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This page provides data systematically extracted from specific sources of importances to Southwest Virginia genealogy research.

Buchanan Notebooks
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Source Materials


Color Coding:John Buchanan the SurveyorCol John Buchanan
Title:Source:Summers, 1903 History of Southwest Virginia and Washington County
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract
John 42 .
43 .
44 .
45 .
53 19 March 1748 "head Spring of Middle fork HolstonJohn Buchanan Deputy Surveyor for Augusta County, surveyed 1300 acres called Davis' Fancy for James Davis
Col John 58 July 1755 Sent a Comapny of men in pursuit of Indians foillowing Draper Meadow Massacre
Col John 67 .
Col John 84 David Campbell purchases 740 acres called Royal Oak (n. Marion Va) from John Buchanan
137 1 Aprl 1750 Surveys parcel for Edmund Pendleton
250 1776, 1777 Washington an act of the General Asseumbly of Virginia adopted in October 1776, a requisition of seventy four men was made upon the authorities of Fincastle county, to be officer by a captain appointed by the Governor.....The Officers of the company organized in Fincastle county fo the contineal service in the year 1776 cannot be ascertained, save in one instance. John Buchanan was lieutenant of this company at its organization, and was alieutenant in the Seventh regiment in the fall of the same year, and remained in the service until killed in the year 1777" [1]
575 Washington Lands for Emory and Henry College the same as those surveyed by John Buchanan for Col James Wood
584 Washington Lands that became the Saltworks (saltville) surveyed by John Buchanan for Charles Campbell12 Dec. 1748
669 1746-1750 Washington John Buchanan visted Bristol area from 1746 to 1750 and surveyed tracts of the choice lands of the "ndian River" (now Holston)
671 1746-1750 Washington Describes tracts surveyed by Buchanan
672 2 may 1796 Washington John Preston, executor for William Preston executor for John Buchanan deceased, executed a deed to Isaac Baker, Jr. for 973 acres of land contracted to Evan Shelby by John Buchanan. This tract had been patented on 2 nov 1779 by the excutors of John Buchanan deceased
820 1740 Augusta John Buchanan Justice of Augusta
839 nd John Buchanan Deputy Surveyor for Augusta
854 nd (1777-1783) Lt. Washington Co Militia
856 1778 Capt. Continental LIne, Killed 1777. [1]
866 Washington Co John BUchanan, ensign, war of 1812
JOhn Alexander .
JOhn M .
John P

Summers 1929

Title:Source:Summers, 1929 Annals of Southwest Virginia
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract
John 1277 Washington Co VA 8 Nov 1785 Matthew Buchanan to John Buchanan late of the County, 5 shillings, personal property

Kegley 1

Title:Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1980 (vol 1 Southwest Virginia)
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract

Kegley 2

Title:Source:Kegley, 1982 (vol 2 Fincastle, Montgomery, and Wythe Counties)
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract
John 27 .
100 .
101 .
104 .
237 .
238 .
239 .
298 .
319 .
327 .
362 .
369 .
378 .
John Sr. 109 .
John Jr. 108 .
Joseph 69 .
117 .

Kegly 3

Title:Source:Kegley, 1995 (vol 3 Montgomery and Wythe Counties)
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract
Col John 593 .
Col John 596 .
Col John 702 .
Col John 704 .
Col John 763 .
Col John 764 .
Gent. John 541 .
Gent. John 543 .
Gent. John 547 .
Gent. John 554 .
Gent. John 562 .
John 29 .
John 32 .
John 89 .
John 96 .
John Buchanan 108 18 March 1793 Wythe John Buchanan 550 ac based on an entry of 400 ac on Commissioners certificate granted Archibald Buchanan, 1781, and assigned to John Buchanan, and 150 acres in John Buchanan's name on treasury warrant, 1790, assigned by Robert Adams, assignee of Samuel McCraw, pincipally in Wythe county in the cove on North Fork Holston adjoining Andrew Lammie.
John 207 .
John 213 .
John 276 .
John 277 .
John 310 .
John 351 .
John 361 .
John 367 .
John 372 .
John 422 .
John 549 .
John 623 .
John 704 .
John 724 .
John 729 .
John 749 .
John 770 .
John 763 .
John 766 .

Kegly 4

Title:Source:Kegley, 1998 (vol 4 Evansham)
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract


Title: Source:Chalkley, 1912a Volume 1. Augusta county Court Order Books and Judgements
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract
Title: Source:Chalkley, 1912a Volume 2
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract
Title: Source:Chalkley, 1912a Volume 3 Wills and Deeds
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract


Title: Robertson, 1998 Washington County Surveyor's Records
Given NamepageDateCountyExtract
John 1753,1769 Washington Page 1 - Col. Arthur Campbell...treasury Warrant...650 ac...on both sides of the middle fork of Holston River, being the land that he lives on known by the name of Goodwood and including his patent land, being part of the tract of land known by the name of the Royal Oak, containing 490 ac, patent granted to John Buchanan, August 22, 1753, conveyed to John Campbell by deed dated March 2, 1769 and from Campbell conveyed to Arthur Campbell by deeds dated August 15, 1769 the whole being 1140 ac...Beginning corner to David Campbell, Sr...crossing Mill Creek...line between David Campbell & Arthur Campbells
John 1782 Washington Page 11 - Joseph & James Davison...300 ac...Commissioners Certificate...150 ac assigned by John Buchanan to Joseph Davison...on both sides of Mockison Creek, north branch of the north fork of Holstein River...Beginning at the foot of Clynch Mountain near the bank of the the north side of Clynch Mountain...May 2, 1782
John 1783 Washington Page 50 - Jacob Will...250 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on both sides of South Fork of Beaver Creek, branch of Holstein River...Beginning corner to an old survey of John Buchanans...corner to Jones land...line of John Sharps land...April 1, 1783 - Jacob Will...250 ac on Beaver Creek, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1774...8-17- 1781
John 1782 Washington Page 98 - Henry Willis...400 the Rich Valley...Commissioners Certificate...Beginning corner to John Fowlers survey, with a line of John Buchanans Fowlers Mill the valley road...June 25, 1782
John 1784 Washington Page 104 - John Buchanan...November 14, 1784...90 the Rich Valley on the waters of the north fork of Holstein...Treasury Warrant...Beginning on John Fowlers line...on Henry Willis corner...on the north side of Walkers Mountain
John 1784 Washington Page 114 - John Buchanan...160 the Rich Valley...Treasury Warrant...Beginning corner to A. Willis survey...on Fowlers line...November 15, 1784
John 1774 Washington Page 265 - Robert Edmondson...257 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the south fork of Holston River...Beginning on the north side of the river, corner to John Edmondson, Jr.'s land...line of William Edmondson, Sr...corner to the patent land...line of John Buchanans land...on the north side of the river...May 20, 1784 - Robert Edmondson, assignee of William Edmondson, assignee of Robert Huston...400 ac..on the south fork of Holstein River, 108 ac surveyed for William Edmondson, Sr. on March 15, 1774...includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1770...August 17, 1781
John 1782, 1784 Washington Page 297 - John Widner - 200 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on the south side of the south fork of Holstein river - beginning on the south side of a branch - May 20, 1784...Andrew Burton, assignee of John Buchanan - 200 ac - on the waters of the south fork of Holstein, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772 - August 18, 1781...April 15, 1782, assigned to John Widner. Witnessed: Moses Williams. Signed: Andrew Bunton
John 1786 Washington Page 387 - John Donel - 94 ac - treasury warrant #17142 - in the Rich Valley on the waters of the north fork of Holstein River - corner to John Buchanan - corner to Col. Dysart's land - May 20, 1786


  1. 1.0 1.1 Summers does not state how he knows this to be true. Data on the history of the Seventh Virginia Continental is needed to confirm that this unit came from Fincastle, and that John Buchanan of Fincastle was killed while in service in 1777. We know that some members of the Fincastle community did serve in the Virginia line. Gen. William Campbell and William Russel, being instances that come to mind.

    An ephemeral site gives the following, without sourceing it:

    Buchanan, John (Va). 2d Lieutenant 7th Virginia, 4th April, 1776; 1st Lieutenant, 13th December, 1776; died 11th October, 1777, of wounds received at Germantown, 4th October, 1777.

    This is presumably the same person that Summers was referring to. While there were certainly persons from Fincastle County in this particular regiment, there were a substantial number of other counties represented as well. Whether the John BUchanan who died of wounds received at Germantown came from Fincastle or not, remains to be seen.