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Related Information from Ireland

from the library of ireland early residents. Peppard, John, Esq., M.D., Limerick

  • Pepper, George, Esq., Mosney-house, Balbriggan, co. Meath

Pepper, Captain Theobald, Rathcormac, co. Cork. It should be noted that established the White wife of George Pearis Parris was Sarah Pepper Peppers Ferry family.. Mother of Robert Parris - Capt George Parris Kings Mountain Fame Giles VA founder of Pearisburg. Half brothers of George Teaters wife. Be it remebered that these boys served under their older brother in law Sgt George Teater in Thompsons Co Lord Dunmores War as privates.. Note the Pepers were from limerick--Parris 18:18, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

6. Neely, Christopher 15 April 1807 10 September 1807 New Providence John P. Cunningham OVERSIZED. Christopher Neely a brother in law of George Pearis the elder. Sister Sarah married old George Pearis father of Richard George and Robert earis parris. The neelys were exiled with Richard Pearis to the Bahamas after the Revolution.--Parris 18:34, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Bahamas DNA Project


Bahamas Y-Chromosome STR Test Results other surnames will be added when they join

Understanding Results: If two males match 21 out of 25 markers or better they likely share a direct paternal ancestor in a genealogical time frame (since the introduction of surnames). The closer the match, the more likely their shared ancestor lived more recently.

Five families (LIGHTBOURN, MAJOR, MALONE, MINNS, and WEATHERFORD) share a direct paternal line ancestor with their surname with another direct paternal line that was never in the Bahamas. Y chromosome results reveal at least two different families in the Bahamas for the following surnames: BAKER, BRENNEN, JOHNSON, KNOWLES, MAURA ROBERTS, TAYLOR, and WEATHERFORD.

Y chromosome results for a direct paternal line descendant of ...

...William NEELY (kit 23288), born about 1820 in Eleuthera, reveal that his direct paternal line descends from Africa. A comparison with African Ancestry's African Lineage Database indicates that he shares direct paternal line ancestry with the [Tuareg ethnic group of Mali.] NOTE the dna results posted of of george parris the elder he was e1b a dark north african tpe. note george pearis the elder wifes male dna is tuareg tribe central north africa.. note above as explianed by the irish dna project cordinators. these african arab type dna made thier way to ireland by the irish cheiftans movements between iberia and ireland where social mixing occured.

Therefore both Parris parents where Black Irish. by DNA standards back to 12 generations.. This means that all the brothers George Parris Richard Pearis Robert Pearis thier offspring where connected by a male dark line from central and North Africa into Ireland to America, all such descendants carry the gene. This could be another reason as to why to the family of George Teater was so Dark Complected.

It seems a waste of time to move in regards to Black German bloodlines when its solid scientfically proven these people where Black Irish. If George Teater did have Black German blood it would of happened when his family came from France to Nassau 1620 1630s.--Parris 18:59, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

HARRISON NOTES August 1997 Part 2 Charles W. Johnson. 8514 Rockmoor, San Antonio, Texas 78230 © 1997 Charles W. Johnson, M.D.

11. Harrisons for 200a on s. side of Rocky Creek adj Shoemaker milsaps, Thomas Milsaps. Orig grant to Thomas Milsaps 5 Feb 1790. Humphrey Roberts 13 Nov 1793 . ... I believe Milsaps a family of Abbott's Creek Baptist and moved to SC with a group and connected to some of my kin, but I am not sure why Betty Jo Hulse is interested in them (see later).

B: 64-65. 20 Aug 1789 Moses Parris to Thomas Milsapes 100 pds 250a both sides main Rocky Creek adj John Shewmaker, Peter Keeton. Orig Grant to Moses Parris 20 Dec 1783. Wm Millsapes, Humphrey Roberts. (I believe Moses Parris related to George Parris, the famous Indian Trader with Indian wife and descendants in Buncombe and in GA)..

GEORGE PEARIS PARRIS. Was the father of Sarah Pearis wife of George Teater. Those who want more info on George Parris Indian wives can go thru Harrisons files. or go thru the Chowan Catawba surnames Hiter Hyter Hoyter fmily files Rutherford NC Bertie Chowan NC ect.--Parris 19:23, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Ray of Howard County, Mo. - Photos

Go to this website. You will see the family of Samuel Teater son of George Teater and Sarah Pearis familys photos. These people are one thing Dark look like Indians Melungeons.--Parris 19:38, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Ancestors of Beverly Jo Ray Updated June 19, 2002

Beverly Jo Ray

Edit Your Page

I have been collecting photographs of my Ancestors and my immediate Family for several years and I am glad to be able to post them on a Family Tree Maker sight. Enjoy the view.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the following Family members for their time and assistance, my Uncle Erwin Douglas Ray and my cousins Kathryn Ray Layton Coup, Cleo Teater Wilhoite, Eddie Lewis Robinson & Lois Robinson Dougherty .

Go to this Website. look at the family of Parris Teater and Rebecca Totten. See Zacharia Teater and wife Rosa. these people are Black Haired Dark Skinned people. Look at the photos exteded family especaiily females these girls are all dark skinned dark haired People.--Parris 20:04, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Samuel Teater Family

Laurel Co. Ky USGW Photograph of Long Branch School 1924 Photograph of Benge Family. Photo contributed by Sheila Jones. Front row Henry Benge 1874, Thenie Benge Bowling Gray 1870,

GO TO THIS WEBSITE. See the photos of Samuel Teater family son of George Teater and Sarah Pearis. see the family of Parris Teater Rebecca Tottoen by Absalom Teater - Wife Ray Benge Emmaline Ray SAMUEL TEATER BY SAMUEL RAY SAME FAMILY--Parris 20:15, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

GO TO THIS WEBSITE. click on zacharia ray. read the explanation of the social identifiable group of dark skinned teater of George Teater and extended family.


The earliest confirmed Ray ancestor of Bob is Zachariah Ray born ca 1750-1765, probably in Virginia or North Carolina.

Conventional tradition among his descendants state he is the son of Hezekiah Ray, a Scotsman. However, I can find no evidence of a Hezekiah Ray who would come close to matching as a father of Zachariah. I found no evidence in the records of the Church of Scotland indicating the existence of a Hezekiah Ray. In fact, Scottish records spell the name Rae.

At least one researcher has declared Zachariah to be the son of Samuel Rae of Albemarle County, Virginia. This Samuel Rae does have some documentation and is of the right age to be Zachariah's father. For this reason, I have placed him on this website as the father of Zachariah.

Samuel Rae did spend his adult life in Albemarle County. It should be noted that Zachariah's first boss and his wife both came from Albemarle. Zachariah also named his first born son Samuel, following a practice of many to name the first son after a grandparent.

This same researcher also stated that the parents of Samuel were Thomas Ray/Rhea and Ursula Smith. Other researchers say Samuel's father was Thomas' brother Andrew, who was married to an Ellender. The evidence I have is not completely conclusive, but, from my view, Andrew has the edge.

Samuel had a brother named Thomas who died 24 March 1777 in Surry County North Carolina. This death is documented by county records. This is the same county where Zachariah was known to be living in 1781. Thomas left a widow named Ursula (Thompson) who is documented as living in Stokes County N.C. (separated from Surry in 1787). Sons may include Samuel, Benjamin, Andrew, George, and William.

 Also of interest are the Ray's of Wilkes County, which is the County just to the west of Surry. In this county lived the in-laws of Zachariah Ray. The actual residence of these Ray's was west of the Blue Ridge, in present day Ashe County. The 1793 Tax list shows a Chesley Ray, living next door to Elijah Evans, previously of Surry/Stokes county and soon to be Garrard County Kentucky. The grandson of Elijah would marry the great grand-daughter of Zachariah Ray. I suspect Chesley Ray to be a in-law of Elijah Evans. Also on the 1793 Wilkes tax list, in the same community, were Chisleu and Sanders Ray. The 1790 Wilkes County census list a Dicey Ray, Elizabeth Ray, and a Jesse Ray. The 1800 Wilkes County census lists a James Ray. It is possible that most of these Ray's moved on to Wilkes County Georgia. 

The earliest record I have of Ray's in Wilkes County is that of Ambrose Ray, supposedly born ca 1724 and marrying Mary Buntin ca 1749. This marriage is disputed by others. Ambrose supposedly had a daughter Elizabeth, b 16 Feb 1749, who married Nathaniel Vannoy 1774, in Wilkes County and lived on Lewis Fort Creek. Ambrose is listed on the 1782 Wilkes County Tax Roll.

Bob Evans.

Parris 20:30, 20 October 2008 (EDT) [Bob needs to be contacted to secure permission to use his materials.]

John Galloway who married Darky Ray , 30 May l785, LINCOLN COUNTY, KY. Green County, Ky was created out of Lincoln Co, Ky. You can mind marriage bond on John Galloway and Darky Ray at Lincoln County, Ky courthouse. from Peggy Galloway, Danville ,Ky (10 miles from Lincoln Co.) listed in the lincoln co marraige book. Samuel Teater married Elizabeth Ray about the same time. Estimated both Darky and Elizabeth daughters of Joesph Ray. Note as already posted Joseph Ray DNA type is G dark north Africa type spread to Ireland.--Parris 20:52, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Records on Joseph Ray Wray ect.

JOSEPH WRAY marr A MARY J, COLLINS LIVED IN GARRARD Co, Ky,ON THE PAINT LICK CREEK MOVED TO JEFFERSON Co, In, IN THE YEAR 1819. Collins is a typical Melungeon surname. Add that with a daughter named Darky.--Parris 21:04, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

John Collins Family

John COLLINS1 was born about 1793 in North Carolina. State: Kentucky Year: 1850 County: Madison District: No. 3 Page: 319 14 Nov 1850

433/436 John Collins 57 M Farmer NC Elizabeth 47 F Madison Sophia 17 F Madison Sephiaina? 14 F Madison ??ary 10 F Madison John 5 M Madison Louisa 3 F Madison ______________________________________________________

Spouse: Elizabeth LNU--Parris 21:14, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Michael TEATER.2 Parents: Absolom Fletcher TEATER and Emeline RAY.

Spouse: Elizabeth COLLINS. Children were: Jane Cordie TEATER, John W. TEATER.

Spouse: Eliazbeth COLLINS. , MICHEAL TEATER MARRIED THE DAUGHTER OF JOHN COLLINS--Parris 21:17, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

NOTE John Collins was the Grandson of Meredy Collins the founder of the Floyd Co KY branch of the Melungeons caaled and enumerated as Indians. These are the in laws of Parris Teater thru Abslaom Teater. Nancy Scalf was born March 1788 in North Carolina. Her birth is listed as 1789 in various places. A statement by Polly Scalf Trent in support of her father’s pension in Hawkins County, Tennessee reveals that Nancy was her older sister. This is the only information obtained at this date to confirm which child was the oldest child of John and Edeah Carlisle Scalf.

Edeah (aka Edy) Carlisle Scalf listed birth dates of both her oldest daughters at two separate intervals in her deposition for her pension benefits after the death of her husband, John Scalf, Sr.. In one statement Edeah stated Polly was born 1788 and Nancy, 1789. In another statement, she stated Nancy was born in 1788 and Polly in 1789. This was likely due to her age at the time of the statement.

As with most census records, the estimated dates of birth for these two daughters range in different years for both of these girls from census to census. Considering the fact that John and Edeah were married 1787, the statement of Edy concerning the months and years of birth, coupled with Polly Scalf Trent’s statement, we can safely assume that Nancy Scalf Collins was born in 1788 in North Carolina, and probably in Edgecombe County.

Tracking Nancy Scalf Collins has certainly proven to be a challenge and we are still uncertain as to the husband of Nancy Scalf. Many avenues have been followed concerning the husband of Nancy but for the most part have been dead-ends. An effort to narrow down the possibilities of who the husband of Nancy Scalf Collins might have been is offered here for research purposes for this line of the family.

Correspondence with some of the Collins family researchers has failed to produce the name of Nancy’s husband but it seems likely that at least one Nancy Collins has been confused and might possibly be our Nancy Scalf Collins.

As most families did during the early years of settlement of this country, the Collins family repetitiously named their children after their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. As with the Scalf family, there are numerous folks of the same name in these lines. Separation by birth years, wills, death records, children’s names, deeds and numerous other records is generally the only way one can distinguish one name from another. Research of the Collins family is not intended in these writings; however, information obtained in my research of Nancy Scalf will be offered here as a guideline for researchers. This information may or may not be helpful.

As stated above, Nancy Scalf was born in either March or April of 1788, probably in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, as this is where her parents married in 1787 and are believed to have been living at that time. Her mother stated two separate birth dates for Nancy and Polly so we cannot be certain of the month of her birth but from the statement of her sister, Polly Scalf Trent, we can be certain that Nancy was born first and in 1788.

The marriage record for John Scalf, Sr. and Edeah Carlisle has not been found at this time; however, his wife, Edy Carlisle Scalf, stated that she married her husband, John Scalf Sr. in the county of Edgecombe in the state of North Carolina on February 15, 1787.

Nancy’s parents left Edgecombe County where they are believed to have been living in the home of John’s father, Lewis Scalf, in 1790 and traveled to Surry County, North Carolina by 1800. The family was in Floyd County, Kentucky by 1810, Russell County, Virginia 1820 and 1830 and in Hawkins County, Tennessee by 1840. Her father died March 10, 1848 in Greene County, Tennessee.

Although the census records are the only documents that confirm where the John Scalf Sr., family was during this time, another document confirms that John Scalf, Sr. went to Russell County, Virginia before his move to Floyd County, Kentucky in 1810. This information was obtained from the statement of Polly Scalf Trent, sister of Nancy, in her deposition for the re-instatement of her father’s pension in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1845.

In her statement, Polly Scalf Trent states, “that said John Scalf, sen. removed from said County of Wilkes into Russell County in the state of Virginia where he lived several years, thence into the state of Kentucky, thence into Hawkins County.”

Analysis of this statement reveals that John Scalf, Sr. was living in Russell County, Virginia 1806 – 1810. He appears on the 1800 Surry County, North Carolina census, then on the 1810 Floyd County, Kentucky census and then on the 1820 and 1830 Russell County, Virginia census.

The years between the census records could place John Scalf, Sr. at any location but we find that Polly was correct in her statement that he was in Wilkes County, North Carolina when he left as the Wilkes County court records show that he was charged, along with James Bogus for the theft of a hog in Wilkes County, North Carolina around 1805. Bogus left the area and John remained for a time but ultimately left. John probably thought he would have to suffer the consequences of this charge alone since Bogus had left. John in turn left the area and his brother, William, accepted the bond for John in the amount of $40 to guarantee his appearance in court. However, John fled the area as well. John’s father Lewis picked up the bond in 1807. A horse, cow and a few other items belonging to John were confiscated in 1805 before John left the area. The case was continued against Lewis until 1813 – 1814. It is unknown at this time as to how this case eventually turned out. It is assumed that John’s father, Lewis, eventually settled the case.

It is unknown by records whether John ever saw his father again or not but it is evident that some type of family connection remained for Patsy Counts Scalf stated that “Lewis was upwards of 100 years old when he died in Georgia many years ago.” This statement was made in 1845. There had to be some type of correspondence between the families for Patsy to have known when Lewis Scalf died. Whether John was guilty of the charge or guilty by association is unknown as no further records were found.

John could very well have gone to Russell County, Virginia before Floyd County, Kentucky, as Wilkes County, North Carolina is located in what is known as the New River Valley. This area was a very well traveled route of the early settlers moving down the valley into the Washington County, Virginia area and ultimately into Hawkins County, Tennessee and also into Kentucky via the Cumberland Gap. Russell County had been created in 1786 from Washington.

By the time John Scalf, Sr. arrived in Russell County, Virginia several Trent and Collins families were living in the area of Washington and Russell Counties. It is most likely here in one of these locations that Nancy and Polly Scalf met their husbands as well as Dicey Scalf Williams. The Williams, Collins and Trent families traveled down the New River Valley area very early on and some can be traced back to North Carolina by this route. It is also possible the Scalf family met some of these families along this route but it appears the Williams, Collins and Trent families were in Russell and Washington earlier than the Scalf family.

In 1806 when John Scalf, Sr. left Wilkes County, North Carolina, Nancy would have been 18 years old and Polly 17. Dicey would have only been six years old. Both Nancy and Polly would have been old enough to marry before 1820.

The 1806 Personal Property Tax List of Washington County, Virginia shows that John and Patrick Collins were living in Washington County, Virginia along with John and David Williams. This tax list can be found on the USGenWeb.

The 1806 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List Transcribed by Jeffrey C. Weaver, September 22, 1998.

Collins, John 2 - - 3 two white polls and three horses
Collins, Patrick 1 - - 1 one white poll and one horse
Williams, John 1 - - 2 one white poll and one horse
Williams, David 1 - - 1 one white poll and one horse

Several Williams families were living here in 1802 listed in the Upper District – Jesse Browning’s list. These were Shadrick Williams, Henry Williams, Samuel Williams, Richard Williams and James Williams all listed on Jesse Browning’s list.

Living in the lower district – Robert Tate’s list – were John Williams and Samuel Williams. Some of these families were living here as far back as 1788 and 1789 and appear in the Montgomery County, Virginia tax records.

The Collins families first appear on the tax lists of Washington County in 1806 but were also listed in the Montgomery County tax lists earlier.

A brief summary of the county creations might be in order here to better understand where these early settlers were living. Russell County was created in 1786 from Washington County, Virginia. Washington County, Virginia was created in 1776 from Fincastle and Montgomery. Montgomery was created from Botetourt and Fincastle in 1776. Botetourt was created from Augusta in 1769 and Fincastle was created from Botetourt in 1772 and abolished in 1776. Due to these county formations, the tax lists of Washington County, Virginia appear to overlap with the tax lists of Montgomery and Fincastle Counties in some years.

The New River Valley area consists of the counties lying along and connected to the North Carolina/Virginia border which are: Johnson, Ashe, Alleghany, Surry, Watauga, Wilkes and Yadkin Counties in North Carolina and Washington, Grayson, Carroll, Patrick, Smith, Wythe, Floyd, Tazewell, Bland, Pulaski, Montgomery, Tazewell, Giles and Roanoke with most of these counties being formed after these early families traveled through. 
At the time of the travels of the folks we are interested in, the main counties in the New River Valley area would have been Montgomery and Washington Counties in Virginia and Wilkes and Surry in North Carolina. Some of these folks lived along the Yadkin River in North Carolina. This should not be confused with Yadkin County, which was formed later. 

Surry Co., NC formed from Rowan. Wilkes was formed in 1777 from Surry and the District of Washington. Yadkin County was formed in 1850 from Surry.

Interesting, and very confusing to researchers is the district of Washington. This later became Washington County, Tennessee. Wilkes County was formed from parts of Surry and what was known as the Washington District of North Carolina. Washington District became Washington County, North Carolina before Tennessee became a state. When Tennessee became a state in 1796,Washington County, North Carolina became Washington County, Tennessee.

There is also a Washington County, North Carolina but again this is not the same county as Washington District or Washington County North Carolina/Tennessee. This Washington County was formed in 1799 from Tyrrell.

“The District of Washington was officially recognized as a part of the governmental structure of North Carolina. (The settlers had originally thought they were in Virginia, but on discovering that they were actually in NC, petitioned to be officially annexed.) Wilkes Co., NC was formed in 1777 from Surry and the District of Washington. In 1777, the District of Washington became Washington Co. (now TN). (q.v.)”

These early Collins, Williams and Trent settlers most likely met along the New River Valley area of the North Carolina and Virginia counties and the Scalf family might have been acquainted with them in North Carolina as they seemed to travel some of the same routes. However, Nancy, Polly, Dicey and possibly another sister, Betsy most likely met their husbands after their arrival in Russell or Washington County, Virginia and possibly even in Floyd County, Kentucky.

Nancy Scalf Collins’ family, along with Polly Scalf Trent and Dicey Scalf Williams, might have moved over to Kentucky at some point with their father’s family in his movements between Russell County, Virginia and Floyd and Clay County Kentucky but if so, these families returned to Russell County, Virginia and to Hawkins County, Tennessee where they appear to be enumerated in the 1830 and 1840 censuses.

The Collins family does not appear in the Russell County, Virginia tax lists until 1799 when Meridith Collins appears taxed with one white poll. There are several Collier families listed but the name remains the same throughout the tax lists and by this we assume that there was a Collier family in the area and this spelling was not a transcribing error.

Merady Collins (assumed to be Meredith) appears again in 1801 but is not found in 1800 in the tax lists. Meridith is not found after the 1801 Personal Property tax list but a James Collin appears in the 1810 Personal Property Tax list of Russell County.

However, Meredith Collins is found in Floyd County, Kentucky in 1810 at the same time John Scalf, Sr. appears in Floyd County, Kentucky. It appears that Meredith remains in Kentucky but John Scalf, Sr. returned to Russell County, Virginia by 1820 where at least three Collins families appear namely; Martin Collins, Isaac and Sarah Collins. James Collins is not found in Russell County after the 1810 Personal Property Tax list and it is presumed he has moved down to Hawkins County, Tennessee where a James Collins is found on the 1830 census.

In 1830 a John, Isaac and Sally Collins are found as head of house in Russell County, Virginia.

In 1840, Burgess, Edward, Sarah, and Amy Collins are found as head of house in Russell County, Virginia. Sarah is most likely the Sally listed in 1830.

By 1850, a very large number of the Collins family are living in Russell County, Virginia but the Scalf family has moved to Hawkins County, Tennessee by 1840 and a number of the Collins, Trent and Williams family are in the neighborhood.

From the above information, Meridith Collins was the only Collins family near John Scalf, Sr. in 1810 in Floyd County, Kentucky and was also in Russell County, Virginia but not found at the same time as John Scalf, Sr. was living there.

In tracing the Meredith Collins family, Meredith was age 45 or above in Floyd County, Kentucky. Meredith has two sons in the home ages 10 – 16. Nancy would have been at least five years older so it is doubtful she married either of these sons. It also appears that Nancy and Polly are in the home of their father in 1810 as there are two females listed with births estimated 1784 – 1794. No other Collins family was found in Floyd County, Kentucky in 1810.

By the enumeration of the 1820 census, there is a Bradley Collins living next door to Meredith in Floyd County and listed as either mulatto or “free persons of color.” Meredith’s family was also listed the same. This could have been an older son of Meredith but we have no way to determine this from this census. John Scalf, Sr. has returned to Russell County, Virginia by 1820.

In 1830 Meredith was found in Pike County, Kentucky. He is now 60 – 70 years old and born 1760 –1770. There is a male in the home age 10 – 15, presumed to be a grandson. Meredith was not found as head of house after this census and it is assumed he died before 1840.

In the 1820 Russell County, Virginia census there are two females who appear to be daughters in the home of John Scalf, Sr. These females would have been born 1794 – 1804. At least one of these females is believed to be Lydia. It is difficult to determine if the other is Dicey, or Betsy but Nancy and Polly appear to be married and in their own homes at this time.

Review of the 1820 census of Russell County, Virginia reveals three Collins families:

1) Sarah Collins head of house, 26 – 45, born 1775 – 1794.

2) Martin Collins head of house, 26 – 45, born 1775 – 1794

3) Isaac Collins 45 or over, born 1775 or before.

Due to the fact that John Scalf, Sr. made several trips back and forth between Kentucky and Virginia between census enumerations, a study of the Collins family head of house was undertaken in an effort to determine if one of these could have been the husband of Nancy.

Martin Collins would be a likely candidate in Russell County due to his age but it is believed by Collins researchers that Martin was not married to Nancy Scalf.

The head of house found in Kentucky in 1830 were Abraham, Bradley, Hiram, Amos and Elijah in Clay County, John in Madison County, Amy and Meredith in Pike County.

In the household of Hiram is one male under 5 years of age. There appears to be something wrong with this census, as there are no parents in this home.

Bradley is listed as 40 – 50 years old and born 1780 – 1790. Although the age fits, his wife is not in the home.

Amos Collins is 40 -50 and his wife is 30 – 40. The name of Amos’ wife is established by 1850 so Amos is ruled out as well.

Elijah Collins is 30- 40, born 1790 – 1800; however, there is no wife in this home. There is a female listed as 80 – 90 who is probably his mother. All of the above were ruled out as the husband of Nancy Scalf for various reasons.

In 1830 a John Collins appears as head of house in Russell County, Virginia. He is listed, as 20-30 years old and due to his age, was likely not the husband of Nancy. Sarah Collins is listed and is believed to be Sally from the 1820 census. Isaac is still living in Russell County but Martin is gone. Martin is believed to be the same Martin Collins that appears in the 1840 Hawkins County, Tennessee census.

Isaac Collins is gone from Russell by 1840 and due to his age, is presumed to have died. Burgess, Edward, Amy and Sarah Collins are the head of house in 1840 Russell County, Virginia. Burgess and Edward are also much younger.

In the 1830 census of Hawkins County, Tennessee is listed a large number of the Collins family; however, only two males fit the age category to have been the husband of Nancy; Benjamin Collins born 1780 – 1790; Wyatt Collins born 1780 – 1790 and if Nancy married someone older, then Ezekiel and James Collins would qualify as they were born 1770-1780. This James Collins is probably the same James Collins from the 1810 Personal Property tax list of Russell County, Virginia. Nothing is known of this James Collins.

By 1840 John Scalf Sr. and some of his children have moved to Hawkins County, Tennessee where they were enumerated on the 1840 census. Other than Edy Collins who appears to be the matriarch of the Collins family, Vardemon (Vardy) Collins appears to be the oldest Collins male in Hawkins County at this time. Vardy is 70-80, born 1760-1770. Edy is 80-90 and born 1740-1750. Vardy Collins is reported to have married Margaret “Peggy” Gibson.

This leaves Benjamin and James Collins. It is unknown who these two men married. However, in analyzing the 1830 and 1840 census the following is concluded:

In the 1830 Hawkins County, Tennessee census, there appear two men by the name of Benjamin Collins. One is older than the other. Along with these two men is a James Collins. All three of these men are listed as free persons of color as were a large number of the Collins family in Hawkins County in 1830. It is believed that one Benjamin Collins born 1790 - 1800 is the same as the one called Benjamin Collins, Jr. and listed on the 1850 Hancock County, census. His wife was Elizabeth.--Parris 21:33, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Charles Lee Dibrell, Sr. b. 24 Oct 1757, Albemarle Co, VA d. 16 Jul 1840, Union City, Obion Co, TN Son of Anthony Dibrell and Elizabeth Lee m1 Martha Burton, 1776

  b. cir 1757
  d. cir 1797
  Daughter of John Burton and Sarah Gibson
  Children of Charles Dibrell and Martha Burton are:.


1788 Madison Co, Ky Tax list

      Isaac Burtin - 21+; 3 horses
      Samuel Burtin - 21+; 4 horses
      Allen Burtin - 21+; 4 horses

1788 Madison Co, Tax list - Michael McNeeleys List

      4/4: Robert Burton, 2 males 21+; 1 black; 2 horses
      4/4: Abraham Burton, 21+; 3 horses
      4/4: Allen Burton, 21=; 1 horse

1789 Madison Co, Tax List by Aaron Lewis

      Isaac Burton, 21+; 4 horses
      Samuel Burton, 21+; 3 horses
      William Burton, 21+; 4h

1789 Madison Co, Tax list - by Michael McNeely

      4/17: Robert Burton, 2 males 21+; 1 black; 4h
      4/17: Abraham Burton, 21+; 5h
      4/17: Allen Burton, 21+; 2h

1790 Madison Co, Tax list -

      No Burtons

1791 Madison Co, Tax list

      4/1: Samuel Burton, 21+; 3h
      4/1: Isaac Burton, 21+; 5h
      4/11: Allen Burton, 21+; 2h
      4/19: Robert Burton, 2 males 21+; 4h
      4/19: William Burton, 21+; 3h

1792 Madison Co, KY Taxpayers - List 1

      4/28: Allen Burton, 21+, 2 blacks; 4 horses; 7 cattle
      4/28: William Burton, 21+, 3h; 12 cattle
      4/28: Abraham Burton, 21+, 1 black, 7 horses; 10 cattle
      4/28: Robert Burton, 21+, 1 male 16-20; 2 blacks; 2 horses; 6 cattle
      4/28: Isaac Burton, 21+; 5 horses; 10 cattle.

1792 Madison Co, KY Taxpayers - List 3 by Andrew Kennedy

      10/30: George Burton, 21+; 3 blacks 6 horses

1793 Madison Co, KY Taxpayers - Middle Dist. by Andrew Kennedy

      9/03: Abraham Burton, 21+; 1 black; 8 horses; 11 cattle
      9/14: Isaac Burton, 21+; 1 horse; 3 cattle
      9/14: SHERROD BURTON (b.by1772); 21+; 1h, 3c
      9/14: Robert Burton, 21+; 2b,1h,36c

1794 Madison Co, Ky Tax List

      5/06: Isaac Burton, 21+; 6h, 11c
      5/06: Abraham Burton, 1b,1h,14c
      5/06: David Burton, 21+; 4c
      6/02: Robert Burton, 21+ 2b, 1h, 36c
      6/02: SHERWOOD (Sherod) BURTON, 21+; 13c

1794 Madison Co, Ky Tax List - Wm. Caperton Dist No.2

      4/19: Samuel Burton, 21+; 1b, 1h, 3mares, 11c; 140 acres

1794 Madison Co, Ky Tax List by John Adams

      6/16: William Burton, 21+; 6 mares; 6c

1795 Madison Co, Ky Tax List by John Adams

      5/20: William Burton, 21+; 1b, 4 mares, 6c.

1795 Madison Co, Ky Tax List 2

      6/25: Abram Burton, 120a on Paint Lick

1795 Madison Co, Ky Tax List 4

      6/25: Isaac Burton, 21+; 6h, 14c
      6/25: SHEROD BURTON, 21+; 2h, 6c
      6/25: Robert Burton, 21+; 2b, 1h, 6c
      6/25: Abram Burton, 21+; 2b, 9h, 9c--Parris 22:05, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Robert D. BURTON1,2,4 was born in 1798 in Ky..4 He was born in 1798. He appeared in the census in 1850 in Garrard Co., Ky at age 52.4 He appeared in the census in 1860 in Garrard Co., Ky at age 62.4 He died in 1866. He died on 16 Aug 1866.4 He was buried in Burton Cemetery, Buckeye, Garrard Co., Ky..4 He was buried in Burton Cemetery, Buckeye, Garrard Co., KY. [allen burton.FTW]

1860 Garrard Co., Ky. Census has Squire Burton b/Ky at age 17 and JamesP. Burton b/Ky at age 13 living with this family.

James Land marr. Elizabeth Bolan 2-12-1796

Elizabeth was Isaac Burton step-daughter he gave his consent and said she was this. He had marr. Sarah Bolan. The their son Robert D. (Devil Bob) Burton marr. 1 st. Rachel McMullen 10-30-1817, had one dau. Matilla who marr. Jackson May. Rachel died, Robert Burton marr Eada/Eda/Eady Lawless their dau Malinda marr Cyrus Sanders. _______________________________________________________

Kentucky Marriages to 1850 Burton, Robert married Mcmullen, Rachel on 30 Oct 1817 in Garrard County, Kentucky Burton, Robert married Lawless, Fay on 14 Oct 1822 in Garrard County, Kentucky _______________________________________________________


State: Kentucky Year: 1850 County: Garrard Roll: M432_201 Township: Division 1 Page: 104/255a 17 Sep 1850

780/824 Robert Burton 52 M Farmer KY Sarah 53 F KY Woodson 22 M Atty at Law KY Amanda 16 F KY Sarah 8 F KY _______________________________________________________

State: KY Year: 1860 County: Garrard County Township: Lancaster P.O. Pg 103/733 26 Jul 1860

707/699 Robert Burton 61 M Farmer KY Sally 62 F KY Sarah A. 18 F KY _______________________________________________________

State: Kentucky Year: 1870 County: Garrard Precinct: Dist. No. 2 Buckeye PO: Buckeye Page: 84/391a 4 Aug 1870

217/216 Burton, Edie 66 F W Keeping House VA (Edie Lawless/widow/Robert D. Burton) Squire 26 M W Farmer KY James R. 22 M W Farmer KY George 10 M B Comon Laborer KY

Parents: Isaac BURTON and Sarah BOLEN - BOWLING Parents: Isaac BURTON and Sarah BOLAN..


Founders of the Stoney Creek church were the word Melungeon originated..

note Robert The Devil Burtons sister Elizabeth Bolen married James Land. Father Thomas ED Land and Martha Craft Delaware Indian.



[Need the intermediate source for this]
The Stoney Creek minutes. Lee Virginia where the word Melungeon was 1st Recorded. Church Meeting December 1801 Comfort Osborn received but not baptised. Nancy Gibson received by letter. Valentine Collins received by experience and baptised. David Cox received by experience and baptised. Ellender Nelson rec'd by experience and baptised. James Stanfield received by experience and baptised. [Betsy Burton,] Mary Stanfield, Susannah Marshall, David Cocks, Margaret Carter received and baptised.

January 18th 1802 The Brethren collected at Brother Cockses where Brother Jesse Wilson preached his farewell sermon at night when Sister Susannah Marshal applied for a letter of dismission. Was granted and given her. The 23 being church meeting day presented [Brother Bolling ]at the above house. The church was unanimous in consenting to a Constitution. It is agreed upon that the members of this church put money into the Deacon's hands to defray the expense of preparing the elements for the administration of last Lord's Supper and likewise to prepare for next which is intended next quarterly meeting..

[note Betsey Burton. She was the daughter listed from Isaac Burtons brother Allen Burton, note Brother Bowling. This Jesse Bowling Bolen ect. Uncle of Davil Bob Burton. Son of Isaac Burton and Sarah Bolen.--Parris 22:51, 20 October 2008 (EDT)]

September the 26, 1813 Church sat in love. Brother Kilgore, Moderator. Then came forward Sister Kitchen and complained to the church against Susanna Stallard for saying she harbored them Melungins (Melungeons). Sister Sook said she was hurt with her for believing her child and not believing her, and she won't talk to her to get satisfaction, and both is "pigedish", one against the other. Sister Sook lays it down and the church forgives her. Then came forward Cox and relates to the church that he went to the Association and took the letter and they received the letter in fellowship. Dismissed.

[NOTE THIS WAS THE 1ST RECORDED TIME IN HISTORY THE WORD MELUNGEON WAS EVER RECORDED IN AMRICA 1813. Its to aurgumentel to discuss what the word meant to this people at that time.--Parris 23:08, 20 October 2008 (EDT)]


A final note on the Bolens Bowlings ect. The Burton Bolen Bowling family marraiges to George Teaters family are to numerous to post. Most are the line of Parris Teater. See the Burton Grave Yard.


The following seems to be taken from GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE MELUNGEON FAMILIES, By Mark French Jr. [Need full citation]

Uncle Wash Osborne of Copper Ridge near Dungannon in Scott County gave me more information about the Melungeons than anyone else. Uncle Wash's full name is George Washington Osborne.

From what I gathered from Uncle Wash, the Melungeons started coming to Wise and Scott Counties about 1820. These people came in about equal numbers from Kentucky from Newmans' Ridge and lower end of Lee County. A few came from North Carolina.

The first Collins family, who came to Scott County from Newmans Ridge were white.

From Kentucky came the following families; Collins, Gibsons, and Sextons. From Newman's Ridge; Collins, Littons and Bollings. Very few people with these names came from Newman's Ridge.

From Blackwater, Tennessee came the Sweeneys, Adkins, Lucas, Bollings, Goins and Baldwins.

Also the Melungeons came to Scott County from Letcher County, Kentucky near Whitesburg at a place called Lick Rock. These people lived in large numbers. Uncle Poke Gibson came to Scott from Letcher about 1820. He claimed to be Portuguese Indian. A few Littons came from Newman�s Ridge who are member of the Melango Tribe. There are two groups of Littons members of the Melango Tribe who live in Scott County and the Littons of Wise County who are not members. The Littons of Wise are no relation to the Littons of Scott.

The Bollings, who are numerous in Scott and Wise Counties, came from Newman�s Ridge. The have all the features of the Indian race.

]Old Jack Bolling, the originator of this family, is believed to have come from a low life grade of Indian. He married a melungeon by the name of Collins or Sexton but this is the first and last crossbreed in the family. His people were strong and spoke half-broken English. He was pure bred Melango and had no other blood in him. In this case word Melango pertains to Indian blood only.--Parris 23:19, 20 October 2008 (EDT)]


After the death of Mary Vacleave George Teater JR remarried Polly Riddle. Most Melungeons, or many, claim descent from this line of Riddles. 1. Moses Riddle was born about 1735 and died after 1785.

General Notes: The first record which appears to definitely be this William Riddle is the 1767 tax list, Tithables of Pittsylvania County, 1767 of persons residing in the newly formed Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He is listed as "William Ridle" and next to him on the list is "Moses Ridle (Indian)."

As far as can be determined, Moses Ridle was the father of William Riddle and was of Scotch-Irish, Indian and Portuguese (Melungeon) ancestry. "Indian" - Pittsylvania County, VA Tax List - 1767; "malato" - Orange County, NC Tax List - 1755.

The term "mulatto" as it was used in the 1700's in this area of the Southern States referred to persons of skin color darker than European white, and evidence suggests included persons of American Indian, Portuguese, Mediterranean, and Moorish ancestry - anyone who looked "darker" to the individual census or tax list taker. Persons of African black ancestry were generally listed as "negro" on these same tax lists (see Orange County Tax List - 1755). Melungeon people were often labeled "mulatto" or "free persons of color," but also often were called "white."

In the Riddle family of Utah there is a tradition that the family was of "Portugee" ancestry, which is a common tradition among people of Melungeon ancestry. See also Jack H. Goins, "Melungeon Families - Sizemore, Minor, Goins, Fisher and Riddle," Families of Hawkins County, Tennessee (1786-1994), (Rogersville, Tn. Hawkins County Genealogical and Historical Society, 1994), pp. 537-540.

The spellings "Riddle," "Ridley," "Ridel," "Ridle," and "Riddell" can all be found in various documents in connection with both William Riddle and Moses Riddle. For conciseness I will use the spelling "Riddle," indicating when a document spelled the name otherwise, but it must be recognized that spelling of surnames in the 18th century was very fluid.

Moses married Mary GIBSON, daughter of Thomas GIBSON and Mary. Mary was born about 1720 and died after 1740.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 2 M i. William Thomas Riddle was born in 1740 in Flatt River, N.C and died in 1781 in Wilkes County, NC at age 41.

[This line is too sophisticated and also argumental to document all the children of this line. Theory is Moses Riddle of Garrard Kentucky was half hung and did not die but joined the Patriot cause.--Parris 23:36, 20 October 2008 (EDT)]

As far as can be determined, Moses Ridle was the father of William Riddle and was of Scotch-Irish, Indian and Portuguese (Melungeon) ancestry.7

By tracking events in the life of William Riddle - who he associated with, where his children lived, and the families into which his children married, a clear pattern of on-going association within these extended families has been established.

All evidence continues to point to and strengthen the conclusion that Moses Riddle and his wife Mary were the parents of William Riddle.8

The next mention of William Riddle is found in the court records of Montgomery County, Virginia. He was involved in court cases concerning land in 1773, 1774, 1776 and 1779,9 and appears in 1773 on a Montgomery County, Virginia tax list in the area of Elk Creek along the New River.10

In 1774 William Riddle (Riddell) was a member of Capt. William Herbert's militia company, and apparently fought in Lord Dunmore's War at Point Pleasant on the Ohio together with Neal Roberts, William Roberts, James Wallen, Joseph Wallen, Thomas Wallen, James Wallin, William Ingram, John Cox, George Sizemore, Micajer Bunch, Doswell Rogers, Nathaniel Wilshire, Clement Lee, George Keith, David Cox, Elisha Collins, Lewis Collins, John Collins, John Collins Jr., John Cox, David Cox, Daniel Blevins, James Blevins and William Blevins.11 006 TEETER George RIDDLE Polly 30 Dec 1821 married Boone Mo Marraige Book 2ND WIFE WAS POLLY RIDDLE 1ST WIFE WAS MARY VANCLEAVE 214 12 Riddle Moses . 1 . . 1 1 1 . . 1 . . 226 12 Teter Geo., jr. 3 2 . . 1 2 2 . 1 . . . 226 13 Teter Geo., sr. . . . 1 1 . 2 1 . 1 . 4 FROM THE 1810 GARRARD CENSUS.--Parris 23:59, 20 October 2008 (EDT)


The croatans lumbee bladen robseon co malengeans.

Sarah Sally Santee DOB Aug 22 1796 Daughter of John Santee.

married Samuel B Teater on Jan 23 1820 Woodford KY.

Samuel B Teater DOB july 4 1796 Garrard KY. Parents William Teater and Nancy Ross.

1810 Bladen Co NC census of Mixed Indians FPC at the time the Lumbee Croatans were called Melengeans. Santee, John junr 4 Bladen Co. p191

Santee, John Senr 5 Bladen Co. p191--Parris 02:31, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

1800 CENSUS BLADEN NC. Santee, John 7 Bladen County page FPC mixed indian melangean ect.--Parris 02:40, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

1800 a Small branch of the Lumbees Croatans Melangeans. Lourey, William 5 Bladen County

Webb, John 8 Bladen County

Webb, William 7 Bladen County

Patrick, David? 7 Bladen County

Demery, John 4 Bladen County

Smith, Abraham 12 Bladen County

Smith, Henry 3 Bladen County

Chavis, John 4 Bladen County

Jacobs, James 4 Bladen County

Pope, David 6 Bladen County

Jacobs, John 5 Bladen County

Jacobs, Shadrack 6 Bladen County

Chavis, Erasmus 9 Bladen County

Webb, Elizabeth 6 Bladen County

Freeman, Lukey 3 Bladen County

Santee, John 7 Bladen County

Demery, Rinda 3 Bladen County

Martin, Robert 6-2 Bladen County

Wilkins, William 2 Bladen County

Kersey, Job 4 & 1 free white woman 26-45 Bladen County

Martin, Sarah 4 Bladen County--Parris 03:47, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

Early History Of Lumbee Surnames In Colonial America

Lumbee Surnames: Banks, Barnes, Bell, Blanks, Blue, Brayboy, Brewington, Brooks, Bryant, Bullard, Bunch, Byrd, Carter, Cannady, Cersey, Chavis, Clark, Cox, Cumbo, Dees, Dial, Freeman, Godwin, Goins,Goings,Gowen, Hammond/Hamans, Harden/Hardin, Harris, Hunt, Ivey, Jacobs, Jones, Kersey, Kinlaw, Lawson, Locklear, Lowry, Manuel, Maynor, Moore, Oxendine, Perkins, Ratliff, Revels, Sampson , Santee, Swet/Sweat, Taylor, Townsend, Warrick, West, Wilkins, Woods.

See Jane Blanks Barnhill's website "Robeson County, NC - Indian Cemeteries"....find your own ancestor's names among the gravesites and tombstone inscriptions that Jane has listed online


From Lumbee "Family History" Researchers Online

The following names include any various spelling of the same surname and allied families that became associated with the tribe throughout the years 1780s to 1910.


Bell Jane Blanks Barnhill
Blanks Jane Blanks Barnhill
Cannady Jane Blanks Barnhill
Hardin/Harden ........ | Oran Hardin | Teresa Hardin | Mary M Herrin | Randy Hill | Debra A. Yamrus |
Jacobs Tyrone Goodwyn | Cecil Jacobs | Linda Shaw |
Revels Alva Griffith | Alvin Wells | Gloria Holback | Jane Blanks Barnhill | | |
Woods--Parris 03:56, 21 October 2008 (EDT)



The LumbeeTribe Regional DNA Project is open to anyone who believes they are descendants of a LUMBEE Native American.

The LUMBEE TRIBE was initially known as the Cheraws and they were originally from the Danville, Virginia area prior to 1703. In 1703 they left Danville and settled in what became known as the Cheraws District of South Carolina (present day Chesterfield Co., SC).

The LUMBEE TRIBE Regional DNA Project is open to anyone who believes they are (or could be) descendants of a Lumbee Native American. This project is both a Y-Chromosome (direct paternal line) and a mitochondrial DNA (direct maternal line) study.

The primary objective of this project is to establish the genetic profile(s) for the LUMBEE Native American Tribe. In addition, the results of this project will assist family historians trace their ancestry and identify genetic cousins among the Tribe members.

The U.S. census identifies the surnames listed below as prominent Lumbee family names.

Surnames in Project:

Adkins, Alessio, Allen, Allison, Ammanuel, Ammons, Anderson, Anelli, Applewhite, Arena, Atkins, Authers, Avant, Baker, Banks, Banner, Barbour, Barden, Bardowell, Barefoot, Barfield, Barkley, Barnes, Bartley, Barton, Bass, Baxley, Baxter, Bearfoot, Beasley, Beck, Beesly, Beeson, Bell, Beltch, Benson, Berry, Bethea, Bibee, Biby, Biggs, Bird, Blacburn, Black, Blackmon, Blanks, Bledsole, Blue, Bodnar, Boin, Bollinger, Bonerette, Bonnell, Bonnette, Borden, Borgden, Boss, Boughman, Bourgoinj, Bowen, Bowens, Boyet, Boyette, Braboy, Braceboy, Branch, Brassel, Braveboy, Brayboy, Breeden, Breur, Brewer, Brewington, Briant, Bridger, Bridgman, Brigman, Britt, Brogden, Brogdon, Brooks, Broom, Brown, Broylen, Broylin, Bruer, Bryan, Bryant, Buck, Bullard, Bullock, Bunch, Burke, Burnet, Burnett, Burnette, Burns, Buschur, Bussell, Bussle, Butler, Byrd, Cain, Cairsey, Calder, Caldwell, Callahan, Campbell, Canady, Cannady, Cannon, Caroon, Carrow, Carsey, Carter, Castro, Caulder, Caulk, Cersey, Chance, Channel, Chapman, Chavas, Chaveous, Chavers, Chaves, Chavis, Chavous, Chavus, Cheatham, Clark, Clarke, Clearwater, Clewis, Cline, Cloeraly, Cloud, Coats, Cobb, Cole, Coleman, Coler, Collier, Collins, Comboes, Conner, Connor, Cook, Cooper, Copeland, Cortopassi, Cottrell, Cox, Craddock, Creal, Creel, Criel, Crowley, Cryer, Culbert, Cumba, Cumbaa, Cumbee, Cumbo, Cumboe, Cumbow, Cummings, Cummins, Daignault, Daniel, Davis, Deal, Deane, Deas, Dease, Dees, Deese, Demery, Demory, Dial, Diaz, Dicen, Didier, Digiovine, Dimery, Dimmery, Dixon, Donahue, Dover, Doyal, Doyle, Drake, Dredger, Driggers, Driggus, Drighers, Drinkwater, Duckworth, Dunn, Durden, Dyal, Dyson, Eastworth, Eddings, Edens, Edwards, Elk, Ellerby, Ellzey, Emauel, Epes, Eppes, Epps, Erven, Evans, Evens, Faircloth, Falk, Farrow, Fields, Finin, Fischback, Fiveash, Fletcher, Flores, Flowers, Floyd, Foster, Fowler, Freeman, French, Furr, Gallagher, Gandy, Gann, Gardner, Gibbs, Gibson, Giddens, Gill, Gins, Godbolt, Godwin, Goen, Goin, Going, Goings, Goins, Goodman, Goolsby, Gordon, Goss, Gowen, Gowens, Gowin, Graham, Grant, Grantham, Grants, Graves, Green, Gregerson, Griffin, Groms, Grooms, Groves, Haats, Haga, Hagans, Haggin, Hagin, Hagins, Hains, Haires, Hall, Hamans, Hammon, Hammond, Hammonds, Hammons, Hanchey, Hand, Hannon, Harden, Hardie, Hardin, Hargroves, Harp, Harpe, Harper, Harrilson, Harris, Hatcher, Haun, Hawkins, Haynes, Haywood, Helton, Henderson, Hernandez, Herring, Herrington, Hersey, Hetzger, Higgins, Hodge, Hodges, Holcomb, Holeman, Holloway, Holmes, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howie, Howington, Hucks, Huddleson, Hudson, Huggans, Huggens, Huggins, Hughes, Hunt, Hyatt, Ickler, Ireland, Irvin, Isachs, Israel, Ivey, Ivy, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jeffries, Jennette, Jernigan, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jorgenson, Kamper, Kee, Kelly, Kemerer, Kerby, Kerns, Kersey, Kersie, Kimbler, King, Kinlaw, Kipp, Kirby, Kirksey, Kline, Knight, Knights, Kober, Koss, Lamb, Lambert, Landers, Langley, Larkins, Laviner, Lawson, Layton, Leach, Ledwell, Lee, Leggett, Lennon, Lenon, Leran, Leviner, Lewis, Linhardt, Lloyd, Lockee, Locklair, Locklaire, Locklare, Locklear, Lockleir, Lockler, Locklere, Lockley, Locklier, Long, Lourie, Love, Lovelace, Lovett, Lovitt, Lowery, Lowrey, Lowrie, Lowry, Loyd, Lucas, Lucente, Lucus, Lumbee, LumbeeTribe, Mabe, Mainer, Mainor, Malcolm, Malone, Maner, Manetas, Manne, Manor, Manuel, Marcks, Marnes, Marre, Marten, Martin, Mase, Massie, Maxwell, Maynor, Mayo, Mayulianos, McAllister, McAudy, McCaffrey, McCall, McCallum, McClellan, McClelland, McCullen, McDonald, McDougald, McGee, McGirt, McKay, McLaughlin, McLean, McMillan, McMillian, McNeil, McNeill, McPhail, McPherson, McRae, McVicker, Melton, Mercer, Middleton, Miller, Milligan, Mills, Mitchell, Mitchuson, Monroe, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morison, Morrison, Morson, Murray, Nansemond, Native American, Neal, Nelson, Neville, Newsom, Newton, Nichols, Nobles, Nolan, Noriega, Norris, Norton, Oberry, O'Berry, Odom, Olsen, Orosco, Ortiz, Osburn, Overstreet, Overton, Owen, Owens, Oxendine, Pace, Padgett, Pain, Panko, Parham, Parker, Pate, Patrick, Paul, Pavey, Peary, Peavy, Pepper, Perez, Perkins, Perry, Petsckke, Petty, Pevia, Pharoah, Pierce, Pinchbeck, Pinkham, Pitman, Pittman, Pone, Porter, Poston, Prather, Pravette, Prescott, Presley, Prevatt, Prine, Pruitt, Pugh, Purkins, Quick, Quinto, Ragsdale, Raines, Rally, Ransom, Ransome, Ratley, Ratliff, Reed, Reeves, Regan, Reggans, Renner, Revel, Revells, Revels, Revill, Revils, Reynolds, Rhames, Rhy, Richardson, Riley, Rjodriggus, Robb, Roberds, Roberson, Roberts, Rodgers, Rogers, Rollen, Roller, Rouse, Rowell, Rowland, Rozier, Runnals, Russel, Russell, Sampson, Sanders, Sanderson, Santee, Sarvis, Sawyer, Scoggins, Scot, Scott, Sealey, Seals, Sealy, Sencebaugh, Shaver, Shepard, Sheppard, Sheriff, Shook, Shrader, Shumate, Sickler, Simeon, Simmons, Sizemore, Skipper, Slate, Smiling, Smith, Spaulding, Spence, Springsteen, Squires, Squyres, St. John, Stacks, Stagner, Stanley, Stantner, Stapleton, Steen, Stevens, Stewart, Stocks, Storm, Strickland, Stricklin, Stuart, Sturdivant, Suchockas, Sutton, Sweat, Sweatt, Sweet, Sweetin, Sweeting, Swet, Swett, Tadlock, Tally, Taylor, Terry, Tetter, Thatcher, Thomas, Thompson, Tickle, Todd, Tolar, Townsend, Tuder, Turner, Tutor, Tyler, Tyner, Ussury, Valentine, Vaughn, Vaun, Wade, Waldon, Walker, Wallace, Walters, Waltman, Ware, Wariax, Warick, Warriax, Warrick, Warwick, Watson, Wearins, Wearnes, Weatherly, Web, Webb, Werwith, West, Whahab, Wharton, Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Whittemore, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wilkerson, Wilkins, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Winfree, Winn, Woddell, Woddle, Wodel, Wofford, Wood, Woodall, Woodell, Woodle, Woods, Woolfork, Worax, Workman, Works, Worriax, Wright, Wynn, Wynne, Yarbrough, Young


A Geographic Project connects individuals who believe their direct line comes from a specific location. The Dual Geographic Projects are for individuals who order an mtDNA or Y-DNA test. Either their direct maternal line (mother's mother's mother's...) or direct paternal line (father's father's father's...) originates from this area.

---Parris 04:01, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

The Mixt Crew considred the 1st document of the Croatans Lumbees Malengeans on Drowning Creek border of Bladen Co NC

1754 With the French-Indian War looming, Governor Dobbs requested reports from the militia commanders of North Carolina�s counties. The Bladen militia submitted the following: �Col. Rutherford�s Regimt. of Foot in Bladen County 441, a Troop of horse 36... Drowning Creek on the Head of Little Peedee, 50 families, a mixt Crew, a lawless People, filleth the Lands without patent or paying quit rents. Shot a surveyor for coming to view vacant lands being inclosed in great swamps. Quakers to attend musters or pay as in the Northern Counties. Fines not high enough to oblige the militia to attend musters. No arms stores or Indians in the county.� [Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. V, p161 and a slightly different version in State Records of North Carolina, Vol. XXII, p314]--Parris 04:13, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

Hamilton McMillan, witness for the defendants:

"I am a resident of Robeson County; I am now 78 years of age. I represented Robeson County in the state legislature in 1885 and 1887. I am familiar with the Act of 1885 designating certain indians of Robeson as Croatan Indians; I introduced the bill myself. I was acquainted with the Indians of Robeson County at the time the Act of 1885 was passsed designating them as croatan indians. I had been investigating their history for several years before that. I have them the designation of croatan indians in the Act. I wanted to give them some designation. There was a tribe known as croatan tribe on croatan island, it was an honorable name and it was a complete designation...The indians designated as croatan indians were living in Robeson County...none of them lived in sumter sc as far as i know. I had the Act of 1887 passed to establish a normal school for the croatan indians of Robeson County...

"Question by the court to McMillan: Do these people here call themselves croatans? Answer: No sir, they call themselves malungeans. Question: Were they never called croatans until this Act was introduced in here? Answer: No sir. NOTE. Senator Mcmillan created the name Croatan Tribe for the people originally known as the Mixt crew. He testified that that before he created the name Croatan these people called themselves Malungeans. At present they are recognized as the Lumbee tribe.--Parris 04:45, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

The Carolinas appear to have known about "Melungeons" among them inthe 1800s also. Since many of the "Melungeons" of Tennessee immigrated from the Carolinas, this is indeed significant. The immigrations were going from east to west. In fact, unlike those Melungeons of "later" Va-Ky-Tn, the Melungeons of Carolina appear to have "called themselves" Melungeons quite early, at a time when Tennessee Melungeons were denying the name Melungeons. This is also very interesting since it suggests that the Tennessee Melungeons who denied the name were fleeing from the already recognized definition of Melungeons in the Carolinas before 1790!

Suggested reading: the book "Lumbee, Indian Histories; Race, Ethnicity, and Indian Identity in the Southern United States" by Gerald M. Sider, Cambridge University Press. The author has very esteemed credentials and you may come to the understanding that the so-called "Indians" known as Croatans and Lumbees, are in fact, early Melungeons.

Sider presents evidence that Lumbees, Smilings, Croatans of the Carolinas first called themselves "malungeans" before claiming to be Indians.. NOTES FROM LUMBEE RESRACHERS--Parris 04:53, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

William Teater

Here is a typical Gedcom file of William Teater son George Teater Sr and Sarah Pearis, most often these files have many mistakes but ths file seems to be ok as far as Williams line is concerned. Children of William Teter and Nancy Ross are: 13 i. Sally Teter was born 1800 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA.

 14   ii. Nancy Teter was born 1810 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA. She married William Conner 17 Jul 1829 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA.  
 15   iii. Emily Teeter was born 1814 in <, Garrard, Kentucky, USA>. 

+ 16 iv. Samuel B. Teter was born 4 Jul 1796 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA, and died 1830 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA.

 17   v. William Teter [Jr.] was born 1798 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA. 
 18   vi. Susannah Teeter was born 1800 in <, Garrard, Kentucky, USA>. 
 19   vii. Robert Teter was born 1806 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA, and died 11 Aug 1894 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA. He married Harriet Ramey 15 Jul 1830 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA. He married Margaret Hixson 30 Jul 1844 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA, daughter of James Hixson and Abagail. She was born 1827 in , , Ohio, USA.  
 20   viii. John B. Teter was born 1808 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA, and died 1874 in Marengo, Iowa, Iowa, USA. He married Elizabeth Rush 26 Jan 1831 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA.  
 21   ix. Parris Teter was born 1812 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA. 

Descendant Register, Generation No. 4

16. Samuel B. Teter (William Teter3, John George Teter2, Jon Jeorge Dieter1) was born 4 Jul 1796 in , Garrard, Kentucky, USA, and died 1830 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA. He married Sarah Sally Santee 23 Jan 1820 in , Woodford, Kentucky, USA, daughter of John Santee. She was born 22 Aug 1796 in , , North Carolina, USA, and died in South English, Keokuk, Iowa, USA.

Children of Samuel B. Teter and Sarah Sally Santee are:  22   i. Levisa Teeter was born 1822 in , , Kentucky, USA. 
 23   ii. Susan Teeter was born 1825 in <, , Kentucky, USA>. 
 24   iii. Sarah Teeter was born 1827 in , Montgomery, Indiana, USA. 

+ 25 iv. William Preston Teeter was born 29 Jun 1828 in Montgomery, , Indiana, USA, and died 6 Apr 1876 in , , Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA.

 26   v. Parris H. Teeter was born 12 Apr 1830 in , and died 6 Dec 1903 in South English, Keokuk, Iowa, USA. He married Margaret Elizabeth McMains 15 May 1851 in , , Iowa, USA. She was born 9 Feb 1834 in , , Indiana, USA, and died 8 Apr 1874 in South English, Keokuk, Iowa, USA.  
 27   vi. Elizabeth Adeline Teeter was born 1834 in , , Indiana, USA. 

Descendant Register, Generation No. 5

25. William Preston Teeter (Samuel B. Teter4, William Teter3, John George Teter2, Jon Jeorge Dieter1) was born 29 Jun 1828 in Montgomery, , Indiana, USA, and died 6 Apr 1876 in , , Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA. He was buried in Antlers, , Oklahoma, USA. He married Sarah Ann Rodman 22 Sep 1850 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA. She was born 19 Apr 1835 in , , Indiana, USA, and died 26 Feb 1875 in Reno, , Kansas, USA.

Children of William Preston Teeter and Sarah Ann Rodman are:  28   i. Rebecca Jane Teeter was born 1851 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 24 Mar 1856 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA. 
 29   ii. John N. Teeter was born 1853 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 18 Aug 1854 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA. 

+ 30 iii. Mary Adeline Teeter was born 15 May 1856 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 25 Jul 1907 in Robert Lee, Coke, Texas, USA.

 31   iv. Susan Eveline Teeters was born 6 Sep 1858 in South English, Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 27 Apr 1921 in Darby, Ravalli, Montana, USA. She married Charles Powell Hart 28 Mar 1874.  
 32   v. Hassel Teeter was born 25 Oct 1860 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 17 Feb 1863 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA. 
 33   vi. Sarah E. Teeter was born 23 Sep 1862 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 2 Jan 1867. 
 34   vii. Lavina Ellen Teeter was born 19 Oct 1864 in South English, Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 28 Oct 1943 in Hamilton, Ralli, Montana, USA. 
 35   viii. William T. Teeter was born 18 May 1866 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 20 Apr 1937 in Greenfield, California, USA. 
 36   ix. Arvadia Maria Teeter was born 23 Feb 1869 in Venita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA, and died 24 Feb 1941 in San Angelo, , Texas, USA. 

+ 37 x. Hugh Hearst Teeter was born 7 Jan 1874 in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 6

30. Mary Adeline Teeter (William Preston Teeter5, Samuel B. Teter4, William Teter3, John George Teter2, Jon Jeorge Dieter1) was born 15 May 1856 in , Keokuk, Iowa, USA, and died 25 Jul 1907 in Robert Lee, Coke, Texas, USA. She was buried in Robert Lee, Coke, Texas, USA. She married Lindsey Houston Mc Dorman 30 Mar 1871 in Maysville, Benton, Arkansas, USA, son of William Mc Dorman and Susan Elizabeth Mc Mullen. He was born 18 Aug 1851 in , Green, Missouri, USA, and died 8 Sep 1932 in Robert Lee, Coke, Texas, USA. He was buried in Robert Lee, Coke, Texas, USA.

Children of Mary Adeline Teeter and Lindsey Houston Mc Dorman are:  38   i. Charlotte Temple Mc Dorman was born 30 May 1872 in Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, USA, and died 18 Jul 1930. She married J. A. Knight 20 Jan 1889.  
 39   ii. Hattie V. Mc Dorman was born 18 Dec 1874 in Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, USA, and died 22 Sep 1875. 
 40   iii. William Preston Mc Dorman was born 2 Jun 1877 in Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, USA, and died 8 Oct 1956. He married Lucy Mobley 17 Apr 1904.  
 41   iv. Weldon Edward Mc Dorman was born 23 Mar 1881 in , Hamilton, Texas, USA, and died 23 Jul 1949. He married Eliza Childress 4 Jul 1897.  
 42   v. Walter Edgar Mc Dorman was born 4 Jun 1884 in , Coryell, Texas, USA, and died 30 Jun 1905. He married Ola Murtishaw 8 Jan 1905.  

+ 43 vi. Katherine Arvada Mc Dorman was born 26 Feb 1887 in , Mills, Texas, USA, and died 18 Jan 1935 in Arlington, Riverside, California, USA.

 44   vii. Inez Adeline Mc Dorman was born 26 Aug 1890 in , Green, Texas, USA, and died 12 Sep 1962. She married Roy Taylor 19 Sep 1910.  
 45   viii. Daisy Esther Mc Dorman was born 1 Nov 1895 in , Coke, Texas, USA, and died 8 Jul 1977. She married John Mc Cutchen.  

37. Hugh Hearst Teeter (William Preston Teeter5, Samuel B. Teter4, William Teter3, John George Teter2, Jon Jeorge Dieter1) was born 7 Jan 1874 in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA. He was buried in Antlers, , Oklahoma, USA. He married Dora Riley ABT 1895. She died BEF 1920.

Children of Hugh Hearst Teeter and Dora Riley are:  46   i. Otto Preston Teeter. 

+ 47 ii. Loran Leroy Teeter.

 48   iii. Virgil Teeter.--Parris 05:22, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

As I said most of these Ged Com files usually have many mistakes. Item 6 Is common mistake. Useing the name the name John George a mythical character who never existed in regards to this family of the George Teater family of Madsion Kentucky. This what is called pass the buck genealogy. Note another big mistake useing the spelling Dieter, Here again there was no such spelling ever used by George Teater its a common fairy tale type myth. Other than that point the rest looks ok.--Parris 05:41, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

George Teater IN Augusta County 1774= [24 September 2008]

Lord Dunmore's Little War of 1774 By Warren Skidmore, Donna Kaminsky This manuscrpt is online . It shows the timEline of George Teater during the period of Lord Dunmores War. His rank of Sgt his men under himself and lt Edmonston. and Thompsons Co it shows his his in laws John Totten Howard Heavin George Parris Robert Parris Charles Gonzalva. Shows the other Teters for instance John Teeter a Swiss his inlaw John Funkhouser both Pvts their Co. It shows the German Teters of Augusta Teter Henkles, Paul and George Teter as non military persons. This could be added in on the page for the Timeline of 1774 which is presently blank.--Parris 16:57, 16 September 2008 (EDT)

A useful find, though perhaps for different reasons. P. 94-95 of Source:Skidmore, 2002 provides a summary of persons listed in a ledger recording debts incurred by the county for items purchased from residents of Augusta County apparently to support the war. A "George Teater" is listed. There is one item in this work that shows a "George Teater" as being a resident in Augusta County in 1774. In 1774 George is known to have been living in Southwest Virginia, in what was then (as of 1772) Fincastle County. If the Augusta County record is for the same person, then an explanation of why he would be recorded as a citizen of Augusta County would be needed. It seems more likely that this is a different person by the same name.
This same reasoning might apply to other records for "George Teater" earlier than his appearance on Crab Creek. I believe a reasonable argument can be made that George Teater of Crab Creek is the same person who moved to SW VA. Other records for George Teater included in the timeline for dates earlier than his appearance on Crab Creek are more questionable. I can't refute them being for the same person, as I can for this record, but its possible that they are not records for the George Teater that appeared in SW VA in 1772. They, might, for example, be for the same person as involved in the item you point to, which shows him a George Teater as a resident of Augusta County---ie, a different person than for whom this article is written.
This is actually a fairly significant finding. You have provided a huge amount of material for George Teater" for which I'm quite greatful, but its going to take substantial time to sift through. Since the focus of the article is George Teater of SW VA, knowing that there are other George Teaters who can be confused with him, is important, and justifies some caution in dealing with the material you have developed. One of the most difficult problems in genealogy, I find, is sorting out records for different persons by the same name. Its easy to assume that if the name is the same, the same person is involved. This is , unfortunately, not necessarily true, as this example seems to show. Q 10:06, 20 September 2008 (EDT)

I will add in a special event. The 1792 Petition to form the state of Kentucky for the timeline of George Teater,

Consideration should be taken to note he signs his name as george then faded with a question mark. estimated question mark stands for w, then Tetor followed by a question mark faded , This question mark would stand for Senior ,George W Teater Sr either took the initative to sign himself or he was a rspected member of the fronier community chosen by other citizens to sign on behalf of the county of Madison. The Petition and Prayer of the People _______ that part of contry now classified by the state of Virginia for the countrys of Kaintucky and Illinois humbly trusteth That we the _____ just the United States Labour under many grievances on account of not being formed into a ________at _____ or the mind and will of Congress more fully known us fr_____ us and we humbly give to present to the Honorable Continental Congress our Humble Petitioners setting forth the just and appressions we labour under and pray that Congress may consider such our grievances and ____ ___ress

We your Petitioners being situate in wide continuous uncultivated contry and _____ every side to ?incurssions? of the savage Indians humbly conceive ourselves opressed by several as the general assembly of Virginia for granting large grants for ?waist? and is appropriateed lands ____ _____ ______ without reservation for cultivated and setting the same whereby settlling the Counties discouraged and the inhabitants originally _____ to the savages by whom our wives and ____ing by cruely murdered ?nativeth? _and___iz? our most humble Petitioners constitued _____________________________ taxed - Which in our present situation ______ and unjust ______ _______ with money and grain ?whitest? _________ ________ ______ in garrison with ____ _____ from Six Hundred to one Thousand miles from our present state of government Where ?animals? are suffered to ___ with impurity ?great? members who want rationally af__ deprived of an opportunity of their just rights and improvements and h____ are obliged Prosecute all appeals and whil__t we remain uncertain whether these in bounded claim__ _______ contry __ight of eight to belong to the United States or State of Virginia ____ _____ other late as it required of us to sware (swear) ____ginoc to the States of Virginia in a Pirt___ withstanding we have already taken the oath of allegiance to United States. These are G___ ___ Heavy to be born and we do humbly pray that the continental Congress will taketh method to form us into a seperate state of Government __________ ________ as they ?in? wisdom shall think most proper during the continous of the p______ and your petitioners shall every pray.

July 19, 1792

______ __________ James __________ ________ _elck ______ __________ J____ Hart John Gallaway William Gallaway Robert Gallaway

James Brenton John Wess_______ Phil___ Waters William C_______ _______ ______ G______ ________

(2nd page) Jacob Laffoon ________ ________ Thomas Collings Christr. Hauffoman George Grundy Jr. Thomas Pitman ________ _________ _____ Phillips George _______ James Laughlin ____ Howe Francis Roach Samuel Lee ?John? ______ David ?Bink___? James Daugherty William ______ William Williams Patrick Heam___? Cornelius Boyard James Gilmore _____ ___ibal Jefferson _____ ?Jacob? Gilmore _____ Coonts Edward Skidmore James Logan Peter Ba__mass? _____ _______ John Logan James Fogl(e) Francis _______ John McGee ____ Overall James _______ Mattias Logan Peter Lovel John _____ Samuel ______ _____ Donn___? _____ ______ Samuel Gordon ?John? Williams John _____ John Wilkeson ______ Collings _____ ______ _____ Davis George Crist (Might be Paul ?) Thomas Payne William Collings Jacob Sp____

(3rd page) ________ Grundy Jefferson _____ Abraham ______ Benjamin Cleg___? James _____ John Morris William ____kan James Campbell Daniel Sp___ _______ Hawkins Henery Campbell Benjamin ___lia? William ?Chaven? Samuel Dunn Michel Thomas Zachariah Dozier Robert Bruster Michl. Little _____ Hamilton George Campbell Rudolph Hufmon/Hussman? John Ghirten Robert ___kham John Grundy Samuel ___kham James Thompson William Lawrence Thos. Whitledge George Clark ______ ______ Michel ?Wilkeson? David Hackins Jun. George ?Tetor? William Overall John Hart Harrison Overall John Miller William ______ Michael Woods ______ Collings Andrew Dodds William Collings R____ Canaday--Parris 02:09, 24 September 2008 (EDT)

Timeline [19 October 2008]

Timeline for George Teater (1)

Teters of Pendelton County

A excerpt from the Teter brothers of Pendelton county. The George Teter or George Teters who used the facilites of Augusta Co after 1779 had nothing to do with the George Teater of Washington Co and Kentucky. These notes are applied to the German Teters commonly refered to as the Teter Henkles, George Teters of Rockingham Pendelton Co. These Teters were Luterans non slavers had their Fort at one point Fort Henkle.  Paul Teter was a Capt in charge of the local German militia named Paul Teter or signed his name as Paulus Detter. Paul Teter had a son George Teter and his brother  George Teter had a son George Teter. Any Teter as George Teter in Augusta refers to this clan of German Teters especially after the date 1779 . This is in ragrds to the George Teater named  as Scotch Irish by his sons families documents and referances made by Governor Campbell. Therefore any George Teter documented in Augusta after 1779 is referring these German Teters  The Teter Henkles not the Scotch Irish George Teater of Washington Co and Kentucky Below gives a account of the other George Teter the non slaving Lutheran German George Teter or Teter Henkle George Teter

George Teter II, son of Hans Jorg Dieter

George Teter II Biography by Professor Joseph M. Kellogg George Teter II [also known as George Teter Sr.] was born in April 1730 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, where his family was living at the time. He lived of course for some time in Rowan County North Carolina, and then removed from there to the North Fork valley in Augusta County Virginia [Germany Valley] about 1760, together with his brothers Paul and Philip and the Justus Henkel family.

In 1764 George Teter had a claim entered at the Augusta County court for building a fort, showing his activity during the recent French and Indian war. It was on Wed., March 25, 1767 that various claims from Augusta County were presented to the Virginia assembly, among them "George Teter for work in building a Fort in 1764". (Journal of Virginia House of Burgesses, Volume. 3, page 96). This very evidently was the Henkel fort in Germany Valley, (now Pendleton County), known to have been built about that time. The story of this fort has been well presented in The Henckel Family Records. An interesting marker was erected to mark the site of the fort and dedicated with appropriate ceremonies.

George Teter became a large landholder in the region which is now Pendleton County. On October 26, 1767, George Teter had surveyed 120 acres said to be in the North Fork bottom, above the Deep Spring. Patent for it was granted him on March 1, 1773. This tract became his homestead property [now called Teterton] which he later willed to his son, George Teter III and which was sold by the latter in 1840 to Isaac Phares before George III's, removal to Indiana.

In the long list of those from Rockingham county who made claims for furnishing supplies (such as "diets," beef, bacon, oats, coarse linen, horse hire and pasturage etc.) to the army in the Revolutionary war, George Teter's name appears several times: At a court on September 23, 1782, his claim dated Nov. 2, 1781 was allowed. This was for "1 Bullock - 290 lbs @ 2d per lb." At another Court on September 28, 1782, his claim dated May 17, 1782, for 86 lbs. "nt. Post" (or Pork?) at �1-5-0 per lb. wt." was also allowed. Similarly on September 23, 1783, his claim dated June 4, 1782, for pasturing 15 horses for 1 night at 4 d. each.

In the lists of voters at election polls in Pendleton County (preserved in the clerk's files) it appears that George Teter voted for Presidential elector on the 1st Wed. of January 1789, for member of U.S. House of Rep. on February 2, 1789, for Senator in 1792, for Assemblyman in 1792, for Senator again in 1792, for Assembly in 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796. Sometimes his home on the North Fork was the polling place for that region.

Because of his prominence in the community and his wide knowledge of all the frontier country it is probable that George Teter took an important part in the Revolutionary War, although no actual record of military service (other than furnishing supplies as mentioned above) has been found. He was probably enrolled in his brother Captain Paul Teter's company of the county militia.

On July 6, 1789, George Teter was appointed overseer of the road in place of Abraham Henckel. In the book of "Estrays" for Pendleton County it is noted that on December 25, 1792, "George Teter Senior. brought before me a certain stray red steer supposed a 2 yr. old," etc. appraised at �1-16-0. Sworn before Moses Henkle. (A stray Christmas present!)

George Teter died in 1798, sometime during the summer months. He had appeared on the Personal Tax list for that year. On September 4, 1798, however, his will was proven in court. The will is evidently not written in George Teter's handwriting. He signs it in German script, as shown by copy of signature on the Pendleton County record book. At court, the settlement of the estate of George Teter was presented by Paul Teter, his brother and Executor and was admitted to probate on May 17, 1799.

George Teter Sr. married Mary Anna Margaret Henkel, daughter of Justus Henkel and Maria Magdelena Eschman, in 1763 in Pendleton County. George and Mary would have 9 children. His wife, Mary Margaret would move to the village of Teter after the death of her husband George in 1798. She would live with her son, Jacob and would die there in 1801 at the age of 60. His brother, Philip, would survive him, but not his brother Paul, who died in 1784.--Parris 10:23, 23 September 2008 (EDT)

Sources [21 October 2008]

Teater, Howard Curry, 1974. The Kentucky Teater Family. Source:Teater, 1974

A note from the Jessemine Historical Society on Kentucky rivers Ferry Operaters goes to match the documents of Timothy Logan,

27.     Teaters Ferry (J-G) (RM 144.6)

This ferry was located at the mouth of Lick Branch on land originally surveyed for Green Clay, who acquired a number of sites along the Kentucky River. The Teaters, of early Garrard County, were an independent and daring sort and proved this by being among the first families to leave the safety of Downing Station to settle on their own farm.--Parris 11:12, 23 September 2008 (EDT)

Fort Henkel Roster

Transferred to: Militia Roster, Fort Henkel, Riverton, Pendleton, WV (Alphabetical List) Temporary pending incorporation into the Digital Library

This a translated copy of the men at Fort Henkle in the German Valley. It shows that the German George Teter and his clan were in the German Valley (near Riverton, Pendleton County, WV), in 1775. At this same time Scotch Irish George Teater was living on Bakers Creek on the North Fork of the Holston--Parris 11:43, 23 September 2008 (EDT)

[Good find!] Technically, the roster only shows that a George Teter was in "German Valley"; He may have been a single man in the militia, and the militia might not even be composed of men from this area. In this case, he and his family probably WERE in the area, but that's not clear from this item alone. In anycase, I think your point that this has to be a different George Teter (ie, not George Teater of Crab and Bakers Creek), is well taken.]

Will of William Vancleace

I will add in the Will of William Vancleace. This will be a 1st of  series with more followup evidence to establish if George Teater took his his family with him 1779 to Kentucky which appears he did not. Some revelant documents will help establish this. The next part is to establish the family connnection of the Scotch - Irish Teeders morphed to Teater back in the 1750s Rowan Co NC. It is base between the Daniel Boone family and the Teaters with the the Van Cleaves in the middle. We have already established that  3 George Teeder Jacob Teeder Joseph Teeder where establised as Teder Tedeer Tettor various variants in Surry Va Edgcombe NC prior to thier move to Rowan co with the Mccullahs Mccullocks ect. Both the people on Squire Boone and the Van Vleaves can be established same timel same place in Rowan Co. . We have established that Capt Sam Teater and Daniel Boone as stated by Daniel Boone were old friends as mentioned by Daniel Boone in his own hand regarding the Seige of Boonesborough. The only way by Boones dates and movements and Sam Teaters dates and movements was for Samuel Teater to have grown up in Rowan Co Nc. From 1768 until the Seige of Boonesbourgh Samuel Teater and Boone where vast distances from each other.. The George Teater listed here was the soon in law of William Vancleave Daniel Boones brother Squire Boone was the brother inlaw of William Vancleave. Followup documents will help to make sense of it.
I'll start moving this and similar information into the Digital Archive and place a link to it here. I'm looking forward to your full assessment of this issue. Personally, I have not found the evidence that his family remained in VA for awhile, conclusive one way or the other. However, the simplest explanation would be that they did not, and usually, simplest is most likely to be correct. So I agree with the doubts you express.Q 16:44, 7 October 2008 (EDT)


Mercer Co., KY Will Book 1 Pg. 75-76

Will Vancleve

In the name of God amen I William Vancleve of the District of Kentucky and County of Mercer being very week and low in body but in good & perfect Memory thanks be to god do make and constitute this my last will and testament, viz, first I desire my body to be buried in a Christian like manner my Funeral expences and my lawfull debts being paid the rest of my estate to be disposed of manner following--

Item -- I give & bequeath unto my beloved Wife Abigail Vancleve the thousand acres preemption land lying on paint lick Creek for her to dispose of as she sees Cause to use in behoof of my beloved Children Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, John, Ebenezer & William likewise three hundred acres purchased from Evan Hinton by virtue of a Bond given by him E Hinton likewise two hundred and fifty acres purchased from Squire Boone during his residence in Carolina he giving lawful bond for the same. all the above mentioned land for them above mentioned and their Heirs forever.

Item -- I Give and bequeath unto my beloved son Jonathan two thirds of five hundred acres of Land which falls to him by the death of his sister Sara Deceased being her own by a gift and now to be his & his Heirs forever Also I give and bequeath unto my son Jonathan one black Cow with a white face marked with a crop in the right Ear and an underbit in the Same ear and a slit in the oH ear and one Coat to be his

Item -- I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Phebe Harris not heretofore mentioned in my Will two Hundred acres of Land lying in Jefferson County due to me from Squire Boone by virtue of a warrent that the sd. Boone laid for me. I likewise give and Bequeath unto my wife Abigail the full possession of all my personal Estate Book Debts Bonds &c. I likewise appoint my well beloved Friend William Crow and my beloved Wife Abigail my Lawful Executors & aand this to be my last Will and Testament as witness my hand this Second Day of September in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and Eight Six Sealed and Delivered in presence of us Interlined before signed William Vancleve Seal

Teste Thomas Gilmore William Gilmore Rachel Vancleve Kathrin Anderson

Mercer County Sct February Court 1788 This last will and Testament of William Vancleve Deceased was Exhibited into Court and proved by the oath of Catharine Anderson one of the Witnesses thereto.--

Teste Tho. Allan C.C.

Mercer Sct March Court 1792-- This last will and Testament of William Vancleve Deceased was fully proved by the oath of Racheal Vancleave another of the witness thereto & ordered to be recorded-- Teste Tho. Allan

Mercer Co., KY Will Book 2 Pg. 147-148

The heirs of Wm. Vancleave Decd In acct with Abigale Vancleave Ex. Cr.

1797 23 To paid Ebenezer Vancleave pr. Rec # L 21 10 0

1798 June 16 To paid Do as pr Do 6 0 0 To paid John Manere as pr Do 0 18 0

1797 25th To paid George Teter as pr Do 21 11 0

1798 March 13 To Jonathan Vancleave as pr Do 12 26 To John Harris as pr Do 6 0 0

1786 May 12 To James Thompson for Surveying as pr Do 3 11 3 1/2

1798 Jany 8 To Joseph Bledsoe for Do as pr Do 12 0

1795 Jany 27 To Tos Allen as pr Do 6 0

1796 24th To the Sheriff for taxes on land as pr Do 1 10 4 1/2

_____________ L 73 11 8

June 23 1798 The above acct we find Vancleve for the following nane? - But Mrs. Abigale Vancleave hath this day made oath before me Walter E Strong that they are fast & true To the Sundra articles dilivered Noble and } Jane Dougherty some before marriage some after } 27 0 0

1797 To one mare taken by sd Dougherty from me } by force } 30 0 0

To Schooling the Children at various times 9 0 0

By the Inventory - - - - - - - - - -- - - - 66 0 0

Agreeable to an order of the County Court of 75 0 0 Mercer we have Examined the Voucher of Abigale Vancleave Executrix of William Vancleave and find them to correspond with the above statement

Amounting to L 73.11.8 and the settlement beneath amounting to L 66.0.0 as sworn to by Sd Abigale The amount of the Inventory we state upon the report of the Executrix amounting to L 75.0.0 Given under our hands 21st June 1798 Ro. Craddock Walter E. Strong

Mercer Sct ~ July County Court 1799 The above Settlement of the Executrix of William Vancleve Deceased was Exhibited unto Court and -?- & approved by the Court was Ordered to be Recorded Teste Tho Allin CC.

Specail note Phebe Harris is on the near lot 1810 Henry County Ky by Robert Teater the brother of this George above also a son of of George Teater Sr and Sarah Parris--Parris 07:15, 7 October 2008 (EDT)

From the Van Cleave family file fith generation a Exceprt. This will establish that Squire Boone was the uncle of George Teater Jr wife mary the George Teater listed in the Will of his father in law William Van Cleave. The marraige bond date is established already of George Teater Jr and Mary Vancleave Madison Ky. 129. Jane VAN CLEAVE (96) was born on 16 Oct 1749 in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ.(95) She was born on 16 Oct 1749 in Monmouth Co, NJ.(298) (299)(295) (300) She died on 10 Mar 1829 in Otter Creek, , KY.(95) She died on 10 Mar 1829 in Otter Creek, Meade Co, KY.(298) (299) (295)(300) fr wft #4571

fr wft 7-4112 Jane Van Cleave, only daughter and youngest child of Aaron Van Cleave and Rachel Schenk. The family moved to Rowan Co, NC, about 1751 and settled on the forks of the Yadkin River. Prodigy- death date and states she died at the home of her son Enoch Morgan Boone. By her grandchildren, she was called "Big Granny".

She was married to Squire BOONE Jr. on 8 Aug 1765 in NC.(95) She was married to Squire BOONE Jr. on 8 Aug 1765 in Rowan Co, NC. (298)(299) (301) (300)(98) Squire BOONE Jr.(96) was born on 5 Oct 1744 in York, PA.(94) He was born on 5 Oct 1744 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA. (302)(299) (295) He died in Aug 1815 in Harrison, IN. (94) He died on 17 Aug 1815 in Corydon, Harrison Co, IN. (298)(295) (300) 1744 born in Philadelphia (now Berks Co), PA, near present city of Reading or born Exeter, Berks, PA wft 7-4112, WFT5-372 1749, family moved to Winchester, VA, and a little later to North Carolina, 1 1/4 mile fromHolman's (now Boone's) Ford, on the east side of the South Yadkin, Rowan (now Wilkes) Co, NC, 8 miles from present Wilkesboro. 1759, mother took Squire to Philadelphia, whre he became an apprentice to cousin Samuel Boone, to learn gunsmithing

1765, married Jane Van Cleave (of NJ), a daughter of Aaron VanCleve of Low Dutch descent from Holland. Her parents with seven sons and this daughter moved early to the Yadkin Country/ She died at the home of her son, Enoch Morgan Boone, at the mouth of Otter Creek, KY. By her grandchildren, she was called "Big Granny" to distinguish her from Jane (Hughes) Boone, whom they called "Little Granny".

On the clerk's office in Rowna Co, NC, hangs the framed marriage bond of Squire Boone and Jane VanCleve, dated 11 July, 1765, and witnessed by Squire Boone, John Johnson, and Sam Tate.

They lived at the Glades, perhaps a half mile north of Bear Creek, and between Bear Creek and the Yadkin.

1802, Squire Boone and wife Jane conveyed land on Silver Creek in Madison Co, KY to Basset Prather, Obediah Newman, and Polly Merriweather, deceased of Jefferson Co, KY.

1804, was in prison in Louisville for debts he couldnot pay. Friends came to his rescue and secured his release.

1804 or 1806, Squire Boone, with sons isaiah, Moses, Jonathan, and Enoch and the five sons of his nephew Samuel Boone, left KY for the last time and went to Indiana. There he established Boone settlement on Buck Creek in what is now Harrison Co, IN, about 25 miles northwest of Louisville.

1815, died from dropsy. Buried in cave 3 miles north of Brandenburg, KY on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, in a natural cave near the summit of a cliffy bank, on the east side of Buck Creek. Jane VAN CLEAVE and Squire BOONE Jr. had the following children:--Parris 07:29, 7 October 2008 (EDT)

tax List of Rowan County

Tax lists of Rowan co. June 2 1759 Capt Conrod Michael JACOB TEEDER ( scout ) July 3 1759 Conrod Kern Serjt.JACOB TEETER ( scout )_________________________________________________________________ 1759 Rowan Tax list JACOB TEATER 1 poll ________________________________________________________________________ April 25 1759 The Publick of North Carolina to Morgan Bryan to a scout sent oun in the alarm of Daniel Hossey and others being Killed Morgan Bryan, Lt Willaim Bryan JOHN BOONE DANL BOON David Jones Alexander Shoults John Dunklin William Grant Elias Turnar Danl Shoults Henry Hunter _________________________________________________________________ An Account of claims Laid on the County of Rowan year 1764Cliams filed for killing Wolves, panters, and wildcats Edward and Daniel Boone ( no mention of what they claimed ) ____________________________________________________________________ 1768 Rowan Tax list of Gideon Wright Daniel Boon 2 polls .

May 25 1759 pg 13 John Vancleave pg 20 Benjamin Vancleave 1768 pg 71 Morgan district William Vancleave. NOTE- father in law of George Teater Jr pg 116 tx of William William sharp John Vancleave 1 poll Aron Vancleave 2 polls William Vancleave 1 poll pg 136 1778 Reeds district, William Vancleave.

pg 34 1759 Jacob Teater 1 poll addition Joseph Teater 1poll pg 34 june 29 1759 Jacob Teeder Conrod Micheal.

pg 46 feb 1760 George Teeder...

GEORGE TEEDER - JACOB TEEDER DEEDS SHOW NEXT TO THE MCCULLAHS.. Jacob Teder shows in Surry Virginia 1749 as a son of Samuel Teterton Teder ect. He appears 1752 with George Teder Samuel Teder in Edgecombe NC. The Mccullahs George Teeder Jacob Teeder Remove to Rowan Co NC listed same tax lists with the George Teater Sr and Goerge Teater Jr in laws Squire Boone Daniel Boone the Griffiths William Vancleave the Frosts here all the same time in Rowan Co NC. Jacob Teder and a Joseph Moprphed from Teder Teeder Tedder to Teeter and Teater depending on the recorder and he decided to spell the name.--Parris 13:21, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

Kegley's Virginia Frontier: The Beginning of the Southwest. the ... - Google Books Result by F. B. Kegley - 2003 - Reference - 822 pages April 25, 1763, John Crank, no inhabitant. June 25, 1763, Joseph ... June 22, 1764, George Pearis, no inhabitant;

George Pearis Parris ect is documented married by the Shell Manuscript and the Burk manuscirpt as beieng married to a White woman named Sarah Pepper of the Peppers Ferry family. He had no records wIth a White wife Sarah after 1750,. Samuel Teater was born to Sarah Pearis and George Teater at the same place Robert Pearis said he was born.. 1762 Sgt George Teater ran the comapny of Nathaniel Gist VA regiment. Nathnaiel Gist was well documented as partner with Richard Pearis in the Cherokee Nations. By 1763 Samuel Teater was born. It appears George Teater met his wife from Nathaneil Gist Richard Pearis to his brother George Pearis 1762. By 1764 George Pearis notes jive with his records in Rowan Co nc. It appears that George Teater and his elder brother Samuel Teater all departed with George Pearis from VA to Rowan Co 1764., George Teater went further south . He noted 1765 in Georgia. Perhaps went to the Cherokee Nations under Nataniel Gist or either of the Pearis brothers.. George Teaters brother Samuel is noted on the 1766 Rowan co tax list and list of officers of Rowan co as Capt Teeter.. by 1768 George Teater returned to VA from Georgia near to his wife uncle Richard Pearis at the south Irish colony of Crab Creek Tract--Parris 10:34, 10 October 2008 (EDT)


Deed Book E, on pg. 45, 25 December 1786, George Paris of RCNC to Freeman Jones of same. 100 acres on the south fork of Brights Creek of Green River. Granted 29 July 1779 to George Parris. Wit. Isham Raves, John Jones, Robert Parris. #660.

This proves that as late as 1779 Rober Pearis still had Documents with his father and is shown being present there from time to time with his father. A note is James Totten census records shows he was born in this area about 1779. He was brother of Parris Teaters wife Rebecca Totten. For one reason or another Benjamin Totten was in this area to have his wife Ester give birth to James Totten. In family correspondence said was born in Buncombe 1779, at that time Buncombe was still part of Rutherford and Burk Co s.--Parris 10:51, 10 October 2008 (EDT)

Note as the Teater Griffith Totten remained together as a family clan in TN. The Teater Griffith and Vancleaves remained as another clan in Indiana. in fact it is this clan that wrote it down in the history of Ft Wayne Indiana that the Teaters were Scotch Irish. Note Sarah Teeter was the 1st wife of Samuel B Teeter. She was a full blood Croatan Lumbee Indian the the people who called themselves in Robeson Co NC Malegeans. TEETER, ELIZABETH A. GRONENDYKE, JAMES 1853/4/187 4 72 TEETER, EMILY GRITTITH, JONAS JUNE 18, 1835 TEETER, LEVISA HARRIS, ANDREW FEBRUARY 1, 1837 TEETER, MARY E RUFUS C RAYBURN SEP 2 1861 5 489 TEETER, NANCY J. DOYEL, ALLEN 1852/1/186 3 399 TEETER, ROBERT HIXSON, MARGARET JULY 30, 1844 TEETER, ROBERT RAMEY, HARRIET JULY 15, 1830 TEETER, SUSAN C SINNET, JAMES H JUNE 3, 1840 TEETER, WILLIAM L. DEMORET, SOPHRONIA 1851/9/11 3 370 TEETERS, WILLIAM J. QUICK, MARTHA A. 1855/4/19 4 309

TETER, SARAH VanCleave, SAMUEL JANUARY 18, 1844 TETER, JOHN RUSH, ELIZABETH JANUARY 27, 1831 TETER, NANCY CONNER, WILLIAM JULY 24, 1829 TETER, SARAH SINNET, GEORGE OCTOBER 20, 1838 marraige herein montgomery indiana.--Parris 15:15, 16 October 2008 (EDT)

Ephemeral Notes [19 October 2008]

The following Notes have been temporarily captured pending examination. They should be deleted after use.

from: Corrected Pedigrees by Jeff Carr, on Allegheny Regional Family History Society WebSite 26 June 2008

Teter. This one may be old news. It was once widely circulated that George Dieter/Teter, the progenitor of the family in Pendleton, had once lived in Frederick Co., VA on Opequon Creek. The well-known Rev. John Casper Stoever baptized several children of a George Teter at that place in the 1730's; these were published in Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Those baptisms belong to another contemporary George Teter that did live at that place. His descendants migrated westward along the Valley of Virginia, and were living in the New River area by the Revolutionary War. The George Teter that was the ancestor of the local family has been documented as having lived in old Orange Co., VA, now Madison County, during the 1730's and 1740's. He died there in 1744. Again, this has been correctly reported in other publications such as the Henckel Bulletin and the Teter Descendants of Hans Jorg and Maria Dieter, by Eva (Teter) Winfield (1992). However, some readers of this journal may not have had access to those works.

In the timeline of George Teater Madsison tax 1792 until death 1815. Capt Benjamin Totten is listed in Jackson Tenn 1802. Another there was Jonas Griffith noted father of Samuel Griffith. Samuel Griffith married Sarah Teater 1791 Madison Kentucky. Sarah being the daughter of George Teater and Sarah Pearis 1st wife of George Teater. Samuel Griffith also served as Bondsman for his father inlaws marraige to Esther Griffith 1796. John W Griffith also signed off on the will of George Teater 1815 Garrard KY. This demonstrates George Teater s 2nd wife was Esther a female from either Jonas Griffith or his brother John Griffith. Esther Griffith had Lewis Craig Nancy and Susy Teater from George Teater Sr. She died sometime after 1802. this is proved as fact due to George Teater Sr married a 3rd wife also named as Ester the widow of Benjamin Totten Sr. Internet incorrect inforamtion has confused the matter alledging Benjamin Totten Sr was murdered in Lynchburg 1794. Benjamin Totten was alive and well in 1802 Jackson Tenn. Some may say that Capt Totten was his son Benjamin Totten Jr, here again War of 1812 shows this to be not the case . Benjamin Totten Jr was private on 2 documents therfore not Capt Totten 1802 Jackson Tenn. The 1813 Totten family Power Attorney proves George Teater Sr married Ester Totten widow of Benjamin totten sr. this event could not of happened until after 1812 becuse Benjamin Totten was still alive and well in Jackson Tenn. Conclusion George Teater married his 3rd wife also named Ester after 1802. Below is investigation by Donald Totten a totten family genealogist. Author of paper on Benjamin Totten Sr copy of an associated legislative petition from Overton County Citizens to The General Assembly of the State of Tennessee . The petition is reproduced on pages 57 – 60 in the booklet “Overton County Tennessee Genealogical Records” compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley. The petition is dated Oct, 27th, 1813 and states that the Inhabitants of Overton County are “disposed to have a part in the present war with Britanie Majesty’s savage allies, viz. The Creek Nation of Indians” and they are requesting that the Assembly “pass a law authorizing Col. Stephen Copeland of said County to raise by Voluntary Inlisment a force of 500 mounted men out of the 3d Judicial Circuit in Said State to march against the said Nation of Indians or other Tribes of the savage foe, and fight them in their wodn savage way, and act as Rangers.” Three pages of the names of the Petitioners followed. B. Totten was the first name listed, however no title or rank was given. Obviously, the paper that I could not locate relates to actions taken after legislative approval. I will continue looking for the paper.

I will mention that I have a copy of an earlier enlistment or company muster roll verification document applying to Benjamin Totten Jr. It is dated Dec. 7, 1812 and it appears that he is listed as [a Pvt.] under the name Benj. Totten in Capt. John Kennedy’s Company of Infantry, 1 Reg’t Tennessee Volunteers during the War of 1812.

Therefore Benjamin Totten was a [private of rank ]and could not of been Captian Benjamin Totten of 1802 Jackson Tenn. It was his father still maried to his wife Ester who remarried George Teater Sr after his 2nd wife Esther Griffith died. George Teater Sr married two Esthers. One a Griffith 2nd a widow of Benjamin Totten Sr, who was mother of Parris Teaters wife Rebecca Totten. NOTED Parris Teater and wife Rebecca died within one hour apart.--Parris 15:50, 11 August 2008 (EDT)

To show moore evidence of George Teater being from North Carolina and clan of Samuel Teder George Teeder Jacob Teeder Scotch English Teters, present the following records.

Volume IX, NO. 4, July/August 1992, EmaleneR. Rohrer, 112 Willow Drive, Nicholasville, Ken tucky 40356; Madison County, Kentucky, 1789; Bought 100 acres of land from George Teater,Dee d Book A; Will of Richmond Harris, father of Elizabeth Harris(second wife), left part of estate to grandchildren, Thomas and Patsy,Madison County Deed Book K, pp. 546-7; 1850 Madison Cou nty Census shows Thomas Reynolds 83, born North ; 1860 Madison County Census, Thomas Reynolds 93

RNLD KY05-"Reynolds Families Of Garrard, Jessamine, Madison Counties"by Emalene R Rohrer; Mad ison County Deed Book 19, pp. 546-7, 4September 1871; Will Book O, p. 520; Deed Book C, p. 33 9; Bought 260acres on Paint Lick Creek, 18 November 1794; Will names children, sale of propert y, 14 September 1860.

1850 Madison County Census shows Thomas Reynolds 83, born North Carolina .

Explanation Thomas Reynolds came to Madison Kentucky before 1789 with a wife named Elizabeth . Not any extra names which have appeared on the internet soley Elizabeth. Thomas Reynolds bought 100 acres from George Teater 1789 Madison Kentucky. Again information on the internet alledges Thomas Reynolds came from Lincoln North Carolina, this cannot be true why?. The Thomas Reynolds of Lincon NC is listed on the Census 1790 for Lincon NC. The Thomas Reynolds who came from NC to Madison is consistantly recorded and taxed in Madison Kentucky. therefore cannot be the Thomas Reynolds of Lincoln Co NC.

Who was Thomas Reynolds and how was he connected to George Teater?.

North Carolina Genweb Tax List of Montgomery Co NC. lists on the year 1780 Thomas Renolds. He is no longer mentioned there, on later Census or Tax Lists. 1790 Montgomery Co NC Census. Benjemin Tedder 1 - i -3. --5 Tithables. 1810 Montgomery Co Census. Geo Teter. 1- 1 -1-- 3 Tithables.

Explanation. Thomas Reynolds and Bejemin Tedder both lived in Montgomery Co NC same decade. Bejamin Tedder names one son George Teter found under Benjamin census records a generation younger than Benjemin Tedder whos son shows as George Teter.

possible- 50 % ODDS. BENJAMIN TEDDER recommeded a introduction of Thomas Reyonlds to George Teater. Thomas Reynolds wife Elizabeth from NC, possible neice sister cousin of George Teater., Appears the Kentucky connection of Thomas Reynolds Montgomey Co was George Teater thru his wife Elizabeth or possible by Benjamin Tedder father of George Teter.--Parris 20:38, 13 August 2008 (EDT)

FROM ONE OF THE DOZENS OF FAMILY FILES OF DANIEL BOONE. to establish that as listed in Rowan County marriegs Squire Boone listed in the will of William Vancleave with George Teater Jr married William Van Cleaves sisters.

JR. SQUIRE3 BOONE (SARAH2 MORGAN, EDWARD1) was born October 05, 1744 in Berks Co., PA, and died August 08, 1815 in Buck Creek, near Corydon, IN. He married JANE VAN CLEVE August 08, 1765 in Rowan Co., NC, daughter of AARON VAN CLEAVE and RACHEL SCHENCK. She was born October 16, 1749 in Middletown or New Brunswick, NJ, and died March 10, 1829 in Otter Creek, KY.. THE 1787 MADISON TAX LIST 1789 TAX LIST SHOWS ABIGAIL VAN CLEAVE SQUIRE BOONE AND GEORGE TEATER SR.




224. William VAN_CLEAVE was born about 1743 in New Brunswick, , New Jersey. He died about 1787 in , Mercer, Kentucky. have not been able to determine if he served during the Revolutionary War; he may be the Wm.Vancleave listed as being at Grant's Station 23 April 1780 some researchers seem to think he did receive land for military service. He was married to Abigail FROST about 1762 in , , North Carolina.

225. Abigail FROST was born in 1744 in Morristown, , New Jersey. She died after 1840 in , Calloway, Kentucky. source of information: "The Frosts and Related Families of Bedford County Tennessee" by Wright W. Frost-published 1962. Other children were a brother, Ebenezer Frost baptised Jan 1747 and a sister Elizabeth baptised Jan 1749. The brother Ebenezer married into the Van Cleave family.

from "Isaac and Elizabeth Branscum. Their Ancestors and their Children" written by one of Abigail's fourth great grandsons, Fred Tubbs of Delmar NY 1990.

Abigail married William Van Cleave at least by early 1765 and probably about 1762-3. She bore him 7 children while they resided in Rowan Co. NC. To a large extent she reared the children during 1777-80 without the benefit of a resident husband. Then she and the children went with William and other relatives from rustic but relatively safe North Carolina to the privations and dangers of the Kentucky frontier. Her eldest child was killed by the Indians probably within the first year of their arrival. She bore her eighth child after arriving in KY. Her husband died approximately seven years later. Abigail had the tasks of settling her husband's estate, rearing her minor children, making a home out of the land her husband left her, and then fighting off the land sharks who tried to wrest it from her. (That involved 25 years in the courts). She typifies the indomitable spirit of the pioneer women.

From a letter written by Fred Tubbs in March 1990: "What a woman that Abigail must have been! I think I would rather have her for an ancestor than any number of dukes and counts. Just consider this scene: In September 1781, a month before William was born, she was part of the group moving from Boone's Station at the Painted Stone to Lynn's Station near the Falls of Ohio. They were attacked by Indians and she had to flee. Her eldest daughter was killed. And she had to worry about six other children as well. Ebenezer couldn't have been more than six years old. Can you imagine what she must have gone through! Whenever I feel any urge to tell any war stories about the Korean War, I"ll just stop and remember my g-g-g-g-grandmother." Children were:

i. Sarah\Sally VAN_CLEAVE was born about 1763 in , Rowan, North Carolina. She died in 1781 in , , Kentucky. after leaving church, while she was mounting her fiance's horse, an Indian grabbed her and split her head open, but the rest reached home safely (JWaVC) page 129 in Ledley's "The Van Cleef Family" 
ii. Phebe VAN_CLEAVE was born in 1764 in , Rowan, North Carolina. She died after 1850 in , Montgomery, Indiana?. Ledley lists her second, following Elizabeth; Wenzel has Phebe first and Elizabeth second; neither gives source 
iii. Elizabeth_(1) VAN_CLEAVE was born on 16 May 1766 in , Rowan, North Carolina. She died on 1 Jul 1852 in , Mercer, Kentucky. information about her family from Mrs. Ileen Currin of Cottage Grove, Oregon by way of Norma Fishter to Fred Tubbs; marriage bond from John Sinks to Fred 
iv. Jonathan_(1) VAN_CLEAVE was born on 31 Jan 1768 in , Rowan, North Carolina. He died on 14 Sep 1847 in , Mercer, Kentucky. this Jonathan joined the Shaker settlement at Pleasant Hill, Mercer county, Kentucky; corrections on his family from Luther Van Cleve, Humble, TX August 1995 
v. Mary VAN_CLEAVE was born about 1770 in , Rowan, North Carolina. Wenzel lists 6 more children without names 
vi. John\James VAN_CLEAVE was born about 1772 in , Rowan, North Carolina. Wenzel gives him 4 sons, 1 daughter; first wife unknown; second listed as Elizabeth Tisdale 

112 vii. Ebenezer Frost VAN_CLEAVE.

viii. Jane VAN_CLEAVE was born about 1779 in , Rowan, North Carolina. She died on 10 Mar 1829 in , , Kentucky. Wenzel lists 9 daughters and 3 sons - no names given 
ix. William VAN_CLEAVE Jr. was born on 9 Oct 1781 in , , Kentucky. He died on 27 Feb 1855 in , Johnson, Illinois. Fred Tubbs line--Parris 10:35, 8 October 2008 (EDT)

FROM THE DOZENS OF FILES ON THE FAMILY OF GEORGE TEATER SR AND SARAH PEARIS JESSAMINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. George TEATER Jr.1,2,22 was born in 1765 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He was born in 1765 in (probably) Augusta County, Virginia. He died on 3 Feb 1834 in Boone County, Missouri. His reference number is 234 .2. Court Records, Boone County, Missouri; George Teater married second,1821, Polly Riddle, in Boone County, Missouri.

Parents: George TEATER and Sarah PEARIS.

Spouse: Mary VAN CLEAVE. George TEATER Jr. and Mary VAN CLEAVE were married on 27 May 1788 in Madison County, Kentucky. They were married on 28 May 1788 in Madison Co. KY.

Spouse: Mary RIDDLE. George TEATER Jr. and Mary RIDDLE were married on 30 Dec 1821 in Boone County, Missouri--Parris 10:52, 8 October 2008 (EDT)

==1787 Property Tax List of Washington Co., VA ==

for John Lothian's district

1787 Property Tax List of Washington Co., VA for David Carson's district

LISTED ONLINE AS THE WASHINGTON COUNTY VIRGINIA SURROGATE CENSUS. NO 1787 ON THE LIST GEORGE TEATER.. Explanation George Tteater Sr is found this year in Madison County with Squire Boone Abaigail Vancleave. Abaigail is the mother of George Teater Jrs wife. George Teater Jr is listed with his father George Teater Sr above on the 1789 Tax List of Madison Kentucky. He married the following year to Mary Vancleave. This means he stayed behind in Washington Co with his mother and Younger brothers and sisters, It also means he was a Ensign there. the same time of the Revoltuion Ensign George Teater was in Washington CO, George Teater Sr was a officer no rank given at Clarks Station. In the early days Clark Station was Blockhouse military style fort with men who were at war and lived inside the Station no place for Babies and young children.--Parris 11:22, 8 October 2008 (EDT)

1792 RUSSELL CO FORMED FROM WASHINGTON CO. TAX LIST Vancleave, Aaron - 1000 Ac. Vancleave, Aaron - 1000 Ac. Vancleave, Samuel - 1000 Ac. Vancleave, Philip - 1000 Ac

THE INLAWS OF GEORGE TEATER JR THE VAN CLEAVES. They are found moving back and forth from Kenticky and Russell Virginia. The other in laws of George Teater Jr The Frosts are also found still in Washington Ky during same migration periods.--Parris 11:42, 8 October 2008 (EDT)


SHOWS THE Benjamin Lockart James Lockhart both 1st cousins of Parris Teaters wife Rebecca Totten whos mother was the 3rd wife of George Teater Ester Totten, the deed here says Benjamin Lockhart Jackson Tn. The TN archives letter section shows his letter to to Benjamin Totten Jr addresed as my Dearest Cousin. next is John Griffith also deeded in Washington Co. he is noted as signing as witness on George Teaters will. William Sr and William Jr brothers of John Griffith and Jonas Griffith.

note Jonas Griffith he was the father of Samuel Griffith who married Sarah Teater 1791 Madison Ky. saraha daughter of George Teater and Sarah Pearis. 1796 George Teater married his 2nd wife Esther Griffith his son in law Samuel Griffith was the bondsman.. Between the Teaters and thier inlaws the Tottens Lockharts VanCleaves Adams and more continued to travel back and forth between Madison Garrard Washington Co and Russell Co. by 1802 Benjamin Lockhart Jonas Griffith here father of Samuel Griffith and Parris Teaters father in law Capt Benjamin Totten were all in Jackson Tn. But the Lockharts continued to move back and forth.

Barnett, Nathaniel (1) Lockhart, William (1) Bays, John (1) Lockhart, William Jr. (1) Bays, William (1) Love?, Peter (1) Belshey, Joseph (1) Madden, George (1) Belshey, Robert Jr. (1) Madden, Stephen (1) Belsher, Jesse (1) Mann, Samuel (2) Belsher, John (1) Markam, James (1) Birch, John (1) Marlow, Allen (1) Birch, William (0) Marlow, Thomas (1) Blankenship, Ralph (1) Martin, Andrew (1) Blankenship, William (1) Masey, Robert (1) Breeding, John Sr. (0) Mash, Henry (1) Breeding, John Jr. (1) Mason, French (1) Brewster, James (1) McCullough, Hugh (1) Brewster, Jeremiah (1) McDaniel, Andrew (1) B______, Thomas (1) McFarland, Alexander (2) Briggs, Thomas McFarland, James (1) Bristow, James (1) McGuire, Joseph (1) Bristow, John (1) McGuire, William (1) Bromley, John (2) McKnight, Anthony (1) Browning, Edward (1) McKoy, George (1) Browning, Enos (1) McReynolds, Joseph (1) Burgess, Timothy (1) McReynolds, Robert (1) Burke, Fleming (2) Minton, Isaac (1) Burke, Henry (1) Mitchell, John (1) Campbell, Henry (1) Monk, Shadrach (1) Candler, John (1) Monk, William (1) Canute, Reuben (3) Moore, George (1) Childress, Abraham (1) Moore, Isaac (1) Clark, Drury (1) Morris, Joshua (1) Clayton, Daniel (1) Murphy, Alexander (1) Clevenger, Lewis (1) Murphy, John (1) Clift, Thomas (1) Murphy, Thomas (1) Coburn, Jacob (1) Murray, Laurence (1) Coil, James (1) Musick, Abraham (1) Coil, John (1) Musick, Elexious (0) Coil, Patrick (1) Musick, Jonathon (1) Coil, Stephen (1) Mutter, George (1) Colley, Thomas (1) Nash, Thomas (2) Collier, John (1) Nash, Thomas Jr. (1) Collier, Micaijah (1) Nash, William (1) Collier, Richard (1) Nelson, Johnson (1) Compton, Abraham Ogden, Stephen (1) Conaed, James (1) Oney, Benjamin (1) Conway, John (1) Oney, Hezekiah (1) Conway, Thomas (1) Oney, Richard (1) Cook, Clayton (1) Oney, William (1) Cook, Joel (1) Owens, William (1) Cooksey, John (1) Parting?, William (1) Cooksey, Joseph (1) Pascal, Thomas (1) Cooksey, Lemaster (1) Pascal, William (1) Cotton, Joseph (1) Patrick, Jeremiah (2) Countz, George (1) Patrick, Jeremiah Jr. (1) Countz, John (1) Patterson, Hamlet (1) Countz, John Sr. (1) Pemberton, George (1) Cowan, Andrew (1) Peery, William (1) Cowan, John (1) Phillips, Henry (1) Cox, Joseph (1) Pickett, Edward (1) Crabtree, Abraham (2) Prator, Archibald (1) Crabtree, Hiram (1) Prator, Betsy (0) Crabtree, Jacob (1) Prator, William (1) Crawford, William (1) Preecs, Richard (1) Crawford, William (river) (1) Preecs, William (0) Dameron, Lazarus (1) Price, John (1) Dameron, Moses Sr. (1) Price, Richard Sr. (1) Daniel, James (1) Price, Richard, Son Daniel, Spilsby (1) ........of Tom (1) Daniel, Terry (1) Price, Thomas Sr. (1) Daniel, Whyatt (1) Price, Thomas Jr. (1) Davis, John Sr. (1) Price, William (1) Davis, John Jr. (1) Puckett, George (1) Davis, Jonathan (2) Puckett, John (1) Davis, Thomas (1) Ramey, Jesse (1) Deskins, John (4) Ramey, John (1) Dollerhide, Cornelius (1) Raresnake, Jacob (1) Dollerhide, John (1) Ratliff, Daniel (1) Dollerhide, Thomas (0) Ratliff, John (1) Dollerhide, William (1) Ratliff, Reuben (1) Dolsbury, Lyles (1) Ratliff, William Jr. (1) Drake, John (1) Ray, Benjamin (1) Drake, Peter (1) Richardson James (1) Duff, Samuel (1) Roberts, Daniel (1) Duncan, Jesse (1) Roberts, James (1) Elam, William (1) Roberts, Jesse (1) Elkins, Elijah (1) Robinson David (1) Elliott, Michael (3) Robinson, George (1) Emmons, Syrinus (1) Robinson, George Jr. (1) Ervin, James (1) Robinson, Samuel (2) Ervin, John (1) Robinson, Samuel Jr. (1) Ervin, William (E.G.) (1) Robinson, William Sr. (2) Ervin, William (1) Robinson, William (1) Evans, Berry (1) Roman, William, estate (0) Evans, Richard (1) Romine, Katy (0) Ewing, Samuel (2) Romine, William (1) Fairchild, Hezekiah (1) Rutherford, Reuben (1) Fanning, David (1) Rutherford, Robert (1) Faulk, Gasper (1) Samples, William (1) Ferguson, Andrew (1) Sands, Matthew (1) Ferguson, John (1) Sarjeant, Absalom (1) Ferguson, Thomas (3) Sarjeant, Elijah (1) Ferrell, John (2) Sarjeant, James (2) Fields, John (1) Sargeant, Thomas (2) Fields, Joseph (1) Sargeant, William (1) Fields, Richard (1) Sargeant, William Jr. (1) Fields, Samuel (1) Scaggs, Jeremiah (1) Fields, William (river) (1) Scaggs, Peter (1) Fields, William (1) Scaggs, Zachariah (1) Finnel, George (1) Scott, James (1) Finnel, Thomas (1) Shearman, Mildred (1) Fletcher, William (1) Shelton, Jeremiah (1) Francisco, George (1) Shoemaker, Alexander (1) Francisco, Jacob (1) Shoemaker, Thomas (1) Fuller, Abraham (1) Short, Aaron (1) Fuller, Henry (2) Short, John (2) Fuller, George (1) Short, Samuel (1) Fuller, Jesse (1) Short, Thomas (1) Fuller, Peter (1) Shortridge, Andrew (1) Fuller, Stephen (1) Sikes, John (2) Fultz, Obadiah (1) Simonson, Joseph (1) Gallahue, Peter (1) Skeene, Jonathan (1) Garrett, John (1) Smith, Andrew (1) Garrett, William (2) Smith, Briton (1) Garrison, William (1) Smith, Eli (1) Gent, Obadiah (1) Smith, Ericus (1) Gibson, James (1) Smith, George (1) Gibson, John (1) Smith, Hardin (1) Gibson, John Jr. (1) Smith, Harry (1) Gibson, Tryon (1) Smith, Henry (1) Gilbert, John (1) Smith, John (1) Gillaspie, Thomas (1) Smith, Moses (1) Gilmer, William (5) Smith Robert (1) Goodwin, David (1) Smith, Robert Jr. (1) Goodwin, Thomas (1) Smith, Samuel (1) Gravat, Levi (1) Smith, William (1) Gravat, Robert (1) Smithers, John (1) Gray, James (1) Southard, William (3) Green, John (Red Head) (1) Sperry, Benjamin (1) Greenwood, Bailey (1) Sperry, James (1) Griffith, John (1)***** Sperry, Samuel (1) Griffith, William Sr. (1) Sperry, Samuel Jr. (1) Griffith, William (1) Steel, Richard (1) Hains, Christopher (1) Sword, Michael (1) Hammon, Abrose (1) Taylor, Samuel (1) Hammon, John (3) Terry, Miles (1) Haney, James (1) Thompson, John (1) Haney, John (1) Thompson, Richard (1) Hanks, Abraham (1) Thompson, William (1) Hankins, John (1) Todd, Andrew (1) Harrell, William (1) Trent, Alexander (1) Hatfield, Ephraim (1) Trent, Frederick (1) Hatfield, Joseph (0) Trent, John (1) Hays, Martha (2) Trent, William (0) Heibourn, Andrew (1) Vance, Abner (1) Hendrixson, David (1) Vandike, John (1) Hendrixson, James (1) Vanhook, Abner (1) Hendrixson, Samuel (1) Vanhook, Laurence (1) Hendrixson, Thomas (0) Vanhook, Samuel (2) Higganbotham, Moses (1) Vanpelt, John (3) Higganbotham, Robert (1) Vaughan, John (1) Hinton, Anthony (1) Vaughan, Samuel (1) Holland, John (1) Vermillion, Jesse (1) Holliday, Charles (1) Vickers, Joseph (1) Honacre, Jacob (1) Waggoner, Jacob (1) Honacre, Martin (1) Wallis, Benjamin (1) Honacre, Peter (1) Wallis, William (2) Horton, John (3) Ward, David (2) How, Edward (2) Ward, John (2) Hunt, John (1) Watkins, William (1) Hurst, Henry (1) Watts, John (1) Immett, Isaac (1) Webb, Robert (1) Jackson, John (1) Webb, Will (2) Jackson, Levi (1) Weddington, Jacob (1) Jackson, Richard (1) Welsh, William (1) Jackson, Simeon (1) Welman, Bennett (2) Jesse, John (3) Whit, Hezekiah (1) Johnson, Benjamin (1) Whit, Joseph (1) Johnson, Daniel (1) White, Abednego (2) Johnson, Isaac (1) White, Shadrach (1) Johnson, Thomas (1) Whitlock, John (1) Johnson, William (1) Wilkinson, Francis (1) Jones, James (1) Williams, Henry (1) Jones, Jesse (3) Williams, Richard (1) Kelly, Edward (4) Williams, Samuel (2) Kelly, James (1) Williams, Samuel Jr. (1) Kelly, Luke (1) Williams, Shadrach (2) Kelly, William (1) Willis, Smith (1) Kennedy, Aaron (1) Wilson, Craven (1) Kennedy, Mark (1) Wilson, Harris (1) Kennedy, Martin (1) Wilson, Jesse (1) Kindrick, George (2) Wilson, John (1) Kindrick, Patrick, Sr. (0) Wilson, Richard (1) Kindrick, Patrick, Jr. (1) Wilson, Robert (1) King, Martha (3) Wright, Peggy (0) Kyzer, Joseph (1) Wright, William (1) Lanshorn, John (1) Young, Daniel (1) Lasher?, William (1) Young, David (1) Lawson, Peter (1) Young, Edward (2) Lee, John (river) (1) Young, Israel (1) Lewis, Benjamin (1) Young, John, Son Little, Isaac (1) .......of Joe (1) Litton, Solomon (3) Young, John Sr. (1) Lockhart, Andrew (1) Young, John Jr. (1) Lockhart, Benjamin (1)**** Young, Samuel (2) Lockhart, James (1)


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(2) Dawson, William (2) Price, Anjer (1) Despada, Charles (1) Price, Daniel (1) Detubuf?, Alexander (1) Price, Francis (1) Dickenson, Griffith (1) Price, John (0) Dickenson, Henry (1) Price, Richard (0) Dickenson, Humphrey (1) Price, Richard (2) Dickenson, James (2) Purkins, William (1) Dickenson, James (1) Rainey, Samuel (1) Dickenson, Thomas (1) Rains, Christopher (1) Dorton, Edward (1) Rentfro, Mark (1) Dorton, Elizabeth (0) Rentfro, Samuel (0) Dorton, Moses (1) Riley, Allen (1) Dorton, William (1) Riley, John (1) Duff, Robert (1) Riley, Patrick (2) Dunahoo, Henry (1) Riley, William (1) Ellington, Nathan (1) Ritchie, Samuel (2) English, John (1) Robinson, Jacob (1) Estill, John (2) Robinson, Littleberry (1) Farris, Chapness (1) Runnals, Henry (1) Felps, Samuel (1) Sailer, Solomon (1) Flannary, James (1) Sallyers, Benjamin (1) Flannary, John (1) Sallyers, Isaiah (2) Flannary, Silas (2) Sallyers, Jeremiah (1) Fletcher, Ambrose (0) Sallyers, John (1) Francis, John (1) Sallyers, Zachariah (1) Francis, Thomas Jr. (2) Sherrell, Adam (1) Frazer, John (1) Siers, Daniel (1) Frazer, Joseph (1) Smith, Henry (1) Frazer, Solomon (1) Smith, James (1) Friley, Caleb (1) Smith, John (3) Friley, Cloe (1) Smith, John (C. W.) (1) Friley, James (1) Smith, Robert (1) Friley, William (1) Smoote, Barton (1) Fugate, Benjamin (1) Smothers, Andrew (1) Fugate, Coulberd (1) Sotherland, Neal (1) Fugate, Henly (1) South, Benjamin (1) Fugate, John Sr. (2) Soward, Griffin (1) Fugate, John Jr. (1) Soward, Thomas (1) Fugate, Zachariah (1) Spradling, Andrew (1) George, William (1) Spradling, Joseph (1) Gibson, James (0) Stacy, George (1) Gibson, James (R.C.) (1) Stacy, Peter (1) Gibson, William (1) Stalliard, Rawley (1) Gill, Presley (1) Stalliard, Samuel (2) Gray, Thomas (1) Stapleton, John (1) Gray, Walter (2) Stapleton, Joseph (1) Green, George (1) Stapleton, Joshua (1) Green, Lewis (1) Stapleton, Nancy (0) Green, Thomas (1) Stapleton, Thomas Sr. (0) Griffith, Jonas (1)******* Stapleton, Thomas Jr. (1) Hacker, John (1) Stewart, William (1) Haddox, Coulberd (1) Taber, Archibald (1) Haddox, Samuel (2) Tate, Isaac (1) Hargis, John (1) Tate, John esq. (2) Harrell, Jeremiah (1) Tate, John Jr. (1) Harris, John (2) Tate, Joseph (1) Harris, Lewis (1) Tate, Robert Sr. (3) Harvey, Andrew (1) Tate, Robert (1) Heavilow, Anthony (0) Tate, Samuel (1) Hobbs, Abner (1) Tate, William (2) Hobbs, James (1) Thomas, Obeda (1) Hobbs, Nathan (1) Thompson, David (1) Hogg, James (1) Thornsberry, John (1) Hogg, Linor (0) Turner, James (1) Howard, James Jr. (1) Turner, William (1) Howard, John (1) Vanhook, Archalaus (1) Howerton, William (1) Vickers, Robert (2) Hucheson, Peter, (2) Vickers, William (1) Hughes, Oliver (1) Waddle, Peter (1) Ingle, Henry (1) Waldrup, Joseph (1) Isaacks, Godfey (1) Watson, James (1) Isaacks, Samuel (1) Watson, William (2) Jackson, George (1) Wayland, Haril (3) Jackson, James (1) Weaver, James (1) Jackson, Jean (0) Wells, Richard (1) Jackson, Robert (0) West, William (1) James, John (1) Wharton, William (1) James, William (1) Wheeler, Carrington (1) Johnson, Joseph (1) White, John (1) Jones, James (1) White, Nelson (1) Jones, James (1) White, Thomas (1) Jones, Joseph (1) Whitely, John (1) Jones, Lettice (0) Whitely, Joseph (3) Jones, Reubin (1) Whitely, Thomas (1) Jones, William (1) Willoughby, John (1) Kesner, Howsand (1) Wilson, John (1) Kilgore, Charles (2) Wood, Drury (1) Kilgore, Hiram (1) Wood, Henry (1) Kilgore, Ralph (1) Wood, John (1) Kilgore, Robert (1) Wood, John (1) Kilgore, William (1) Wood, Jonathan (1) Lamarr, James (1) Young, Jeremiah (1) Lane, James (1)--Parris 12:13, 8 October 2008 (EDT)

Threfore we can Establish by the 1787 Washington Co surrogate census that George Teater Jr was still in the area. The Russell Co tax lists shows his future in laws the Frosts and Vancleaves were all spread out thru Washington Co and early Russell Co , This includes his step mothers family the Griffiths Includes his sister Sarahs family again the Griffiths, Her step mother Esther Griffith and her husband samuel Griffith were the same family. Appears her step mother and sister in law Esther were Jonas or John Griffiths daighter. This is the same situation with Parris Teater his 2nd step mother was Ester Totten the mother of his wife Rebecca Totten. In any case Jonas Griffith appears back and forth taxed in Madison Ky and Russell Co.. It is noted that Jonas was Captured as a younger teenager in the letter of HH Griffith the son of Samuel Teater Griffith that Jonas was raised with the Shawnee. he is lsited with John Griffith on the Burk NC tax list before coming to Madison Kentucky. He had 2 wives TN court records in Jackson TN court cases names one as Sur name Lock. The 1st wife appears in most file as Cherokee, Samuel Griffith would of been a halfbreed. Notes on the 1830 Jackson Tn census bears some of that due to the Griffiths enumerated as Free Persons of Color. Not all but some are. it appears that both of George Teater Sr wives .1st Sarah Pearis and her Sister Rhoda Parris were the Indian daughters of George Parris. 2nd wife Esther Griffth also could be Jonas Griffith daughter since Samuel Griffith served as the bondsman for George Teater Sr and Esther Griffith in 1796 2 years after Sarah the 1st wife died. some lsitings of the cherokee bloodlines are very numerous with all the inlaw families of jonas griffith.

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Ancestry and Genealogy Family Surname: JONAS GRIFFITH at JONES ... Research Interest: I am a descendent of Rebecca Griffith of Jones beer Tennessee . We are told that she was the daughter of Jonas Griffith Jr., ... - 12k--Parris 07:08, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

The letter of HH Griffith states Jonas Griffith became a Shawnee adopted on one of the early trips with Daniel Boone. It also states they came from Wales. I show Jonas Griffith was a cousin of Daniel Boone 3rd generation descent from a convict named John Griffith from Newgate Prison. Evan Griffith appears to be father the great grandfather of Jonas David Samuel and John Griffith related to Daniel Boones mothers family. Whereas Squire Boone Son of George Boone of ye County of Philad & Province of Pensilvania Yeoman and Sarah Morgan Daughter of Edw Morgan of the Said County and Province Haveing Declared Their Intention of Marriage of Each Other before two Monthly Meetings of ye People Called Quakers Held at Gwynedd in ye Said County According to ye Good Order Used Among Them Whose Proceedings Therein After a Diliberate Consideration Therein and haveing Consent of Parents and Relation Concerned Their Said Proceedings Are Allowed of By Ye Said Meeting Now These Are to Certify All Whom it may Concern that for ye Full Accomplishing of Their Said Intentions This Twenty Third Day of ye Seventh Month In ye Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty They ye Sd. Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan Appeared At A Solemn Assembly of ye Said People for ye Purpose Appointed at Their Publick meeting Place In Gwynedd Afforesd And ye Said Squire Boone Took ye Said Sarah Morgan by ye Hand Did In A Solemn Manner Openly Declare he Took her To Be his Wife Promising To be Unto Her A Faithfull and Loveing Husband Untill Death Should Seperate Them And Then & There In the Said Assembly the said Sarah Morgan Did Likewise Declare She Took ye Said Squire Boone To be her Husband In Like Manner Promiseing to be Unto him a Faithfull and Loveing Wife Untill Should Seperate Them And Moreover The Said Squire Boone & Sarah She According to ye Custom of Marriage Assuming ye Name of Her Husband as Farther Confirmation Thereof Did Then and There to these presents Set There Hands And We Whose Names Are Under Written Being Among Others Present at ye Solemnization of the Said Marriage And Subscription in Manner Afforesd

As Witnesses Thereunto have also to These Presents Set Our Hands ye Day & Year Above Written

Samll Thomas

Mary Webb

Squire Boone

Jenk Evans

Eliz Morris

Sarah Boone

Robt Jones

Dorothy Morgan

Geo Boone

Morgan Hugh

Eliz Hughs

Edw Morgan

Jno Edwards

Mary Hamer

Eliz Morgan

Tho Evan

Eliz Morgan

Geo Boone

Cadr Evan

Jane Griffith

Ja Boone

Rob Evan

Eliz Griffith

Wm Morgan

Jno Cadwalader

Margt Jones

Jno Morgan

Jno William

Ellen Evans

Danll Morgan

Jno Humphrey

Gainor Jones

Morgan Morgan

Jno Jones

Jos Morgan

Jno Jones

Jno Webb

Evan Griffith

Jno Webb

Row Robert

Amos Griffith

Cadwalader Jones--Parris 07:24, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

GRIFFITH, E, John, Jonas, Samuel THE TAX LIST OF BERKS PA WITH THE BOONES GRIFFITHS ECT. NOTES JOHN GRIFFITH SAMUEL GRIFFITH JONAS GRIFFITH SONS OF EVAN GRIFFITH. This line migrated with Daniel Boones family down to Rowan Co NC and settled at the area of Rowan Co that became Burk Co.--Parris 07:31, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

. Jonas Griffith 1787 Burk Co NC formed from Rowan Co. Jonas Griffith 1789 Madison Ky 1790s russell co va 1802 Jackson TN, with Parris Teaters father Capt Benjamin Totten..Jonas Griffith named one son Boone Jonas Boone and several others also had the middle name Boone. one Grandson named Parris Griffith. Records from Jackson TN by Rich Clark. Jonas Griffith Sr. was on the tax list for Madison County, Kentucky in 1789. From the marriage records of some of his children, it seems like a certain match. The 1800 US Census for Kentucky and Tennessee was lost, but there was a Jonas and John Griffith on the 1802 tax list for Jackson County, Tennessee. The 1810 census of Jackson County was also lost. Court records and census records indicate that Jonas Sr. had 4 sons; Jonas Jr., John, Samuel, and David, as well as several daughters (that lived in Jackson county, anyway - perhaps there were more). Some of these children were probably born in North Carolina. Some of Jonas Sr.'s grandchildren were born in Kentucky.

Here are some census extracts:

1820 US Census - Jackson County, Tennessee NA Series: M33 Roll: 123 Page: 68 Sheet: 134 Jonas Griffith - 000001 00001 02 (Abt. 86 Yrs. old) Jonas Griffith - 300010 33010 05 (26-45) Samuel Griffith - 120101 21310 08 (45+) ---- Married Sarah Teater daughter of George Teater Sr and Sarah Pearis,Bondsman marraige George Teater Esther Griffith Polly Griffith - 011200 10001 04 (Widow/Ex-wife of John? Sister? Sister-In-Law?) David Griffith - 300010 10010 02 (26-45) father of Samuel Teater Griffith

Males: 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 18, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older Females: 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older Third column is number engaged in Agriculture.

1830 US Census - Jackson County, Tennessee NA Series: Roll: 177 Page: 133 Samuel Griffith 0001000010000 0020100100000 (Sam is 60-70) William Griffith 1200010000000 0000100000000 (Wm. D?) Mary Griffith 0000000000000 0000100010000 (Widow/Ex-wife of John? Sister? Sister-In-Law?) David Griffith 0012001000000 1110010000000 Jonas Griffith 2213000100000 1012101000000 Jno. C. Griffith 1000100000000 0000100000000 (Son of John or Sam? Moved to Madison Co. IL) S. C. Griffith 1000100000000 0000100000000 (Sam Cull, son of John)

Under 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80, 80-90, 90-100, 100 &c

1840 census - District 4 except as noted, Jackson County, Tennessee David Griffith 0010100100000 0011101000000 1 (Free Colored Male under 10) father of Samuel Teater Griffith John F. Griffith 2000100000000 2000100000000 (Son of David) Nancy Griffith 0122200000000 0112000100000 (Widow of Jonas Jr.) L. B. Griffith 0000100000000 0000000000000 (District 1, son of Jonas Jr., Lindsey Byron) John Griffith [witness Will of George Teater Garrard Ky 1815

In reading the old court records, there is a mention of Samuel Cull Griffith and his cousin Samuel Teeter Griffith. If I understood them correctly, Sam Cull was the son of John Griffith. There was a William D. that seems associated with Sam Cull in land deals, but I can't find more on him. The same holds true for a George Griffith, who purchased 100 acres of land in Jackson county during 1827, but was not found in the 1830 census. I can't help but wonder though, why David Griffith named a son Sam Teeter (sp. varies) Griffith. While the children of David and Jonas Jr. are fairly well documented in the records, the children of Sam and his brother John are not. Although many people believe John died about 1814, I believe he may have joined with his sister's family (Richard and Eleanor Lock, married 13 Jan 1782 in Madison Co. KY) and moved to southern Illinois -

1820 US Census - White County, Illinois Richard Lock 110001 11101 0100 Jonas Lock 000100 00100 0100 (Oldest son of Richard) John Griffith 000001 ?0010 0100 (A young wife and either 1 or 4 daughters, or perhaps a widowed daughter?)

By the way, this area of White county was divided in 1821 and became Hamilton County. An Elizabeth Griffith was married there in 1817, and her husband purchased land there in 1818. This neighbors on Wayne County, Illinois, where I first document my ggg-grandfather, Jonas B. Griffith. It could be that John is my missing link, but then Sam can't be ruled out either. If naming traditions meant anything, my Jonas had a son named Samuel J. B., as well as Paris Thomas/Thomas Paris (sometimes used the name Perry, and named a son Francis Perry).--Parris 14:17, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

CAPT. BENJAMIN TOTTON’S District: Charles Gentry 0-1200 This is a true copy from the original Tax list and recorded in Jackson County for the year 1802. John Bowen - Clerk by A. Rawlings his Deputy Clerk. DOCUMENT-- To establish the father In law of Parris Teater entered earlier 1802. Jonas Griffith whos daughter Esther Griffith appears to have been Parris Teaters step mother. Whereas Jonas Griffths son Samuel Griffith was Parris Teaters brother in law. Whereas the wife of Benjamin Totten here Capt Totten was the 3rd wife of George Teater Sr who by coincedence was also named Ester she was also Parris Teaters step mother and his mother in law since he married her daughter Rebecca.--Parris 14:30, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

Washington Co, VA Surveys, Page 419 - James HERON - 62,800 ac - treasury warrants - 50,000 by #972 and 12,800 by #973 dated December 13, 1794 excluding 1630 ac of John GRIFFITHS surveyed April, 1792 - on the waters of New River and the south fork of Holstein River - on the south side of a branch on the Wyth County line - crossing Fox Creek and others branches of new River - between Virginia and North Carolina - corner to Samuel HUNT'S land - passing HUNT'S corner - crossing several branches of the Laurel Fork, a branch of the south fork - opposite RAFFERLY'S [RAFFERTY?] Nob - passing Sibens MAINS land - February 25, 1795 (ibid.)

Washington Co, VA Surveys, Page 395 - John GRIFFITH - 1630 ac - called the Balsom Mountain formerly Piney Mountain - treasury warrant #16765 - beginning on the north side of the mountain - to the south side of the mountain where the briar ridge joins the mountain on the west end - on the west side of the Cabbon ridge - on the dividing ridge between WILLSON & HILTON waters, branches of New River - crossing Balsom Mountain on the north side - April 2, 1792 (ibid.)

Not only did John Griffith live in Washington co he also is listed with Jonas Griffith and the Vancleaves in Russell Co. note He lived on the Wythe county line 1795 thats exactly where John Totten the brother in law in law of Parris Teater lived, a eldest of Benajim Totten and Ester.--Parris 14:51, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

A excerpt of the Will of George Teater. Note he was kind to his own personal Negro Slave Woman Milly he set her free. note John Griffith signs as witness. Note his 3rd wife was named Ester confirme and proved as the former wife of Capt Benjamin Totten who migrated with Jonas Griffith to Jackson TN. 10th the remainder of all my moveable property of every description I do leave to my wife Ester to be entirely at her disposal with out interruption. Also she is to have feasable possession of my horses and farm apple orchard and paster [pasture]. All have the lower field next the river. Also said Negro woman named Franky during her life then Nancy to have her with all her increase. All my land I have sold to Parris for the sum of three hundred dollars to be paid in five years at equal annual installments and hereby otherwise and appoint my beloved wife and Parris as executors to this my last will and testament ratifying and confirming this, and revoking all others. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 25th day of July 1815.

Signed sealed and delivered by the said George Teter.

NB [?] My Negro woman Milley at my death is to be her own free woman.

As his last will and testament in the presents of us and in his presents and in presents of each other have here subscribed our names.

Witnessed by:

James Epperson
John W. Griffiths
David Reynolds

[Signed?; Perhaps this is another witness, son George Jr.?] George Teter

Garrard County Set [???] August Court 1815

I hereby certify that the last will and testament of George Teeter decd was exhibited in court at the court afs [?] and proved by the oath of James Epperson, John W. Griffiths and David Reynolds subscribing withnesses therto and ordered to be recorded and the same is truly admitted to record.

Benj. Tethcher, Cl Co

--Parris 15:07, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

THE 1793 WYTHE TAX LIST. Turley Family File. In the 1793 Tax List for Wythe County, I find Robert Turley listed with several neighbors named: Andrew Thompson; Andrew Thompson, JR; John Totten; William Thompson; and a few others. David Doak. 1797 GARRARD KY MARRAIGE. John Totten Jinny Reynolds. Bondsman George Teater Sr. 1806 Garrad KY Will ,john Totten appoints George Teater Sr Administrator of his will. 1806 Orphan bond minor of John Totten, John Totten chose Jos Fowler as Gaurdian. Orphan bond posted by Joseph H Totten Parris Teater Wiilam Totten

1813 OVERTON TN POWER OF ATTORNEY. TO APPOINT , Benjamin Totten Jr Attorney to revcover land in VA from David Doak. States George Teater married the widow Ester former wife of Benjamin Totten Sr Dscd, Signed by Parris Teater his wife Rebecca Josph H Totten James Totten others George Hohimer son of Rhoda Parris, who married Easter Totten.. since capt benjamin totten sr was still alivEe in 1802 Jackson TN with Jonas Griffith and George Teater married Esther Griffith in 1796. It proves Ester Totten was his 3rd wife. Washington Co VA 1813 John Totten enters middle fork of Holston River. This appears to be the boy who chose Joseph Fowler as his Gaurdian.. note Sgt George Teater in James Thompsons Co 1774 next conpany John Totten the brother of Benjamin Totten Sr..

The land to be recovered from David Doak of Wythe county VA is only land owned by Ester the wife of Both George Teater and Benjamin Totten. If the land was owned by the Totten males they wouldnt need George Teater and his son Parris Teater permission to grant Benjamin Totten Jr to recover land where his elder brother John Totten formerly lived in 1793 before joing his family in Garrard Ky 1797.--Parris 16:02, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

1800 TAX LIST LEE VA. Tutton? John 1 4 HORESES This shows that Parris Teaters brother in law Step Mothers family Esther Griffith his 2nd step mothers and mother in laws family his Sisters family the Griffiths his brother George Teater jr s family the van cleaves all moved back and forth between SW Virginia and Garrard Ky until the 2nd generation. This shows that John Totten moved between Wythe Co Garrard Ky and Lee Co Va--Parris 16:26, 9 October 2008 (EDT)


AUGUSTA VIRGINIA COURT. 1768 A REEXAMINATION TRANSCRITION BY KOG (507) Benj. Tuton (Tudon), apprentice of Andrew Miller..

It appears Benjamin Totten and brothers sisters were Orphaned. Benjamin was apprenticed to Andrew Miller 1768 who lived in the vacinity of the Crab creek area. Chackleys Chroicles note he was the son of John Miller of Anson Co NC.. This year George Teater Sr arrived from St Johns Georgia. He purchused x amount of acres from Fred Starns Crab Creek in the area coined as the South Irish colony within the larger Scotch Irish colony of Augusta VA

Andrew Miller is noted with John Porterield and Peter Totten Tutten on the tax list 1779 in the Old 96th SC.

William Tuton totten, is listed with John Porterfield freemason muster rolls 1799 NC.. Benjamin Totten and family were not from New York. He was not the infamous Tory Benajmin Totten son of infamous Tory Jonas Totten of New York .simple fairy tale genealogy.--Parris 03:28, 10 October 2008 (EDT)


To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esqr., Capt General, Governor in and over the Province of North Carolina the Honourable Council Mr. Speaker and Gent of the House of Burgesses. The Humble Petition of the inhabitance of the north part of Orange County Humble Sheweth, that whereas by the large extent of said County, it renders it very burdensom to attend general musters and courts, and we pray that a line beginning where Granville County line corners on the Virg'a line thence running south on Granville line twenty five miles and there corner thence west to Guilford line thence North Along said Guilford to the Virg'a line thence east along the Virg'a line to the beginning and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.

Signed To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esqr., Capt General, Governor in and over the Province of North Carolina the Honourable Council Mr. Speaker and Gent of the House of Burgesses. The Humble Petition of the inhabitance of the north part of Orange County Humble Sheweth, that whereas by the large extent of said County, it renders it very burdensom to attend general musters and courts, and we pray that a line beginning where Granville County line corners on the Virg'a line thence running south on Granville line twenty five miles and there corner thence west to Guilford line thence North Along said Guilford to the Virg'a line thence east along the Virg'a line to the beginning and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.


BENJAMIN TUTTIN -TOTTEN ETC. [Was the name spelled TUTTIN, or TOTTEN, or something else in the list. This needs to be given as the spelling actually employed in the original document, not as interpreted by later persons. Q 08:28, 19 October 2008 (EDT)]

This is 2nd appearance of Benjamin Totten 1st apprenticed to Andrew Miller 1768 appears to be raised as teenager in the old 96th SC also with another relative Peter Totten who lived there with John Porterfield and Andrew Miller

Benajmin Totten then appears with John Totten 1781 Montogomey Co VA in the Miltia of Thomas Ingles. --Parris 03:50, 10 October 2008 (EDT)