Family:Thomas Gardner and Margaret Frier (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1616 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Abt 1614
abt 1616 to 1620 England
ca 1621/22 England
1624/5 England
25 Oct 1636
17 Apr 1707
  1.   Gardner, Frank Augustine. Thomas Gardner, Planter, and Some of His Descendants. Essex Institute Historical Collections (Essex Institute Press). (Essex Institute, 1901-1904).

    "2. Thomas, b. in England ____; d. 1682; m. Hannah ____, m., 2nd Elizabeth ____.

    3. George, b. prob in England; d. 1679; m. 1st Eliza (Elizabeth) Horne; m. 2nd Mrs Ruth Turner; m. 3d Mrs. Elizabeth Stone.

    4. Richard, b. ____; d. Jan 23, 1688; m. Sarah Shattuck.

    5. John, b.__ 1624; d. May, 1706; m. Priscillia Grafton.

    6. Samuel, b__ 1637; d. abt. Oct 1689; m. 1st, Mary White, m. 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth Paine.

    7. Joseph, b. ____; d. Dec 19, 1675; m. Ann Downing.

    8. Sarah, b ____; d. April 5, 1686; m. Benjamin Balch (son of John Balch "Planter"), by whom she had: I. Samuel, b. 1681; d. Oct 14, 1723; m Oct 27, 1675, Martha Newmarch, dau of John and Martha (Gould) Newmarch; m., 2nd Martha Butman; 2. Benjamin, b. 1653; d. ""Spring of 1698;" m. Oct 11, 1674, Elizabethe Woodbury (dau. of John and Elizabeth Woodbury). 3. John b. 1654; d. Nov. 19, 1738; m. Dec 23, 1674, Hannah Veren, dau. of Phillip Jr. and Joanna. 4. Joseph, b. 1658; d Sept. 16, 1675; one of Capt. Lathrop's soldiers at Bloody Brook. 5. Freeborn, b. Aug. 9, 1660; d. June 11, 1729; m., 1st, 1682, wid Miriam Bacheler, wid. of Joseph, and dau of Robert Jr. and Abigall (goode) Moulton; m. 2nd, April 30, 1690, Elizabeth Fairfield, dau. of Walter and Sarah (Skipperway) Fairfield. 6. Sarah, b. 1661; d. prior to 1717; m. Dec 20, 1680, James Patch, son of James and Hannah Patch. 7. Abigall, b. 1663; d. Apr 30, 1706; m. Feb 8, 1680-1, Cornelius Lareum. 8. Ruth, b. 1665; d. ____; m. Joseph Drinker, son of Phillip and Eliabeth Drinker. 9. Mary, b. 1667; d. Mar. 12, 1737; m. March 26, 1689, Nathaniel Stone, son of Nathaniel and Remember (Corning) Stone. 10. Jonathan, bap. Apr 10, 1670; prob. d. young. 11. David, b. July 9, 1671; d. Apr 17, 1690; unmarried.

    Benjamin Balch m. 2nd, wid. Abigail Clarke, widow of Matthew Clarke of Marblehead, Feb. 5 1689. She d. Jan 1690, aged 55; and he m., 3d, Mar. 15, 1691-2, Grace Mallet.

    9. Miriam. b ____; d____; m. John Hill. Children: 1. Miriam, b. 24:1:1658; d. ____; m. 1:3mo., 1679, William Hascall. 2. Susan (or Susanna), b. 31:5:1660; d.____, John Hill m., 2nd 26:6:64, Lydia Buffum.

    10. Seeth, bap. 25:10:1636; d. Apr 17, 1707; m. 1st Joshua Conant, son of Roger Conant, the Planter. Child: Joshua, b. 15: Apr., 1657; d. ____; m. 1st 31 Aug., 1676, Christian More, dau. of Richard More (or Mover); he m. 2nd 9 Jan., 1690-1, Sarah Newcomb.

    Seeth m., 2nd, John Grafton, 1st, 10mo. 1659. Children: 1. Mary, b. 7, 7, 1660; m. 25 July 1678, Joseph Hardy. 2. Seeth, b. 28 April 1665. 3 Abigail, b. 12 Aug., 1667, 4. Jehosdam, b. 1 Oct, 1669, 5. Margaret, b. 24 Jan., 1671. 6. Nathaniel, b. July 14, 1672."

  2.   Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 2:230.

    THOMAS, Salem, ... Ten other ch. he had, by his first w. Margaret Fryer, beside Seeth, bapt. 25 Dec. 1636 (wh. m. I believe, the sec. Joseph Grafton); as, Thomas, Richard, George, John, Samuel,Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth Bethia, and Miriam, for some of wh. the prob. is stronger than for others. Only six s. with three ds. are nam. in his will of 7 Dec. 1668. Sarah was w. of Benjamin Balch, it is thot. and Miriam of a Hill; and Margaret, wh. was rec. of the ch. 1689, may have been his w. He had sec. w. Damaris Shattuck, a wid. from Eng. wh. d. 28 Nov. 1674, and d. 29 Dec. 1674.

  3.   Thomas Gardner, in Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995).

    MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1614 _____ _____; she probably died in Salem in 1636, perhaps at the birth of youngest child Seeth (see COMMENTS below).
    (2) (prob.) By 1639 Margaret _____, who joined the church at Salem 24 March 1639/40 [ SChR 8]. (See TAG 30:156 for discussion of claims she was Margaret Friar.)
    "In the Salem land grant of 1637 Thomas Gardner received acreage for a household of seven. His sons Thomas and George were already old enough to receive grants of their own and be considered separate households. Seven younger children of Thomas Sr. were still under age and presumably residing at home, which would make a household of eight. One or more of the children could have been serving in another family, but this accounting raises the possibility that Thomas did not have a wife living in 1637. This hypothesis is supported by the admission to church membership of a Margaret Gardner on 24 March 1639/40; had she been with Thomas Gardner since his arrival in New England, we would expect that she would appear in the list of church members compiled in late 1636 at the reorganization of the church. Consequently, we propose that Thomas Gardner had three wives, the first of them of unknown name, who died at the birth of the youngest child, Seeth, whose baptism is one of the first recorded in late 1636."

  4.   McCracken, George. "Salem Gardners: Comments and Clues", in The American Genealogist (TAG). (Donald Lines Jacobus,, Vol. 30:156, 1954.

    In his discussion of "Margaret Friar", McCracken identifies the 1639 church record as belonging to Thomas Sr's wife, and says of the last name "Friar" that it was "first stated in print by Rev. Joseph B. Felt well over a century ago. Neither Dr. Gardner nor Mr. Moriarty was ever successful in finding Mr. Felt's evidence; but it would be well not to reject the possibility that Friar (or a variant) is right until we can either prove the true name was something else or discover how the error arose."