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The will of Robert Edmiston (5) has been given in extract form

LC Strahan, extract cited by various genealogists from one LC Strahan

Washington Co., VA, Will book 1, p. 27: the will of T. Robert Edmondson mentions his wife Mary, a son John, a daughter Mary, "my brother William's son, Robert," brothers William and Samuel, brother-in-law Alexander Montgomery, exhibited in court on 24 Nov. 1780.
Note that the "T." in "T. Robert Edmondson" seems inexplicable, as it makes the name a trinomial. Very unlikely that it represents a given name at this early date since trinomials do not come into common use before about 1760, and there are no indications of other trinomials in his immediate family. this is pssibly a mistake for "Lt." The date the will was exhibited, however, is consistent with Robert's death Oct 7 at King's Mountain.

Summers, 1929:1343

Source:Summers, 1929:1343 also presents this will in extract form, citing p. 27 Washington County Will Book No. 1:

March 23 1779. Robert Edmondson. His estate to wife Mary Edmondson, and to his brothers son Robert. Executors:William Edmondson, Samuel Edmondson, Alexander Montgomery. Witnesses: James Houston, John M'Coshay, Robert Montgomery. Probated 24 Nov. 1780

Apparently the March 23 1779 date is the date the will was written, and the 24 Nov 1780 date is the date the will entered probate.

The Summers version differs from the Strahan version in significant details. a) there's not 'T" in front of thename. b) There's no indication that Alexander Montgomery is a brotherinlaw c) There's no mention of son John or daughter Mary.

Since this will seems to be the basis for a) identifying Mary as a Montgomery, and b) evidence of two children John and Mary, the differences between these two renditions are very problematic. The original will needs to be examined to determine the basis for the differences.

Howard V. Jones gives the following extract based on Source:Summers, 1929:1064

p. 1064, 20 Nov. 1780. With Samuel Edmondson, Alexander Montgomery qualified as excrs. of estate of Robert Edmondson, gave bond with Robert Edmondson and Robert Buchanan as sureties. With John Edmondson, sureties on bond of Elizabeth Edmondson, Thomas Edmondson, Samuel Edmondson admrs. of estate of William Edmondson, dec'd [Capt. William]. With Anne Edmondson and Thomas Edmondson, appointed admrs. of the estate of Andrew Edmondson, dec'd. Bond with John Edmondson and Samuel Edmondson, sureties.

To which may be added the following page immediate above the text given by Jones:

The Last will and testament of Robert Edmiston deceased was exhibited in court and proven by the oath of James Huston, Robert Montgomery, and John McCroskey, witnesses thereto, and ordered to be record.

Summers, 1929

Listing for "Edmiston" and "Edmondson" variants. False positives excluded. There are numerous entries for a "Robert Edmondson". There are three persons by this name in the area during this time period, Person:Robert Edmiston (5) who died at King's Mountain, the son of Col. William Edmiston, and Person:Robert Edmiston (6), who moved to Davidson County before 1789, son of William Edmiston, uncle of Col. William Edmiston. Records under this name prior to about 1781 may be for either person, but probably refer in the main to Person:Robert Edmiston (5). There is also a Robert Edmiston who married Mary Glenn in 1792. After the formers death in 1780, the records mostly refer to Person:Robert Edmiston (4). Where there's a reasonable basis for identifying the Roberts to whom the record applies, the records are color coded: palegreen for Robert of King's Mountain, salmon for Robert of Davidson County, and goldenrod for Robert who marries Mary Glenn.

person article correspondance:

Person:Robert Edmiston (3)
Person:Robert Edmiston (4)
Person:Robert Edmiston (5) Lt. Robert of King's Mountain
Page County Year Name Entry
609 Fin 6 Jul 1773 Robert Edmiston Robert edmiston, William Edmiston Alexander McNutt, Robert Buchanan, and John Edmiston, view the way from Charles Allison's down the south fork to Robert Emiston's
643 Fin 1 Aug 1775 Robert Edmiston as "Bob" Receives lease and release from William Edmiston and wife Margaret
670 Fin 1774 Robert Edmondson William Edmiston To Robert Edmondson, 214 acres for L32-5
950 Was Jan 28 1777 Robert Edmondson To appraise estate of Charles Carter
962 Was 27 May 1777 Robert Edmondson Served on Grand Jury
963 Was 27 May 1777 Robert Edmondson Surveyor of road from from Samuel Henrys to James Berry, William Edmondson to give him list of tithables
1560 Was May 1777 Robert Edmondson Appeared on first grand jury
963 Was 27 May 1777 Robert Edmondson Road ordered to be opened from Smauel Henyr s up he south fork of t
976 Was 26 Nov 1777 Robert Edmondson To view nearest and best way for a roadFrom James Beery to intersect with the Wautauga road
987 Was 22 Apr 1778 Robert Edmondson, Jr. Recommended to be Ensign
992 Was 20 May 1778 Robert Edmondson Surveyor of road from James Berrys to the foks of the River and that he cut the road as viewed by Alexander McNutt, Robert Buchanan and Robert Edmondson
994 Was 21 May 1778 Robert Edmondson Thomas Raferty vs. Robert Edmondson, case continued.
1343 Was Mar 23 1779 Robert Edmondson Will written
1027 Was 20 May 1779 Robert Edmondson Presentment against Robert Edmondson, continued
1033 Was 15 Jun 1779 Robert Edmondson on jury
1043 Was 18 Aug 1779 Robert Edmondson Nicholas Brabson plantiff against Robert Edmondson, defendant not guilty
1055 Was 18 April 1780 Robert Edmondson recommended for Lieutenant
1062 Was 16 Aug 1780 Robert Edmondson presented commission from Governor to serve as Lieutenant
1064 Was 24 Nov 1780 Robert Edmondson [will presented]
1067 Was 22 Nov 1780 Robert Edmondson Served on Jury
1068 Was 23 Nov 1780 Robert Edmondson Robert Edmondson Gentl. Recommended as Captain
1071 Was 20 Mar 1781 Robert Edmondson Inventory and estate recorded
1072 Was 20 Mar 1781 Robert Edmondson Ordered to Appraise estate of John Henderson
1095 Was 20 Mar 1782 Robert Edmondson Mary an Orphan girl whoi lives with Griffen Thomas Sen. Be bound... to Capt Robert Edmondson to learn the art and mystery of the Weaver Trade
1107 Was 20 Aug 1782 Robert Edmondson Deed from Robert Edmondson and Elizabeth Edmondson to William Edmondson Sr exhibted and proven by oaths of Thomas Edmondson Sr, Andrew Buchanan, and Willam emondson, witnesses
1126 Was 19 Nov 1782 Robert Edmondson Captain Robert Edmondson to be guardian of Mary Smith until she is of an age to choose herself
1148 Was 20 May 1783 Robert Edmondson Ordered to settle accunts of estate of James Watson, with David Carson
1168 Was 16 Dec 1783 Robert Edmondson Robert Edmondson vs. William Ramsay an appearance
1170 Was 17 Mar 1784 Robert Edmondson Esther Rafferty Plaintiff, vs William Long and Robert Edmondson, defendants owe palntiff 2 pounds 16 shillings 5 pence, for the plaintiff.
1213 Was 10 Aug 1781 Robert Edmondson 400 ac Washington County Actual settlement 1763 [?]
1213 Was 31 Aug 1781 Robert Edmondson 400 ac Rush Creek, actual settlment 1776
1213 Was 12 June 1782 Robert Edmondson 400 ac Middle and south Fork Holston,
1213 Was 20 May 1784 Robert Edmondson 400 ac Washington Cunty South side south Fork Holston,
1213 Was 20 May 1784 Robert Edmondson 400 ac South Fork HolstonSouth side south Fork Holston,
1275 Was 19 Aug 1782 Robert Edmiston To William Edmiston Sr, 5 Shllings, 215 ac on the South Fork of the Holston River, being part of a tract granted to Col. Wm Edmiston, granted by King's proclamation dated [missing]
1289 Was Oct 22 1789 Robert Edmiston Robert Edmondson of the County of Davidson NC, to Samuel Carson, 28 pounds, 92 ac south side South Fork Holston
1296 Was Sept 18 1792 Robert Edmondson Robert Edmondson of the County of Davison NC, to Samuel Carson, 28 pounds, 114 ac South Fork Holston
1260 Was 4 Mar 1793 Robert Edmiston Marries Mary Glenn by Charles Cummings