Forts of Southwest Virginia 1774-1794

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Virginia, United States
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1774 - 1794

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Forts of Southwest Virginia

Approximately 40 known fortifications were constructed in Southwest Virginia during the period of Indian Hostilties from 1774-1794. The map below shows the location of some of the most prominent fortifications. These forts were either part of the defensive network constructed during Dunmore's War or were privately erected for the protection of a few families (e.g, Houston's Fort). There were three main types of fortifications erected during this period: Palisaded forts (Moore's Fort at Castle's Woods), blockhouses (Anderson's Blockhouse at the start of the Wilderness Road), or forthouses (Kilgore's Forthouse, not shown). In many cases we do not know the specific type of fort that was constructed at any given location. The forts shown here are believed to be mostly either palisaded structures or blockhouses, and figured prominently in the history of the area. Note that some of these forts, particularly those which were constructed as part of Dunmore's War, have been known by different names. A list of known fortifications in southwest Virginia is provided under the heading List of Forts of Southwest Virginia

  • Moore's Fort (Snoddy's Fort, Fort Byrd)---constructed 1774, palisade
  • Cowan's Fort (Russell's Fort, Fort Preston, Bickley's Fort)---constructed 1774, palisade
  • Glade Hollow Fort (Jeremy Smith's Station, Fort Christian)---constructed 1774, palisade
  • Elk Garden Fort ---constructed 1774, palisade
  • Fort Blackmore ---constructed 1774, construction not known, but probably palisade
  • Houston's Fort ---constructed by 1776, construction not known, but probably palisade
  • Black's Fort ---probably a block house.
  • Anderson's Blockhouse ---constructed 1775, blockhouse, at beginning of Boone's Wilderness Road
  • Martin's Station ---constructed after 1775, construction not known, probably a Blockhouse, way station on Boone's Wilderness Road

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Major or well known fortifications in Southwest Virginia During the Period of Indian Hostilities