andrew Morton
Arasmus Morton Chester Arasmus Morton
Margt. Morton RIDLEY Margt. Morton
Mathias Morton RIDLEY Mathias Morton
Benj. Moulder LCHIC Benj. Moulder
Wm Mullin Chester Wm Mullin
Henry Munday Chester Henry Munday
Jonathan Munrow CONCORD Jonathan Munrow
Wm Musgrove RIDLEY Wm Musgrove
Otter Natsilas Darby Otter Natsilas
Deborah Nayl Thornbury Deborah Nayl
Henry Nealy KENNET Henry Nealy
James Nelson Wnot James Nelson
conrod Nethermark Darby conrod Nethermark
John Newborough BradF John Newborough
John Newlin CONCORD John Newlin
Nathll. Newlin CONCORD Nathll. Newlin
Nicholas Newlin CONCORD Nicholas Newlin
John Nicholas KENNET John Nicholas
Owen Nicholas Freemen Radnor Owen Nicholas
Edwd. Nichols NANT Edwd. Nichols
Edwd. Nichols Vincent Edwd. Nichols
Wm Nichols WCALN Wm Nichols
Wm Nipper COVENT Wm Nipper
John (N or M)oblet Wtown John Noblet or Moblet
Wm Nooks Mtown Wm Nooks
Danll. Nowdle CharlTown Danll. Nowdle
Samuell Nutt The forge land COVENT Samuell Nutt The Forge land
Wm Nutt Wnot Wm Nutt
Henry Oborn CONCORD Henry Oborn
Wm Oborn CONCORD Wm Oborn
John Ocker CONCORD John Ocker
Samll. Ogdon Spring Samll. Ogdon
Stephen Ogdon Freemen EDgMONT Stephen Ogdon
James Ogleby ENOT James Ogleby
Edwd. Oldam ENOT Edwd. Oldam
Robt. Oldam ENOT Robt. Oldam
Thomas Oldam ENOT Thomas Oldam
Thos. Oldman ENOT Thos. Oldman
John Oliver Chester John Oliver
John Onner COVENT John Onner
Martin Onner COVENT Martin Onner
John Orchar RIDLEY John Orchar
Thomas Ormond BIRMING Thomas Ormond
Wm Orson ECALN Wm Orson
Hugh Ottway Wnot Hugh Ottway
Christopher Otty TREDYFIN Christopher Otty
Phillip Otty Mtown Phillip Otty
Jacob Overhold COVENT Jacob Overhold
Henry Overholt COVENT Henry Overholt
John Owen Chester John Owen
Nicholas Owen Freemen Radnor Nicholas Owen
Samll. Owen Whiteland Samll. Owen
Wm Owen Marple Wm Owen


John Packer freemen BIRMING John Packer
Samll. Painter BIRMING Samll. Painter
Josiah Pair Wnot Josiah Pair
Peter Pall COVENT Peter Pall
John Palmer CONCORD John Palmer
John Palmer CONCORD John Palmer
Joseph Park FALLOW Joseph Park
Abel Parke ECALN Abel Parke
Arthur Parke FALLOW Arthur Parke
John Parke FALLOW John Parke
Robt Parke ECALN Robt Parke
Thomas Parke ECALN Thomas Parke
Hu?? Parker COVENT Hu?? Parker
John Parker Freemen WMARLB John Parker
Joseph Parker Chester Joseph Parker
Richd. Parker Darby Richd. Parker
Joshua Parkins Mtown Joshua Parkins
Richd Parks GOSH Richd Parks
John Parry HAVERF John Parry
John Parry TREDYFIN John Parry
Lewellin Parry ECALN Lewellin Parry
Danll. Parsons KENNET Danll. Parsons
Henry Parsons Wnot Henry Parsons
Edwd Partridge freemen BIRMING Edwd Partridge
Francis Parvin Freemen Ngard Francis Parvin
John Paschall Darby John Paschall
Wm Paschall Whiteland Wm Paschall
John Pasmore KENNET John Pasmore
John Pasmore Wmarlb John Pasmore
Wm Pasmore KENNET Wm Pasmore
Wm Patten Wmarlb Wm Patten
Ele(?)and Patterson Freemen Mtown Ele(?)and Patterson
James Patterson Wnot James Patterson
John Patterson Uprov John Patterson
Thos. Patteson Darby Thos. Patteson
Robt Patton ENOT Robt Patton
Robt. Patton Nlond Robt. Patton
George Pearce Thornbury George Pearce
Jeremiah Pearsol NANT Jeremiah Pearsol
Richd Pearsol NANT Richd Pearsol
Benj: Pearson jun Darby Benj: Pearson jun
Enoch Pearson Spring Enoch Pearson
John Pearson NANT John Pearson
John Pearson Uprov John Pearson
Joseph Pearson Darby Joseph Pearson
Lawrance Pearson Wtown Lawrance Pearson
Robt.. Pearson Marple Robt.. Pearson
Thos. Pearson Darby Thos. Pearson
Phillip Pederick LCHIC Phillip Pederick
Caleb Pennel Aston Caleb Pennel
Caleb Pennel UNK1 Caleb Pennel
John Pennel Aston John Pennel
John Pennel UNK1 John Pennel
Jos. Pennel Marple Jos. Pennel
Wm. Pennel Mtown Wm. Pennel
Joseph Pennell EDgMONT Joseph Pennell
Wm Pennell Chester Wm Pennell
Edwd. Pennock Bethel Edwd. Pennock
Edwd. Pennock UNK2 Edwd. Pennock
Joseph Pennock Wmarlb Joseph Pennock
Robt. Penrose Freemen Marple Robt. Penrose
George Pentland KENNET George Pentland
Thos Peple Wnot Thos Peple
John Perry EMARLB John Perry
Jenkin Phillip Freemen TREDYFIN Jenkin Phillip
John Phillip Freemen TREDYFIN John Phillip
Owen Phillip Freemen Radnor Owen Phillip
Robt Phillip CharlTown Robt Phillip
Eliz. Phillip(s) Uwchalan Eliz. Phillip(s)
Evan Phillips Whiteland Evan Phillips
Thos Phillips Freemen Radnor Thos Phillips
Thos Phillips Darby Thos Phillips
Thos Phillips Vincent Thos Phillips
Joseph Phipp jun Uwchalan Joseph Phipp jun
Joseph Phipps Uwchalan Joseph Phipps
Nathan Phipps Uwchalan Nathan Phipps
Samll. Phipps GOSH Samll. Phipps
Gainer Pierce Thornbury Gainer Pierce
Henry Pierce CONCORD Henry Pierce
Joshua Pierce EMARLB Joshua Pierce
John Pike Aston John Pike
Edwd. Pilkinton Mtown Edwd. Pilkinton
Wm Pimm ECALN Wm Pimm
Charles Pippin KENNET Charles Pippin
Robt. Plummer UCHI Robt. Plummer
John Polin Darby John Polin
Alexander Porter SADSB Alexander Porter Porter Family in Chester County PA
Nathll. Porter ENOT Nathll. Porter
Nathll. Porter Wnot Nathll. Porter
Robt Porter Wnot Robt Porter
Wm Porter ENOT Wm Porter
Wm Porter ENOT Wm Porter
John Poston FALLOW John Poston
David Powell Radnor David Powell
Evan Powell Ngard Evan Powell
John Powell NPROV John Powell
John Powell Uwchalan John Powell
Joseph Powell Freemen Whiteland Joseph Powell
Joseph Powell jun Marple Joseph Powell jun
Joseph Powell Marple Joseph Powell
Thos Powell NPROV Thos Powell
Joseph Pratt EDgMONT Joseph Pratt
Thos Pratt Willistown Thos Pratt
Wm Preston Chester Wm Preston
James Price & John Jones Wtown James Price
Thos Price BradF Thos Price
Thos. Price BradF Thos. Price
Thos. Price GOSH Thos. Price
Thos. Price LONBRIT Thos. Price
Wm Priest Darby Wm Priest
Griffith Pritchard CharlTown Griffith Pritchard
Reece Pritchard Whiteland Reece Pritchard
Richd. Pritchard EDgMONT Richd. Pritchard
Edwd. Pritchit Freemen Uprov Edwd. Pritchit
Silas Pryor KENNET Silas Pryor
David Pugh Radnor David Pugh
David Pugh Uwchalan David Pugh
Ellis Pugh TREDYFIN Ellis Pugh
Ellis Pugh Willistown Ellis Pugh
Hugh Pugh Uwchalan Hugh Pugh
James Pugh Uwchalan James Pugh
John Pugh ENOT John Pugh
Jonathan Pugh Uwchalan Jonathan Pugh
Joseph Pugh Uwchalan Joseph Pugh
Thomas Pugh Uwchalan Thomas Pugh
Thos. Pugh NANT Thos. Pugh
Thos. Pulford Darby Thos. Pulford
Henry Pummele NANT Henry Pummele
James Purtte ENOT James Purtte
Caleb Pusey EMARLB Caleb Pusey
Eliza. Pusey LonDGROVE Eliza. Pusey
John Pyke UNK1 John Pyke
Daniel Pyle Bethel Daniel Pyle
Daniel Pyle UNK2 Daniel Pyle
John Pyle KENNET John Pyle
John Pyle Thornbury John Pyle
Joseph Pyle Bethel Joseph Pyle
Joseph Pyle UNK2 Joseph Pyle
Nicholas Pyle CONCORD Nicholas Pyle
Ralph Pyle CONCORD Ralph Pyle
Samll Pyle KENNET Samll Pyle
Wm Pyle BIRMING Wm Pyle
Wm Pyle Thornbury Wm Pyle
Wm Radley BIRMING Wm Radley
John Ralston ECALN John Ralston
John Ramsey LonDGROVE John Ramsey
Samll Ramsey Freemen LonDGROVE Samll Ramsey
John Rattew Freemen CONCORD John Rattew
William Rattew Aston William Rattew
William Rattew UNK1 William Rattew
Wm Rattew Freemen CONCORD Wm Rattew
Andrew Rawson LCHIC Andrew Rawson
John Rawson LCHIC John Rawson
Edward Reece CONCORD Edward Reece
James Reece CharlTown James Reece
James Reece (Rees) Uwchalan James Reece (Rees)
Lewis Reece Wtown Lewis Reece
Morris Reece ENOT Morris Reece
Samll. Reece HAVERF Samll. Reece
Thomas Reece COVENT Thomas Reece
Thos Reece Vincent Thos Reece
Thos. Reece Wtown Thos. Reece
Wm Reece BradF Wm Reece
Robt Reed EMARLB Robt Reed
John Rees Wtown John Rees
Maris Rees Uwchalan Maris Rees
Joseph Reeves Wnot Joseph Reeves
Davis Register EDgMONT Davis Register
John Renken LONBRIT John Renken
Joseph Reyneer Chester Joseph Reyneer
Francis Reynold UCHI Francis Reynold
Henry Reynolds Wnot Henry Reynolds
Robt Reynolds Nlond Robt Reynolds
Robt. Reynolds jun Nlond Robt. Reynolds jun
Widdow Reynolds UCHI Widdow Reynolds
Wm Reynolds Wnot Wm Reynolds
Andrew Rich Freemen KENNET Andrew Rich
Joseph Rich Wnot Joseph Rich
Samll. Richard TREDYFIN Samll. Richard
Edward Richards Aston Edward Richards
Joseph Richards jun Aston Joseph Richards jun
Joseph Richards Aston Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards jun UNK1 Joseph Richards jun
Joseph Richards UNK1 Joseph Richards
Margaret Richards Ngard Margaret Richards
Richard Richards UNK1 Richard Richards
Richd Richards Radnor Richd Richards
Rowland Richards CharlTown Rowland Richards
Richd. Richardson Willistown Richd. Richardson
Robt Richardson Willistown Robt Richardson
William Richardson Uwchalan William Richardson
Wm Richardson Marple Wm Richardson
Wm Richardson SADSB Wm Richardson
Ele(?)and Richey Freemen Mtown Ele(?)and Richey
Edwd Riley GOSH Edwd Riley
John Riley LCHIC John Riley
Elias Ring freemen BradF Elias Ring
Nathanll. Ring Chester Nathanll. Ring
Joseph Rinken Freemen LONBRIT Joseph Rinken
Adam Roads Darby Adam Roads
John Roads Marple John Roads
Joseph Roads Marple Joseph Roads
John Robb SADSB John Robb
Wm Robb LonDGROVE Wm Robb
George Roberson Wnot George Roberson
Mark Robert Willistown Mark Robert
Ann Roberts NANT Ann Roberts
David Roberts (Robart?) Uwchalan David Roberts (Robart?)
John Roberts Vincent John Roberts
Reece Roberts Vincent Reece Roberts
John Robertson ENOT John Robertson
Allin Robinet LCHIC Allin Robinet
Samll. Robinett ENOT Samll. Robinett
John Robison CONCORD John Robison
Peter Robison Freemen Uprov Peter Robison
Robtr. Robison Darby Robtr. Robison
William Robison Chester William Robison
Wm Robison Wtown Wm Robison
Johannas Rode Vincent Johannas Rode
Phillip Rodger NANT Phillip Rodger
Andrew Rodgers Marple Andrew Rodgers
John Rodgers TREDYFIN John Rodgers
Joseph Rodgers Vincent Joseph Rodgers
Thos Rodgers Wnot Thos Rodgers
Wm. Rodgers Freemen KENNET Wm. Rodgers
Wm Roe Ngard Wm Roe
John Roger LONBRIT John Roger
Dorothy Roman LCHIC Dorothy Roman
Jacob Roman Chester Jacob Roman
Jonah Roman ECALN Jonah Roman
Alexander Ross Wnot Alexander Ross
Fohn Ross ENOT Fohn Ross
John Ross LonDGROVE John Ross
Moses Ross ENOT Moses Ross
Wm Rowan Ngard Wm Rowan
James Rowland Whiteland James Rowland
Leacy Rowls ENOT Leacy Rowls
John Ruddell ENOT John Ruddell
James Rushton GOSH James Rushton
Edwd Russell Chester Edwd Russell
Wm Russell EDgMONT Wm Russell
Francis Ruth UCHI Francis Ruth


John Salkeld Chester John Salkeld
John Sample Uprov John Sample
John Samuel Radnor John Samuel
Isaac Sanders freemen BradF Isaac Sanders
Samll. Savage freemen COVENT Samll. Savage
Thos. Savage freemen COVENT Thos. Savage
Humphry Scarlet UCHI Humphry Scarlet
John Scarlet Chester John Scarlet
Nathan. Scarlet UCHI Nathan. Scarlet
Shidrick Scarlet LonDGROVE Shidrick Scarlet
John Scatchly Freemen RIDLEY John Scatchly
James Scot FALLOW James Scot
John Scot Nlond John Scot
John Scot SADSB John Scot
Patrick Scot BIRMING Patrick Scot
Providence Scot BIRMING Providence Scot
Samll. Scot BradF Samll. Scot
Nathan Scothorn Darby Nathan Scothorn
Samll. Scothorn Darby Samll. Scothorn
Wm Seal BIRMING Wm Seal
Samll. Sellars jun Darby Samll. Sellars jun
Wm Semple LONBRIT Wm Semple
John Sharp Ngard John Sharp
Joseph Sharp LonDGROVE Joseph Sharp
James Sharpless NPROV James Sharpless
James Sharpless jun NPROV James Sharpless jun
John Sharpless RIDLEY John Sharpless
John Sharpless jun RIDLEY John Sharpless jun
Joseph Sharpless Mtown Joseph Sharpless
Anthony Shaw freemen Chester Anthony Shaw
James Shaw Nlond James Shaw
John Shearer Wmarlb John Shearer
Robt. Shearman EMARLB Robt. Shearman
Richd. Sheldon Marple Richd. Sheldon
Rodger Shelly UCHI Rodger Shelly
Wm Shewin KENNET Wm Shewin
John Shields SADSB John Shields
Robt. Shields SADSB Robt. Shields
Wm Shipley Spring Wm Shipley
Wm Shiply RIDLEY Wm Shiply
Hugh Sidwell Wnot Hugh Sidwell
John Sidwell Wnot John Sidwell
Richd Sidwell Wnot Richd Sidwell
James Sill EDgMONT James Sill
Thos. Sill Mtown Thos. Sill
Magnes Simonson BIRMING Magnes Simonson
Allen Simpson ENOT Allen Simpson
Francis Simpson GOSH Francis Simpson
Robt. Sincler ENOT Robt. Sincler
William Sinkler WCALN William Sinkler
Joseph Skeen BradF Joseph Skeen
John Slack BIRMING John Slack
George Slater ENOT George Slater
Henry Small Nlond Henry Small
Geo. Smedly Mtown Geo. Smedly
Thos Smedly Willistown Thos Smedly
Edwd. Smith Darby Edwd. Smith
James Smith LonDGROVE James Smith
John Smith KENNET John Smith
John Smith Marple John Smith
Joseph Smith ENOT Joseph Smith
Robt Smith LonDGROVE Robt Smith
Thomas Smith BIRMING Thomas Smith
Thos. Smith CONCORD Thos. Smith
Wm Smith KENNET Wm Smith
Wm Smith Darby Wm Smith
James Smitts ENOT James Smitts
John Smitts EMARLB John Smitts
John Evan Smitts CharlTown John Evan Smitts
Nicholas Smitts ECALN Nicholas Smitts
James Sorril GOSH James Sorril
John Spear ENOT John Spear
Mary Spencer LonDGROVE Mary Spencer
Timothy Spencer GOSH Timothy Spencer
Thos Spikeman LonDGROVE Thos Spikeman
Lewis Spoonly Freemen Spring Lewis Spoonly
Christopher Spray Darby Christopher Spray
Thomas Spray Freemen Darby Thomas Spray
John Spruce Whiteland John Spruce
Robt. Squib Chester Robt. Squib
Robt. Stamford WCALN Robt. Stamford
John Stanton ECALN John Stanton
James Star Ngard James Star
Jeremiah Star LonDGROVE Jeremiah Star
Moses Star Ngard Moses Star
Miles Starn Darby Miles Starn
Andrew & John Steel Nlond Andrew Steel
Nlond John Steel
Robt Stephen(s) Vincent Robt Stephen(s)
David Stephens NANT David Stephens
Mary Stephens BIRMING Mary Stephens
Charles Steward Freemen Thornbury Charles Steward
Robt Steward KENNET Robt Steward
Walter Steward SADSB Walter Steward
Jacob Stiger COVENT Jacob Stiger
John Stiner COVENT John Stiner
Ann Stockin Whiteland Ann Stockin
Andrew Stool EMARLB Andrew Stool
James Stool EMARLB James Stool
Jonathan Strange Darby Jonathan Strange
John Stringer FALLOW John Stringer
Joseph Stringer FALLOW Joseph Stringer
Edwd Stroud Wmarlb Edwd Stroud
George Stroud BradF George Stroud
John Stroud Wmarlb John Stroud
Thomas Stubs BradF Thomas Stubs
Zachariah Sugar CONCORD Zachariah Sugar
John Sunderland UCHI John Sunderland
Joseph Swaffor NPROV Joseph Swaffor
Edward Swain EMARLB Edward Swain
Francis Swain LonDGROVE Francis Swain
Wm Swain EMARLB Wm Swain
Andrew Swanson Darby Andrew Swanson
Hans Switzer COVENT Hans Switzer
Mathias Switzer COVENT Mathias Switzer
Robt Tackaberry BradF Robt Tackaberry
Robt. Tailwell Aston Robt. Tailwell
Robt. Tailwell UNK1 Robt. Tailwell
John Talkington KENNET John Talkington
Phillip Tanner ENOT Phillip Tanner
Edwd Tarret KENNET Edwd Tarret
Charles Tassey ETOWN Charles Tassey
James Tate Freemen SADSB James Tate
Joseph Tatlow RIDLEY Joseph Tatlow
Thos. Tattnall Darby Thos. Tattnall
Thos. Tatuale RIDLEY Thos. Tatuale
Phillip Tayler jun Thornbury Phillip Tayler jun
Abia Taylor BradF Abia Taylor
Edwd. Taylor Freemen CONCORD Edwd. Taylor
Israel Taylor RIDLEY Israel Taylor
Jacob Taylor BradF Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor EDgMONT Jacob Taylor
James Taylor FALLOW James Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor KENNET Jeremiah Taylor
John Taylor Freemen RIDLEY John Taylor
John Taylor EMARLB John Taylor
John Taylor Newt John Taylor
John Taylor RIDLEY John Taylor
John Taylor Thornbury John Taylor
John Taylor Wtown John Taylor
Joseph Taylor KENNET Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor jun KENNET Joseph Taylor jun
Joseph Taylor Wmarlb Joseph Taylor
Josiah Taylor KENNET Josiah Taylor
Phillip Taylor Thornbury Phillip Taylor
Richd. Taylor KENNET Richd. Taylor
Robt Taylor Freemen Whiteland Robt Taylor
Robt. Taylor Spring Robt. Taylor
Simeon Taylor ENOT Simeon Taylor
Thos. Taylor HAVERF Thos. Taylor
Thos. Taylor Spring Thos. Taylor
Wm Taylor ECALN Wm Taylor
Wm Temple KENNET Wm Temple
Jonathan Thatcher Thornbury Jonathan Thatcher
Jonathn. Thatcher Jun BIRMING Jonathn. Thatcher Jun
Zorobabel Thatcher KENNET Zorobabel Thatcher
George Tholey Willistown George Tholey
Ann Thomas Uwchalan Ann Thomas
Davd. Thomas Darby Davd. Thomas
David Thomas NANT David Thomas
David Thomas Wtown David Thomas
Davis Thomas HAVERF Davis Thomas
Edward Thomas NANT Edward Thomas
Finney Thomas Nlond Finney Thomas
Griffith Thomas CharlTown Griffith Thomas
Jacob Thomas Willistown Jacob Thomas
James Thomas Uwchalan James Thomas
John Thomas CharlTown John Thomas
John Thomas Radnor John Thomas
John Thomas TREDYFIN John Thomas
Joseph Thomas Willistown Joseph Thomas
Lewis Thomas Darby Lewis Thomas
Owen Thomas HAVERF Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas LONBRIT Owen Thomas
Peter Thomas Willistown Peter Thomas
Phillip Thomas Vincent Phillip Thomas
Richd. Thomas Whiteland Richd. Thomas
Theophilus Thomas Whiteland Theophilus Thomas
Thos. Thomas Radnor Thos. Thomas
Thos. Thomas Wtown Thos. Thomas
Watkin Thomas ETOWN Watkin Thomas
Widdow Thomas ETOWN Widdow Thomas
Wm Thomas Freemen GOSH Wm Thomas
Wm Thomas Radnor Wm Thomas
Wm Thomas Whiteland Wm Thomas
Aaron Thompson Marple Aaron Thompson
John Thompson Ngard John Thompson
Peter Thompson Marple Peter Thompson
Robt Thornbury BradF Robt Thornbury
Tho. Thornbury BradF Tho. Thornbury
Thos. Thornbury freemen BradF Thos. Thornbury
Robt. Thornton BradF Robt. Thornton
Thos. Tidball Wnot Thos. Tidball
George Tilpin BIRMING George Tilpin
George Timpson Chester George Timpson
James Todd LonDGROVE James Todd
John Todd Nlond John Todd
John Tomkins Chester John Tomkins
Edw. Tompson ECALN Edw. Tompson
Joseph Tompson LONBRIT Joseph Tompson
Joshua Tompson RIDLEY Joshua Tompson
Wm Tompson freemen UCHI Wm Tompson
Garret Tool Freemen ENOT Garret Tool
Garret Tool Freemen Wnot Garret Tool
Andrew Torton RIDLEY Andrew Torton
Hance Torton RIDLEY Hance Torton
Amos Townsend Newt Amos Townsend
Amos Townsend Wtown Amos Townsend
John Townsend Newt John Townsend
John Townsend Wtown John Townsend
Joseph Townsend BradF Joseph Townsend
James Townsesnd BIRMING James Townsesnd
Adam Trahorn ETOWN Adam Trahorn
Richd Tranter LonDGROVE Richd Tranter
Peter Tray?or Uprov Peter Tray?or
James Trego Chester James Trego
Peter Trego Mtown Peter Trego
Wm Trego GOSH Wm Trego
Wm Trehorn Chester Wm Trehorn
Ann Tremble Uprov Ann Tremble
James Tremble freemen BradF James Tremble
Wm Trimble Freemen CONCORD Wm Trimble
Richd. Triviller Wmarlb Richd. Triviller
James Tull BradF James Tull
Charles Turner BIRMING Charles Turner
George Turner ECALN George Turner
James Turner freemen ECALN James Turner
John Turner Freemen Mtown John Turner
Robt. Turner Radnor Robt. Turner
Wm Turner BIRMING Wm Turner


Alexander Underwood LonDGROVE Alexander Underwood
Andrew Urin Darby Andrew Urin
Thomas Vallentine Ngard Thomas Vallentine
John Vance Wmarlb John Vance
Bernard Vanleer Marple Bernard Vanleer
Abm. Varnom Thornbury Abm. Varnom
Jacob Varnom Thornbury Jacob Varnom
Jacob Varnom jun Thornbury Jacob Varnom jun
Thomas Varnom WCALN Thomas Varnom
Aaron Varnon NPROV Aaron Varnon
Isaac Varnon BradF Isaac Varnon
Joseph Varnon NPROV Joseph Varnon
Moses Varnon NPROV Moses Varnon
Thos Varnon NPROV Thos Varnon
John Vaughan Uwchalan John Vaughan
Tho: Vaughan HAVERF Tho: Vaughan
Andrew Vincent freemen BIRMING Andrew Vincent
Thos. Voughan Freemen HAVERF Thos. Voughan
John Wade Chester John Wade
Martha Wade ECALN Martha Wade
Samll. Waghup FALLOW Samll. Waghup
Anthony Wain ETOWN Anthony Wain
Francis Wain ETOWN Francis Wain
John Waith Wmarlb John Waith
Abel Walker TREDYFIN Abel Walker
Danll. Walker TREDYFIN Danll. Walker
Enoch Walker TREDYFIN Enoch Walker
Gabriel Walker ENOT Gabriel Walker
Hugh Walker RIDLEY Hugh Walker
Mary Walker TREDYFIN Mary Walker
Mathew Walker UNK2 Mathew Walker
Matthew Walker Bethel Matthew Walker
Edwd. Wall Freemen CONCORD Edwd. Wall
John Wall GOSH John Wall
Joseph Wall Freemen CONCORD Joseph Wall
John Wallis Darby John Wallis
Goodwin Walter CONCORD Goodwin Walter
John Walter SADSB John Walter
James Ward ECALN James Ward
Thos. Ward BradF Thos. Ward
Timothy Ward BIRMING Timothy Ward
Robt Watkin (Walkin?) Vincent Robt Watkin (Walkin?)
John Watson BIRMING John Watson
John Watt ENOT John Watt
Edwd . Way KENNET Edwd Way
Jacob Way KENNET Jacob Way
John Way KENNET John Way
Nathn: Way KENNET Nathn: Way
Wm Wayborn Spring Wm Wayborn
George Wear Wmarlb George Wear
Richd. Weaver Chester Richd. Weaver
Benjamin Webb KENNET Benjamin Webb
Danll Webb KENNET Danll Webb
James Webb Freemen KENNET James Webb
John Webb Freemen KENNET John Webb
Joseph Webb BIRMING Joseph Webb
Samll. Webb Freemen LonDGROVE Samll. Webb
Wm Webb KENNET Wm Webb
Thos. Webster Chester Thos. Webster
Wm Webster EMARLB Wm Webster
Moses Weight ECALN Moses Weight
Moses Weight jun ECALN Moses Weight jun
John Weldon LCHIC John Weldon
Joseph Weldon LCHIC Joseph Weldon
Wm Weldon LCHIC Wm Weldon
John Wells Freemen SADSB John Wells
John West Uprov John West
Thos. West CONCORD Thos. West
Joseph Wey CONCORD Joseph Wey
John Wharton Chester John Wharton
Henry Wheatfield BIRMING Henry Wheatfield
Edwd. Whitaker UCHI Edwd. Whitaker
Peter Whitaker ECALN Peter Whitaker
Alexander White LONBRIT Alexander White
Arthur White WCALN Arthur White
John White ENOT John White
Joseph White ENOT Joseph White
Nicholas White Willistown Nicholas White
Thomas White Chester Thomas White
Wm White KENNET Wm White
George Whiteside BIRMING George Whiteside
Wm Whittifin COVENT Wm Whittifin
Richd. Whitting LONBRIT Richd. Whitting
John Wickersham LonDGROVE John Wickersham
Richd. Wickersham LonDGROVE Richd. Wickersham
Wm Wickersham EMARLB Wm Wickersham
James Widens (could be Videns) Aston James Widens Could be Videns
Joseph Wighup WCALN Joseph Wighup
George Wilcockson Uwchalan George Wilcockson
John Wiley KENNET John Wiley
Thos Wiley KENNET Thos Wiley
Thos. Willcocks CONCORD Thos. Willcocks
Allen Willey Ngard Allen Willey
Joseph Willey Ngard Joseph Willey
David William Radnor David William
Edwd. William ETOWN Edwd. William
Ellis William GOSH Ellis William
John William NANT John William
Lewis William Vincent Lewis William
Lewis William Whiteland Lewis William
Lewis William Willistown Lewis William
Peter William Vincent Peter William
Walter William ETOWN Walter William
Amos Williams SADSB Amos Williams
David Williams LONBRIT David Williams
David Williams LONBRIT David Williams
Edmond Williams Darby Edmond Williams
Griffith Williams Vincent Griffith Williams
Henry Williams Radnor Henry Williams
Isaac Williams Aston Isaac Williams
Isaac Williams UNK1 Isaac Williams
James Williams SADSB James Williams
John Williams ENOT John Williams
John Williams WCALN John Williams
John Williams Willistown John Williams
Joseph Williams Freemen EDgMONT Joseph Williams
Richd. Williams Darby Richd. Williams
Robt Williams Freemen Uwchalan Robt Williams
Thos. Williams Freemen CONCORD Thos. Williams
Wm Williams Uwchalan Wm Williams
Zachariah Williams SADSB Zachariah Williams
Danll. Williamson Marple Danll. Williamson
John Williamson Wtown John Williamson
John Williamson Wtown John Williamson
Thos. Williamson EDgMONT Thos. Williamson
Edwd. Willis BIRMING Edwd. Willis
Henry Willis BradF Henry Willis
John Willis Thornbury John Willis
John Willis jun Thornbury John Willis jun
James Willoughby KENNET James Willoughby
Thos Wills Mtown Thos Wills
Alexander Wilson ENOT Alexander Wilson
Alexander Wilson UCHI Alexander Wilson
Ann Wilson FALLOW Ann Wilson
Hugh Wilson Radnor Hugh Wilson
James Wilson BIRMING James Wilson
James Wilson EMARLB James Wilson
James Wilson ENOT James Wilson
John Wilson BIRMING John Wilson
John Wilson EMARLB John Wilson
Joseph Wilson Freemen RIDLEY Joseph Wilson
Jospeh Wilson FALLOW Jospeh Wilson
Robt. Wilson Chester Robt. Wilson
Thos Wilson KENNET Thos Wilson
Thos. Wilson EMARLB Thos. Wilson
Wm Wilson EMARLB Wm Wilson
Wm Wilson FALLOW Wm Wilson
Wm Wilton EMARLB Wm Wilton
Francis Windell EMARLB Francis Windell
Benj: Winfly Wnot Benj: Winfly
David Wirey ENOT David Wirey
Wm Withttymore Freemen Uprov Wm Withttymore
Thos. Woddell FALLOW Thos. Woddell
Samll. Wolson (Woolison?) Uwchalan Samll. Wolson (Woolison?)
Francis Wood SADSB Francis Wood
George Wood Darby George Wood
John Wood UCHI John Wood
Joseph Wood UCHI Joseph Wood
Mathew Wood SADSB Mathew Wood
Nathan Wood UCHI Nathan Wood
Rebecca Wood Darby Rebecca Wood
Wm Wood Darby Wm Wood
Simeon Woodrow FALLOW Simeon Woodrow
Edw. Woodward Mtown Edw. Woodward
Edwd. Woodward Wtown Edwd. Woodward
Henry Woodward BradF Henry Woodward
James Woodward freemen BradF James Woodward
Jess; Woodward Spring Jess; Woodward
John Woodward Thornbury John Woodward
Mordecai Woodward RIDLEY Mordecai Woodward
Richd Woodward BradF Richd Woodward
Thos Woodward RIDLEY Thos Woodward
Richd Woodward  BradF Richd Woodward 
Thos Wooly Marple Thos Wooly
Nathan Worley Chester Nathan Worley
John Worral RIDLEY John Worral
Jonathan Worral Marple Jonathan Worral
Robt Worral Freemen Wtown Robt Worral
John Worrall Chester John Worrall
John Worrall EDgMONT John Worrall
John Worrall Marple John Worrall
Peter Worrall Marple Peter Worrall
Peter Worrall Jun Marple Peter Worrall Jun
Thos Worth jun Darby Thos Worth jun
Jacob Wright Whiteland Jacob Wright
Wm Wright Wnot Wm Wright
Mordecai Yarmall Willistown Mordecai Yarmall
Amos Yarnal Willistown Amos Yarnal
Job Yarnal RIDLEY Job Yarnal
John Yarnal Willistown John Yarnal
Moses Yarnal Willistown Moses Yarnal
Francis Yarnall Willistown Francis Yarnall
John Yarnall EDgMONT John Yarnall
Joseph Yarnall Spring Joseph Yarnall
Phillip Yarnall EDgMONT Phillip Yarnall
Phillip Yarnall jun EDgMONT Phillip Yarnall jun
John Yearsly Thornbury John Yearsly
Harry Young Freemen Thornbury Harry Young
John Young Mtown John Young
Ninnion Young ENOT Ninnion Young
Derrick Youngblood CONCORD Derrick Youngblood
? UNK1 ?


  1. Township names are Currently Abbreviated. This will be revised at a later point to spell out the full name of the Township