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Wikipedia:Ingles Ferry
Person:Mary Draper (12)
person:William English (9) aka William Ingles
Indian Massacre at Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA
image:Ingles Ferry c 1908.jpg


:Image:Ingles Ferry and Tavern.jpg
Ingles Ferry was originally a farm and small plantation owned by William Ingles, husband of Mary Draper Ingles. They settled there a few years after Mary's escape from Indian captivity. They raised three daughters and one son, John. Around 1762 William obtained a license to operate a ferry across the New River. The farm is a fully protected historical site. Wikipedia:Ingles Ferry
Today, the Ingles farm and ferry is on the register of historic places, owing largely because of its connection to Mary Draper Ingles association with the Drapers Meadow Massacre, but also because it was one of two main crossing points of the New River for early settlers. Image:Reconstruction of the Ingles Cabin.jpg
Image:Cabin-Tavern on the Ingles Ferry Property.jpgCurrently (February 2012) the Wikipedia article on Ingles Ferry includes a photograph of something called the "Ingles Ferry Cabin-Tavern". This structure, shown here, is clearly similar to the phtograph of the original Ingles Cabin, though with some added features, including a large structure at one end of the building that presumably (from the title) was a tavern. Given its importance as a crossing point of the New River for settlers heading south to pick up the Boone's Wilderness Road to Kentucky, it would not be surprizing that there should be a Tavern (the 18th Centuries version of a Holiday Inn) at the Ferry Crossing. However, the original cabin erected by William Ingles (or english) was torn down in the 20th century, and the reproduction cabin does not include the additions shown in this photograph. It seems likely that this photograph is actually a photo of a building erected on the opposite side of the New River which served as a Tavern, meeting the needs of travelers crossing the river at Ingles Ferry.