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Known George's

PErson:George Campbell (73)<1723First appears as an adult about 1747;
Person:George Campbell (49)1744Gilbert Campbell identified as "enciente" in father's probate record
Person:George Campbell (72)George (49)


2:508 Not Found
1:33 1747 NOVEMBER 20, 1747.... (331) Grand Jury Presentments: Henry Speer, overseer, for not keeping road in repair; Geo. Campbell and Jno. Ellison, breach of peace; Jno. O'Neal for swearing three oaths. George Campbell (73)Presumed to be an adult in 1747.
3:19 1750 Page 294.--29th August, 1750. Gilbert Campbell's will, of Forks of James River, plantationer--Wife, Prudence Campbell, alias Osran; son, George (infant); son, Charles (infant); daughter, Elizabeth Woods, alias Campbell; son, James; daughter, Prudence Hays; daughter, Sarah Campbell; daughter, Lattice Campbell. Executors, James Trimble, Thomas Stuart and Andrew Hays. Teste: James Thompson, Robert Allison, Alex. McMuIlen. Proved, 26th February, 1750, by Thompson and Allison, and probate granted to Andrew Hays. Person:George Campbell (49)Assumed to be George (49). Supporting evidence needed. This George Campbell was born c1744, and so would not start appearing as an adult until c1765.
3:292 1750 Page 142.--27th February, 1750-51. William Preston to George Campbell and Saml. Tencher, 215 acres on head of Gr. Calfpasture. Teste: James Caldwell, John Bigham, John Maxwell.
1:443 1753 May 16, 1753. To ye worshipful bench, if I be continued overseer of ye road from John Cambel's field to the town for this year, that you allow me William Ledgerwood. John Bigham, George Cambel, William McNabb, James Peevy, John Cambel, Thomas Peevy, Robert Young, taxable; John Black, taxable; David Stewart, Samuel Sprowl, James Miller, James Miles, Abram Miller; Mr. Wright, taxable; James Brown, Samuel Willson, John Cunningham--all for to keep the said road in repairs for the year 1753. (Signed) John Henderson.
3:39 1755 Page 113.--9th May, 1755. William Gay's will of the Calf Pasture-- Wife, Margaret; eldest son, John, the plantation George Campbell lives on, formerly held by James Stevenson; to son, Robert, plantation testator lives on; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Agness. Executors, wife and brother John Gay. Teste: Wm. Elliot, Jno. Fulton, James Stevenson. Proved, 20th August, 1755, by all witnesses. Executors qualify, with sureties Wm. Eliot, Ro. Campbell. Robert Gay. It could be that this George Campbell was living in the Calf Pasture, but perhaps Gay owned land elsewhere, and George lived on it.
1:72 1756 MARCH 24, 1756... (107) George Campbell, fined for absence from divine worship.
2:418 1756 1756--Between Borden's Line and ye Courthouse, from Mountain to Mountain: George Berry, twice returned; David Doak, Constable; Barnet Finley, listed soldier; Jno. Henderson, Constable; Benj. Lewis, Robt. Ritchey, Jno. Young, Constable; Jos. Bell, twice returned; Wm. Chooks, Chas. Dickson, Robt. Gilkison, Constable; Edward Hall, twice returned; John Harry, Dan'l Kidd, Constable; Robt. Moore, Jno. Nicholas, twice returned; Jas. Orrey, John Hamilton, Constable; Andrew Cowen, twice returned; Jas. Dovin, not found; Hugh Fulton and brother, Ure Love, Hugh Nanson, David Richards. Wm. Armstrong, twice returned; George Campbell, listed soldier; Colby Tue, Nath'l Fibs, no distress; Thos. Gardner, twice returned; Jno. Hogshead, twice returned; Jas. Craige, Constable; Jno. McCay, Constable; Wm. Mathews, twice returned; Thos. Thompson, Andrew Campbell, Constable. This suggests that George lived on Beverley Manor
1:80 1758 MAY 17, 1758... Lettice Campbell, aged 14, orphan of Gilbert Campbell, chose George Campbell her guardian. Suggests that George is kinsman of Gilbert
3:48 1758 Page 243.--17th May, 1758. George Campbell's bond (with Robert McElheny. Robt. Moore) as guardian (chosen) to Lettice Campbell, orphan of Gilbert Campbell.
3:353 1758 Page 58.--11th November, 1758. William ( ) Hall and Jane ( ) to Andrew Hall, £100, 280 acres on North Branch James in Borden's tract, and conveyed by Borden, 8th April, 1743. Teste: Geo. Campbell, Robt. Cowan. Delivered: Wm. Hall, 1762.
2:463 1760 Page 279.--1760: Processioned by James Trimble, John Maxwell, viz: For Joseph Lapsley (bad state health), for John Moore, for Robert Alexander, for John Wiley, for James Campbell, for Patt Young, for Robert Moore, for Joseph Walker, for John Smiley, for Abraham Brown, for Peter Wallace, for Francis McCoun, for David Tilford, for Robert McKlehaney, for William Hall, for George Campbell, for John Paxton, for Wm. Paxton, for Alex. McKorkle, for James Campbell.
3:408 1764 Page 535.--19th March, 1764. Robert Douglas to William Tincher, £50, 129 acres on the Pine Run on the south side of Beverley Manor in a line of Charles Campbell, and of James Robinson. Teste: John Bigham, George Campbell.
3:417 1764 Page 746.--21st November, 1764. Robert Lockridge and Rebecca to David and Jno. Kinkead of Albemarle, £90, 520 acres on Great Calfpasture; corner Kinkead's land, crossing Ramse's Creek, said Lockridge's land. Teste: Francis Tincher, Wm. Wills, George Campbell. Delivered: David Kinkead, November, 1768.
2:450 1765 Page 383.--1765: John Paxton and Abraham _____ report as follows, viz: For Joseph Walker, for Jno. Sommers, for Robt. Moore, for Saml. McClure, for Saml. Moore, for Jno. Taylor, for Christian Milliron, for Edmond Crump, for James Welch, for Wm. Paxton, for James Davis, for James Allison, for Richard Woods, for Joseph Lapsley, for James Campbell, for John Paxton, for William Hall, for George Campbell, for James Trimble, for Wm. Foster, for William Holeman, for James Bailey, for Andw. Brown, for James Edmiston, for James McLang, for John McKnight, for John McCallom, for Patrick McCallom, for Peter Wallace, for John Moore, for Abraham Brown.
3:426 1765 Page 46.--14th August, 1765. George Campbell, Agness ( ) Campbell, his wife, and Prudence Campbell, his mother, to Andrew McClure, £130, 194 acres in Forks of James and in the fork of Wood's Creek and North Branch of James; corner Joseph Walker. Teste: Jno. McCampbell, Charles Campbell. Delivered: grantee, September, 1770.
3:442 1766 Page 534.--15th August, 1766. Stephen ( ) Arnold and Jane ( ) to George Campbell, £40, 120 acres at the Cove on south side James River, crossing Elk Creek. Teste: Daniel Evans, Samuel McCluer (?).
1:141 1767 NOVEMBER 17, 1767....(344) John Hall and John White appointed surveyors of highway from George Campbell's to Wm. McClenachan's Mill.
3:499 1770 Page 367.--14th May, 1770. William ( ) McCandless to George Campbell, £119, 183 acres of Borden's 92,100; corner William Alexander; corner Alexander Greer. Teste: Wm. Alexander, Andrew Moore, Alexander Greer, Thomas Wilson.
3:505 1770 Page 20.--18th November, 1770. George Campbell and Samuel Tincher and Margaret, of Albemarle County, to Thomas Kinkead, £75, 215 acres on Great Calfpasture, patented to William Preston, 1st June, 1750. Teste: John Bigham, Andrew and Joseph Kinkead. Delivered: Tully Davit, 1776.
2:421 1773 A list of levys returned bad by John Smith for 1773-1774: William Amil, Hugh Brown, Geo. Wm. Downs, Wm. Erwin, Robert Herslit, Andrew Marchell, John Chism, Sam'l Erwin, twice returned; James Hockens, Mark Haden, George Jones, Thos. Mathews, Neal McMullen, Robert Campbell, twice returned; John Welch, James Brown, Conchy John, John McCoy, John Michel, David Martain, Nicklis Sallis, Robert Stephen, Dunchan McGrary, Campbell McColly, Francis Bowry, James Best, John Burger, James Scott, William Koles, Edward Nost, Michel McMaster, John Willay, Francis Brown, twice returned; John Crookshanks, James Dobbens, James Graham, Wm. McGill, twice returned; Chas. Conselven, Peter Counts, Abram Goodpaster, Anthony Foegale, John Reed, Cornelius Suliven, John Thomas, John Allison, twice returned; George Campbell, Thos. Dunbarr, John Erwin, Negro Moll, Wm. Wallace, Jno. Counrodright, Robert Ebison, Dabney Harris, Robert Love, James Demsay, Jno. Hunt, James Kerr, Wheilly Newby, James Porterfield, James Kenny, twice returned; Jno. Johnston, Jno. Rothwell, James Patterson, twice returned; Jacob Grass, Jr., twice returned.
2:430 1781 Tithables, 1781; Alexander Robertson's List: Samuel Hind and son John, Patrick Crawford and sons George and John, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert, and James, James and George Crawford, brothers Robert, John, and William, John Givens and sons Samuel, James, and William, Richard Rankin and sons Isaac and Richard; William Patterson and son William; James Givens and sons Samuel, Robert, and James, George Campbell and son John, Samuel Henderson and sons James, William, and David, John Lemons and son John, James Kerr and son James, George Anderson and son James, Andrew Russell and son Mathew, Robert Rogers and Father, John Allison and son Andrew, Timothy Coil and son Thomas, Adam Donlap and son William, James Alexander and sons Andrew and James, David White and James and Gordon, Henry Liner and son Henry, Ro. Stephen and son James, James Shackelford and son Reuben, Samuel Bell and son Samuel, Robert McColley and son Joseph, Jno. Patterson and son Robert, Mrs. Jane Wallace and son William, John Richey and son John, Col. George Mathews and son John, Jno. Brooks and son Moses, George King and son Robert, John Surfice and sons Martin, John, and Jacob, Thomas Hick and son Thomas.
3:161-162 1781 Page 229.--26th June. 1781. Robert Campbell Cutler's will--To wife, Mary; to eldest son, George, the Round Hill plantation, 140 acres joining Geo. Bright and home plantation. Also 200 acres, likewise 50 acres more adjoining Robert Shaw and David Williamson; to 2d son, Robert, home plantation 200 acres; also the Maple Swamp plantation 150 acres; also 200 acres of an entry adjoining Geo. Bright and the Mill place bought of David Williamson; to daughter, Jannett, tract between home plantation and Beverley Manor; to wife. Executors, wife Mary and sons George and Robert and daughter Jannet. Teste: William and Mary Forgason. Proved, 16th April, 1782, by the witnesses. Widow Mary qualifies.
2:430 1783 Tithables, 1783; in Capt. Givens's and Campbell's Companies: James Allen, Sr., and sons Francis and James, Anthony Ailor and son George; Samuel Bell and sons Samuel and David, Alex. Blair and son John, Francis Brown and son Hugh, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert, James, James Craig and son George, James and George Crawford and brothers Robert, William, John, George Campbell and sons John, Jacob, George, Hugh Campbell and son Robert, Robert Curry and sons James and Robert, Arthur Conoly and sons Robert and James, Thomas Conoly and sons Arthur and Thomas, Hugh Donaho and son John, James Givens and sons Robert, Samuel, James, John Givens and sons Samuel, James, William, John Gasper and apprentice John Martin, Thomas Graham and sons John, Thomas, James, Robert, John Garvin and sons David, Joseph, Thomas, George Glenn and son James, James Henderson and brothers William, David, John King and sons John, Samuel, James, Henry Lyner and sons Christopher, Adam, Samuel McKee and sons William, James, Robert McMahon and apprentices Robert Reburn, Jacob Lemon, Robert Campbell, John McMahon and son John, William Patterson and son William, Richard Rankin and sons Richard, Isaac, Joseph, John Rankin and brothers James, Robert, Robert Reid and son Robert, Jacob Sheits and son John, William Wilson, Parson; Nicholas Wilkinson and wife Milly, Robert Young and sons Robert, William, James Young and son Andrew McComb.
2:431 1784 1784, in Capt. Givens' and Rankin's Companies: George Anderson and son James, James Alexander and sons John and Andrew, Pat. Crawford and son George, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert and James, Thomas Caul, under 21; George and Jacob Campbell, under 21; James Craig and son George, John Givens and sons James and William, Captain John Givins, William Patterson and son William, Mathew Robertson and sons Alex. and William, John Stewart, under 21.
1:239 1785 MARCH 16, 1785....(6) Mary Hacket, late Mary Campbell, admx. of George Campbell, decd., to be summoned to give counter secunty.
2:302 1787 1787--June 18, John Boyd and George Campbell, surety. John Boyd and Elizabeth Vernon.
3:202 1788 Page 81.--20th August, 1788. Robert Campbell's will, hatter--To brother. George, all estate, and executor; to sister, Jennitt Campbell. Teste: Thomas. Fulton, Thos. Boyd, Wm. Vernum. Proved, December Court, 1793, by Fulton and Boyd. Executor qualifies.
2:350 1789 1789, January 1st--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: ... November 14th, George Campbell and _____ Riddle.
2:294 1791 1791--June 22, George Campbell and Peggy Fowler, daughter of Andrew Fowler. Certificate Peggy is 21. Surety, James Curtis.
2:298 1791 1791--July 23, Thomas Riddle and Jane Campbell, daughter of George Campbell; witnesses, Philip Hull, George Kuhn; surety, Philip Hull.
2:139-140 1794 Irvin vs. Campbell--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Spa. in Washington County, 8th May, 1804. Orator, John Irvin. Defendants are, viz: James Campbell and James Keys, executors of Jacob Campbell, deceased, Jane Campbell, his widow, and George, Jacob, James (Jr.), Robert Campbell, sons of James Campbell. Bill states orator married a daughter of Jacob Campbell and had by her several children. In 1792 Jacob gave orator a bond to give slaves to orator's children. Jacob died testate. Will dated 28th December, 1794, and devised one slave to George Campbell, son of James Campbell, after decease of Jacob's wife, Jane, who was grandmother to George; and to Jacob Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to James Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to Robert Campbell, son of said James, another slave. Jacob's daughter married orator between 1773 and 1777, and died in 1793 (January). James Campbell had moved Irvin from Augusta. Jacob had another son-in-law named Kennedy. James Campbell answers, says he is Jacob's son-in-law. Witnesses, Robert Ferril, Sr., and Mary, his wife; Robert Ferril, Jr., and James McKean of Kentucky, Robert Campbell of Tennessee, William Irvin of Tennessee. The bond was given the week before John Irvin moved to Kentucky. James McKee deposes in Washington County, John Irvin's son-in-law. Jane Campbell, aged 90, deposes in Washington County, 3d May, 1805, widow of Jacob Campbell. Jacob was very much dissatisfied with Irvin as a son-in-law, but some time after Jacob moved to this country, he returned to Augusta where Irvin lived, and brought them out with him. Irvin lived with Jacob about six months, when he went to Tennessee, where he lived some years, and his wife died. Jacob and Jane moved from Augusta in 1779, to Washington, and they have always lived on the same land. James Campbell, executor of Jacob, was Jacob's son-in-law . Jane and Jacob when they moved from Augusta were about 65 years old. Robert Ferril, Jr., deposes 1st January, 1806, at house of Robert Ferril, Sr., in Cumberland County, Kentucky.
3:203 1794 Page 111.--John Boyd's estate appraisement, taken 29th March, 1794, by Jno. Purris, James Henry, George Campbell.
3:217 1799 Page 37.--John Davidson's estate appraisement taken 19th October, 1799, by David Steele. Geo. Campbell, Jno. McFadden
3:219 1800 Page 82.--3d May, 1800. George Campbell's will--To wife and family until youngest child is 21; to wife, Agness, and 5 children; title to be made to William Moore; live children, viz: Robert, Mary, Jenny, Betsy, Joseph Campbell. Executors, wife Agness, John Purris, Thomas Fulton. Teste: Geo. Reid, David Shoultz, Samuel Brown. Codicil, 9th June, 1800, provision for possible unborn child. Teste: Same as before. Proved, 27th October, 1800, by all witnesses. Wife Agness and John Purrer qualify.
2:343 1801 1801--November 30, Saml. Reid and James Foster, surety. Saml. Reid, widower, and Nancy Campbell, widow of Geo. Campbell, deceased.Person:George Campbell (49)Other court records show that "Agness Campbell" wife of George (49) married Samuel Reed in 1801. This would seem to be the same couple, but the difference in given name is troublesome. Perhaps there's a transcription error.
2:191 1814 Campbell vs. Reid--O. S. 247; N. S. 87--Bill, 1814. George Campbell of Augusta died, testate, leaving 5 children, viz: Robert, Mary, Jane, Betsey and Joseph, and widow Agness, enceint on a child named George. In 1801, Agness married Samuel Reed. John Purris has removed to Tennessee. Suit to settle George's estate.