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The following table provides links to the PA archives township maps for Lancaster County. Hard copies of these maps are also available thruogh the Archives at the price shown. Note that some maps are available in different forms. Also note that in instances where a township has been created after 1729, land parcels warranted under the previous township name are included under the new township name.


Township Cost Map Name and Link PDF File Size
Bart $12.00 Bart 5998kb
Brecknock $12.00 Brecknock 6889kb
Caernarvon $12.00 Caernarvon 5208kb
Clay $12.00 Clay 4677kb
Colerain $15.00 Colerain 7450kb
Colerain (data) 3105kb
Conestoga $9.00 Conestoga Manor 2495kb
Conoy $9.00 Conoy 1 3244kb
Conoy, West Donegal, East Donegal, & Mount Joy $15.00 Conoy 6987kb
Drumore $12.00 Drumore 7779kb
Earl $9.00 Earl 5592kb
East Cocalico $15.00 East Cocalico 3985kb
East Donegal $9.00 East Donegal 1 3565kb
East Donegal 6987kb
East Drumore $12.00 East Drumore 7262kb
East Earl $12.00 East Earl 3978kb
East Hempfield $12.00 East Hempfield 5363kb
East Lampeter $9.00 East Lampeter 3533kb
Eden $9.00 Eden 5605kb
Elizabeth $9.00 Elizabeth 5818kb
Ephrata $12.00 Ephrata 4317kb
Fulton $12.00 Fulton 6533kb
Leacock $12.00 Leacock 4510kb
Little Britain $9.00 Little Britain 6077kb
Manheim $9.00 Manheim 5184kb
Manor $9.00 Manor 5133kb
Martic $12.00 Martic 10400kb
Mount Joy $12.00 Mount Joy 1 6823kb
Mount Joy 2 6987kb
Paradise $9.00 Paradise 4390kb
Penn $12.00 Penn 5264kb
Pequea $9.00 Pequea 3386kb
Providence $12.00 Providence 7371kb
Rapho $15.00 Rapho 10857kb
Sadsbury $12.00 Sadsbury 7747kb
Salisbury $15.00 Salisbury 5932kb
Strasburg $9.00 Strasburg 4293kb
Upper Leacock $9.00 Upper Leacock 3941kb
Warwick $9.00 Warwick 6066kb
West Cocalico $12.00 West Cocalico 7346kb
West Donegal $9.00 West Donegal 1 4295kb
West Donegal 6987kb
West Earl $9.00 West Earl 4083kb
West Hempfield $12.00 West Hempfield 5924kb
West Lampeter $9.00 West Lampeter 2858kb