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Notebook:Porter Family
Guilford County, NC


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This page also includes data from Orange, Surry and other NC counties


Court Records

From: DocSouth

p. 813 Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council North Carolina. Council May 17, 1757 - May 30, 1757 Volume 05, Pages 810-817

At a Council held at New Bern the 23d Day of May 1757. ....

Ordered that a Commission and Dedimus issue to James Walsom Alexander Mebin, John Gray, John Pryor, Joseph Boggs, Lawrence Thompson, Josiah Dickson, John Patterson, James Allison, Andrew Mitchell, Lawrence Bankston, John McGee, Thomas Loyd, William Reed, William Charlton, Robert Abercromby, Hugh Porter, William Lee, Richard Parker and Joab Brooks Esqr to be Justices of the Peace for the County of Orange.

Misc Records

From Terry Porter Genforum Oct 16 1999 Orange Co. NC 1755 Hugh Porter buys horse from Robert Bashere, Wm. Porter witnessed. Wm. Porter vs. Othar Bashear in court case 1756 Hugh Porter buys 393 acres of land from Joseph Pinson, land is on Haw River. Hugh Porter witnesses and proves deed on Haw River Hugh Porter witnesses and proves deed on Haw River

1757 Hugh sues a man in Lancaster co. PA. He wins. Hugh on Grand Jury 3 times in Orange Co.

1758 Hugh on Grand Jury

1759 Hugh in court case Hugh on Grand Jury 6 times Wm. Porter witness deed, along with 3 Bashere men.

1760 Wm. Porter goes to court as a witness for Mordica Guinn. 1761 Hugh on Grand Jury 1762 Hugh patents 413 acres of land from Lord Granville. One side of land ajoins Bazel Bashier Witnessed by Adam Porter and Wm. Porter Patrick Porter witness deed

1763 Patrick Porter witness deed Patrick ordered to layout road Patrick ordered to layout road

1764 Wm. Porter dies (lives west of current Salisbury NC) Hugh vs Jesse Boshear in court Hugh orderd to layout road Hugh & William ordered to layout road from Dan River to Haw River Hugh on Grand Jury

1765 Hugh & William ordered to layout road. Wm. Appointed overseer. Hugh pleas guilty in court case.

1768 Rowan County Tax list for the Hollows (Current Surry County) show Hugh & William with 1 tithable each. William and Hugh appointed to lay out road from Moravian town to the VA. Line. (I believe this is Bethania / Bethabara settlement, north of current Winston Salem) 1769 A W? Porter marries Jean Brown in Rowan County (Surry County).

1771 Surry Co formed from Rowan in 1771. Surry Tax List (Was listed as complete) shows Lewis Forkner (1), Hugh Porter (1), and William Porter (2)

1772 Hugh (X) Porter Jr. witness deed for Brown Family Surry Tax List (Was listed as complete) shows William Porter (3), Joseph Porter (1), Lewis Forkner (1)

1774 Surry Tax List shows Lewis Forkner, William Porter and Hugh Porter living together. William Porter buys land on 2 separate occasions on Stewarts Creek (near the VA line) witnessed during both transactions by Joseph Brown and James Brown.

A Joseph Porter in Surry marries Rose Tallifero and moves to SC/GA along with Hugh in 1790's.

Hugh's children:

Phillip b. 1 Jul 1763.
William Porter.
James Porter
John Porter
Samuel Porter.
Hugh Porter.
Violet Porter. Died before. 1808
Margery Porter
Martha Porter
Mary Porter.

Williams Children (closely related to Hugh, but relationship uncertain):

Andrew Porter (Died before his father William)
Nathan Porter and Nancy
James Porter and Keziah
Robert Porter and Susannah
William Porter and Prudence
Joseph Porter and Polly
Hugh Porter and Prudence
Lewis Fortner and Violet
David Jones and Jean
John Baker and Patsey of the one part and Thomas Pope of the other

Rankin Collection

Collection Title: William Calvin Rankin Papers, 1772-1962. Held at [UNC, Chapel Hill

William Calvin Rankin, a native of Guilford County, N.C., worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority in Knoxville before retiring in 1948 to Charlotte, N.C., where he began researching the history of his family and their relations in Guilford County. He was the son of John Henry Rankin (1844-1921) and Nancy Jane Smith Rankin (1846-1919). The collection is chiefly genealogical and biographical compilations of William Calvin Rankin, relating to his work after 1948 in writing the history of the Rankin, Wharton, and allied and other families in Guilford County, N.C., and elsewhere. Also included is correspondence of Rankin with persons connected to, or interested in, the families he was investigating. Also included are scattered Guilford County letters, deeds, account books, scrapbooks and commonplace books, wills, and obituary clippings as well as family photographs that Rankin collected.

Folder 257 contains information on the Porter Family in Guilford Co


From: NCGUILFORD List Mona Knight 21 dec 2006 John PORTER is mentioned in several land warrants as living along the south side of the Haw River in Guilford County. He was also the chain carrier for several land surveys in this area.

John Porter, 90 acres warrant 613, issued Nov 19, 1778, by Ralph Gorrell to John Porter, begins on Hunter's line on the Dan River, runs E to William Chenault's line, N on his line to the river, and up the river; surveyed March 12, 1779 by Joshua Smith; William Chenault and James Walker, chain carriers; grant issued March 1, 1780.



DAVID RUSSEL TO WILLIAM PARKHILL Book 3 p. 66, C:046.40001 North Carolina Archives January 8, 1784?

This Indenture made this twenty eight day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty _ink glob_ between David Russel of the County of Guilford and State of North Carolina of the one part and William Parkhill of the other part witnesseth that for and inconsideration of the sum of one Hundred pounds gold and silver to him _ink glob_ Russel in hand paid by the said William Parkhill the receipt whereof the said David Russel doth hereby acknowledge and gives granted bargained and sold aliened -?-- And confirmed by these presents do give grant bargain alien and confirm unto the said William Parkhill him his heirs and assigns forever all that tract or parcel of Land situate lying and being in the County of Guilford and on the waters of Alemance Beginning at a post Oak running thence thirty five chains to a Map conditional with William Thrasher thence East thirty eight chains to a black Oak Joplin conditional with said Thrasher from; thence South to a stake thence East thirty eight chains to a Black Oak Joplin conditional with said Thrasher from thence South to a stake thence East forty six poles to a post Oak thence West seventy nine poles to a White Oak then west sixteen poles to Black Oak Isaiah McBrides line then west to the beginning containing one Hundred & fifty one acres being part of said Russell's Tract containing six hundred & forth acres together with all woods water mines Minerals ____? & appurtenances to the said land belonging to appertaining to hold to the said William Parkhill his heirs and assigns forever free & clear from all Incumbrances whatsoever the sum of money yearly or otherwise as our general assembly from time to time may ___( can not read last line of copy) and to the said David Russel & Mary, his wife for themselves their heirs executors and administrators do further covenant and agree to and with the said William Parkhill his Heirs & assigns that they the said David Russel and Mary, his wife them or either of them their Heirs and assigns at any future time will execute any other conveyance or conveyances that said Parkhill's attorney learned in the law may direct for the more better and firmer assurance of the above described Land and ____? To the said William Parkhill his Heirs and assigns forever Provided always that such other Conveyances shall be at the cost of him the said Parkhill & shall contain no other Warrantee then is contained in these presents in Witness whereof they have here unto set their hands and offered theirs Seals the day & year above written, David Russel (Seal) Mary Russell (Seal) In presence of (witnesses) Isaiah McBride, Jas. Rice, James Porter

Court records 2

from: Greensboro NC Records<BR

Court proceedings beginning August 20 1781, but the date of each session is sometimes not given, or is cumbersome to identify in the PDF format. Where the date could be easily ascertained it has been included, but the date is usually the first day of the court, and the record may be for a subsequent day. Pagination PDF(Court Book) viz p. 196(261) represents page 196 of the PDF File, but 261 of the court record book.

p. 17: Administration of the Estate of Mary Porter, decd, is granted to Rees Porter who entered into Bond with James Brown in the sum of L500 specie for the faithful discharge of his duty.

p 21: Ordered that Thomas Archer, Francis Bill, Thomas Blear & Rees Porter be summoned to

p35: Ordered that Didimus Potestatum Issue to take the deposition of Jean Porter on behalf of John Duffield on his petition against the estate of Robert Fields. lii

p. 44: John Porter, George Pierce, Robert Rankin, Jr., John Rankin, Thomas Cummins, John Allison, Francis Young, James Scales, John Davis, Saml Hunter, William Crump, William Farrar, Lend Barker, Thomas Joyce & John Whitworth be summoned to attend next Court as Jurors.lxiii

p. 61: 3Rd monday in May 1783. Ordered that William Dunman, an orphan of Joseph Dunman, aged four years the 2nd day of February last, be bound to James Porter to learn the art and mistery of a weaver.

p.68 3rd monday in August 1783 Ordered that Samuel Porter be exempt from the payment of a poll tax_____

p. 76 Ordered that the following persons to wit, Richard Burton, John Porter, Tho: Blear, Asa Brasher, Henry Work, Henry Ross, Jeremiah Reeves, Saml Thompson, James Hayes Senr., John Howel, James Ross, Adam Starr, Lodewic Clap, Findley Stewart, William Cusick, William Asten, Zachariah Roberson, James Starrat, Francis Young, Thomas Maxwell, John Gilcrist, James Starratt, Daniel Gillaspie, George Denny, Thomas Ross & James Donnel be appointed to attend the next Court as Jurors.

p. 86. John Marr vs William Reed Case No. [blank] The following Jury to wit Patrick McGibbony, John McAdow, William Bethel, John McClintock, Nathaniel Tatom, Francis McNary, Henry Porter, James McAdow, Thomas Archer, Hance Hamilton & William Smith being impanneled & sworn find for the plaintiff and assess his damage to L111.0.0 and C.Cost.

p. 90: The following persons Persons are ordered to be summoned to attend the next Court as Jurors to wit Thomas Blear, John Howel, Henry Whitsel, Smith Moore, Nathan Peeples, John Porter, Malachiah Reeves, Sampson Stuart, William Hamilton, John Donnel, Thomas Hamilton Senr., James Joyce, James Vernon, John Anderson, Thomas Holgan, John Duffield, John Allison, James Tharp, Samuel Bill, James Johnston, James Starrat (alemance) Abraham McElhatten, John Anderson Jur., Thomas Anderson, William Howlett, Capt. Abram~ Philips, Tho: Black, John Clerk, Jeremiah Reeves

p. 151: 16 May 1785 John Hamilton vs David Allison ) No. 25 The following Jury to wit

1. William Jackson 7. Samuel Bell
2. Robert Boak 8. John Ballinger
3. John Starrat 9. James Flack
4. Thomas McCurdy 10. Rees Porter
5. William Hannah 11. John Duffield
6. A_____ McMichael 12. Thomas Green

p. 156: A deed of sale from William Porter and wife to Hugh Forbus for 150 acres of Land was proved by the oath of John Forbus, a subscribing witness, and on motion ordered to be registered.

p.191(251) 19 Feb 1787. Ordered that the following persons be appointed to attend at May Court next as grand Jurymen Col. John Peasley, Jesse ___comb, William Cusick, James Porter, John Foster, Alexander Briden, John Smith, James McCrady, John Roberson, James Thornbury, Alexander Alison, Isaac Wright, Thomas Archer, William Smith Jun., Nathan Dillon, William Russel, Samuel Low, William Dix, Josiah Thomlinson, John McClintock, John Clark, Valentine Pegg, Isaac Beason, Daniel Baldwin, John Stuart, William Donald, Joseph Standly, David Law, Christian Foust, George Ingle, John Pilip Clapp, Robert Hannah, Willliam Doak, John Doak, John Nicks.

p. 196(261): A list of the Grand Jury, to wit, John Peasley, foreman Jesse McCombs John Clark Alexander Braden William Donnald James Porter

Joseph Stanley 

James McGrady

Robert Hannah

James Thornburgh William Chusick --- William Dix John Doak William Dick Valentine Pegg

p. 207 Jos. Porter proved a deed from William Cusick to John Dickey for 102 acres of Land.

p. 212(286) 1 Dec 1786. Know all men by these presents that I Watson Wharton of the State of North Carolilna and the County of Guilford have gargained and sold delivered to Reece Porter one Negro boy of the age of seventeen years named Sam for the sum of one hundred pounds in Gold & silver at the rate in law in North Carolina and also one Mulatto girl named Frank of the Age of Fourteen years for the sum of one Hundred pounds in Gold & Silver at the rates by law in North Carollina these Nigro Slaves I do warrant as good property to Bruce [SIC] Porter from me and my heirs and also from any Just Title Claim or Demand of any men or manner of persons whatever laying any claim title right or demand to any of the before mentioned two slaves given under my hand and seal this twenty first day of December 1786 signed Watson Worton (seal) Teste James Brown}x Robert Davis}

p. 215(292) Reese Porter acknowledged a deed to Watson Warton for 217 acres of Land

p. 227(312 ) 27 Dec 1787. Watson Warton Provd a Deed from Reece Porter To Thomas West for 80 Acres of Land

p. 239(332). Ordered That James Porter be Exempt from The payment of a Tax That he is Charged with in The List of Taxable for The year 1787 in Mr. Garrels District

p. 287 (63)[1] 16 nov 1789. A list of Insolvents in Mr Gawdeys Destrict for The year 1788___ To Wit__

A list of Insolvents in Mr Gawdeys Destrict for The year 1788___ To Wit__
[Name]Poles of Land NamePoles of Land
Ebenerer James 1 Thomas Killey 1
James Porter 1 Widow Boyd 400
John Linden 1 550
Ebenerer James 1 Thomas Killey 1
James Porter 1 Widow Boyd 400
John Linden 1 550


  1. Pagination in Court book apparently starts over. Perhaps a new book is being transcribed.