Great Migration Category Project



What is the Great Migration Category project?

The goal of this project is to categorize the appropriate pages related to the Great Migration; such pages would include:

  • Articles about the Puritan Great Migration
  • Sources referring to the Puritan Great Migration

Ways you can help

Do you have individuals who came over to North America as part of the Puritan Great Migration? If so and using the hierarchy below as a guide, code your individual and family pages appropriately.

  • Do you know what ship they came on? If so, see the Great Migration Ships page and follow the procedure described there.
  • If you don't know what ship they came on, but you know which decade they arrived (1620s, 1630s), use the appropriate decade category.
  • Please do not code individuals directly to the overarching "Puritan Great Migration" category, but use the appropriate sub-category instead.

Have questions? Ask on the TALK page.

Hierarchy of Great Migration Categories

Category:Puritan Great Migration <- Use this category for articles and sources; please do not use this for individuals.

  1. Category:1620s Immigrants <- Use this category for migrating individuals and families if you don't know the ship name
    1. Category:Mayflower Passengers <- Use this a) when one or more Mayflower passenger(s) is(are) the focus of the Source; or on the person page of a Mayflower passenger. Do not use for Mayflower descendants.
      1. Category:Mayflower Descendancy <- Use this for sources about Mayflower descendants (i.e., when the focus is on the descendant not on the passenger)
    2. Category:Shipname (162x) Passengers
  2. Category:1630s Immigrants <-- Use this category for migrating individuals and families if you don't know the ship name
    1. Category:Shipname (163x) Passengers
    2. Category:Possible Mary and John Passengers <-- Special category for people on one or more Mary and John Passenger lists
    3. Category:The Winthrop Fleet <-- Different format for fleet where specific passenger names are unknown.
  3. Category:Founders of Town, State <--Categories for founders of towns where there was an identifiable founding group
  4. Category:Great Migration Study Project <- Use this category in addition to the decade or ship name categories for heads of household profiled in the Great Migration Study Project.

When to Add New Categories

  • Ships carrying immigrants to the American colonies between 1620 and 1640 for which the passengers 1) can be reasonably and reliably identified and 2) have pages on WeRelate (thus presumably have identified descendants) should each have a category and a template. For instructions on how to add Ships categories, see this page.
  • Towns that have a well-documented or celebrated group of founders (i.e., Hartford, Providence), then a category and perhaps a template can be useful. These templates can avoid repetition of the founding story and provide links to the best common sources. If the number of founders is reasonable, they can be included and provide cross-links between neighbors and contemporaries.