Notebook:Misc. Porters in Upper Southwest Virginia

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Notebook:Misc. Porters
Upper Southwest Virginia


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This page is collecting information on the sparsely documented Porters in the Upper Holston/New River areas of Wythe, Botetourt, Montgomery, and Smyth Counties.


David Porter

Kegley 1980:307 identifies a David Porter owning land in Botetourt County in 1788, on Little River, and again in 1799 (p319). Little River is SE of Radford, running SE-NW into the New River at the Claytor Lake Dam. The following from Descendants of Joshua Howell, ephemeral Website identifies a David Porter in this same area as marrying the daughter of Joshua Howell. Joshua Howell also lived on the Little River. Little River is formed from three main forks: West Fork, Howell Creek (Middle) and Dodds Creek (east fork). Most likely South Fork corresponds to Howell's Creek, and it is probably along this stream that Joshua Howell and David Porter both lived, or reasonably close to it. The modern community of "Floyd" is about 5 miles east of Howell's Creek.

1. Joshua1 HOWELL;[1] born 1745; [2] married Mary ? circa 1765.
Land Records lists: "JOSHUA HOWELL, 256 acres south fork Little River; 1782 additions, 250, 400 and 100 on south fork Little River; 1784, 143 acres west fork Little River; 1785, 100 acres south fork Little River; grant Botetourt Co. 1785 for 250 acres adjoining George Haristone and his own land.[3] He is listed as selling 282 acres west fork of Little River to John Ferguson in 1795 in Montgomery Co., VA.[4] In 1797 in Montgomery Co., VA he is listed "1797, JOHN HOOK from Joshua Howell and his wife, tract on south fork of Little River".[5] A survey of 1156 acres was recorded on July 15, 1797 in Montgomery Co., VA.[6] In February, 1804 in Montgomery Co., VA Joshua Howell, and others, took out 3 bonds to secure commission of Thomas Goodson as Sheriff of Montgomery Co., VA.[7] Mary ?[8] was born circa 1745.

Children of Joshua1 Howell and Mary ? were as follows:
2. i. DAVID2, born 1766 in PA; married Susannah Hilton.
3. ii. JOSHUA JR.; born circa 1775; married Christine Mickabell November 3, 1800 in Montgomery Co., VA. [9]
4. iii. THOMAS; born circa 1777; married Sally Stapleton November 6, 1802 in Montgomery Co., VA. [10],[11]
5. iv. ABIGAIL;[12] born circa 1780; married David Porter.
6. v. JOHN; born circa 1780; married Elizabeth Parkerson September 3, 1805 in Montgomery Co., VA. [13],[14],[15]
7. vi. NANCY;[16] born circa 1780; married John Bryant Hilton; married William Hancock.
8. vii. JAMES;[17] born circa 1780; married Abigail ?.
9. viii. DANIEL;[18] born circa 1780; married Phebe Ross.
10. ix. JEREMIAH;[19] born circa 1780; married Pehebe Priest;.

A single family tree on Ancestry identifies David who married Abigail Howell, as the son of a William Porter (1745-1787) and Mary McKay, but gives no further information about Williams parents.

WVA Genealogy Data Warrants from RW and Records and Pension and bounty lands....David Porter lived in Guyan Ohio in 1816 in 1828 he moved to Muncie IN. He was born in Christianburg VA Md Abigail

David is listed on1830 census for Lawrence county Ohio..the above book said he was in IN in 1828? Maybe he came back to Ohio for a short while. According to a family history from his daughter Priscilla's line David died in Muncie IN abt 1840

He was listed in Lawrence co on 1818 and 1821 tax list also the 1820 census in Union twp Lawrence co Ohio

Further evidence show him still alive in 1850 living with his daughter and son in law John and Sarah Porter Keen

Listed on Tax Records/Personal Property Lawrence Co., Ohio 1826/1827

tax List

New river Notes 1782 Montgomery County tax list

Name Tithes Slaves Horses Cattle
Porter, Israel 1 1 13 16
Porter, Joseph 1 2 1
Porter, Margaret 1 1 4 14
Porter, Robert 1 1 2
Porter, William 1 2 12


Unsourced information from Carl Murdock--Miscellaneus postings on GenForum in various lists; presented as an interim measure:

Early Porters in Montgomery co

William Porter(1705-1770) was married to Jane Patrick abt 1722.
Patrick Porter (1725-1802) Fought in French and Indian War. Spouse unknown.
Patrick was the father of Wm Porter who married Mary McKay abt 1764.
David Porter(1765-1840) son of Wm and Mary. David was born in Christiansburg and was married to Abagail Howell.

Mary McKay married William Porter. There children included
David (1765-abt 1844)
Possibly another son Wm Jr

Source not stated:
Page 200--22d November, 1773.-- John Macky's will--To wife, Mary; to son, Henry, a plantation in Forks of James River in Botetourt County, 170 acres; to son, William, 360 acres the testator lives on; to daughter, Jane; to daughter, Mary: to daughter, Esther; to daughter, Betsy. "Until my children come to full age." Executors, wife Mary, brother-in-law Wm Porter, Henry McClung. Teste: Archibald Alexander, Joseph Reed, John Peoples. Proved, 15th March. 1774, by the witnesses. Executors qualify (Mary __ her mark) with Saml. McDowell. John Porter

Mary (Porter) Mackey (McKy) was the daughter of William Sr. and Gean.

Executor William Porter Jr., Mary's brother = Mary Bowen. Children of William Porter Sr. per his will

John =Hannah Dobbs)
William Jr.,
Margaret=John Mitchell Jr.
Mary =1) John Mackey =2) Joseph Little)
Jean=Samuel Black)

____ Apparently from "Dictional (sic) of American Biography", by Virkus volume 7, page 30, and information from Bertini Talbot, as collectd by Newell Joyner, deceased." I believe that this was referring to "the Compendium of American Biography", a seven volume set published between 1928 and 1936 by Frederick A. Virkus Company. "Dictionary of American Biography" is a similar work.

William Porter (1705-1779) =1722 Jane Patrick.

Patrick (1725-1802
Grandson William (1745-1787) = Mary McKay.
Great grandson David =Abigail howell , daughter of Joshua and Mary Howell of Franklin County, Virginia.
children were:
Mary (Polly) Porter Moore,
Joshua Porter,
Andrew Porter,
Nancy Porter Wilson,
Matilda Porter Wilson,
Sarah Porter/Sarah Porter Keens
Jeremiah Porter

Indiana Lawsuit

The following suggests that when David Porter relocated ultimately to Indiana, he moved along with several of his fatherinlaws children or relations

From Nuck141 Notes

[NI54630] Record Book 24, Page 262 — Filed 18 December 1850 — In Chancery Isaac N. Shidler vs John Howell & Others Lot Number 28 in Addison was sold 8 February 1832 to Jonathan Ruggles, who in turn sold it on 31 May 1834 to Abiel Smith. Smith sold the land on 12 July 1847 tot Isaac N. Shidler; Shidler sold it 29 March 1849 to John W. Matthews; Matthews re—sold it 23 October 1849 to Shidler. The original deed was in error. The persons named within the suit: John Howell of Indiana; Jeremiah Howell deceased, father of Mary Deweese, Elizabeth McGinnis, Rhoda Ann Custar and others, all of Indiana; James Howell, deceased, father of N. Hamilton Howell, Johnston Howell, Lemuel Howell, John Howell, George S. Howell of Indiana, David Howell of Virginia, Nancy Howell married . .. Hannah, Abigail Howell married David Porter of Indiana, Joshua Howell of Michigan and Daniel Howell of Champaign County; and Thomas Howell, deceased.