Mayflower Passenger List

Article Covers
Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Year range
1620 - 1621

This list is based on William Bradford's list found in Of Plymouth Plantation.

  • Britteridge, Richard (single, died first winter)
  • Browne, Peter
  • Button, William (single, died first winter)
  • Carter, Robert (single, died first winter)
  • Carver, John (no children, died first winter)
  • Katherine (Leggett)(White) Carver, wife (died first winter)
  • Cooper, Humility (returned to England, no indication of children)
  • Crackstone, John (son died without issue)
  • John Crackstone, son
  • English, Thomas (single, died first winter)
  • Fletcher, Moses (left no issue in the colonies)
  • Fuller, Edward
  • Fuller, Samuel
  • Gardinar, Richard (died later at sea, no evidence of children)
  • Goodman, John (single, died early)
  • Holbeck, William (servant, died first winter)
  • Hooke, John (servant, died first winter)
  • Hopkins, Stephen
  • Howland, John
  • Langmore, John (died first winter)
  • Latham, William (servant, no issue)
  • Leister, Edward (servant, no issue)
  • Margesson, Edmund (died first winter, no issue)
  • Martin, Christopher (died first winter, no children in colonies)
  • Mary (Prower) Martin, wife (died first winter)
  • Minter, Desire (returned to England, died without issue)
  • More, Ellen (died first winter)
  • Jasper More, brother (died first winter)
  • Richard More, brother
  • Mary More, sister (died first winter)
  • Priest, Degory
  • Prower, Solomon (servant, died first winter)
  • Rigsdale, John (died first winter, no issue)
  • Alice Rigsdale, wife (died first winter, no issue)
  • Story, Elias (servant, died first winter)
  • Thompson, Edward (servant, died first winter)
  • Tilley, Edward (no children)
  • Ann (Cooper) Tilley, wife
  • Tinker, Thomas (family died first winter)
  • Mrs. Thomas Tinker, wife
  • boy Tinker, son
  • Trevore, William (returned to England)
  • Turner, John (family died first winter)
  • boy Turner, son
  • boy Turner, son
  • Wilder, Roger (servant, died first winter)
  • Williams, Thomas (died first winter)
  • Winslow, Edward
  • Winslow, Gilbert (returned to England, no issue)
  • Mr. Ely (returned to England)
  • Dorothy, maidservant of John Carver]