Children of John Hays and Patrick Hays who settled in Old Augusta by 1740



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Person:John Hays (20)
Person:Patrick Hays (1)


John and Patrick Hays oath of importation, 1740

May 22, 1740, fourteen heads of families appeared at Orange Court to prove their importation... "from Ireland to Philadelphia, and from thence to this colony, at his own charges, and this is the first time of proving his and their rights in order to obtain land, which is ordered to be certified." [among the fourteen heads of families were:]
John Hays and his children, Rebecca [wife], Charles, Andrew, Barbara, Joan and Robert'.
Patrick Hays and his children Francis [wife], Joan, William, Margaret, Catharine and Ruth.

John's will:

25th December, 1750. John Hays' will, plantationer--Wife, Rebecca; three sons; son, Andrew; son, Charles; son, John, land on Roanoke Joining William Miller's plantation; nephew, John Hays, Jr.; Rebecca Hays, daughter to son John; daughter, Jenett Mills; nephew, (?) Rebeckey Gumes; nephew, Robert Lusk; nephew, James Hays, son to son James; legatee, Robert Lusk; legatee, Abigail Hayes, alias Kinseys. Executors wife Rebecky and sons Charles and Andrew. Teste: James Buchanan, Saml. Hayes, James Moore. Proved, 26th February, 1750, by all witnesses, and Charles and Andrew refuse to administer, and Rebecca qualifies with sureties (no bond appears)."

Child Lists

John Hays Patrick Hays
Importation OathWill of John HaysImportation
Charles Andrew Francis*
Andrew Charles Joan
Robert John William
Barbara Joan Margaret
Joan Margaret Catharine
Catharine Ruth
  • Commonly thought to be misidentified as a child, but thought to be his wife. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen