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GEDCOM tag destinations and re-upload request

Sorry to be a newbie pest, but I'd like to ask if there are yet any details about supported GEDCOM tags and destination fields. Supplementary questions are: - does editing the Wiki reflect changes back to the GEDCOM if downloaded? - when can we have a re-upload? (sorreee)--Pauldesmondwhite 23:26, 27 October 2013 (UTC)

Re Upload -- Can "info" be deleted? [9 July 2015]

Based on a discussion at the Water Cooler, the information regarding re-uploading a GedCom is probably out of date (it seems likely that adding a "re-upload" ability is very low on a list of changes that need to be made to WeRelate), and contrary to what we actually want (it advises people to delete their trees and upload a new GedCom.) Shouldn't we just delete this entry? Possibly it could be replaced with something about "up-dating" information, emphasizing editing existing information and using small GedComs to add new individuals? --GayelKnott 16:12, 9 July 2015 (UTC)

Edits. [4 September 2016]

I have just made a couple of edits to Section 1.2 (How should I prepare my data for GEDCOM upload?) The first was to change "It is also a good idea to check for common errors such as spouses being alive at the same time, children being born during the parents' life times, etc." to "It is also a good idea to check for common errors such as spouses being alive at the same time, children not being born during the parents' life times, etc." That balances the two phrases--though the first phrase as currently written denies divorce, and divorces do/did happen. The second was a typo in the spelling of "field".

I also wondered if the last part of the last sentence "the place field should only contain places in our database with the option of a more detailed display name." will be entirely clear to a user who as yet may not have inspected our person pages too carefully. The "option" is to fill in the Description field. It might be better if we said so.

And now I am about to upload a short gedcom lengthening a branch of my family tree with some new discoveries. This is the first gedcom I have offered to WR since I originally joined. Every other addition has been done manually. I am anxious to see how it goes. I know I shall have to alter all the sources and places. Legacy can only speak American. --Goldenoldie 05:48, 4 September 2016 (UTC)

First thank you for working on the help pages. They all need editing. I took a shot at addressing the place name issue. I think I said too much. Maybe you can edit it and make it clearer.

Clean up place names. [10 April 2017]

This is part of "editing a GEDCOM" that needs an addition.

In our database, the parts of a placename are separated by a comma and a space (", "), i.e., "Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States". If your software omits the space, or if you put in two commas (",,") perhaps because you didn't know the county but knew the state and the town or village, inspect your GEDCOM with "find and replace" (ctrl+f and ctrl+h) and make the changes before uploading it.
Remember, only American and Canadian places have four sections, the rest of the world should only have three.
Placenames that don't match our database are printed in red. Please help us to reduce the unnecessary duplications by removing double commas or commas without spaces.

Someone may want to reword the above, but the idea needs to be in the FAQ. --Goldenoldie 15:19, 10 April 2017 (UTC)