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The map below shows the location of land warrants issued in Leacock Township, based on the PA archives warrant maps. The map identifies land ownership, though currently the scale is too small for the owners names to be legible. Parcels shown have been color coded by decade of settlement, with those settled prior to 1730 in pink, those settled in the 1730's in light yellow, in the forties in "gold", in the 1750's in green, and those after the 1750's in blue.


Roadways are not often shown in the warrant maps, but a portion of one appears in the North East corner, with the notation "To Pequea". This is probably the "Pequea Road" which intercepted the Lancaster Turnpike,

The Pequea road leads from the old L. road, about one mile below the Sign of the Compass, to the T. road, being abt. 3 miles, and bears N. 10 W. The Wilmington road bears S. 21% E. and leads from the T. road to the Strasburg or new Lancaster road, being abt. 2 miles, and thence to Wilmington. The Pequea road is very much used by travelers passing around the upper gates. The Lancaster Turnpike, Lancaster Historical Society, 1916

Note that the streams shown are those portions that appear on the land survey maps. Their inclusion is a hit and miss kind of thing, which accounts for the sometimes you see the stream in a given parcel, but not in the adjacent parcel. Only one stream is identified on the surveys---Pequea Creek along the southern edge of the area, running right to left. From USGS topomaps its possible to pick out other names of streams and creeks. Houston's Run is the most southernly branch of Pequea Creek, and arises near the community of "Gap". Gap is named for a gap in a ridge in this area, which gap served as a major conduit for people traveling towards Lancaster. A John Houston is said to have settled in the Gap, and I presume that he's the source of the name Houston's Run.