Family:John Bartlett and Sarah Aldrich (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1665 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Est 1665

John and Sarah's children are listed in the following document:

Whereas, John Bartlett & Sarah Bartlett, sometime of Rehoboth, deceased in the year 1684, and leaving eight children behinde them & an estate undisposed on in lands & chattels, the children being under age & this estate not yett settled, We, the said children being severall of us, come to full age; & being desirous to be invested of our generall rights in that estate of our said fathers, Have for and in Consideration of fifty acors of Land and a fiftieth part of aright in Comonage, and fourteen pounds on shilling in Lawfull mony in hand already well and truly paid; to us by our elder brother John Bartlett, the reseipt whereof we doe own and acknowledgd, & therewith doe rest our selves ffully sattisfied, Contented & paid, and doe by these presents for our selves, our heiors, executours & assignes ffully & freely & absolutely exhonorate, aquitt & discharge our said Brother, John Bartlett, his heiors, executours & administratours & asignes & every of them off and frome every part & parcle of lands and monys; before expressed these Children that have thus jointly & severally Agreed with ther Brother John Bartlett; are Samuell Bartlett, Moses Bartlett, Jacob Bartlett, Vallinetine Whiteman and Sarah Whiteman, his wife and Mary Bartlett; Samuel Bartlett hath Agreed for the fifty acors of land and afiftieth part of aright in Comonage--; and Moses Bartlett, for four pounds, one shilling in mony, and Jacob Bartlett, for four pounds in mony and Vallintine Whiteman and Sarah, his wife, for three pounds in mony, and Mary Bartlett, for three pounds; ffor and in Consideration of said lands & mony, we, the sd children before named, Haue Given, Granted, Bargained and sold, And doo by thes presents, Give, Grant, Bargaine, sell, alieu enfeoffe, rattifie & Confirme unto our said Brother, John Bartlett, his heiors & executors, administratours and asignes for ever: all an singuler our rights, titles, interests, claimes or demands whatsoever that ever we had or have in or to the estate of our said father, John Bartlett, deceased: In wittness of the premises we haue jointly and seuerally sett to our hands and seales, this second day of January, 1698, or '99.

And ffurther the humble request of us who doe hereunto subscribe; is that the honored Mr. John Saffin, Esquire and Judg of probates of wils, would be pleased to accept of this our agreement and grant that a record may be made of the same.

John Bartlet [Seal.]
Signed, Seald & Samuel Bartlet. [Seal.]
delivered in Jacob Bartlet. [Seal.]
presents of us: Moses Bartlett. [Seal.]
Valintine Whitman
Jonathan Sprague, in behalf of [Seal.]
Sarah Whitman, his wife.
Anthony Sprague. Mary Bartlet. [Seal.][1]

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    John (-1684) & Sarah [ALDRICH] (1682+); by 1666(?7), by 11 Feb 1666; Weymouth/Mendon {Weymouth 3:22; Sv. 1:131; Pope's Pioneers 13; Tingley-Meyers 10; Bartlett (1892) 13, 89; Snow-Estes 2:94, 101}