Notebook:Elliott-Walker Connection in the Carolina Cradle

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Notebook:Elliott-Walker Connection
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From Mary Ann, 14 nov 2009

I now realize that just as there were contemporary Samuel Walkers who lived in Orange and Caswell Counties (past researchers assumed it was the same man), there were two James Elliotts, one in Orange and the other in Caswell county. Because records in Tennessee referred to a James Elliott, Jr - past researchers (including myself) incorrectly assumed he was the son the James Elliott of Orange/Caswell county, NC, and brother to Elizabeth. This James Elliott mostly appears as a "junior" in records in Robertson county, TN. I can't remember and haven't found any references to a Jr. in Caswell or Orange.

Looking closer to the Orange County James Elliott: Will of JAMES ELLETT Dated 4 October 1799, Orange Co, NC; proved May 1803

The 4th day of October 1799. The last will and Testament of James Ellett I do bequeath all my housell estate to William Elliott his Heirs or assigns All my Lands on franchbord on the little river on James River on Haw River on Cane Creek in Pensylvania. I bequeath all my personal estate at my Death and said Elliottt shall take care of my wife & let her have the use of her bed forever after while she lives - And the disposal of her body chose at her death - I do bequeath 2/ to John Morray 2/ to William Carter 2/ to James Hird 2/ to Thomas Blake 2/ to William Passmore all at my death if I do not chose to alter it -

James Elliot

Test John Morray

David Passmore } Jurat

Orange County May Term 1803

The Execution of the foregoing last Will and Testament of Jame Elliott dec'd was duly proved in open court by the oath of David Passmore a subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Just like Samuel Walker, this James Elliott had one son and a slew of daughters. He doesn't mention either a James or an Elizabeth - so she was not this James Elliott's daughter.

Going through my files, I found a Land Grant for James Elliott who was granted land on Moon's Creek in 1783. He is probably not the above James Elliott who only mentions his Haw River land in Orange County. It makes sense that a James Elliott who lived on Moon's Creek is probably related to Elizabeth who married James Walker.

Now I understand the difference between the two DAR Rev. War entries -


James Elliott - b c 1740 d a 10- -1816 TN m Margaret ... Pvt PS NC (This one is most likely the one related to Elizabeth.)

                   - b c 1730 EN d a 5- - 1803 NC m X CS NC (This is the Orange county James Elliott who left the above will).

What I know about James Elliott (1740-1816). He is old enough to be Elizabeth Elliott Walker's father. She was born in 1763. He is buried in Robertson County, Tennessee in Murphey Cemetery. His wife's name is Margaret. Although I know it isn't proof, our Walker family really stuck close to the Scottish naming patterns. Their first 4 children names should include Samuel, James, Eleanor and Margaret. They go: Samuel, James, William, Margaret - with a four year break between William Walker (1787) and Margaret Walker (1791), making me suspect that a daughter named Eleanor was born but died young (later replaced with Eleanor, born last in 1805).

Unfortunately, unless we can find earlier records in another state, or someone has a family Bible record stashed away, there is no way to prove this in Robertson county, as far as I know. ALL Robertson county records before 1830 or so were damaged in storage and fell apart when they were moved to the county archive building (I've been there and talked to the county historian). So, there will be no will record. I have no idea where the person found the Benjamin Moore will of 1827 - it no longer exists in TN.

Lastly, I found this query in my files concerning the Orange county James Elliott. I'll have to research to see if there is a connection between the two families.

My connection to this Elliott line is via James' daughter, Dinah/Diannah Elliott Passmore. As was often the norm in that era, daughters received bequests via their husbands.

Dinah Elliot married William Passmore in 1787 in Orange Co NC, with William ELLIOT as bondsman.(presumably her brother who is also named in James' LWT) Assuming that the four bequests at the end are to sons-in-law in right of their wives (daughters of James) it accounts for Dinah who married William Passmore, Eleanor who married Thomas Blake, Jane who married William Carter and will assume Catherine married John Murray/Morray (no proof and I have not pursued that). The David PASSMORE who signed as Jurat, was brother of William Passmore. The William CARTER, husband of Jane (sometimes seen as Mary Jane), was son of Nathaniel and Ann (McPHERSON) Carter. The McPhersons and the Passmores were also connected, Ann's brother William was the husband of Phebe Passmore, and both of these families came from Chester and Delaware Co's in PA.

Would like to correspond with anyone having information on the ELLIOTTs (et al spelling variants), PASSMORE/PASMORE or Chester Co PA Quaker migration families who came to the Orange Co NC area.

Who were the parents of the James who died in 1803? Where did he come from? Is there any credible connection to the James and Mary Weecks/Weeks line? There is a John Elliot listed in Orange Co NC, married Jean (Jane?) Collins. Humphrey 'Humpy' Pasmore acted as bondsman on that bond. Is this John connected to James, as all the Elliots seem to have had connections to the Pasmore/Passmore family.

Mary Ann