Family:John Covington and Susannah Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1 Mar 1779 Edgefield Co. South Carolina

abt. 1755 John Covington is born in Amelia Co. VA s/o William Covington

1 Mar 1779 John marries Susannah according to the pension application she made to receive benefits for John's Revolutionary War service. No marriage has been located.

one might guess that since Susannah names her sons John Burnett and Richard Burnett (and this seems to be the first time the Covingtons use this name) that SHE was a Burnett by birth.

I do have some Burnett Family notes. My favorite theory is that Susannah was the d/o Thomas Burnett and that in turn her son John Burnett Covington names his firstborn son Thomas Covington after his maternal grandfather but all of this speculation remains just that. I have never found a marriage for them except by way of the pension application and she was not kind enough to give her maiden name at that time. On my list of "to do's is to see if any estate papers survived for Thomas & Jeremiah Burnett in Abbeville District.

If the above theory were correct Susannah was one of seven children and Thomas Burnett Jr. & Jeremiah Burnett would be her siblings:

13 Feb 1809 Burnett, Thomas & Jeremiah Burnett of the District of Abbeville to William Quarles of Edgefield District ... Whereas Thomas Burnette late of the said District during his life died possessed of an absolute estate in fee simple to a certain tract of land lying in the said District on both sides of Chavous Creek containing 535 acres more or less did on or about the 15th day of October 179? die intestate leaving the said Thomas Burnett and Jeremiah Burnett, two of his heirs at law who by such death and intestacy become entitled (each) to one undivided Shear in the said tract - each one seventh part and the said William Quarles has contracted with the said Thomas & Jeremiah Burnett to purchase same. Wits. J. McCrackan & Jno. Coleman. Recorded 5 Nov 1811 Edgefield Co. Court - Edgefield Co. Deed Bk 30 p. 435

from Susannah's pension application: "she further declares that she was married to the said Covington on the 1st day of March in the year seventeen hundred and seventy nine and that her husband, said John Covington died on the ninth day of May in the year eighteen hundred & Two; and that she has remained a widow ever since that period" Susannah (X) Covington

1810 census Edgefield District, South Carolina Richard Covington 012-00001 - which would make me think he is with Susanna and two of his brothers?

11 May 1812 John B. Covington of Edgefield District for the sum of six hundred sixty two dollars & fifty cents to me paid by John Traylor have granted bargained and sold all that part or piece of land lying on the East side of big Stephens Creek which is part of a Tract formerly belonging to John Covington Dec'd now belonging to the heirs of the above mentioned dec'd begining at an Alder Corner on the South Bank... near the Jin house, thence bounded by Richard Covington's land, one of the heirs of the above mentioned dec'd to W Oak corner thence W bounded by Leroy Covington's 4 chains part of the same survey to a Red Oak corner the dividing corner between Leroy and Edmond Covington land, heirs of John Covington dec'd thence west bounded by Edmond Covington to large W. Oak on the bank of Stephens Creek thence up the creek to the mouth of Sweet Water thence up Sweet Water Creek to the beginning corner near the Jin house which is on Sweet Water together with half the Jin and the Seat where the Jin now Sits and half of all belongs to the Jin - about 124 acres. Signed John B. Covington - Wits Jno __ Phenix and Joseph Prince (who was also one of the exors of the dec'd estate) Recorded 3 Nov 1812 - Edgefield Co. Deed Bk 31 p. 192

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  2.   Revolutionary War Pension Application.

    Susannah applied - rejected because so many years had passed she could not find witnesses.

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