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Jane Inman b. 1817, Tn, daughter of John Ritchie Inman and Jane Walker, is said to have married Thomas Ferguson in Madison County Alabama. This notebook collects data about Jane.

From: [

George B„ Woodruff married Satah "Sally" Manning m Bruns- wick Co, on 30 Mar 1803 (Knoor & Fothergill, "Brunswick Co, Va, Marriages") The marriage was witnessed by John Manning, bro of the bride; and John Wyche, surety for bond, most likely a relative.

Sally was born in Brunswick Co about 1785 (residence of her parents); and she died in Madison Co, Alabama, about 1842o She is buried in the "Inman Graveyard" on the foot of Green Mountain, about 3H miles S.W, of Owens Cross Road, (family homestead burial ground; 1830 & 1840 Census Madison co , Al; George B« s 2nd mar.)

Sally was the daughter of Joel Manning and ( ) Phipps. (Deed Book 21:394, Brunswick co ) . Her mother died when she was an infant, and her father married, second, Mary Owens in January 1786. Sally was the granddaughter of Joseph and Sarah (Williams) Phipps of Brunswick Co and is mentioned in her grandfather's Will of 1809= (Will Book 7:324)

George B„ Woodruff married, second, Jane (Inman) Ferguson, the widow of Thomas Ferguson and the mother of four small child- ren, on 12 June 1843. (Madison co , Al , Marriage Book 4:693) Jane, the daughter of John Richie Inman and Jane (Walker) Inman, was born 1 Jan 1817 in Madison Co, and died in Franklin Co, Mo, 17 June 1898, aged 81 years. She is buried in Rommelmann Cemetery,

in Boon twp. (gravestone).

George B„ Woodruff married, second, Jane (Inman) Ferguson, the widow of Thomas Ferguson and the mother of four small child- ren, on 12 June 1843. (Madison co , Al , Marriage Book 4:693) Jane, the daughter of John Richie Inman and Jane (Walker) Inman, was born 1 Jan 1817 in Madison Co, and died in Franklin Co, Mo, 17 June 1898, aged 81 years. She is buried in Rommelmann Cemetery,

George B. Woodruff first appeared in the Personal Property

Taxlist of Brunswick Co, Va, in 1802, and was designated as GEORGE WOODRUFF, SON OF GEORGE, to distinguish him from three ad- ditional men in the County bearing the same name. Beginning in 1305, and for the remainder of his life, he used his middle ini- tial "B" as a means of identification.

As given above, George B. married Sally Manning in 1808, and ReVo William Dossey, who performed the ceremony was, at that time, serving the Reedy Creek Baptist Church in Brunswick Co, and was described in the Minutes of the Meherrin Association as

4 3

GeOo B , son of Geo.Jr 41

"a young man of talents, piety and very amiable manners." (His- tory of the Rise & Progress of the Baptists in Virginia", page 301, by Beale)o

In the year following their marriage, George B & (Man- ning) Woodruff and her half-brother, Caleb Manning, sold to John Manning their shares of the inheritance of their deceased father, Joel Manning, John, the older son of Joel Manning, is recorded as a 'grandson' in the Will of Joseph Phippso It is a case of one brother buying out the other tv/o heirs. (Deed Book 30:394) In the Will of Joseph Phipps, dated Apr 1809, he left his grand- daughter, Sally Manning, a feather bed, furniture and a cow. (Book 7:324)

George B. appears in the 1810 Federal Census of Brunswick Co ,

Va. Meherrin District -

p. 755 GEORGE B. WOODROUGH 1 male 16-26 1 female 16-26

1 male un 10

In this instance George B's age is underestimated since he was born in 1730 according to Mrs White, and proven to be correct in the taxlists of Brunswick Co andcother Census. The son in the household is Joseph Phipps Woodruff , born in 1809, and named for Sally's grandfather, (xerox copy of John Manning Woodruff's Bible Record, owned by Alice G Connoley, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1965).

On 20 Dec 1810, John Wyche sold to George B Woodruff 115

acres of land in Brunswick Co, Meherrin Dist, and he is listed in

the 1811 land tax record as owning 115 acres. On 12 Jan 1813,

George B, and wife, Sally, sold this identical property to James

Wyche and the deed states that it was "located on Brandy Creek,

adjoining the property of George Woodruff, Senr." (Book 22:110)

3 "Senior", in this instance, is the former George, Jr , the father

4 of George B.

In 1814 George B. appears on the PP taxlist in St Andrews District (north of the Meherrin river) owning one slave (Book A: 33). On 18 Feb 1815 he purchased 153 acres from Edward Hall on B. Water joining William Steward, located 9 miles S.E. of the courthouse at Lawrenceville; and three years later sold the pro- perty (Book 23:38). In the 1818 P.P. list he appears in the Meherrin Dist, south of the river, and living in the community of Brunswick, owning one slave. (We drove through Brunswick in

4 3

42 Geo. Bo , son of Geo,Jr

the fall of 1963 and it consisted of a large brick consolidated

school and a few scattered houses. )

In the 1320 Federal Census of Brunswick Co, Va , we find -

p. 278 GEORGE B. WOODROUGH 1 male 26-45 1 female 26-45

1 male 10-16 3 females un 10 1 male un 10

His sons are Joseph Phipps Woodruff , born 4 Apr 1809 (John Man- ning Woodruff 's Bible Record) and Benjamin Allen Woodruff, born in 1813, according to the 1850 Census of Franklin co , Mo. I do not know the names of his daughters, except Frances E, born about 1819. George B. continues to appear in the P P taxlists, living in the community of Brunswick and owning one slave, until 1825.

About this time he moved to Madison Co, Alabama, where he

joined other families from Brunswick Co — Allen, Wilkins, Wyche,

Eldridge, Manning, Vann, Rivers, Buford, Hobbs, Lee, Richardson,

Robinson, etc. He settled on the southern end of Green Mountain,

locally known as "Potato Hill" between the Flint and Tennessee

Rivers, about 3^ miles S.W. of Owens Cross Road, a few miles to

the west of the present Redstone Arsenal.

In 1890 the Huntsville "Independent" ran several articles by Mr. A. Whited of New Hope, on the early settlers of this part of the country, under the heading, "The Tall Timbers". In the issue of 27 June 1890, we find, "In the more central part of the Tall Timbers we had the Clouds, Cooks, Dunns, Wilhelms, Skel- tons, Williams, Honeys, Wilsons, Nelsons and Inmans, the descen- dants of whom are yet living, the celebrated cotton brokers and ship owners of New Orleans and New York." I thought it was a coincidence that Mr Whited would entitle his article "The Tall Timbers" in 1890, and I would select a similiar one for our Family History. Thus, when George B. Woodruff moved to his new home in Alabama, he chose an area among the tall pines, similiar to the one he had left in Virginia.

The Woodruff's settled on "Potato Hill" and further down the mountain lived the Inman's in "Possum Hollow". When we visited the area in 1966 it was still "tall timbers". Standing high above the other trees, at the foot of Green Mountain, are two large pines that could be seen for some distance, and these were able to lead our local guide to the Inman cemetery. The only commer- cial stones, now standing, are those of John Ritchie Inman and his wife, Jane (Walker) Inman, the parents of the three Inman girls who married into the Woodruff family, and it is also the

resting place of Sally (Manning) Woodruff, the first wife of

4 George B. Woodruff .

4 3

Geo B son Geo Jr 43

The Woodruff's lived in this area less than twenty years, between 1825-1843 , and through the assistance of Mrs Pauline Gand- rud (now deceased), a native of Madison Co, and a well known genealogist, I v;as able to secure every scrap of Woodruff infor- mation to be found in the Madison Co records. Over the years, Mrs Gandrud had indexed all of the courthouse records and others, such as Census, cemetery, newspaper items, etc. In addi- tion to these, I had two excellent Family Genealogies regarding the Walker, Inman & Lyle families and, because of their marriage to the Inman girls, the Woodruff's were also included in the books - "Genealogical History of the Descendants of JOHN WALKER of Wigton, Scotland, 1500-1902, by Emma Siggins White, of Kansas City, Mo. I own a copy of this book containing 722 pages. The "LYLE FAMILY" by Oscar K Lyle, of St Louis, Mo, was published in 1912, and it is understood that Mr Lyle spent almost one million dollars collecting his material for the book. He wrote many letters and made several visits to the family in Franklin Co, Mo. I am fortunate to have a xerox copy of the Introductory Chapter, and about 25 pages pertaining to the Inman and Woodruff families,


P, 135 GEORGE B, WOODRUFF 1 male 40-50 1 female 40-50

1 male 20-30 1 female 15-20

1 male 15-20 1 female 5-10

1 female un 5

On 5 May 1331, a year following the census, Joseph P Wood-

5 4

rough (oldest son of George B ) married Elizabeth Inman, by John

C Grayson, J, P. (certified. Book 3:726). On 17 Oct 1831, Joseph Fipps Woodruff patented land in Sect 26, Madison Co (Land Patents, Madison Co, certified). This is located on the southern edge of Green Mountain, locally called "Potato Hill".

On 22 Nov 1834, George B Woodruff rented some land in Madi- son Co and gave his brothers , Robert W and Allen Woodruff, for security. It was through this simple, seemingly insignif icent document, signed 150 years ago, that we were able to secure the "proof" of this relationship, (certified)

In an earlier -record , dated Aug 1827, Robert W Woodruff

served as trustee to William Brandon to secure debt to James

Brown for slaves. (Deed Book L:222) Between these two dates,

1827-1834, Robert W had moved to Rutherford Co, Tenn, where he

appeared in the 1830 Census, along with his brother Allen, and

then both returned to Madison Co prior to November 1834, (The

record of Robert W, begins on page 76 ),

5 4

On 20 Dec 1836, Benjamin A Woodruff , second son of Geo B ,

married Caroline Matilda Inman, by Edward H Vann, Minister of the Gospel (certified, Book 4:122), On 14 Dec 1838, Frances E Wood- ruff, daughter of George B, married Duncastle S, Buford (E:176),


1 1

male male

50- un

-60 5


1 1

male male

20- un

-30 5

4 3

44 Geo B son of Geo Jr

This was a second marriage for Buford, Frances lived but a few

years and died prior to 1843, at which time Buford married for a

third time. She left 2 young children

There are two other female marriages that may, or may not, be the daughters of George B Woodruff. On 2 Apr 1835, Lavina Woodruff married John Keeton in Madison COo This could be the Viney Webster who had previously married Dudley Woodruff in^l824 (Book C:454). Dudley, if you recall, was the son of Henry , son of Joelo Mrs Gandrud could find .lo other references to Dudley, who did not appear in the 1830 Census, and may have died prior to 1835, There is also a marriage for Susanna Woodruff to Burrell Lee on 22 Oct 1836 (Book 4) The only Burrell Lee living in Madi- son Co v;as born in 1775 in N»C„ In 1836 he would be 51 years of age, whereas, Susannah, if a dau of George B, would be in her early twenties. This is not impossible, and could have given Geo B the idea, a few years later, when he took for a second wife, Jane Inman Ferguson.


158 GEORGE B. WOODRUFF 1 male 50-60 1 female 50-60

1 female 10-15

1 female 20-30

1 female 15-20

1 female 5-10

1 female un 5

JANE FERGUSON I male 10-15 1 female 20-30

2 males 15-20 1 female 15-20

1 female 5-10

1 female un 5

p, 159 JOSEPH P WOODRUFF 1 male 30-40 1 female 20-30

2 males 5-10 1 female 5-10 1 male un 5 1 female un 5

Jane (Inman) Ferguson's husband, Thomas, died in 1840 prior to the Census, and her twin sons were born 18 Dec 1840, after the Census, She is living on the homestead of her deceased parents, John and Jane (Walker) Inman, parents of 16 ch. Janf Inraan died in 1832 , following the birth of her youngest child, and John died in 1837, The two youngest girls in the household are daughters of Jane, but the other children are her orphaned brothers and sisters. Likewise, in the home of Benjamin A Woodruff, the two youngest children are theirs, and the two older girls are orphan- ed sisters of his wife, Caroline Matilda (Inman), Appearing in the 1840 Census, in the same neighborhood are the families of Manning, Lee and Buford,

4 3 -c-

Geo B son of Geo Jr 4b

According to the History of Alabama there was a typhoid fever epidemic about 1842 and it was about that time that Sally (Man- ning) Woodruff died, and was buried in the Inman Cemetery, in Possum Hollow, at the foot of Green Mountains. On 12 June 1843, George B. Woodruff married Jane W (Inman) Ferguson, a young widow and the mother of 4 small children. This may have been a marriage of convenience because, about that time, George B and sons, along with her two sisters, were making plans to move to Missouri. I do not know if this bears any relationship upon the move, but in 1343 there was a bank failure in Alabama and, soon after, George B. and his two sons, Joseph Phipps and Benjamin Allen Woodruff, moved to Franklin Co, Missouri. They located in section 10 in the extreme S.W. corner of Franklin Co, Boon twp. All three families had a large number of children, all of double relation- ships. Little wonder that in years to come it was a common say- ing, "You can always tell a Woodruff when you see one." In addi- tion to their own families, they brought with them the unmarried brothers and sisters of the Inman girls.


no 421 WOODRUFF, GEORGE B. 60 farmer born Virginia

Jane 33 Alabama

Sarah IS Alabama

Thomas 10 Alabama

William H 10 Alabama

Susan 6 Missouri

Margaret 3 Missouri

George W. 1 Missouri

The Census is faded and difficult to read, but here George B's age is recorded as 60, which means that he dropped 10 years due to the age of his wife (or more likely, Jane was the one that gave the information!) The three older children, Sarah, Thomas and William are children of Jane by her first marriage to Thomas Ferguson, who in the 1860 census, and for the remainder of their lives, went under the name of "Woodruff", and were for many years unaware of their true name (Gandrud) The youngest three children are the beginning of his "second" family.

no. 426 WOODRUFF, JOSEPH P 41 farmer born Virginia Elizabeth 35 Alabama

Benjamin 18 Al John

16 Al. Albert 8 Al

14 Al

12 Al

James 10 Al

Sarah 14 Al. Julia 6 Mo. Frances 12 Al. Amanda 3 Mo.

4 3

46 George B son of Geo Jr

noo 382 WOODRUFF,










(1850 Census

















William P.



In the 1360 Census, George B is still living in Boon twp, and three more children have been added to the family - John A born in 1851, James D born in 1853 and Frances born 1855, Geo B' s oldesu dau, Frances E, wife of Duncastle S Buford, died about 1843 and it was not uncommon that a 'favorite' name to be given to a younger childo Mrs White gives the information that the three youngest children, Margaret, James and Frances, all died in 1360o Their deaths occurred after the 1860 Census, no doubt from some epidemic that sv/ept through the community., There are three field stones in Rommelmann Cemetery that nark their graves. In the 1860 Census George B's correct age of '80'was given.

George Bo Woodruff died in Boon twp in 1362 and is buried in his homestead cemetery, according to Mrso White, In 1960 I re- ceived a letter from Jesse Woodruff of Belle, Mo„ with the fol- lowing quote:

"When I was a boy down around Sullivan, Mo, the Woodruff's were as thick as fiddlers in hades, and I think they were all relatedc When the first ones started to pass away the people hated to see them go - or they were glad they did go - for they started a cemetery and named it WOODRUFF CEMETERY, It was be- tween Owensville and Bourbon, Moo and there are a lot og good Woodruff's buried there, I think you have started your record 50 or 60 years too late,,,"

The Woodruff (or Rommelmann) Cemetery is located in the extreme SoE, corner of Franklin Co, Boon Twp, on the Rommelmann Farm, originally the Woodruff homestead. For years it was an in- land cemetery; but about 1960 the county provided a roadway and folks have started burying in the unused portions. It is well fenced and fairly well kept. It is in a beautiful wooded area and when we visited it in the fall of 1965 the countryside in all directions was a riot of color.

In 1891 Jane Woodruff was living near Bourbon, Mo in Craw- ford COo when interviewed by Mrs, White, Her gravestone in Rom- melman cemetery reads -

born Jan. 1, 1817
d. 17 June 1898
Erected by John A. Woodruff in
memory of his beloved mother.


1840 census---ferguson's in Madison Alabama

Bartn Ferguson South Half, Madison, Alabama]
Jane Ferguson South Half, Madison, Alabama
Robert Ferguson South Half, Madison, Alabama]

1850 Census Ferguson's in Madison Alabama

A single Jane Ferguson's is listed in the 1850 Census for Alabama

Jane Ferguson Coosa, Coosa, Alabama abt 1809 South Carolina

Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Coosa, Coosa, Alabama
Family Number: 576
Name AgePOB
Donald Ferguson 47
Jane Ferguson 41, born in South Carolina
Andrew Ferguson 16
James Ferguson 14
Mary Ferguson 13
Ebenezer Ferguson 10
John Ferguson 9
Sarah Ferguson 7
Margaret Ferguson 5
Elizabeth Ferguson 3
Josephine Ferguson 1

1860 South Eastern Division, Madison County Alabama

Elizabeth Devon 49
Emily Devon 22
Jas Devon 20
Margaret Devon 18
Salina Devon 16
Jane Inman 42
Elen Inman 12
Climmie Inman 10


Jane Ferguson South Half, Madison, Alabama 1840 Census, Madison, Alabama]
Jane Ferguson Sex <5 5-<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 70<80 80<90 90<100 100 up
Males 1 2
Females 1 1 1 1
George Woodruff South Half, Madison, Alabama 1840 Census, Madison, Alabama]
George Woodruff Sex <5 5-<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 70<80 80<90 90<100 100 up
Males 1
Females 1 1

1850 Census District 31, Franklin, MO

George B. WOODRUFF, 60, farmer, VA
Jane 30 AL
Sarah 16 AL
Thomas 10 AL
William 10AL
Susan 4 MO
Margaret 3 MO
George1 MO


1860 Boone, Franklin MO, george B. Wooduff HOH

G B Wooduff 85VA
Jane Wooduff 44MO
Frane Wooduff 2MO
Susan Wooduff 16MO
Mary Wooduff 13MO
Geogi Wooduff 12MO
John Wooduff 10MO
J D Wooduff 9MO

Fam. Bilble

This is not the Thomas Ferguson who married Jane Inman

Who lived near Henry's Cross Road's, Sevier Co., TN. Bible now 1937 in
possession of Mrs. Jake Hickman of New Market, TN, RFD #3.
Thomas Ferguson and Mary Inman, at Charles Inman's were married,
5th day of March 1852.
Thomas Ferguson, was born, Feb. 11, 1829.
Mary Ferguson, wife of Thomas Ferguson was born, Dec. 11, 1834.
Sarah E. Ferguson was born, Aug. 10, 1853.
Charles R. Ferguson, was born, April 20, 1855.
James L. Ferguson, was born, May 31, 1857.
Priscilla F. Ferguson, was born, March 28, 1859.
D. A. Ferguson, was born, Jan. 31, 1861.
Nancy Ann Ferguson, was born, Nov. 28, 1862.
Bruce Ferguson, was born, Aug. 19, 1865.
W. B. Ferguson, was born, Aug. 5, 1868.
E. K. Ferguson, was born, Nov. 9, 1869.
Mary F. Ferguson, was born, September 1871.
Luther Ferguson, was born, Dec. 9, 1873.
W. M. Ferguson, was born, Dec. 26, 1876.
Thomas Joda Ferguson, was born, April 14, 1879.
Charlie R. Ferguson, died, Jan 14, 1870.
Infant born Nov. 1, 1874, and died same day.
W. B. Ferguson, died, Oct. 7, 1893.
Mary Ferguson, died, Sept. 6, 1894.
Bruce Ferguson, died April 20, 1907.
Thomas Ferguson, died, Feb. 28, 1910.
Copied from PERSI files from Allen County, IN Public Library - listed