Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p230

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Volume 2, Page 230

It names only s. Henry, and six ds. Esther m. Edward Johnson,
s. of Hon. William, and gr.s. of Capt. Edward, (the hist. of Wonder
Work. Provid.); Ruth m. John Jepson; Hannah m. John Coddington,
half br. of Jepson; Abigail m. 13 Apr. 1687, Joseph Thompson; and
Rebecca, and Mehitable m. men unkn. to me. RICHARD, Nantucket, s. of
the first Richard of the same, m. 17 May 1674, Mary Austin, had Patience
29 June 1675; Joseph, 8 May 1677; Solomon, 1 July 1680; Benjamin,
20 July 1683; Miriam, 14 July 1685; and Lydia, 16 June 1687,d.
young. He was judge of Probate, and d. 8 May 1728; but his w. d. 1
June 1721. SAMUEL, Salem 1657, was s. I presume of first Thomas,
b. in this country, a. 1629, had w. Mary White, and ch. Mary, b. 5 Aug.
1658, d. under 4 yrs.; Elizabeth 30 May 1660, d. at 18 yrs.; Mary, again,
29 June 1662, wh. m. Joseph Henfield; Margaret, 14 July 1664, wh. m.
Deliverance Parkman, and d. 25 Mar. 1689; Samuel, 9 June 1666; George, 15 or
28 Jan. 1668, d. at 8 mos.; Jonathan, 18 July 1669; Hannah, 16 Apr. 1671; and
Abel, 1 Sept. 1673; was freem. 1675, selectman 1686, rep. 1681, 2, 5; his w. d. 12
Sept. 1675, and he d. Oct. 1689, hav. made his will on 2d. leav. only youngest three ch.
SAMUEL, Hartford, or Wethersfield 1641, rem. to Hadley 1663, there liv. 1678,
had Samuel, wh. d. 1676, unm. and Joseph, wh. d. 1684, leav. wid. but
no ch. He had also five ds. wh. m. but the male line failed. SAMUEL,
Roxbury, a soldier in brave Capt. Johnson's comp. at the gr. battle, 19
Dec. 1675, was a lieut. k. at Sudbury fight under Wadsworth, with eight
of his comp. Apr. 1676. SAMUEL, Salem, s. of lieut. George, m. 24 Apr.
1673, Eliz. wid. of sec. Joseph Grafton, had George, b. 28 Jan. 1674, wh.
d. the same yr. and Hannah, 4 Apr. 1676; SAMUEL, Plymouth, m. 20 Dec. 1682,
Susanna Shelley, had Samuel, b. 27 Sept. 1683. STEPHEN, Hingham, s. of John
the first by w. Sarah had Deborah, b. 9 Oct. 1689; Sarah, 31 July 1691;
Stephen, 6 Feb. 1693; Lydia, 22 Jan. 1695; David, 26 Aug. 1697;
Abigail, 12 Jan. 1699; Stephen, again, 29 Dec. 1700; Patience,3 Sept.
1703; and Joshua, 25 Dec. 1705, wh. prob. d. young. THOMAS, Salem,
was first at Cape Ann, employ. by the project. of sett. to oversee fishery,
1624 or 5, and rem. with Conant, freem. 17 May 1637, rep. same yr. It
is said, on what ground I kn. not, that he was from Scotland; but to me
it seems much more likely, that he was from Sherborne in N. part of Co.
Dorset. Ten other ch. he had, by his first w. Margaret Fryer, beside
Seeth, bapt. 25 Dec. 1636 (wh. m. I believe, the sec. Joseph Grafton); as,
Thomas, Richard, George, John, Samuel, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth Bethia,
and Miriam, for some of wh. the prob. is stronger than for others. Only six s.
with three ds. are nam. in his will of 7 Dec. 1668. Sarah was w. of Benjamin
Balch, it is thot. and Miriam of a Hill; and Margaret, wh. was rec. of the ch. 1689,
may have been his w. He had sec. w. Damaris Shattuck, a wid. from Eng. wh.
d. 28 Nov. 1674, and d. 29 Dec. 1674. THOMAS, Roxbury, d. Nov. 1638;
and "our aged sis. G." Mays the cb. rec. was bur. 7 Oct. 1658, wh. I presume,
was his wid. but the town rec. does not ment. the occurrence of her d. THOMAS,
Salem, merch. eldest s. of Thomas of the same, b. no doubt in Eng. rec. of
the cb. 1639, freem. 2 June 1641, was a selectman, d. 1684. Hannah,
prob. his w. is, by Felt, ins. among ch. mem. of 1649. Bapt. of