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This notebook is intended to capture information for Person:William Houston (21), founder of Houston's Fort in SW VA c. 1774


Mill Creek Hundred Houston's
Person:William Houston (21)

Note 1

From: Russel county VA Board Donald Locke 18 Feb 1999:

Samuel Lock b. 1752 Va?, d. abt 1782 Montgomery ? County Va , married Sarah Hannah Huston , daughter of William Huston b. 1729 Pa , d. 1803 Lee County Va

William Huston gradnfatherr of Abraham Lock b. 1777 and his brother Samuel Lock b. 1779 . After Samuel Lock b. 1752 died , William Huston went to Court and became the Guardian of his Grand Son's Abraham & Samuel Jr Lock .

Court Order Books Russell Co VA March 1792 ""Ordered that the overseers of the poor do bind Abraham Lock & Samuel Lock according to law". William Huston, Grand Father of Abraham & Samuel Jr Lock .

June 1793 , Russell County Va , " A. Lock by his guardian plt. VS William McDowell " June 1793 Russell County Va , Court Order Books 2-80 . A. Lock by his plt VS William McDowell , Case Continued .

Sept 1793 , Russell County Va , " Ordered that Wm Huston Guardian of A. Lock pay ... For witness in Trial

1793 , Russell County Va , Court Order Books 2-105 , Huston ordered to pay Charles Carter $1.06 of travel expences to testify in Court Case against William McDowell

Other notes :

Washington County Va Page 312 - William Huston - 300 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on both sides of Mockison creek - beginning at the foot of Clinch Mountain - corner to Jonathan Woods land - crossing the Mill Pond - November 5, 1785...William Huston, assignee of James Simmons, assignee of Thomas McCullock - 300 ac - on Mockison Creek 220 ac surveyed December 14, 1774, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1769 - August 21,1781

Washington County Va Page 352 - William Huston & Walter Preston - 177 ac - treasury warrant #11014 - on both sides of Mockison Creek and between the lines of Hustons & Fugates land - corner to Huston's land - near the widow Fugate's line - at the foot of Clinch Mountain - March 10, 1786

Russell County Va Page 267 - February 9, 1797 - 250 ac - William Huston - part of Treasury Warrant 9041 dated November 21, 1781 - on the waters of Mocason Creek - corner of said Huston - corner Jonathan Woods

Page 7 - October 25, 1799 - William Huston - 100 ac - part of Treasury Warrant 9041 dated November 21, 1781 - on both sides of Jonathan Woods branch a part of the waters of Mocason Creek - corner to another tract of Huston's

IN this note Donald Lock asked "Who are the Parents of Samuel Lock b. 1752. ?" Did Samuel Lock b. 1752 have a 3rd Son named John Lock b. abt 1776 ? Did Samuel Lock b. 1752 have a Will , if so , in what County can it be found ? Suspect Samuel's Parents came from Phily Pa with the Huston family to Va ?

Houston was a wealthy man and may have been the person who was convicted as a Tory sympathizer in Washington Co VA in 1777 and had his property confiscated. If so, they didn't take everything he had because he was a slave owner in Lee Co VA about 1800. Was William Huston b. 1729 the same William Huston convicted as a Tory Sympathizer ? and the was he the same William Huston of Huston's Fort ?

Note 2

Extracted from Bob Ewing Post 23 Oct 2007

William Huston sometimes spelled Houston. married to a Mary (most likely) Norman. Children:

Mary Houston, who married Samuel Ewing of Rose Hill and Ewing, VA (SW VA); named a daughter Mary Norman Ewing.
Sarah, married Charles C. Carter, 1st County Clerk of Lee Co., VA, died c. 1821 Scott Co., VA.

William Huston lived in Jonesville, VA in the late 1700's. Sometimes given that he married Mary Burke or Hannah Schaeffer according to Bob. [I don't know but I believe the Hannah Schaeffer connection is unsound, based on the presumption that William is a member of the "Mill Creek Hundred Houston's" of Old Chester County (specically in Delaware and Cecil County portions of Old Chester. and the datum that Hannah Schaeffer was born in Amelia County---hard to get the two together at marrying time, but I suppose its possible. Q 15:38, 9 April 2010 (EDT)]

Appears on the Tax Roles for Lee Co.,VA 1790 to about 1810.

Will was dated 4May1816 He died about 18 Apr 1819, wife Mary Huston.

Family tradition has it that he was crippled with arthritis.