Do you have a brick wall in your research that could benefit from some help from your fellow wikians? Consider placing the Brick Wall Template on the page describing your brick wall. When you do, this will appear at the top of your page:

This page represents a "brick wall" -- i.e., researchers are "stuck" in their efforts to find more information. Can you help? Use the Talk page for discussion of this particular brick wall.

This alerts readers that this page could use some additional help. It will also automatically add your "brick wall" page to the Category:Brick walls page. This page can be viewed by volunteers and others who seek opportunities to help others out. If you're really stuck, we have a Brick Walls page where you can add a summary and request some help.

NOTE: This template is not to be used for general look-up requests. Instead, use it only on those pages where you've done your best, you're still stuck, and you need a fresh set of eyes.

See Talk:Brickwalls/brickwall-home for further discussion on this topic and where you can post further suggestions for how to use and improve the BRICK WALL template.


As described above, use this template when you've hit a "brick wall" in your research and need some guidance.

Edit the ARTICLE page of your "brick wall".

At the top of the narrative section ("Personal Information" section for Persons), to activate the template, type:


Either on the main page or the TALK page for your brick wall article be sure to include such things as:

  • what is the nature of your brick wall?
  • what have you researched so far?
  • what you know you need to check (and may even need help with)

Example: Person:Leonard Schmidt (1)