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From: PA Archives

Land Warrants registered mostly in Cumberland and Lancaster County 1750 to about 1775. Warrants recorded after about 1775 are not formally included here, though some have been added on a case by case basis. Many of the warrants listed were for land which now lies outside of the boundaries of modern Cumberland and Lancaster Counties. Included in this data set are entries for both Huston, Houston, and McCuiston. Other variations, such as Howstone and Hewston, etc., were rarely encountered, but have been captured when recognized. The data has been organized by somewhat arbitrary groupings derived (for the most part) from the watersheds within which the parcels were located. The Accompanying regional maps attempts to show the (very) approximate location of parcels for various persons, as far as they can be ascertained. Comparable data is not as readily available for the Maryland and Delaware portions of Old Chester. We are in the process of matching the color coding between the table and the map. Currently, only some of the "Dots" on the map have a color corresponding well with the colors shown in the table.

Regional Map


Sadsbury and the Gap
WaranteeDateLocationPatent DatePatenteeSurveyNote
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William Huston 1734Sadsbury, [on a branch of] Octoraro Creek. [Williams Run, near Christiana, now West Sadsbury]1812Jacob Kern et alC125:130
John Hewston 1737Br Octoraro Creek, West Sadsbury---Not taken up
Samuel Houston 1738Sadsbury---Not taken up
John Houston 1742Sadsbury, [a branch of the Octoraro]1945ML and CR HassellA53-189
John Hueston 1743Sadsbury1743John HuestonC76:16 (appears to be in error, wrong survey page no. given in warrant registerProbably the Gap
John Huston 1754Sadsbury, [land on "the Gap Road", south side of Pequea Creek, adjacent to other land of John Huston] 1755John HustonC76:160


Lebanon County (near Cornwall)
WaranteeLocationDatePatent DatePatenteeSurveyNote
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Robert Huston 1737Hanover, Walnut Run [near Cornwall Mines, modern Lebanon Co]1774William McCulloch C78:85Person:Robert Huston (6)

Little Conewago

Little Conewago in York county
WaranteeDateLocationPatent DatePatenteeSurveyNote
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John Hueston 1748 On [east side of Little] Conewago Creek WS of Susquehannah R. [York County]1772Joseph Polk Jr C76:46


Houston's of the Lower Conodoguinet
Warrant Link YearLocationPatenteePatent YearSurvey LinkThumb
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Samuel Houston 1752E. Pennsboro TwpSamuel Houston1761A51:220
Person:Samuel Huston (5)
James Huston 1772 E. Pennsboro Twp[1] Adam Orth 1783 C84-49
Person:James Huston (15)
Christopher Huston 1744 Pennsboro in Blue Mt, [Silver Spring Twp], Canodoguinet1837Jacob Rupp[2] C101:55
person:Christopher Huston (2)
James Silver 1744 E. Pennsboro TP when surveyed, original part of Lancaster County, Includes the Silvers Spring Meeting House tract; Adj. Land owners: James Huston, Heirs of Robert Callender, Revt. John Hoge Adam Orth 1783 [B4-209


Warrant Link YearLocationPatenteePatent YearSurvey LinkThumb/Person
James McQuiston 1752Pennsboro1798John Brownc137:29
, c137:30
Robert McQuiston 1752Pennsboro. Frankford Twp.1781John Kennedy, Jane Gallespie, James Y. Gallespie et alc152:88, C145:75 C145:76, C145:77; C139:212-213. }B16-164McQuiston's
Robert McQuiston 1754W. Pennsboro Twp1812William Gillespie,
Jane Gillespie
Adam Brittain
James Gillespie
C145:16 C145-17
C139:216-215. }C139:214
Person:Robert McQuiston (1)


Juniata Basin Hustons
Warrant Link YearLocationPatenteePatent YearSurvey LinkThumb
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William Huston 1755 SS Sherman Creek, near Barren Hill, [Tyboine Township]Armstrong/Patterson1812/1825


William Huston 1755Cedar Spring Nr? Juniata RRobert Nelson1776C:298Juniata
Robert Huston 1762W Br. Licking Creek, tributary of the Juaniata,
Millford Township, Mifflin County
Benjamin Kepler1788C93:56

John Huston 1755Nr. Juniata R., Fermanagh TP then Cumberland CoRobert Hays1790C75:276


Conocheague Watershed, Franklin County
WaranteeDateLocationPatent DatePatenteeSurveyThumb
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Joseph Houston 1762Letterkenny TwpWilliam Houston1812T:18
John Huston1744 [Montgomery Twp formerly Antrim, Lancaster]1787James HustonC75-97
James Huston? [Montgomery Twp formerly Antrim, Lancaster]1767 HustonA73-102
David Huston 1737Hopewell Twp, ws Conococheague Creek [Franklin County]vacated-- Conococheague
John Houston 1742Antrim1945MR and CL HassellA53-79

Archibald Heaston 1744 Antrim (adjacent lands of John/James, and David Huston]1789David HustonC75:200

John Huston 1752 Peters TwpJames Houston1788C75:95
David Huston 1762Peters TwpDavid Huston1788C75:96

John Huston 1762PetersTwpJames Huston1788C75:93


WaranteeDateLocationPatent DatePatenteeSurveyNote
Nathaniel Houston1786Dauphin County, Derry TP??D29-113


A single Houston (David Huston) appears in the Index to the Blunston Licenses. This is most likely David Huston who settled on the Conochogeaue Creek in what eventaully became Franklin County.