Family:William McLuen and Bedelia Neary (1)

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Marriage? abt 1830 Ireland

A little history of the county that the McLuen family moved to from Ohio.

ELBERT WRIGHT WEEKS. November, 1932 GuthrieCounty, IowaS4

UPON the World's surface Guthrie County is located between 41 and 42 parallels of North latitude. and between 90 and 95 west longtitude, It is in the fourth tier of counties from the south and fourth tier of counties from the west in the State of Iowa, U. S. A. It has an area of about five-hundred and seventy-six square miles.

The first settler came in the spring of 1848 and settled on Section 1, Township 78, North, Range 30, West 5th P. M. The county was organized as a municipality July 8th, 1851. Its first officers were elected August 2nd, 1851.

The county, as one of the municipalities of the commonwealth, has an extensive and favorable reputation throughout the state and beyond, wider, broader more favorable and influential perhaps than that of the average county of its size in the state, due to the number, character and influence of her citizens.

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  1.   James McClune Household, in United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1850; Census Place: Enoch, Monroe, Ohio; Roll M432_712; Page: 342; Image: 302. [Note: Enoch township became part of Noble County in 1851.]
    James McClune 44
    Bidelia McClune 36
    William McClune 18
    George McClune 16
    Mary McClune 13
    James McClune 11
    Susan McClune 9
    Richard McClune 7
    Albert McClune 5
    Olla McClune 3
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  2.   James McLuan Household, in United States. 1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1860; Census Place: Center, Guthrie, Iowa; Roll M653_323; Page: 60; Image: 60.
    James McLuan 53
    Bedelie McLuan 45
    Susan McLuan 18
    Richard McLuan 16
    Albert McLuan 14
    Samuel McLuan 10
    Alice McLuan 12
    Ellen McLuan 8
    Jonathan McLuan 6
    Ancestry Link

  3.   James Mc Leum Household, in United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publications M593 and T132).

    Year: 1870; Census Place: Center, Guthrie, Iowa; Roll M593_393; Page: 190; Image: 380.
    James Mc Leum 65
    B Mc Leum 56
    Flemming Mc Leum 33
    Albert Mc Leum 24
    Alice Mc Leum 21
    Samuel Mc Leum 20
    Ellen Mc Leum 17
    Jonathan Mc Leum 15
    Ancestry Link

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