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There are (at least) two groups of Woods families present in Old Augusta begining about 1737. One is centered in what is now Albermarle County, on the east side of the Blue Ridge, the other settled on Beverly's Manor. There are other Wood's families in the area, particularly those related to Richard Woods who settled near Natural Bridge, but their relation to the other Beverly's Manor and Albemarle Groups is not yet known.

Albemarle Woods Group. This group was headed by Michael Woods. About 1737 they came down the Valley of Virginia along the Great Road from the Paxtang area of Old Chester County, crossed the Blue Ridge at Woods Gap (now Jarman's Gap) to settle on Licking and Ivy Creeks, and Meechums River in what is now Albemarle County. They may have initially lived in Cecil County Maryland. The extended family included three sons (Archibald, John, and William), at least two soninlaws (Andrew and William Wallace), as well as at least some other family kindred (e.g., David Gass, brother of Archibalds wife Isabella). A presumed kinsman, person:Richard Woods (19) was a prominent merchant in the area.

Augusta County Woods Group.This group is comprised of a set early settlers on Borden's Grant in Augusta County. They begin to appear in area records after 1740, and include Person:Richard Woods (1) known as "Gentleman", Person:Samuel Woods (23), and Person:William Woods (7). These three individuals settled adjacent to each other on Woods Creek, immediately south of Lexington. Because of proximity, and similarities in names, members of this group, and their children, have been frequently merged with the line of Michael Woods in Albermarle County. Members of these two groups are probably related, but how remains unclear.