Family:George Allen and Katherine Unknown (2)

b. by abt 1585
b. by abt 1607
d. aft 1656
m. by 1627
Facts and Events
Marriage[1] by 1627
ABT 1627 England
est 1631
abt 1633
est 1635

It should also be mentioned that the "five least children" that George referred to in his will have not been verified beyond all doubt either. However, these children, who have been interpreted by most authorities to be the children George Allen had with his second wife, Katherine, are strongly believed to be Matthew, William, Henry, Samuel, and Gideon.[[1]] Note that Anderson, The Great Migration, I:29, supports this conclusion.

"'George Allyn' aged 24 [sic], 'Katherin Allyn his wife,' aged 30, "George Allyn his son," aged 16, "Will[ia]m Allyn his son," aged 8, "Mathew Allyn his son," aged 6, and "Edward Poole his servant," aged 26, sailed for New England on 20 Mar 1634/5 on an unnamed ship from Weymouth, Dorsetshire [Hotten 283].[1] (The Great Migration calls it the Marygould in the entry under the same date for Joseph Hull).

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    (George Allen married) (2) by 1627 Katherine ----- (assuming that William was her oldest Allen child). … (John K. Allen noted the marriage in London of 5 November 1624 of "George Allen of London, clothworker, and Katherine Starkes of Woking," Surrey, and noted that this was a good chronological fit for the New England couple [JKA:George 5-6]. Since George Allen was very likely from Somerset, and is not known to have been in London, this suggestion seems unlikely, but pending further research, not impossible.)

Marygould (1635)
This ship carried the "Hull Company", a group of settlers traveling with Rev. Joseph Hull, who settled in Weymouth after reaching New England. Some references to this ship consider it unnamed, but more recent Great Migration profiles say those who enrolled at Weymouth on 20 Mar 1634/5 sailed on the Marygould.
Sailed: aft 20 Mar 1634/5 from Weymouth, England
Arrived: 3 May 1635 at Massachusetts Bay Colony

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